The lasting first impression

Win the customer’s love in the very first shot.

Mark the beginning of the customer’s journey with a heartfelt welcome message. Our plugin, Retainful, provides pre-built workflows and email templates to kickstart your Welcome Email Campaign in no time.

No credit card required. Instant setup.

Start the journey on the right foot and gain customer loyalty.

A warm welcome message is all you need to gain customer loyalty instantly and make them feel special.

74% of consumers

Expect a welcome email as soon as they sign up.

3X higher click-through rate

Than other type of emails

25-30% higher conversion rate

Than regular promotional emails.

Email Automation

Your Welcome Email Campaign can Run On its Own.

Retainful has pre-built workflows containing triggers, exit rules, email sequences, and timings. It would take only a few minutes to set up these rules, and the emails will be automatically sent based on how you configured the workflow. 

Email automation
Drag and drop editor

Edit and Personalize

Create Flawless Emails with the Drag-and-drop Editor.

Customize the pre-designed email templates however you want with Retainful’s drag-and-drop editor. Craft a Welcome email in minutes with a catchy subject line, a creative logo, a strong CTA, and high-quality images to engage the customer.

Dynamic Coupons

Impress them Right Away with Discounts. 

Use Retainful’s dynamically generated coupons in your welcome emails to offer discounts. Offering discounts after a first purchase can be an encouragement for customers to visit the store again and drive repeat sales.

Dynamic Coupons

Launch your campaign in 3 easy steps

Configure your triggers, exit rules, wait time, and edit the email content in minutes.

Step 1

Triggers and Rules

Set a trigger indicating when a customer should enter the workflow. Also, set the exit rule.

Trigger indicating

Step 2

Add the ‘Wait’ time

Set up the time interval for sending the welcome email – how many minutes after the customer made the first purchase.

set time interval

Step 3

Email block

Customize the email subject line, preview text, email content, and template of your choice with a drag-and-drop editor.

customize email subject line

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Need help to create Win-back Email Workflow?

Welcome emails set the tone for your future communication with the customer and build a relationship with them. They have high open rates and can drive immediate action, like purchases or social sharing.

A welcome email should include a thank-you message, a brief introduction to your brand, important links (like account login or store homepage), and a CTA encouraging further engagement.

Welcome emails have a much higher engagement rate because they are often expected by the subscriber. They set the stage for all future interactions and communications.

There are plenty of email automation plugins like Retainful, where you can set triggers, time delays, exit rules, and edit email content. All with just a few clicks.

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Start building customer relationships with automated welcome emails. 

Retainful plugin comes with pre-built workflows so you don’t have to start from square one. And, what is more. Countless pre-designed email templates to match your imagination.

No credit card required. Instant setup.