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Start recovering abandoned checkouts on your Shopify store with powerful abandoned cart recovery emails. Also, drive repeat purchases and increase revenue 10x times.

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Automated Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails

Abandoned checkouts are definitely not good for your Shopify store’s growth. In fact, recovering abandoned checkouts can grow your store revenue tenfold. Send cart recovery emails to recover abandoned checkouts every time they happen. Built-in additional features make your cart recovery emails hard to resist - it’s always a win.

  • Unique cart recovery link that takes customers directly to their abandoned cart.
  • Send any number of cart recovery emails to customers. And at the exact time you want them to.
  • Use pre-existing abandoned cart recovery email templates or create one using the drag and drop email builder.
  • Personalize cart recovery emails to win back abandoned checkout- add visitor’s first/last name, abandoned cart items and coupons.
  • Retainful automatically stops sending cart recovery emails when customer recovers cart - zero annoyance factor.

Drip-Drip Your Cart Recovery Email Campaign

Sometimes, one cart recovery email isn’t enough. And as for sending the second one, store owners find it hard to do it manually. Which is why, Retainful comes with features to create drip/sequential cart recovery emails. Recover carts while you sleep. Here’s a recommended email sequence that works.

  • The 1st cart recovery email goes 1 hour after your visitor abandons his/her cart.
  • The 2nd one exactly 6 hours after the cart abandonment.
  • The 3rd cart recovery email, 1 day after the cart has been abandoned.
  • Send the 4th reminder 3 days after cart abandonment.
  • The final reminder can go 5 days after cart abandonment.

Most of the abandoned checkouts are recovered somewhere between the 3rd and the 4th email!

Next Order Coupons to Drive Repeat Sales & Build Loyal Customers

Retainful is not only about recovering abandoned checkouts. It also helps store owners grow consistent revenue and build a loyal customer base. Next order coupons are a great way to increase the average lifetime value per customer. Put in simple words, earn more dollars per customer.

  • Send unique next order coupons along with order confirmation emails.
  • Introduce flat amount discounts or percentage discounts with coupons.
  • High usage restriction options - min/max spend limits, exclude/include product categories and more.
  • Next order coupons are unique, auto-generated and can/cannot have an expiry date.

Deeper Insights. Greater Store Growth Decisions.

Know what’s happening in and out of your Shopify store with a one-stop dashboard that tells you everything you need to know. No more running behind breadcrumbs or trail follow-ups.

  • See total number of abandoned checkouts, live carts, recovered carts, values of abandoned checkouts, recovered carts in real-time.
  • Check who has received your abandoned cart emails. Also, the total recovered revenue in the dashboard.
  • Complete insights on Next order coupons - track customers who have and haven’t opened your next order coupons.

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Easy to use plugin for abandoned cart

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It works great, a well-done plugin with a fast support team.

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