Recover upto 30% of Abandoned Cart in Shopify

Automate your Shopify abandoned cart email campaign with Retainful’s easy-to-setup automation and recover lost sales with zero hassle.

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Recover abandoned cart
Retainful helped more than 16,000 merchants recover lost sales. Yours could be next.
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Turn abandoned carts into finished sales.

Track cart abandonment, customize, and send personalized abandoned cart email reminders. All with just a few clicks.

Cart abandonment


Of the carts are abandoned.

Cart recover successfully


Open rate for abandoned cart emails, which is more than regular emails.

Abandoned cart recovery steps


Of abandoned cart emails lead to a recovered purchase.

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How to create an abandoned cart email campaign in Shopify ?

Use Retainful’s pre-built workflows containing email sequences, triggers, and time intervals to send multiple abandoned cart emails that are triggered automatically.

Simple remainder emails

First Email

A Gentle Reminder

Nudge the customer with a reminder that items are waiting and include images of cart items.

Discount coupon

Second Email


Motivate the customer by sending discount coupons using Retainful’s dynamic coupon generator.

Simple remainder emails

Third Email

The Last Chance

Send the final nudge, emphasizing that it's their last chance to take advantage of the offer.

How do I recover an abandoned cart in Shopify

Leverage the best recovery method of all – abandoned cart emails – and send them automatically using Retainful’s seamless email automation.

Install and connect

Install and Connect

Go to the Shopify App Store. Search and install the app ‘Retainful’ and click the “Add app” button.

pre built workflow

Set up pre-built workflows

Set the triggers, wait time, and entry rules, and edit the email content

campaign launch

Go live

Emails will be sent, and your abandoned carts will be recovered automatically.

Trusted by 16,000+ Ecommerce brands

Get upto 30% more sales with our Shopify abandoned cart app.

Stop losing sales to recoverable abandoned carts and grow your revenue.

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What do you do with abandoned carts on Shopify?

Install Retainful in your Shopify store. Create an automated cart recovery campaign within minutes and start recovering abandoned carts in your Shopify store.

Once Retainful is installed in your Shopify store, you can login to the Retainful dashboard and check the total carts abandoned and their respective revenue.

You can add unlimited emails to your campaign and keep sending them to customers until they recover their cart.

But the recommended sequence is 3 abandoned cart emails, this way your emails will be less intrusive.

Retainful is equipped with visual drag & drop email editor with which you can customize your abandoned checkout emails.

The more you wait, the lesser the chance of a conversion. It is recommended to send an abandoned cart email within one hour of cart abandonment.

The more you wait, the lesser the chance of a conversion. It is recommended to send an abandoned cart email within one hour of cart abandonment.