WooCommerce Abandoned Cart

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Woocommmerce abandoned cart

What is a WooCommerce Abandoned Cart?

WooCommerce abandoned cart refers to a situation where a potential customer adds products to their online shopping cart but leaves the website without completing the purchase. This phenomenon is common in e-commerce and can occur for various reasons, such as distractions, unexpected costs, or a lengthy checkout process.

WooCommerce, a popular WordPress plugin, provides tools to address and recover abandoned carts. Store owners can utilize features like automated email reminders to encourage customers to return and complete their purchases. These reminders may include personalized messages, incentives like discounts or free shipping, and a convenient link to the abandoned cart for a seamless checkout experience.

The Baymard Institute has listed seven primary reasons
behind abandoned shopping carts.

Extra costs (shipping, taxes, etc.) are too high

Complicated checkout process

Customers are researching to buy later

Security concerns

No discount available

No free shipping

Returns policy.


Effectively addressing WooCommerce abandoned carts can help businesses recover potential revenue, improve customer engagement, and enhance overall conversion rates. It is an integral part of e-commerce optimization, allowing online retailers to understand customer behavior and tailor strategies to reduce cart abandonment and increase sales.

How to See Abandoned Carts in WooCommerce and Recover Sales

Retainful seamlessly integrates with your WooCommerce store, automatically tracking and identifying abandoned carts. Our intelligent system triggers personalized email reminders to customers who have left items in their carts, gently nudging them to complete their purchases.

With Retainful, you can expect to recover an average of 30% of abandoned carts, translating into a substantial boost in your bottom line. Retainful’s effectiveness stems from its data-driven approach, tailoring emails based on customer behavior and preferences.

Retainful takes the guesswork out of abandoned cart recovery, automating the process to save you time and effort. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up and manage your cart recovery campaigns, ensuring effortless implementation

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You can now see the abandoned carts in WooCommerce at
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woocommerce abandoned cart recovery

How do I recover an abandoned cart in WooCommerce?

Retainful is a WooCommerce plugin that helps you automatically recover abandoned carts by sending personalized emails to customers who have left their carts without completing the checkout process.

Step 1: Install Retainful

Retainful is a powerful WooCommerce plugin that helps you recover lost sales from abandoned carts. To get started, simply install and activate the Retainful plugin on your WordPress site.

Step 2: Configure Email Templates

Retainful provides a variety of customizable email templates to remind customers about their abandoned carts. You can personalize these emails with your brand messaging and include attractive offers to entice customers to return and complete their purchases.

Step 3: Set Email Schedule

Determine the optimal timing for sending abandoned cart emails. Retainful allows you to schedule emails to be sent at specific intervals, ensuring that customers receive reminders at the most opportune moments.

Step 4: Track Campaign Performance

Retainful provides comprehensive reports to track the effectiveness of your abandoned cart recovery campaigns. Analyze metrics such as cart abandonment rate, recovery rate, and average order value to identify areas for improvement and optimize your strategies.

Step 5: Optimize for Higher Recovery Rates

Leverage Retainful’s insights to refine your cart recovery strategies. Experiment with different email templates, subject lines, and offer incentives to maximize cart recovery rates and boost your sales.

By following these steps you can effectively recover abandoned carts, increase sales, and enhance your WooCommerce store’s profitability.

woocommerce abandoned cart recovery campaign

Stop losing sales to abandoned carts! Install Retainful today and start recovering up to 30% of your lost revenue.

How to create an abandoned cart email campaign in WooCommerce ?

To create an abandoned cart email in WooCommerce, please go to your Retainful dashboard -> Automations and choose the WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery workflow template. This will create an abandoned cart email campaign based on the pre-built workflow.

An effective abandoned cart recovery campaign for WooCommerce should have at least three emails, sent at well-timed intervals.

The pre-built workflow is based on this effective cart recovery strategy. You can edit these emails using the easy-to-use drag and drop editor and personalize them.

woocommerce abandoned cart email examples

Retainful is the #1 abandoned cart recovery plugin for WooCommerce. Recover up to 30% of your lost revenue with our easy-to-use plugin.

Best practices for sending WooCommerce Abandoned Cart emails

When sending WooCommerce Abandoned Cart emails, pay attention to the number of email reminders, the interval between the emails, subject line and the email body.

Number of Emails :

Three is the most recommended number of emails you can send. But it depends on the industry. The maximum is five.

Order of emails :

The interval between the WooCommerce cart recovery emails is very important. The first email should go within an hour after a customer abandons a cart. The second email can go after a day and the third email after 2-3 days.

First Email: A simple reminder

The purpose of your first email should just serve as a reminder. Just let the customer know what items were left in their cart. It can be sent 30 minutes to 1 hour after the customer has started the checkout.

Second Email: A motivation

This email should be sent 1 – 2 days after the customer has started the checkout.

Third email : Reminder of the motivation + Brand Value with a social proof

This email should be sent 2 – 3 days after the customer has started the checkout.

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Email Content

Make sure your emails have an engaging subject line and a personalized message. You can use Retainful to automatically include the customer’s name, the contents of the cart, store name, address and more to send personalized abandoned cart emails in WooCommerce. Check out these 50 different subject lines and abandoned cart email examples

Abandoned Cart Email Examples

Email - 1

sent 1 hour after the cart was abandoned

Subject Line:

“Don’t forget your items at [store name]


Hi [customer name],

It looks like you left some items in your cart at [store name]. We wanted to remind you about them in case you had a change of heart. Click here to view your cart and complete your purchase.



[Your name]

A simple woocommerce abandoned cart recovery email reminder

Email - 2

sent 24 hours after the first email

Subject Line:

“Your items are still waiting – get 10% off with this coupon [store name]”


Hi [customer name],

A quick reminder to complete your purchase at [store name]. Enjoy a 10% off on your order. Use coupon code [coupon code] at checkout to redeem the discount.


If you have any questions or need help with your order, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for considering us,

[Your name]

WooCommerce abandoned cart follow up email

Email - 3

sent 2-3 days after the second email

Subject Line:

“Last chance to get 10% off on your order”


Hi [customer name],

This is the last chance to get 10% off before your cart expires.

We hope you’ll come back and complete your purchase.

Your coupon code: [coupon_code]

Expires in 2 days


If you have any questions or need help with your order, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


[Your name]

WooCommerce Abandoned cart email with coupon

Don't let your customers slip away. Install Retainful and start sending follow-up emails to recover abandoned carts.

Reduce cart abandonment using Add to cart popup

Stop the cart abandonment in WooCommerce before it happens.

Add-to-cart popup is one of the most effective ways to capture the customer’s email address early in the checkout. And the popup can also be used to reward customers with a coupon for completing the purchase.

When a customer clicks the add to cart button, a popup is triggered that will offer him a reward for entering the email address and completing the purchase. This enables you to capture the email address of the customer early in the checkout. So if the customer abandons the cart, you can easily trigger email reminders through your automated email campaign cart cart recovery using the Retainful automation.

The Retainful plugin for WooCommerce comes with the Add to cart popup feature built-in.

Checkout the step by step instructions for setting up the add to cart popup for your WooCommerce store

reduce abandoned carts in woocommerce using add to cart popup

Set up add to cart popup and stop cart abandonment in WooCommerce.

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Frequently Asked Questions

taking notes

WooCommerce does not have built-in abandoned cart recovery functionality. However, there are many third-party plugins that can be used to add this functionality to WooCommerce. These plugins typically allow you to send automated emails to customers who have abandoned their carts, offering them a discount or other incentive to complete their purchase.

Retainful is an abandoned cart recovery plugin for WooCommerce that makes it easy to find and recover abandoned carts.
Install and activate the Retainful plugin. Once done, Retainful will start tracking the abandoned carts in WooCommerce. You can find these abandoned carts in your Retainful dashboard -> Metrics and Cart Activity.

You will need to create an abandoned cart recovery campaign in order to recover the abandoned carts. You will need a plugin like Retainful to create the cart recovery email campaign. When customers abandon their carts in your WooCommerce store, Retainful will automatically send a series of email reminders at well-timed intervals. Customers can click the unique recovery link in the email to recover their carts in a single click and complete their purchase.

Install and activate the Retainful plugin for WooCommerce. Once done, create an abandoned cart recovery email campaign and set it live. Now, Retainful will start automatically sending the abandoned cart emails when customers abandon their carts in your WooCommerce store. You can send more than one email reminder at various time intervals to recover the abandoned carts.

Optimizing the checkout experience and removing any extra costs will help you reduce the abandoned carts in WooCommerce. Also, you can motivate the customers to complete the purchase with a reward using the Add-to-cart popup feature. You will need a plugin like Retainful to implement the Add to cart popup feature in your WooCommerce store.

You can see the abandoned carts in WooCommerce with the help of a plugin like Retainful. The plugin can help you track the abandoned carts in real time. You can see the abandoned carts by going to the Metrics and Cart Activity section of Retainful for WooCommerce.


By default, when customers place the order but leave without paying for it, WooCommerce saves this abandoned order with a pending payment status. These abandoned orders can be deleted by going to your WordPress dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Orders.
Using a plugin like Retainful can help you track the cart abandonment more effectively in your WooCommerce store.

The best time to send an abandoned cart email is within an hour after the customer abandons the cart. The second email reminder can go after a day. But the first email reminder for an abandoned cart should be sent within an hour. The third email reminder can go after 2 to 3 days.

You can send 3 to 4 emails at well-timed intervals in an abandoned cart series. The first email should be sent within an hour after the cart abandonment, while the second reminder can go after a day. The third reminder can go after 2 to 3 days of cart abandonment.

There are a number of reasons why customers abandon their carts, such as:

  • They forgot their credit card information.
  • They were interrupted by something else.
  • They decided they didn’t want the items anymore.
  • They found a better price elsewhere.
  • The checkout process was too complicated.

There are a number of WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins available, such as:

  1. Retainful – WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery
  2. WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart
  3. YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart
  4. Cart Abandonment Recovery for WooCommerce
  5. WooCommerce Cart Recovery Pro

The cost of recovering abandoned carts will vary depending on the plugin you use and the number of abandoned carts you have. However, most plugins are relatively affordable and can be a good investment for your WooCommerce store.


With Retainful, you can recover up to 30% of your abandoned carts. Try it free for 14 days and see for yourself.

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