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Automate email marketing and boost sales

10 Best eCommerce Thank You Email Templates and Tips

Your customers will feel valued and appreciated on receiving a thank you email template when they place an order. It’s a thoughtful way to acknowledge their support. 

Naturally, eCommerce thank you emails do have a knack for engaging customers, but you can’t just send a gratitude note and expect a surge in your engagement rate. You just have to include the right elements in your thank you emails to improve the open rate and keep customers returning for more. 

This blog will guide you through the best templates for thank you emails and examples to inspire you to create your own. Read on to find out how you can keep your customers interested after they have purchased from your online store. 

What is an automated thank you email in eCommerce?

An automated thank you email in eCommerce is sent when a customer purchases from your store to express gratitude and appreciation for their support. These emails often include a personalized thank-you message, details about the purchase, and sometimes even exclusive offers or discounts for future purchases. 

The main purpose of sending thank you emails is to enhance customer satisfaction, encourage repeat business, and build a loyal customer base. What’s even better is the ability to use thank you email templates and automate them, which saves time and ensures every customer receives a heartfelt acknowledgement. 

Types of Thank you email

You can’t just send the same thank you email for every occasion. You are supposed to send them based on the occasion for maximum engagement, and here are the common types of thank you emails. 

1. Order Confirmation Thank You:

An order confirmation email expressing gratitude for the order reinforces customer satisfaction and builds trust in the purchase process.

2. Welcome Thank You:

A warm welcome email expressing appreciation for joining the community, setting a positive tone, and encouraging future engagement.

3. Post-Purchase Thank You:

Sent after a customer’s order is received, expressing thanks and aiming to enhance the overall buying experience.

4. Review Request Thank You:

A polite follow-up thanking customers for their purchase and kindly requesting feedback to improve services and products.

5. Holiday or Seasonal Thank You:

Expressing gratitude during festive times, connecting with customers emotionally, and fostering a sense of celebration together.

6. Referral Thank You:

Acknowledging and appreciating customers for referring others, encouraging loyalty, customer retention, and creating a sense of community.

What are the benefits of sending a Thank you email to a customer?

Thank you emails go a long way beyond just appreciating the customer for their business with you. There’s more to it than gratitude and politeness. Here are some benefits of sending thank you emails. 

1. Increase Loyalty:

Sending a thank you email is like giving a virtual high-five to customers. It makes them feel special and appreciated, turning one-time shoppers into loyal customers. 

2. Higher Open Rates and Engagement:

Thanks to the friendly vibe of a thank you email, people are more likely to open and engage with it. It’s like getting a little surprise in their inbox that brightens their day.

3. Builds Long-Term Relationships:

These emails aren’t just about saying thanks; they’re about starting a friendship. Regularly sending thank you notes builds trust and sets the stage for customer retention and long-term, happy customer relationships.

4. Encourages Repeat Business:

A well-crafted thank you email is a gentle nudge for customers to come back for more. It leaves a positive impression, making them think, “I had a great experience; I want to do this again.”

5. Positive Brand Perception:

Thank you emails contribute to a positive image of your brand. When customers feel appreciated, they’re more likely to share their positive experiences, attracting new customers and enhancing your brand’s reputation.

Elements to include to create the best thank you email templates

As much as it’s tempting just to write a thank you note and hit send, it’s not that simple. It’s slightly different from other emails because the aim of the email is not to make the customer purchase; it’s supposed to make them feel valued and keep your brand at the top of their heads to make them return for repeat purchases. 

Here are the essential elements that you must include to craft the perfect thank you email template. 

1. Thank-You Email Subject Line: 

Craft a subject line that sparks curiosity and gratitude, like “Thanks a Million for Your Recent Order!”

2. Short Thank You Note:

Keep it brief but heartfelt. Express gratitude sincerely, making customers feel valued with a simple “Thank you for purchasing!”

3. Automated Thank You Email Templates:

Save time and ensure consistency with automation templates. Customize them to maintain a personal touch while efficiently reaching all your customers.

4. Reinforce the Positive Experience:

Remind customers of the great experience they had. Highlight key features or benefits of your products or services to reinforce their positive feelings.

5. Order/Transaction Details:

Include a brief summary of their order or transaction details. This assures customers that everything is in order and adds a practical touch to your gratitude.

6. Request Feedback or Next Steps:

Encourage customers to share their thoughts. Whether through a quick survey or inviting them to connect on social media, prompt them for feedback, or guide them to the next steps in their journey.

Best Time to send Thank You Emails

It’s a tricky place to decide when to send a thank you email. It’s dependent on the type of product or service you are offering. Here are a few best practices that you could use to send thank you emails at the best time. 

Immediate Emails:

  • Send a thank you email immediately after a purchase or interaction to capture the customer’s excitement and appreciation.
  • Capitalize on the emotional connection while the positive experience is fresh in their minds.

Delayed Emails:

  • Delayed thank you emails can be effective, especially for services or products where customers may need time to experience the benefits.
  • Timing is crucial; ensure it’s not too late to diminish the impact.


  • Use automated templates for thank you emails to streamline the process and ensure consistency.
  • Automation allows you to reach customers promptly, even when you’re not online, contributing to a seamless and efficient customer experience.

Consider Time Zones:

  • Time your thank you emails considering your customer’s time zone.
  • Automate emails to adjust delivery based on the recipient’s location, ensuring your message arrives at a convenient and appropriate time.

10 Best Thank You Email Examples

  • Review request – Warby Parker
  • Order confirmation – J.Crew
  • Post-purchase – Abercrombie & Fitch 
  • Referral thank you – Athleta
  • Next Order coupon email – CBDFX
  • Anniversary thank you email – TheSkimm
  • Customer milestone email – L’Occitane
  • Eco-conscious thank you email – Haoma
  • Discount thank you email – Bandolier
  • Customer support – Crate & Barrel 

Review Request Thank You Email Template

review request email

Warby Parker’s thank you email template is not fancy but keeps the message loud and clear. The email has a bold font that conveys gratitude and then goes on to request the customer to answer a quick survey. The hard truth is that not all customers would want to post a review or answer a survey, even if their experience was good. 

This is where this thank you for shopping email gets interesting because it offers an Amazon gift card worth $100 if the customer finishes the survey within the given time frame. 


  • A big bold message to say thank you.
  • Ask for referral but with a strategic incentive. 

Order Confirmation Thank You Email Template

order confirmation email

Your Thank You email template doesn’t have to be just a note of gratitude. You can also send order details to make it more helpful. Just take J.Crew’s thank you email as an example – the email gives assurance that they have received the order and that the customer can expect an email after the product is shipped, and the email ends with the order number. 

If you are choosing to send this type of email, make sure you include all the necessary details like order number and delivery date, or assure the customer that they will receive the product shipped email with the delivery date. 


  • Immediately confirm the order placement to alleviate them off the order anxiety and build trust. 
  • Inform them to keep an eye on for the upcoming email regarding order updates. 

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Post Purchase Thank You Email

Post-purchase thank you email

If your brand’s value is toward sending a heartfelt thank you note post-purchase, look at this email template from Abercrombie & Fitch. The whole email is only focused on appreciating the customer and expressing gratitude. It’s a simple message that helps grab readers’ attention without distractions like graphics or CTA. 


  • A heartfelt thank you note on a simple template. 
  • Show customers that you appreciate them as more than just another transaction. 

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Referral thank you email template

referral thank you email

When your customers refer your brand, it’s because they enjoy using your products, and people are more likely to believe their friends and family rather than the brand. With referral marketing, you can easily increase your customer base. If you want your customers to keep recommending your brand, you should not skip sending referral thank you emails. 

This Athleta’s template for thank you email has mentioned that the customer would get 20% off each time their new referrals make a purchase. This builds a positive brand image, helps boost customer retention, and transforms loyal customers into brand advocates. 


  • Prominent font to convey everything that is important. 
  • Thank them for the referral, and make sure you state the reward policies very clearly. 

Use the drag-and-drop editor of Retainful to customize thank-you emails with minimal effort and maximize personalization. 

Anniversary thank you email template

Anniversary email

TheSkimm has sent an appreciation email using thank you email template for their anniversary. When someone has been your long-time customer, this thank you email example would make them feel valued, an integral part of your success. The aim of an anniversary email is to deepen emotional connection and reinforce their commitment to your brand. 


  • Appreciate the customer for sticking with your brand from the start. 
  • Bonus points if you can make it personalized based on their purchase history, maybe include their first purchase for a more emotional connection. 

Customer milestone email

customer milestone thank you email

This is another kind of anniversary email, it can be the birthday or anniversary of the customer since they signed up for your brand. This deepens the emotional bond with the customer since it is highly personalized. The L’Occitane’s thank you email template has included 3 exclusive gifts to keep the brand at the top of the customer’s mind. Personalized gifts like these are bound to make the customers return to the store for repeat purchases. 


  • Get creative and send them a thank you email for their anniversary with the brand. 
  • Give them discounts but make it strategic and keep it for certain products to encourage purchase. 

Ecoconscious Thank you email template

Ecoconscious Thank you email template

Haomo is a natural ingredient-based skincare brand. So, naturally, their thank you email has to be eco-conscious, and this customer thank you email template hits the right spot with the phrase “You just planted 1 tree.” For every order placed, the brand plants a tree. As encouraging as it is to keep buying from the brand because of the natural ingredients, you have to admit that this initiative is inspiring as well. 


  • Do a little humble brag about the eco-conscious efforts you put in as a brand. 
  • Also, choose a template that conveys the message. 

Next order coupon thank you email template

Next order coupon email

One of the best thank you email practices that prompt customers to come back and purchase again is by using next-order coupons. This thank you customer email template of CBDFX has used the next order coupon, which is tempting enough, but also as strategically added a CTA button “shop now” followed by the coupon, which is a double threat. Just automate your customer thank you email with an email automation tool that offers next order coupon to keep the sales momentum going. 


  • Thank your customers with a next-order coupon to drive repeat sales. 
  • Place a CTA to make them shop right away. 

Discount Thank you email template

Discount Thank you email template

The flow of this thank you email template makes you want to click the CTA button. The beginning of this template immediately makes you feel like you are part of the brand’s community. Strategically, a discount code is placed after that, and a CTA is placed, followed by the discount. The template also carries social media accounts to keep customers engaged in various channels. Just keep the template uncluttered, stick to simple colors to give a luxury vibe, and place the CTA where it could be hard to miss. 


  • Keep the copy intriguing to take them to the Discount first and then to the CTA. 
  • Pick a template that oozes brand personality. 

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Offering help thank you email template

offering help example

Crate and Barrel has taken a chance to use their template for thank you email to mention their 24/7 customer support. Offering customer support details in thank you emails provides reassurance and a direct line of assistance. When you show your commitment to customer’s needs, it enhances customer satisfaction. This also builds trust and encourages customers to reach out if they have any questions or concerns. 


  • Since thank you email is about gratitude and care you can also add customer support details. 
  • Don’t hesitate to add product recommendations. 

6 automated eCommerce Thank you email templates

The objective of thank you emails is to express gratitude. It can be represented in different ways, and here are a few automated thank you email templates that you can make use of in your campaign. 

Thank you for your order

Subject: Thanks for Your Order!

Hi [Customer’s Name],

We’re excited to let you know that your order #[Order Number] is confirmed.

Thanks for choosing [Your Company Name]!

Here’s a quick overview:

1. Products: [List of products]
2. Total: $[Total Amount]
3. Shipping: [Shipping Address]

We’re working on it, and you’ll get another email once it ships. Any questions? Reach out anytime.
Thanks again!

Best regards,
[Your Company Name]

Thanks for the referral email

Subject: Thanks for Your Referral!

Hi [Referrer’s Name],

I hope this message finds you well. A big thanks for referring [New Customer’s Name] to us – we truly appreciate it!

We’re thrilled to welcome them aboard. As a token of our gratitude, we’ve added a special [discount/code] to your account. Feel free to use it on your next purchase.

Thanks again for spreading the word about [Your Company Name]. We’re grateful to have customers like you.

Best regards,
[Your Company Name]

Review request thank you email

Subject: Thank You – Your Opinion Matters!

Hi [Customer’s Name],

We hope you’re enjoying your recent purchase from [Your Company Name].

Could you spare a few moments to share your experience by leaving a review? Your feedback helps us improve and assists fellow shoppers in making informed decisions.

Leave Your Review [Insert Review Link]

Your time is appreciated, and as a token of thanks, here’s a [discount/code] for your next order.

Best regards,
[Your Company Name]

Loyalty program thank you email

Subject: Thank You for Your Loyalty!

Dear [Customer’s Name],

We’re grateful for your loyalty to [Your Company Name]. As a token of our appreciation, you’ve earned [X number of points] in our loyalty program!

These points unlock exclusive rewards just for you. Treat yourself and enjoy the perks. Thank you for being a valued member of our community.

Best regards,
[Your Company Name]

Newsletter subscription thank you email

Subject: Welcome to Our Newsletter!

Dear [Subscriber’s Name],

Thank you for subscribing to [Your Company Name]’s newsletter! We’re thrilled to have you on board.

By joining our community, you’ll be the first to receive exciting updates, exclusive offers, and valuable insights. We can’t wait to share our latest news and developments with you.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or feedback. Welcome to the [Your Company Name] family!

Best regards,
[Your Company Name]

Customer anniversary thank you email

Subject: Celebrating [X] Years Together

Dear [Customer’s Name],

Happy [X] Year Anniversary! It’s with great joy that we acknowledge the milestone of our partnership with you.

Your loyalty and trust have been instrumental in our journey, and we are truly grateful for your continued support.

As a token of our appreciation, we have a special [discount/code/gift] waiting for you.

Thank you for being an integral part of our [Your Company Name] family. Here’s to many more years of collaboration!

Best regards,
[Your Company Name]


Now that we have seen thank you email examples and templates, we hope you understand the importance of sending them. Sending welcome emails and order confirmation emails are very common practices, but if you want to leave a positive and lasting impression, you have to send a thank you email to your online customers. 

Just find the right email marketing tool to automate thank you emails. Make sure the automation tool has pre-designed thank you email templates to make it easier for you. Just find the right moment, take advantage, and experiment with sending different types of thank you email templates to find out which works best for your brand. 

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Clearly convey appreciation using warm and genuine language, specifying what you’re thankful for, and expressing a desire for continued positive interactions.

How do you write a genuine thank you email?

Infuse authenticity by using personalization, mentioning specific aspects you’re grateful for, and avoiding overly formal language to create a heartfelt and sincere expression of thanks.

How do you write thank you email to customer?

Personalize your message, acknowledge their support, and express appreciation for their loyalty or recent purchase, making the email specific to the customer’s experience.

How do you write a thank you email after a purchase?

Begin with a warm greeting, express gratitude for the purchase, provide order details, reiterate appreciation, and include information on how to contact customer support for any inquiries.

How do you express gratitude to customers?

Regularly send personalized thank you messages, acknowledge their importance to your brand, and offer exclusive deals or benefits to show ongoing appreciation for their loyalty.

How do you thank customers for orders?

Tailor your message to reference the specific order, express gratitude for choosing your products/services, and invite feedback or share additional perks to reinforce their positive experience.