Abandoned Cart Recovery

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Maximize your revenue with the powerful automated abandoned cart recovery tool-no need for any manual efforts now. Track abandoned carts with Retainful to send personalized email reminders to your customers and increase conversion. Abandoned carts aren’t lost sales anymore. Start recovering lost sales today with Retainful’s Abandoned Cart Recovery tool.


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What is Abandoned Cart Recovery?

Abandoned Cart Recovery refers to recovering lost sales due to customers leaving items in their online shopping cart without completing their purchase. The increasing trend of online shopping has become a common issue for e-commerce businesses. But with Abandoned Cart Recovery, you can convert those lost sales into actual purchases.

Are you tired of losing sales due to abandoned carts? Do you want to recover those lost sales and increase your revenue? If yes, then Abandoned Cart Recovery is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Retainful is an easy-to-use platform that helps you recover lost sales with just a few clicks. Our abandoned cart recovery campaign is designed to help you reach out to your potential customers and bring them back to complete their purchases.
With Retainful, you can:

  • Create personalized and automated emails to reach out to your potential customers
  • Track and analyze your abandoned cart recovery efforts with our detailed analytics
  • Schedule follow-up emails to keep your customers engaged and informed
  • Integrate with your e-commerce store effortlessly, regardless of the platform you use

Don’t let abandoned carts hurt your bottom line. With Abandoned Cart Recovery, you can recover lost sales and increase your revenue.

Get started today and start recovering your lost sales.

A Perfect Abandoned Cart Recovery Solution

Launch an abandoned cart recovery campaign in just a few clicks with Retainful.

Automated email campaigns

Send Abandoned cart recovery emails automatically at the right time to recover carts.

Dynamic coupon codes

Add dynamically generated coupon codes to your emails to push customers to recover carts.

Email editor

Build professional-looking abandoned cart emails using our visual drag & drop editor.

Pre-built workflows

Get started quickly using our pre-built automation workflows. Configure the campaign in a few clicks and launch it.


Get real-time reports on your abandoned cart recovery campaign performance and make enhancements.


Connect Retainful with your favorite platforms and increase engagement with your customers.

How to Recover Abandoned Carts?

Scheduling your cart recovery emails at suitable intervals influences the conversion rate. The default Abandoned cart email series from Retainful consists of three emails and a dynamic coupon code.

Step – 1

Set up abandoned cart email campaigns

Set up automated abandoned cart emails and send them to customers who leave items in their cart without completing their purchase. Include special offers or discounts in the email to encourage them to complete their purchase.

Step – 2

Personalize the abandoned cart emails

Personalize the abandoned cart emails with the customer’s name and the items they left in their cart to make it personally appealing to customers. Personalized emails build a strong bond, increase customer engagement, and ensure a high transaction rate.

Step – 3

Offering free shipping or discount codes

Encourage the customers to come back and complete their purchase with attractive Discount Codes or by offering them Free Shipping.

Step – 4

Recover Abandoned carts

One-click recovery – When the customers click the recovery link, they will immediately be redirected to the checkout page. Customers can use coupon codes to complete the purchase, thus restoring abandoned sales.

Levarage the power of a well-built automated abandoned cart recovery tool to retrieve lost sales.

Prop up you eCommerce store with a recovery tool in just a few steps and maximize conversion rightaway.

automated email campaign

Automated email campaigns

Don’t wait too long. Automatically send Abandoned cart recovery emails at the right time to recover the abandoned cart. Additionally, add dynamic coupon codes to your emails and increase conversion rates.

Dynamic coupon codes

Encourage customer’s return by sending unique, single-use coupon codes via cart recovery emails. Coupons will be generated dynamically, making them unique to each customer. This prevents over-usage of coupons.

dynamic coupon code
customize template

Drag and Drop Email editor

Attractive, professional-looking emails attract customers. Build the best cart recovery emails using our visual drag and drop email editor. Write a convincing subject line, including visual elements and product details to increase email open and conversion rates.

Pre-built workflows

Use our pre-built workflow templates and build an automated Abandoned cart recovery email campaign within minutes. Visualize customer’s journey and build custom conversion paths using our Customer journey builder.

pre built template
dashboard retainful

Track and improve campaign

Track Abandoned carts and get detailed reports of your campaign performance. Retainful’s insightful dashboard will display the key campaign data in real-time, giving you a 360-degree view of your Abandoned cart recovery campaign.


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Frequently Asked Questions
faq image

To do this, you need a Cart recovery plugin like Retainful. Create an abandoned cart recovery email campaign, and send automated emails to remind customers to recover their carts.

You should send a cart recovery email when a customer has abandoned their cart without making a purchase. The ideal time to send this email is within 24 hours of the abandonment, while the customer is still likely to be considering their purchase.

Yes, Retainful is packed with Dynamic coupon codes. You can include a discount coupon in your Abandoned cart recovery email & send it to encourage customers to recover their cart.

Do you mean, How many emails should I send in an abandoned cart campaign? The choice is yours, Retainful lets you send unlimited cart recovery emails. But, the time-tested recommend sequence is 3 cart recovery emails after abandonment.

Install Retainful in your store. Under ‘Automations’, select the ‘Abandoned cart recovery’ workflow template. Abandoned cart emails will be present in the workflow, you can edit them using the Drag & drop email editor.

The process is simple, refer the documentation for more details.

Yes, Retainful does offer pre-built automation workflow templates.

You can use them to set up your abandoned carts recovery or post purchase workflows in a few minutes.

When a customer leaves the store without providing his/her email address while abandoning cart, that cart will be considered a guest cart. It is not possible to recover guest carts using Retainful.

Abandoned cart recovery typically involves sending a follow-up email to the customer, offering them a discount or special deal to encourage them to complete the purchase. Some e-commerce platforms also have automated abandoned cart recovery systems like Retainful that send out automated follow-up messages.

The success rate of abandoned cart recovery varies depending on the approach and the specific business, but it is estimated that the average recovery rate is around 20-30%.

The best time to send an abandoned cart recovery email is within the first hour of the customer leaving their items in the cart. This is when the customer is still thinking about the items and is more likely to return and complete the purchase.

To improve your abandoned cart recovery efforts, consider offering incentives like discounts, free shipping, or special promotions. Additionally, make sure your follow-up emails are personalized, timely, and include high-quality images of the products.

You can set up Abandoned Cart Recovery for your e-commerce store by using a plugin or an app, such as a shopping cart abandonment tool like Retainful. This tool will track the customer’s actions on your website and send them targeted email to remind them of their forgotten items and offer incentives to complete the purchase.

We have helped 14000+ merchants convert lost sales

Our Abandoned cart recovery campaign setup is straightforward. Book a demo session with our experts and see it for yourself.

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