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1. What is a contact?

A contact is an email address collected from the checkout page or Add-to-cart / Exit intent popup or referral program. In simple terms, 1 email address is 1 contact.

Total contacts = The total number of email addresses for which we captured from the checkout page or Add-to-cart / Exit intent popup or referral program. We don’t count contacts that were unsubscribed or deleted.

2. When I install Retainful in my store, will my existing contacts also be counted in the contacts?

No. Your existing contacts will not be counted in the contacts.
We only count the contacts that are captured after installing Retainful for your store.

3. Can I import contacts to Retainful?

No. It’s not possible to import contacts.

4. How many emails I can send?

In the Free plan, you send up to 500 emails per month.
There is no limit on the number of emails sent for the paid plans. You send unlimited emails.

5. What happens when I reach my contact limit?

For the free plan, tracking of carts and sending of emails will be automatically paused. You need to upgrade your account to a paid plan to resume cart tracking and send out emails.

For paid plans, 1000 additional contacts will be automatically added. So, your store can continue to track carts and send out emails.

6. Can I pay yearly?

Unfortunately, we don’t have yearly plans at the moment.
You can choose any of the paid plans and pay monthly.

7. What are my payment options?

Shopify store owners are billed via Shopify itself. They would see the monthly charges reflect on their invoice.

WooCommerce stores owners can pay by credit card (powered by Stripe) in our Billing section.

8. Can I upgrade or downgrade my Retainful account whenever I want?

Yes, you can upgrade to a higher plan or paid plan anytime if you want.
Just go to your Retainful dashboard ➔ Billing and Upgrade.

Also, you can cancel your paid plan subscription and downgrade yourself anytime at Retainful dashboard ➔ Billing.

9. Can I add multiple stores under a single Retainful account?

Yes. You can add and manage multiple stores under a single Retainful account.
It’s very easy to switch between stores in Retainful.

10. Can I invite my team mates or clients to my Retainful account?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to invite your team mates or clients to your Retainful account at the moment.

But, the team feature is already in our development roadmap. It will be available in the future.

1. Can Retainful send abandoned cart recovery emails to guest customers (who are not logged into their account)?

Yes. Retainful can send the abandoned cart recovery emails to guest customers. It captures the customers’ email addresses from the checkout page. So, the customers do not necessarily need to be logged in while abandoning carts.

2. Is there a way to collect customers' email addresses before they reach the checkout page?

Yes. You can use Retainful’s Add-to-cart email collection popup and Exit intent popup to capture the customer email addresses before they reach the checkout page. But, at the moment, these features are available for WooCommerce stores only.

3. Can I send the abandoned cart recovery emails to customers who abandoned carts before installing Retainful?

Retainful records abandoned carts, live carts, and recovered carts only after it is installed on the site.
Retainful has no means to send emails to carts that were abandoned before it was installed on your site.

4. Can I use Retainful for a multi-lingual store?

Yes, of course, you can use Retainful in multi-lingual stores and send abandoned cart recovery emails, thank you emails, welcome emails, order follow-up emails, and more in their preferred language.

5. Can I able to view the info of carts that are being tracked in my store?

Yes. Retainful lets you keep track of every live cart, abandoned cart, and recovered cart. You can view the cart activity in the Retainful dashboard.

6. Is it possible to send newsletters and blast emails using Retainful?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to send newsletters and blast emails using Retainful at the moment.

7. Does Retainful offers pre-bulit automation workflow templates?

Yes, Retainful does offer pre-built automation workflow templates.You can use them to set up your abandoned carts recovery or post purchase workflows in a few minutes.

8. Is there a way to recover guest carts (carts without customer email addresses)?

When a customer leaves the store without providing his/her email address while abandoning cart, that cart will be considered a guest cart. It is not possible to recover guest carts using Retainful.

9. Can I able to send out Next Order Coupon emails in the free plan?

Yes. You can send out Next Order Coupon emails in the free plan.The free plan lets you set up one automation workflow for your store, so can create a Next Order Coupon workflow and set it live.

10. Can I use Retainful for a store that is not built on WooCommerce or Shopify?

Currently, Retainful is available for Shopify and WooCommerce only. It’s not possible to use Retainful for other eCommerce platforms at the moment. But, the integration for BigCommerce, WIX, and other platforms will be available soon.

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