5 Simple Ideas to make Customer stick with your Business for long.

5 Simple Ideas to make Customer stick with your Business for long.

Posted by Deepika Rashi on 14 February 2019 in Marketing

You know e-commerce has become the phase of today’s fast-paced world. Do you want your online business to be the unique one, the one that everyone talks about? If you want your online brand to be the talk of the town, then there's a simple way. The direct way to this is by capturing your customer's heart and attention.

E-commerce business is a dime a dozen these days. Standing out from every other business out there needs a different perception of things altogether. Your customers keep your business growing. And every e-commerce store owner is struck with this question every now and then- How to make customers stick with their business for long?
Well, We are here to provide you with simple but effective ideas to make your customers stay put for a worthwhile.

1. Communicate on a regular basis

  • The very first rule is to engage with your customers through compatible communication.
  • Reach out to your customers very often.
  • Be accessible whenever they are in need of your service.
  • If you are about to add a new feature to your service, inform them. They should be aware of your every single move your business makes.

You can also conduct frequent feedback surveys to ensure if there's any fault in your service. And the best way to keep your survey campaigns tracked is to automate them with your emails.

Communication extemporizes your service to a much better extent. Know your target audience and keep your service at par extent quality. Knowing and communicating to your audience matters the most.

Also, the other crucial aspect that most of the e-commerce businessmen forget, communicating in the right way. You can't expect all your customers to be professionals. And not everyone understands business and marketing jargons. Right?
So, avoid complexity in language. Speak with the tongue of a common man with a standard of an intellectual.

2. Marketing strategies

The most cliched yet widely accepted statement is
“Your marketing strategies decide the fate of your e-commerce business”
This is a downright reality. There are so many aspects that come right under this category.
To start with,

  • Word-of-mouth Strategy:

The most efficient and prominent means of marketing is WOM.
So, What is WOM?
Your authenticated sources, your customers or anyone who is familiar with your service, promote it to their friend's circle just by giving them a brief about your service. This is what we call as Word Of Mouth strategy.

Trust me- encouraging user-generated contents, displaying product reviews and adding social proofs will definitely increase the Lifetime value of your customers.

It might not be as huge as other marketing strategies but it's like a drop in the bucket, less but effective.

  • Email-marketing:

So, What’s the best channel to keep your customers engaged with your brand frequently?
Yes. Email marketing is what popular online businesses do to engage with their audience. Sending promotional emails are equally contributive to your success ratio. Keep on educating your customers with Newsletters and automate promotional email campaigns regarding the latest offers, festival sales. It may sound quite tough to automate your email marketing. Just get your online business growing and retaining customers with the best email automation services.

  • Discounting & Coupons

People will stay long with your online store only if they are offered the best trade. By best trade, I mean discounts and coupon codes. Create coupons and discounts such that your customers are driven to make repeated purchases at your store.

Well, Retainful is a FREE marketing tool to achieve 100% customer retention. The tool helps you create Next order coupons and allows you to share it along with the transactional emails. So, when your customer is assured with an attractive coupon offer on the successive order, he is sure to use the coupon. And what’s your take in that? You retain customers and make them stick to your brand.

3. Paying heed to your customers

All your customers expect from you is to pay attention to them whenever there is an issue. Lend an ear when a customer contacts you. It might be complaints or suggestions. Manage Customer expectations. Don't take eternities to respond to any sort of complaints. Their problems or issues should be solved at the drop of a hat.

Introduce loyalty programs to your loyal customers who are in constant merchandise with you. Show your love and gratitude by giving them coupons and discounts. You know, a happy customer brings 10 more customers.

4. Punctuality and Credibility above all

Timely service is the key to making the way straight to the heart of your audience. Most of the e-commerce owners don't consider this to be an important aspect but this matters equally like the others. Delay in anything, be it the delivery of your services or responding to a query will drive your customers away. Stick with the virtues of punctuality and credibility. Provide credible services on time.

Treat your customers like your best buddy. Be kind and gentle rather being authoritative. Don't waste your customers valuable time. When you are explaining something to them, cut to the chase. Beating around the bush will waste both interest and time.

5. Customer mapping

Map out your journey with your customer. Tell them about your growth that happened solely because of them. Gift them with special offers and deals for things you have achieved because of them. This strategy makes your business as easy as an icing on the cake.

Put Customer referrals and discounts on frequent effects. You can never stop impressing your customers. Nor will they deny any discounts or gift vouchers. A statistics conducted by US Small Business Administration says, 32% of your customers stay put if you provide them with the satisfactory service they expect.

E-commerce business is ruling the world and there will be a time when it will stand ahead of everything in the race of business. Come hell or high water, face all difficulties and drag your store to success. Your store should always have two-way communication: Customer-owner. Make customer service your priority & see things falling right into place as you expect.

Go Retaining!

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