Winback Customers & Drive
Repeat Sales

Send automated re-engagement emails to bring customers back. Offer special coupons & push them to purchase again.

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Bring Them Back For More

Sometimes customers will lose interest in your store. They are not completely gone, send enticing re-engagement emails to bring them back to your store. Persuade them with the latest products & updates of your store, this will push them to start purchasing again.

Make It Special

Offer special discounts via re-engagement emails to give your lost customers no choice but to return to your store and start purchasing again.

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Re-Engage & Drive Repeated Sales

selling to existing customers

Selling to existing customers is easy

It is 60-70% easier to sell to existing customers than new ones. Even if they are inactive, re-engagement emails can convince lost customers to return and purchase again.

Earn more with less effort

Drive repeated sales and double your revenue by selling to customers who have already purchased from your store.

surprise with incentives

Surprise with incentives

Sometimes lost customers might need a push. Persuade them to return to your store by offering discounts.

re-ignite their interest

Re-ignite their interest

Use our email editor to customize & personalize your emails to show them you care. Target customers with new products & updates to make them curious to return to your store.

Win Back Customers In A Few Steps

1. Create Your Campaigns

Build a customer re-engagement campaign within minutes using a customer jouney builder.

2. Choose The Timing

Schedule your re-engagement emails 15, 30, 45 days after last engagement. 

3. Incentivize Your Re-Engagement

Push them to return by adding discounts to your Win Back Emails.

4. Go Live!

Set it live and off you go! Win Back emails will be sent to inactive customers based on therir last engagement.

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incentivize your re-engagement
go live

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