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10 Best Thank You Email Template Examples for eCommerce Stores

Sending eCommerce thank you emails can convert one-time purchasers into repeat customers. A compelling thank you email template will satisfy customers, increase loyalty and deliver a complete shopping experience for every customer.

Thank you emails have higher open rates than monthly newsletters. This is mainly because thank you emails are known to have surprise factors like Next order discounts, Referral links, Free gift, etc. which increases curiosity. This is why customers actually wait for a thank you email, not sending one will lead to
Thank you emails are sent only once, right after a customer’s purchase. So, you need to nail the timing. Manually triggering the emails can be exhausting, you will not be able to reach customers at the right time. Here is where an email automation tool can help you out.

Will automating my thank you emails increase conversions?

Automation will help you send emails to the right customer at the right time. But to convert customers, you need to focus on your Thank you email template. Only a compelling, professional-looking email will engage with the customers and convert them.

Wondering how to make your emails compelling? This article brings you the best-performing thank you email templates to help you get started right away. Create a thank you email campaign within minutes using an automation tool like Retainful and increase conversions.

Create personalized thank you emails in minutes using Retainful. Use our optimized email templates to target your audience and increase conversions.

What is an automated eCommerce thank you email?

Automated thank you email is an email sent to customers automatically using an email automation plugin. It is sent to thank customers after a customer performs a significant action in your store.

ecommerce thank you email

Signing up and purchasing are not the only use cases of Thank you emails. This article will show you the various ways to use Thank you emails to thank customers.

What to say in a Thank you email?

Getting the right message across to the right customer at the right time is necessary. But before that, you must know what to say in your emails and build an eCommerce thank you email template accordingly to increase conversions.

A thank you email must show your gratitude, meaning you must let your customers know that you are grateful for their purchase. A major mistake that most eCommerce stores make in thank you emails is upselling forcefully, this will frustrate customers and lead to a negative experience.

Does that mean we should not upsell or recommend products in a thank you email?


You must not force your products on your customers. Use upselling delicately and allow them to make a choice. A best practice is to Upsell products relevant to their recent purchase to encourage an action from them.

Or, here’s a better alternative.

A safer thank you email practice is to send the next order discounts or a feedback request to bring customers back to your store again.

Most eCommerce stores nail their email body and leave out the subject line. No matter how good your email body is, if you don’t have a compelling subject line, your email will not be opened, leading to poor conversions.

Subject lines are often overlooked; here are a few tips on delivering the perfect subject line for your eCommerce thank you email template.

1. The subject must be short and should grab customer attention.

Subject line examples

  • Thank you for making our day
  • Thank you for giving us an awesome day
  • Best customer ever, thank you for the purchase.
  • You’re going to love what’s inside.
  • We’re so excited to have you as a customer!

2. Sometimes, just a “thank you” is not enough. Surprise your customers.

Subject line examples

  • Thank you! Coupon Code for $25 off $100 purchase
  • Thank you for the purchase! Here’s an exclusive gift for you.
  • Thank you, Here’s what to do next…to earn a discount
  • Thanks for choosing us! Here’s a surprise for your next purchase

3. Subject Line with A Nudge to Reply

Subject line examples

  • Thank you for your purchase – Need more offers on future purchases?
  • Thank you! How was your shopping experience?
  • Thank you for showing interest in our store – Interested in the best deal?
  • Thank you for signing up – Interested in the best deals?

4. A Touch Of Personalization

Subject line examples

  • Thank you, Glen, for subscribing to our newsletter
  • Hope you are happy with your purchase Mark – Thank you
  • Thank you, Lisa. Did you like your new purchase?
  • Thank you. Here’s a special gift for your John

5. Showing gratitude With Feedback to Improve

Subject line examples

  • Thank you for joining us – any feedback to improve?
  • Thank you for the purchase – any points for our improvement?
  • Thanks for choosing us – what did you love about our store?
  • Welcome to the family! Where do you want us to improve?

These are some of the best ways to formulate your subject lines and gain customers’ attention. Select the best one that suits your needs and use them to create a great rapport with the customer.

How does thank you emails benefit your eCommerce store?

“Thank you for your purchase” a simple show of gratitude can go a long way in making the customer feel special and show how much you care for their presence in your store.

Can the best thank you email templates bring in more customers?

Yes, thank you emails after purchase can make a massive difference in the way you operate, and the reasons are explained below.

Appreciate Customers

Thank you emails are the best way to let customers know that you care about their experience and interest in your store.

A show of gratitude for their interest in your store. This encourages the customer to return for more purchases, increasing your sales and store revenue.

Increase Store Credibility

A kind and perfect thank you email template will establish the trust and credibility of your store. Create the best eCommerce thank you templates to increase engagement with customers.

Gifts of Encouragement

A thank you need not only be words of encouragement or gratitude but also be gifted in the form of coupons that can be used during the customers’ next purchase.

These will let the customer know that you value their presence and time spent in your store.

Invite Customers

Thank you emails are the perfect chance to bring customers into your business by requesting them to become a part of your social media pages, loyalty programs, or even feedback to improve your service.

Letting the Customer know they are Responsible

Through thank you emails, you are letting the customers know that they are invaluable in the growth of your business in the eCommerce space. This will make them feel important and create a responsibility to improve the business through future purchases.


Customers have just completed a purchase. Now is the right time to ask for referrals. Send a thank you email and ask them to share the love with their friends by referring them to your store. Provide a referral link via thank you email and motivate them to share it with their friends.

The aforementioned points are some of the best ways thank email will benefit your eCommerce stores.

Thank you emails are not just an acknowledgement of a customer’s action. When done the right way, they can increase engagement, customer loyalty, and sales.

Best Thank You Email Templates – Top Ten Picks of the Lot

We learned how to write a thank you email and how the emails can improve your eCommerce sales. Now, we’ll list the best eCommerce thank you email templates with a proven track record of conversions to help you start your campaign immediately.

Sent to Customers for Signing up

An ideal way to welcome a new customer into your store is by showing your appreciation for it. When a person signs up on the website or subscribes to a promotional mail list, it is a big commitment to your brand or store. It must be acknowledged, and the customer must be respected for their effort.

Thank You Email Template 1:

Subject line: Thank You for joining our family.

Body of the Mail:

[Logo of the company with an image that translates to thank you]

Hi [Customer Name],

Thank you for your trust and support.

By joining us, you have become a part of the world’s best eCommerce platform [can also use store name]. We are happy to have you and look forward to making your purchase experience delightful. Happy to answer any questions you may have.

[simple introduction about your company]

[explain customers what they can expect through your emails]

As a token of appreciation we’d like to give you a 15% off on your first purchase. Visit our store, add products to your cart and use this[coupon code] to claim your discount.


[Team or Company Name with CTA logo]

Huckberry is one of our best picks in this category. The Subject line for the thank you mail looks like this: Welcome to the Fold, it is simple but simultaneously delivers the message to the consumer.

Thank you email example 1:

Sent by: Huckberry


Sent after completing a purchase

eCommerce thank you email after the product purchase is the most common one followed in the industry. Thank you email after the shopping has become so common that customers expect to receive one, and you cannot fall behind in it.

You can tell them how thankful you are for their purchase and even offer a discount to encourage customers to return again.

Thank You Email Template 2:

Subject line: You are Awesome – Thank you for Purchasing from Us.

Body of the Mail:

Dear [Customer Name],

You made our day, thank you for choosing us for your purchase. We are happy to meet your purchase order and value our loyal customers. You have ordered [purchased item] today from us.

[Logo of the company with an image of the purchased item]

Thank you for choosing us, as a way to show our gratitude, we offer you a 20% off coupon for your next purchase. [insert discount coupon and code]


[Team or Company Name]

Harney & Sons have used their thank you email wonderfully. Not only are they offering a discount, they have also included a purchase limit to earn the discount. This is a clever way to increase the average order value of customers.

Thank you email example 2:

harney & sons

Sending a discount via thank you email will reveal how customer-centric you are, increasing brand equity.

For Joining a Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are one of the best ways to retain the customer base and increase the word of mouth. Showing appreciation and thanking customers for their loyalty will make them special.

The best thank you email for joining a loyalty program should display your gratitude to the customer. Make the customer understand how valuable they are to your business and growth.

Thank You Email Template 3:

Subject line: We honor our loyal customers -Thank you

Body of the Mail:

[Logo of the company with an image that translates to thank you]

Hi [Customer Name],

Thank you for your trust and support.

[Logo of the company with a personalized thank you note]

We are honored to have you in our loyalty program. Loyal customers are invaluable to us. You can use reward points to get discounts on your future purchases. We offer our best service to our loyal customers.

Know more about your reward points and loyalty program [use a click here or provide a contact mail id].

Happy to be of assistance to you.


[Team or Company Name with CTA logo]

Thank you email example 3:


Thank You for Referral

Existing satisfied customers are the best and honest ambassadors of the brand. Word of mouth or a recommendation to their friends and family is a huge favor for you as it brings you new customers without spending any expense.

Send a special thank you for referring their friends and provide an offer for their upcoming purchases.

You can run a referral program in your store and turn existing customers into brand advocates. Let them do word-of-mouth marketing for you and bring new customers to your store. Thank them with an attractive email for every referral they bring.

Sample Thank You Email Template

Subject line: Thanks for the referral. Happy to Serve Customers like You

Body of the Mail:

[Logo of the company with an image that translates to thank you]

Hi [Customer Name],

Thank you for the referral.

This means a lot to us. Customers like you are the reason for our growth. Your referral has earned you a flat 20% discount on your next purchase.

[link for referral discount]

[Logo of the company – CTA logo.]


[Team or Company Name]

Thank you email example 4:


Thank You – Here is an Offer for You

A thank you email for a guest user after their first purchase can convert them into a regular customer of your store.. Send a personalized thank you note with an offer that they can’t refuse and make them sign up.

Thank You Email Template 5:

Subject line: Thank you for Shopping From us – Sign Up and Get the Best Deals.

Body of the Mail:

[Logo of the company with an image that translates to best deals after sign up]

Hi [Customer Name],

Thank you for Shopping with Us. We have tailor-made best deals for you. Are you interested in saving big time? Just sign up and explore the best offers you can possibly have.

Earn 30% off your next purchase by signing up at our store.

[Sign up link]

[Sample deals with company CTA logo]


[Team or Company Name]

Create thank you email campaigns with Retainful to increase user engagement and boost conversions.

Thank You Email on a Special Day (Anniversary, Birthday..)

Send a thank you note for being there for your store, especially on their special occasion. Won’t that be a memorable experience?

Yes, it can, and it will be. Shower your love on their special day and show how much you care for them. Make them feel special by tipping your hat for contributing to your sales.

Thank You Email Template 6:

Subject line: Wish you a [special occasion or festival] -Thank You for Being there for Us

Body of the Mail

[An image that translates your special occasion wish]

Hi [Customer Name],

We wish you a very happy [Occasion]. On this particular occasion, we are delighted and grateful for your support. We would like to give you a special gift on this special occasion.


[Team or Company Name with CTA logo]

Thank you email example

Sent by: L’Occitane en Provence

thank you email on special day

Event Registration Thank You Note

Recognize and appreciate customers who have participated in an event or a special sale on your eCommerce store. A thank you email for their participation in a sale event will go a long way, and retain them. This can make the customer feel special and will make them more involved in your store.

Thank You Email Template 7:

Subject line: Thank You for Making the Sale A Big Hit.

Body of the Mail:

[Logo of the company with an image about the finished sale]

Dear [Customer Name],

Thank you for your support. It means a lot to us, and we appreciate your presence and participation in the sale. You made the sale a big hit, and we thank you for it.

Sincerely, We pledge to provide you with the best possible shopping experience. Once again, thank you for making it possible.

[order of the product purchased by the customer during the discount sale]

[Details of the product with item number, tracking id, etc.]

[Company CTA logo]


[Team or Company Name]

Feedback Contribution

Being in constant communication with the customer is an excellent way to improve your store or brand loyalty. Surveys and feedback are the best ways to do it. When a customer takes part in feedback or survey, thank them for providing their time in doing it.

You must not overlook customer feedback, it will help enhance your eCommerce and deliver a better customer experience.

Thank You Email Template 8:

Subject line: Your Opinion Could Make us Better

Body of the Mail:

Dear [Customer Name],

You recently made a purchase with us, and we thank you for it.

Your feedback on the purchase means a lot to us, and we really would like to improve your shopping experience at every chance we get. Please spare a few minutes of your time to help us grow.

[order of the product purchased by the customer]

[Feedback or survey link]

[Company CTA logo]


[Team or Company Name]

Sent by:BAJAAO

Thank you email example 8:


Thank You For Registering a Product

One of the most critical yet subtle ways to connect with your customer is when they register the product they purchased from you. A connection of a product with your database can prove vital if your store actions rely on it. You can also use it for promotional activities and to increase engagement.

Thank You Email Template 9:

Subject line: Thank You For Registering the Product – Hope It Meets Your Demand.

Body of the Mail

Dear [Customer Name],

You have made a recent purchase with us and have registered it with us. Thank you for registering for it. Registration provides you with more benefits from a usability point of view.

[order of the product purchase by the customer]

[Registration link or Benefits of registration]

[Company CTA logo]


[Team or Company Name]

Thank you email example 8:


Appreciate Customers Milestone Purchase

Customer engagement is all about going above and beyond to create a sense of belonging for the customers. Make them feel that you value all their purchases greatly.

A Simple thank you will leave an everlasting impression on your store. When a customer has completed their milestone purchase or completed a year as your customers, make it unique and send them a thank you email to let them know how much you value them.

Thank You Email Template 10:

Subject line: WOW! You Made It – We Thank You for Helping Us Grow

Body of the Mail:

Dear [Customer Name],

Congratulations !!

You have completed 50 product purchases, and we are ever grateful for your support and trust in us. To make your 50th purchase special, we would like to offer you a flat 50% off on specific products during your next shopping.

We will make your every purchase a special one, thank you for being with us and helping us grow.

[order of the product purchase by the customer]

Please use this offer coupon for your next purchase. It is specially designed for you.

[Next purchase offer coupon]

[Company CTA logo]


[Team or Company Name]

Thank you email example 10:

appreciate customers

Here’s an interesting fact – It is hard for a customer to remember their anniversary with your store, so surprise them by sending a thank you email with a discount coupon and increase sales.

How to send automated Thank you emails in your store?

Alright, we listed the best thank you email templates with a proven track record. Now, let us see how to use those templates in an email campaign.

Retainful is an automated email automation tool that can help you send thank you emails automatically. We’ll show you how to create a thank you email campaign and send them automatically using Retainful.

Follow these simple steps,

Retainful is available on both WooCommerce and Shopify platforms and the installation process is straightforward,

  1. Install Retainful on WooCommerce
  2. Install Retainful on Shopify

Though the installation process differs, the steps to create thank you emails are the same regardless of the platform.

Creating a Thank you email campaign in Retainful

After installing Retainful in your store, follow these simple steps to create a thank you email campaign.

Step 1 – Login to your Retainful dashboard. Go to Automations → Create Workflow

retainful dashboard login

Step 2 – In the Create workflow page, a list of pre-built workflow templates will be displayed. Select ‘ Thank you email with Next order coupon’ in the list.

thank you email next order coupon

Name your automation in the next step and click ‘Continue’ to open the visual journey builder.

Step 3 – In the workflow builder, you can set the Trigger, Wait action, and configure coupons & emails.

Trigger – It decides when a customer should enter the workflow. Basically it initiates your campaign.

By default, the trigger is set in a way that it activates only after a customer completes a purchase\places an order.

Wait action – You can set the time delay before the customer moves to the next step.

Coupon – You can add dynamic coupon codes to your thank you emails.

Email – Configure the email, write a subject line and click’ Edit Email Content’ to open the email editor to customize your emails.

By default, Retainful’s Thank you email workflow will have three emails and a coupon code.

configure trigger

When you click on a block, its respective editing options will be displayed on the right.

block editing options

Every block has its own editing options for easy configuration.

Step 4 – Configure the Next order coupon. You can offer three types of discounts Percentage, Amount, and Free shipping.

Enter the discount value, Coupon expiry, and Purchase limit. Once done, click ‘Save’

percentage discount

Your coupon is configured. Click here to add a dynamic coupon code to your emails.

Step 5 – Click the Email block, write a subject line, preview text and to customize the email click ‘Edit Email content’.

writing a compelling subject line

Retainful comes with a Drag and drop email editor to help customize your emails to suit your preference.

thank you for shopping

The email editor has all the necessary options you need to make your thank you emails visually appealing.

Remember the templates we listed above, you can use them here to make your emails more compelling.

Professional-looking emails are crucial for conversions, and here’s how you make your emails attractive.

Once you’ve customized your emails and added the dynamic coupon codes to emails, click ‘close’ and return to the visual journey builder page.

Step 6 – The first email will be followed by two more wait actions and two reminder emails.

You can follow the same process to customize the remaining emails. Once you’ve configured your thank you email campaign, click ‘Start workflow’ to initiate your campaign.

start workflow

Once the campaign is live, Retainful will send Thank you emails automatically after the customer has completed a purchase.

There you go, this is how you create a Thank you email campaign and send them using Retainful.

Create a great first impression with an automated thank you email campaign with Retainful and save your time.


eCommerce thank you emails show how you value your customers, make it right, and your revenue graph will start to look better. Thanking customers is not just an acknowledgement, it can bring more benefits to your business.

Sending thank you emails will increase your store’s trustability, make customers feel special, and allow you to ask them to refer their friends. A simple thank you can help you acquire new customers through word of mouth marketing.

No matter how well you’ve designed your email, customers will not open it if your subject line isn’t compelling. You must keep your subject lines short, use actionable words, and personalize them to increase your email open rates.

We also showed you how to create a thank you email campaign using Retainful. Use the thank you email templates we listed and build the best-looking emails using Retainful and send them automatically to your customers.

When should you follow up on a thank you email?

A thank-you email facilitates two-way engagement with your customer. create business credibility and trust and it is an excellent opportunity to remind your consumers of your principles and how much you appreciate their presence.

How long should a thank you email be?

Thank you emails must be brief but interesting. Some ecommerce businesses may limit welcome emails to 10 words or less, thanking customers for subscribing and providing an incentive.Set a goal of 50 words, or three sentences.

What should you include in a thank you email for ecommerce?

It depends on your business. You can send Thank you and social proof, Thank you and review, and simple order confirmation, and for achieving loyalty, it is best to include incentives like the next-order coupon.

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