Step by step guide to Launch a Shopify Store in 2020

Posted by Joel Platini on 09 March, 2020 in Shopify

Shopify is a powerful eCommerce platform in which you can create and launch your online store within few mins. In this article, we've created a guide on how to set up a Shopify store, and we've compiled a Shopify store checklist to help you achieve a seamless launch.

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Ways to write your email newsletter that people actually like to read

Posted by Joel Platini on 03 March, 2020 in Email Marketing

Email newsletters are sent to inform subscribers about the latest news, updates, or information related to the store. But, all your efforts will go in vain if no one wants to spend their time reading it. So, we thought of guiding you on how to write a newsletter that people would like to read.

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Spam Words to Avoid in your Emails

Posted by Joel Platini on 26 February, 2020 in Email Marketing

One in five emails gets marked as spam, and that is why you have to be selective in your words while writing an email subject line. To help you with your quest, we have compiled a list of spam words to avoid in email subject lines to keep your emails away from spam box.

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The Complete Guide to Improve Customer Retention Rate on Your WooCommerce Store

Posted by Sharon Thomas on 20 February, 2020 in WooCommerce

Loyal customers are known for increasing the customer retention rate. It is no mean feat to achieve, but hey, it is not an impossible one for your WooCommerce store. These customer retention strategies will guide you how to ace this task effortlessly. Customer retention guaranteed!

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9 Tips to Create Blog Posts that Would Skyrocket your Conversions

Posted by Joel Platini on 14 February, 2020 in marketing

Blogs have been proved vital for marketing campaigns to drive conversions and increase online visibility. This article has been compiled to guide you on how to write a blog that increases your blog's quality and elevates your conversion.

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