No more goodbyes

Revive inactive customers and drive repeat sales

Re-engagement emails are targeted at inactive customers to win them back into your fold. Use the Retainful plugin to send automated win-back emails and reignite their interest in your store.

No credit card required. Instant setup.

Get your lost customers back on board

Retention is as crucial as acquiring customers. The numbers also agree with us.

60% more likely

To sell to existing customers. But, only 5-20% to new ones.

5x more costly

To acquire new customers than retaining them.

26% of customers

Return after a planned win-back effort. 

Email Automation

Automate your Entire Campaign with Pre-built Workflows and Templates.

Retainful has pre-configured workflows containing triggers, exit rules, email sequences, and timings so that you can set up your win-back campaign in seconds. Step up your engagement level with countless pre-designed email templates. 

Email automation
Drag and drop email editor

Edit and Personalize

Customize Effortlessly with the Drag-and-drop Email Editor.

Capturing the customer’s attention is all the more important in reengagement campaigns. So, craft an email with a catchy subject line, a creative logo, a strong CTA, and high-quality images with a simple action of drag and drop.

Dynamic Coupons

Give them an offer they can’t resist.

Use Retainful’s dynamically generated coupons in your win-back emails to offer discounts. These can be a secret weapon in persuading inactive customers to return to your store and purchase again – a kickstarter for their journey 2.0.

dynamic coupons

Launch your campaign in 3 easy steps

Configure your triggers, exit rules, wait time, and edit the email content in minutes.

Step 1

Triggers and Rules

Set a trigger indicating when a customer should enter the workflow. Also, set the exit rule.

Trigger indicating

Step 2

Add the ‘Wait’ time

Set up the time interval for sending the first email – how many days after the customer is idle.

set time interval

Step 3

Email block

Customize the email subject line, preview text, email content, and template of your choice with a drag-and-drop editor.

customize email subject

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New to abandoned cart? We’ve got you covered.

Retainful is trusted by 15000+ e-commerce merchants and generated more than $600 million in sales.

Need help to create Win-back Email Workflow?


These are the reasons why winning back costumes is more productive for your WooCommerce store:

  • Returned customers are more productive than the new ones.
  • Customer lifetime value doubles for every returned customer.
  • The success rate of a win-back campaign is huge. Approximately 26% of the inactive customers return after a planned win-back effort.

It is commonly sent after a customer inactivity of 60 to 90 days.

Personalization, a compelling subject line, special offers or discounts, a strong call-to-action (CTA), details about newly launched products or features, and your value proposition.

There are plenty of email automation plugins like Retainful, where you can set triggers and time delays, edit email content, and send sequences of emails. All with just a few clicks.

Email automation plugins allow you to track metrics like the open rate, click-through rate, re-engagement rate, conversion rate, and revenue generated from the campaign.

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No more farewells. Re-engage the inactive customers and bring them back home.

26% of the inactive customers are likely to come back after a planned win-back effort. So, start your win-back campaign with Retainful’s pre-built workflows and templates. All in a matter of a few clicks.

No credit card required. Instant setup.