Group your customers by their unique interests and actions.

Generic email blasts are of the past. Personalise emails with customer data to deliver targeted messages and increase your conversion rate.

Email Segmentation
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Target every type of customer - new, high-value, inactive, and more.

Some need re-engagement, some exclusive offers; some are not ready to refer. Segmenting enables you to send these customers relevant messages.

Demographic segmentation

Target campaigns by location and language.

Tailor your emails based on the specific needs and preferences of customers in different areas.

Demographic segmentation

Life cycle segmentation

Re-engage inactive ones, reward loyal ones, and nurture new ones.

Target messages based on the specific stages of a customer’s journey, from awareness to post-purchase.

Purchase history

Segment by frequency, recency, specific products, and more.

Send relevant product recommendations, target frequent buyers, and give them personalized offers.

Email Engagement

Email Engagement

Segment how customers engage with your email campaigns.

Target with exclusive discounts to highly engaged customers and surveys, special offers for less engaged ones.

Abandoned cart history

Target by number of abandoned carts, items, and total value.

Send highly personalized emails with recommendations based on frequently abandoned cart items.

Segment faster with ready-made segments.

Retainful has helped us bring in a lot ofnew customers and they have become repeat ones too.

Rafael gonzalez

Rafael Gonzalez

Managing Director at Fretlook

Send targeted email campaigns in minutes

Retainful offers the fastest way to segment and send personalized email campaigns.


Determine criteria

Choose criteria to segment your email list – purchase history, demographics, or email engagement.

Filter the email list based on the conditions. Combine filters for more precise segments using AND OR conditions.

While creating a campaign, you can easily choose the segments you have as your recipients.

Determine Criteria
Setup the Rules
Choose the Segments as Recipients

How we delivered on our promises? Our customers say it best.

All revenue generated by Retainful is on-top revenue that would not exist without Retainful

Rafael Gonzalez

Managing Director at Fretlook


The main criteria we had when signing up for Retainful was to make sure it paid for itself, which it did almost immediately.

Nathan Hartnett

Owner of Mensringonline

MR Logo

With Retainful, we saw a 30% increase in sales within a month, while generally experiencing a 19-22% boost in conversion rates.

Norbert Muszkas

Owner of Tiashop

TIA shop

Without Retainful, I don’t believe we would have had the success we have had over the last 6 plus months.

Ryan Sinclair

Managing Director of Wonderdog


Thanks to Retainful, we’ve been able to capture over £4000 worth of abandoned carts, which is incredible.

Simon Charlton

Web Designer at All Earth Mineral Cosmetics

All earth

We are seeing an increased number of abandoned carts being recovered after using Retainful.

Jason Wilson

Partner at theessentialscompany

The essentials

Import your email list and sync orders easily.

Import your contacts from your ecommerce store or through a CSV file. Sync your orders in real-time to leverage data for precise segmentation.

Import your email list and sync orders easily.

Send hyper-personalized emails and increase conversion rate.

Targeted emails boast high open rate, click-through rate and conversion rate. Reap these benefits by sending personalized emails using Retainful.