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Top 7 Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins for Your Woocommerce Store

Posted by Siddharth Ganesan on  May 05, 2019  in WooCommerce

It is no more a secret that over 60-80% of the shopping carts are abandoned every year. This is to say, that online business loses a vast count of customers every time when a cart is abandoned and left without a purchase.

While it is too hard to take in the fact, Here is proof! A whopping amount of $1.79 trillion USD worth of goods is abandoned every year.

Yes, the loss in sales is unbearable for any e-commerce business to say the least.

However, there are a few free WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins that can help you recover WooCommerce abandoned carts.

First things first. Shopping cart abandonment can be due to several reasons. Starting from Shipping charges to quality of product and even due to customer’s personal reasons.

A study issued by Barilliance says, smaller the size of the screen, the more is the chance of shopping cart abandonment. This implies mobile screens suffer up to 85.65% of cart abandonment. It takes so many factors to come out of this jeopardy.

This issue can be sorted out with the help of plugins. And here is the list of preferred WordPress abandoned cart plugins that helps in cart recovery.

7 Top WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins



If you want to automatically recover your Abandoned carts then Retainful is the right plugin for you. Retainful is an Email marketing automation tool with which you can send automated cart recovery emails and recover your lost carts.

Retainful is a very efficient plugin that helps you in recovering WooCommerce abandoned carts for your stores and successfully transforming them into sales conversions with a single click.

Create an Abandoned cart recovery automation campaign within minutes. Include unlimited emails in your campaign and send them as a series at regular time intervals.

Sometimes customers need more than an email to return, include dynamic coupon codes in your emails and send them. This will motivate customers to return to your store and recover their carts.

Did I say affordable? Yes. I did because Retainful is a FREE plugin. You pay nothing to download this free WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin. All you need to get started is to download!

Retainful features to facilitate Abandoned Cart recovery

  • Send unlimited cart recovery emails.
  • Schedule automated cart recovery email reminders.
  • Trigger reminders at regular intervals.
  • Single-click recovery for customers.
  • Drag & Drop email editor
  • Real-time insights & analytics

The key to increasing email open and conversion rates is personalization. Use shortcodes to personalize your emails, customize them using the Drag & drop an email to persuade customers to take action.

Integrate with your favorite ESPs and connect with the best eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce & Shopify.

It is one of the best WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins that can help you recover your cart and drive repeated sales at the same time.


Free version available

  • Starter – $19/month
  • Growth – $49/month
  • Professional – $199/month


Jilt WP banner

So, what’s next on the list?

Oh, I forgot about the heading. So, hope you know the next in the list of the best-abandoned cart WooCommerce plugins.

Jilt, the super-fast and reliable WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin free, will help in site performance. The plugin helps you to keep track of all the abandoned carts and capture the users’ email addresses.

Now, I am going to show you the other features which make you fall in love with this WooCommerce recover abandoned cart plugin!

Jilt helps you to send a number of email types. Let me include the email blast which becomes a wonderful aid to recover abandoned carts. Forget about the follow-up emails.

Instead, you can blast emails with newsletters, sales promotions, discount codes, announcements of new products, and more. You can also include dynamic unique codes to generate sales in your eCommerce store.

To recover WooCommerce abandoned carts, Jilt does the following,

  • Besides the WooCommerce store, it integrates easily with WooCommerce and EasyDigitalDownloads
  • Automates data sync easily
  • Tracks and captures the email addresses of customers abandoning the cart before they leave
  • Regenerates abandoned cart within a click
  • Responsive customer support
  • HTML and CSS ready
  • Drag and drop email builder for easy customization


  • Free – Limited Features
  • Growth – $29/month

Abandoned cart lite for WooCommerce

Abandoned cart lite

A purchase so close yet so far? It’s just a step away from checkout but the products are left abandoned in the cart. We have to accept that we can’t cut down shopping cart abandonment completely yet, there are ways to recover abandoned carts and build grow a healthy customer relationship.

Abandoned cart lite for WooCommerce serves the recovery of Woocommerce abandoned carts just well and right.

Works in the backend and does the following,

  • Sends email notifications to both guest customers and the logged-in. Reminds them about their carts, which haven’t successfully made to a conversion.
  • Enables the creation of well-timed email reminders to be sent to customers who deserted their shopping carts.
  • Facilitates in the creation of unlimited email templates.
  • Once, the WooCommerce cart recovery is done, the email notifications are ceased automatically.
  • Also, tracks WooCommerce abandoned orders vs recovered orders. Comes in two versions, the lite and the Pro.

Pricing: Free for the lite version and Pro for a single WP site is $119/ year


CartBounty WP banner

CartBounty can help you capture your customer’s email address using popups and then you send cart recovery emails to your customers and request them to recover their cart.

Features of the plugin are as follows

  • Captures WooCommerce checkout field data before submission to save abandoned carts.
  • For a guest customer, the ‘remember checkout field’ will allow them to refresh the checkout page after entering the information, without previously losing the data entered data in the checkout form.
  • For logged-in customers, the cart will be recorded as soon as he adds products to the cart or abandons the cart.
  • Exit-intent pop-up helps you capture emails of customers and later remind them about their shopping carts.
  • Helps you in contacting your visitors and remind them about the abandoned carts.
  • If the cart is recovered successfully, the user receives a thank you message.

To win them back, you can also offer an additional discount on a cart by sending coupons through emails.

Pricing: Free Lite Version

  • Pro – $54
  • Pro+ – $135
  • Agency – $760

YITH – WooCommerce Recover abandoned carts

YITH WooCommerce recover abandoned cart

What this best WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin does?

Contact, Remind and Invite – 3 job roles of YITH – WooCommerce Recover abandoned cart plugin. You can choose the activity of recovering best WooCommerce abandoned carts. Meaning, You can choose to send bulk email notifications or single ones. Helps you contact customers who did not successfully make it to conversion.

  • Sends emails to customers who abandoned carts.
  • You get to choose the number of emails to be sent according to a time span and can customize your own email content.
  • Multiple language support is offered. Meaning, when a customer from a different country visits your e-commerce site, you can automate your email in his language.

Pricing: A bit expensive compared with the rest and the pricing goes this way

  • Single site – $79.99/yr
  • 6 Sites – $249.99/yr
  • 30 Sites – $499.99/yr

Abandoned cart reports for WooCommerce

Abandoned cart reports

Before we begin, it is important for you to know that 76 out of 100 shoppers are just walking – clicking, rather – away from their carts.

Do we even need any more convincing? In order to get rid of abandoned carts, you need to know the complete information on your store carts. Abandoned Cart Reports for WooCommerce are all known for this functionality.

You can now discover the number of carts that are abandoned. Also, this free WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin helps you know the trends using the dashboard and data pages.

How does the cart work?

  • Records cart abandonment and other activities of individual customers.
  • Follows-up using the email address of the customers.
  • The data page updates every single move. Say, when a cart is abandoned, it says “Abandoned “. When a cart is recovered, the page will display, “Recovered”.

Pricing: The WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin is Free to download from the WordPress repository.

Cart Recovery for WordPress

Cart recovery for WordPress banner

Cart recovery brings customers who abandon carts to your WordPress store. This WordPress abandoned cart plugin holds integration with WordPress GDPR compliance.With real-time statistics, you can track and view abandoned carts. Then follow customers via recovery emails until they choose to come back to your store.


  • Flexible enough to pick timings of when an email should be sent.
  • Can also generate multiple emails at a stretch.
  • Generates dynamic use discount coupons.

Pricing: Free!

Here’s a fact! Online shopping cart abandonment rates across the globe are estimated at 75.2% as high as ever. !

WordPress cart recovery is now absolutely attainable and manageable with the help of the above WordPress abandoned cart plugins. Implement the above solutions by picking the best and see your sales grow. Remember! You cannot cut down your cart abandonment rate to 100% but you can always win your customers back with certain strategies that are well created to perfection.

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