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Email Segmentation: Reach Target Customers

Email Segmentation lets you segment your email list for different criteria. Run targeted email campaigns and send personalized emails for optimal results. Higher open rates, click-through rates, and better campaign performance.

Email Segmentation

What is Email Segmentation?

Email segmentation lets you divide your target audience into smaller segments based on specific criteria. The purpose of segmenting email list is to send personalized emails, product recommendations, exclusive discounts, and helpful resources. 

Email segments can be smaller or bigger. The smaller the segment, the higher the personalization. The higher the personalized content, the higher the engagement rate and conversion.

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Benefits of Email Segmentation

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Types of Customer Segmentation

Explore various customer segmentation types to maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing segmentation. Segment your email list into highly specific groups that update in real-time.

By Engagement Rate

Target active and inactive customers separately to ensure personalized content.

By Demographics

Personalizing content based on each demographic increases engagement and conversion rates.

By Geographic Location

Deliver localized content, promotions, and offers in different regions to increase conversions.

By Purchase History

Personalized product recommendations, loyalty rewards, and targeted upselling improves customer satisfaction.

Run a targeted email campaign

How do you run a targeted email campaign?

Run Targeted email campaigns to deliver more meaningful and engaging emails to achieve your campaign goals. Personalize emails based on recipients’ demographics, interests, behaviors or past interactions with the brand. Target specific audience to increase engagement, improve conversion rates, and achieve campaign objectives.

How to Segment Email List?

Refine your targeting, boost engagement, and maximize conversions with email list segmentation. Deliver relevant content to the right audience to increase open rates and conversions.

Segment email list

Collect data

Collect data based on purchase history, demographics, or survey responses to create precise messages to increase engagement.

Determine criteria

Choose criteria to segment your email list. Personalize and deliver relevant emails based on the criteria.

Set up your email segmentation

Utilize segmentation tools to automate workflows and enjoy the benefits of improved email deliverability and a higher conversion rate.

Segment Email List by combining different variables and criteria for higher engagement.

How does Retainful Segmentation work?

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Effortlessly organize your email list by adding contact manually or utilizing filters to create a Static list. The list remains static, including only customers who met the segmentation rule at the time.


Use pre-built rules or create segmentation rules using filters to create a Dynamic segment. The segment updates each time a customer matches the rule.

Filter attributes

Filter email list based on customer, purchase history, abandoned cart, campaign and automation properties. Combine filters for more precise segments using AND OR conditions.


Send targeted emails instantly or schedule them for later. Set a campaign name, from and to email addresses and a subject line. Customize the template. Choose single or multiple lists or segments. Send instantly or schedule for later.

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