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10 Order Follow up Email Templates

Follow-up Emails bring great conversion to the eCommerce store. Knowing it well, many eCommerce store owners have been implementing smart strategies to increase their conversion rate.

Now, it’s your turn.

Let us discuss the importance of follow-up emails and the best convertible follow-up email templates.

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Why Does A Follow-Up Email Matters in an eCommerce store?

Time has changed. We are literally living in the email era, where people love to communicate via email.

Of course, you will feel special when an eCommerce store owner sends you an email by calling your name on your subject line, won’t you?

According to Prnewswire, around 72 percent of consumers prefer to have email communication with the store owners, whereas the percentage of consumers preferring social media communication sums around 17 percent.

As an impact, every eCommerce store owner has been indulged in email marketing. But, why not all the eCommerce owners are benefited?

So, where does the exact problem start from?

Yes, it comes when prioritizing the emails.

Make sure you use all sorts of follow-up emails in your marketing strategy including,

  • Welcome Emails
  • Thank You Emails
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails

Welcome Emails

The name tells it all. The “Welcome Email” is the first email a customer receives from you after joining your list or after completing a purchase. It not only allows you to present your brand/store, but it also serves as a confirmation of their subscription to your brand/store.

A welcome email encourages them to know more about your business. In order to send welcome emails, you can rely on an automated email marketing plugin. So that, the customers will get an email from you within an hour of making a purchase or signing up; This keeps it fresh in their minds.

Thank You Emails

When it comes to choosing an eCommerce, Thank You email template, getting the correct message to the right consumer is crucial.

A Thank You email should be a two-way contract in which you express your gratitude for the customer’s interest in your firm. Remember that the most crucial thing to avoid doing in a thank you note is upselling aggressively.

A perfect thank you email includes,

  • Words of gratitude
  • Feedback of the customer
  • Voucher for their next purchase

Or simply a thank you email asking their feedback about their site experience. A perfect thank you email boosts your conversion rate drastically.

Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails

In 2018, the average number of abandoned online shopping carts was 75 percent of all shopping carts utilized. This applies to a variety of websites where users were shopping and adding items to their carts before losing interest and closing their browser.

The cart abandonment email, on the other hand, gives you a chance to re-engage the consumer and persuade them to return and complete the transaction.

According to Salecycle, people who read their cart abandonment emails account for 46.1 percent of all cart abandonment emails sent out, while another 13.3 percent will click inside the email, with 35 percent of those who do clicking ending up purchasing a product.

How to Write an Order Follow-Up Email?

I understand that sending cold emails to different customers based on their preferences is quite difficult. Why not split your sales follow-up emails into categories that make the work even easier.

An order follow-up email holds many purposes. Though the customer has not completed the purchase in your store, they should not be left alone. Engage and bring them back to your store with your amazing sales follow-up email copy.

When you decide to send a Order follow-up email, it can be segmented into three types.

  • Manual Order Follow up Email Templates
  • Automated Order Follow Up Email Templates
  • Time-Based Order Follow Up Email Templates

Manual Order Follow Up Email Templates

Though we focus on automating our Order follow-up emails, it is also necessary to know the power of manual handling of emails.

Manual order follow-up emails take little effort and can have a significant impact on your conversion rate and client happiness.

To boost efficiency, you can even construct message templates for your manual emails (I’ll explain later, so stay reading).

So, what kinds of handwritten personal emails should you send?

It depends on the specific prospect you spoke with and the topic of your chat.

An Order follow up email with the subject line “Don’t Go Just Yet.”

One of the most fundamental marketing rules is never to lose up.

It doesn’t mean you’ve lost your chance just because you didn’t make a sale during a live chat or over the phone.

There are a variety of reasons why individuals don’t buy on the first contact (in fact, just a small percentage do), so attempt to figure out what it is and address it in your email. Perhaps they didn’t have enough time, or the price was too high.

Here, you can provide enough information in a follow-up email like SkillShare.

Order Follow Up Email Template

SkillShare never fails in attracting their customers with their Order follow-up emails. In this email, they have been following up with their customer with information about their Premium package with a triggering CTA. Make sure you take this template as a sample for your future works.

The “Deal Closing” Order Follow Up Email

This is the email you send when a prospect has reached the bottom of your sales funnel and is ready to buy.

Let’s consider this order follow up email as an example from TravelZoo.

Order Follow Up Email Template

One of the most effective methods to do this is to use a page-specific popup to provide a bespoke quote.

Triggered Order Follow Up Email Templates

Email marketing has become automated and it’s time to eye at something that is really time-saving and triggering too.

Trigger-based order follow up emails are sent if a user does a specific action, such as abandoning their cart, clicking a specific link, or performing any other activity.

So, what kinds of triggers should you pay attention to?

“What Did We Do Wrong?” Order Follow Up Email

You should always seek feedback from your prospects in order to gain useful information about how to improve.

You should at the very least ask for feedback from prospects if you’re not sending them personal messages after they’ve contacted you.

It’s It’s less about what went wrong and more about how you can get better. Here comes an amazing email template from Newport News.

New port news
Order Follow Up Email Template

In this email, you can take a marketing strategy ahead. Yes, though they have been sending it to every customer, they mean “a small set of people” to make the email receiver feel special. Obviously, these types of emails do convert.

Next, from Links London, you can get another order follow-up email marketing strategy here.

Links London
Order Follow Up Email Template

They are apologizing to their customers with free delivery+ coupon codes that will help the customers to make their next purchase. It falls as a strategy here. (Though it is very common, many store owners haven’t implemented it)

“Did You Forget Something?” Order Follow Up Email

This email is a game where you have to guess what you forgot that made customers bounce back. We couldn’t write a post about follow-up emails without mentioning abandoned cart emails.

According to Shopify, 67.45% of people add products to their online shopping carts only to abandon them before making a purchase.

As a result, it’s critical to follow-up on abandoned carts and encourage individuals to return to their carts and finish their purchases. You may also have no idea about when and how many abandoned cart emails you need to send to the customers.

This is why we are here with order follow up email templates that help you to take an idea ahead.

The abandoned cart email from Stand on Liquid has been enlisted below.

Stand on Liquid
Order Follow Up Email Template

In this email, if the customer has walked out due to the high price, there are high chances that they will return due to the discount code.

And, they are also promoting their other products in the email. Their CTA is clear and triggering as well. Make sure you take this as an example too.

You can also consider HuckBerry’s abandoned cart email to the customers.

Order Follow Up Email Template

HuckBerry deals with their customers smartly by providing the easy checkout button in the email making it easy for the customers to proceed with the checkout to use their discount code.

“Do You Need Any Payment Process Assitance?” Order Follow Up Email

Okay, you shouldn’t ask your prospects if they’re broke. Some mishaps may happen in your payment platform or due to the card denial reasons of the customer.

This email’s goal is to tell clients that their payment was unsuccessful for any reason and to encourage them to try again or update their payment details.

Here comes an example from Uxpressia.

Order Follow Up Email Template

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They have been adding the possible reasons for the payment failure in the email . Instead of blaming the customer, you can be polite in addressing them that their payment is unsuccessful. The email also consists of a support email that helps to clarify the doubts of the customer.

And, for recurring payment failure, you can use this email as an example from Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix
Order Follow Up Email Template

This technique is best for subscription-based products with automatic repeating payments, so users don’t have to pay manually and can notice when payments fail.

If you want to avoid involuntary churn, you must follow up on unsuccessful payments.

Time-Based Order Follow Up Emails

A single order follow-up email never satisfies your sales graph. So, it is necessary to send timed order follow-up emails at regular intervals that make you stand ahead of the queue.

It’s not always enough to follow up once.

That’s why setting up planned, and time-based follow-up emails is an excellent idea.

Here are three scenarios in which a time-based follow-up email might be utilized to reactivate prospects.

“Did You Forget About Me?” Order Follow Up Email

Unanswered emails are a typical occurrence among marketers.

We send so many emails, yet just a small percentage of them are responded to, much to our chagrin.

While we can’t make individuals respond to our emails, we may entice them to do so by sending a follow-up email.

For example, if you sent an email asking for feedback on a new product or a survey and only a tiny percentage of the recipients responded, you should send a follow-up email to try to get more people to react.

Here comes the amazing sales follow-up email sent after the customers sign up for the product launch event.

Order Follow Up Email Template

Just because someone didn’t react the first time doesn’t mean they didn’t want to; it just indicates that something got in the way.

The Order follow Up Email That Says “Yay! You Bought Something”

Finally, don’t forget to follow up with new clients.

You want to thank consumers for becoming customers and encourage them to return to buy more.

After they’ve purchased something, send them a quick thank you email to let them know how much you appreciate them, or provide them bonus information regarding their new purchase.

This is very useful in every business. If a consumer purchases a product, you should send them a purchase guide and assist them in making the most of their purchase (so they’ll buy from you again next time).

Let us consider the sales follow-up email with a discount offer from Kate Spade.

Kate Spade
Order Follow Up Email Template

You can also send your sales follow-up emails to the customers once they earn something through your referral program or in an event.

Let us consider the example from iHerb.

Order Follow Up Email Template

In this email template, you can understand how thank you email helps you to get a review from your customers.

Following up with consumers is important not only to increase sales and collect feedback but also to keep your brand in front of customers’ minds.

Automatically send order follow up emails at regular intervals and increase customer life time value.

Final Takeaway

Now, you are on the edge of trial and are in the beginning to try it on your own.

When sending order follow-up emails, the most important thing to remember is that they must be highly relevant.

Sales Follow-up emails require striking a balance between sending enough emails to keep on your readers’ radar and not sending too many that they unsubscribe. Make sure you follow up on these examples and come up with your own uniqueness in your sales follow-up emails. Cheers!