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Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails


Trigger follow-up email reminders automatically to recover abandoned carts

Send unlimited cart recovery email reminders

Easy to use short-codes to include customer details and order summary in your emails

Helps you capture all abandoned carts including the guest carts

Stop sending email reminders automatically when the cart is recovered

Get notified when your customers recover the abandoned carts

Track revenue - Compare Abandoned order value & the recovered cart value

Notifies eCommerce store administrators when a cart is recovered

Next Order Coupons


Generate Unique Next order coupon codes automatically on every purchase

Send coupon codes along with the order transactional emails

Trigger FOMO by setting expiry/validity to the next order coupons

Set advanced coupon conditions - Create product & category based coupons

Exclude any specific category/product from getting a discount via coupons

Auto-apply coupon discount at the cart when customer clicks the email link

Track the list of customers who have used the coupon vouchers

Measure recovered revenue earned through next order coupons

Analytics & Insights


Track the performance of your cart recovery and coupon order emails

Clean & detailed report on sale conversions and customer revenue insights

Measure customer engagement with open & email click-through stats

Track the number of individual sale conversions achieved

Check whether the abandoned customer type is a registered user or guest

View cart section helps you check the cart abandoned by the individuals

Filter the date range and analyze your abandoned cart recovery campaigns

Logs every abandoned cart customer's email and guest IP in the dashboard

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