Engage throughout the customer journey on autopilot.

Send timely and personalized emails that respond to customer actions like sign-up, first purchase, abandoned cart, and more.

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Save time with pre-built workflows - set it up in a few steps. No hassle.

Our pre-built workflows come equipped with pre-defined triggers, a sequence of emails, and timed delays. Simply customize the emails, add your branding, and you’re set to go.

Abandoned cart recovery

Send multiple abandoned cart reminder emails automatically.

Increase your cart recovery rate by sending a series of reminders that are triggered automatically at well-timed intervals. 

Abandoned cart recovery

Welcome series

Make a great first impression at the right moment.

Send a welcome email when a customer signs up and introduce them to your brand.

Order follow-up emails

Engage post-purchase and encourage repeat purchases.

Send emails with order summaries, upsell, and request a product review, and give customers a positive post-purchase experience.

Thank you email 

Thank you email

Thank and set the stage for the next purchase  with a coupon.

Send a thank you email after the first purchase with a next-order coupon.

Win back email

Re-engage inactive customers and win them back to your fold.

Trigger win-back emails after 45 days of inactivity and retain them with personalized emails.

Win back email

Easily set up complex workflows with our intuitive interface - requires no technical expertise.

Retainful has helped us bring in a lot of
new customers and they have become
repeat ones too.

Rafael gonzalez

Rafael Gonzalez

Managing Director at Fretlook

Send precisely targeted messages with ease.

Easy-to-setup automation combined with effortless customization allows you to create custom workflows with conditional splits.

Trigger and Entry Rules

Trigger after customer actions and target the customers based on their purchase history and location.

Analytics and Reporting

Monitor revenue generated by each automation workflow, open rate, and click-through rate of the emails sent.

Send precisely targeted messages with ease.


Customize each workflow to include more emails time delays, and change the triggers to target specific group of customers.

Conditional Splits

Build tailored customer journeys based on customer’s previous actions in the workflow.

How we delivered on our promises. Our customers say it best.

All revenue generated by Retainful is on-top revenue that would not exist without Retainful

Rafael Gonzalez

Managing Director at Fretlook


The main criteria we had when signing up for Retainful was to make sure it paid for itself, which it did almost immediately.

Nathan Hartnett

Owner of Mensringonline

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With Retainful, we saw a 30% increase in sales within a month, while generally experiencing a 19-22% boost in conversion rates.

Norbert Muszkas

Owner of Tiashop

TIA shop

Without Retainful, I don’t believe we would have had the success we have had over the last 6 plus months.

Ryan Sinclair

Managing Director of Wonderdog


Thanks to Retainful, we’ve been able to capture over £4000 worth of abandoned carts, which is incredible.

Simon Charlton

Web Designer at All Earth Mineral Cosmetics

All earth

We are seeing an increased number of abandoned carts being recovered after using Retainful.

Jason Wilson

Partner at theessentialscompany

The essentials

Create Personalized Marketing Automations

This tool lets you build automated workflows that deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. 

Create Personalized Marketing Automations

Customer Journey Builder

Set up automated workflows and launch your abandoned cart email campaign in minutes.

Drag-and-drop Email Editor

Begin your first interaction with the customer by sending an automated welcome message.

Conditional Splits

Send automated order updates and provide a satisfied post-purchase experience.


Show your gratitude towards your customers by sending a heartfelt thank-you message.

Engage the customers at the right time with email automation.

Experience the Retainful’s easy-to-setup email automation firsthand.