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WooCommerce Abandoned Cart: Strategies to Increase Cart Recovery Rate

Are you losing sales to WooCommerce abandoned carts? You are not alone. Did you know that a staggering 69.5% of online shoppers abandon their carts, according to the Baymard Institute? That’s a significant number of lost sales. 

However, the good news is that you can boost your revenue by understanding how to recover abandoned carts. The key is identifying why customers abandon their carts and implementing best practices for maximum WooCommerce cart recovery.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the proven strategies, top plugins, and automation steps to help you excel in WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery.

What is WooCommerce abandoned cart?

WooCommerce abandoned cart is a term that refers to the occurrence when customers add items to the cart but leave the site without buying. This WooCommerce cart abandonment may happen due to various reasons, such as unexpected costs, complex checkout processes, or distractions. Unfortunately, this phenomenon can lead to lost WooCommerce sales, affecting the overall revenue of the online store.

Reasons for woocommerce cart abandonment

Cart abandonment in WooCommerce happens for a lot of reasons. Here are the most common reasons why customers abandon carts.

  • Extra costs like shipping and taxes.
  • Mandatory account creation for new users
  • No express delivery
  • Security issues
  • Complicated checkout process
  • Order total not displayed up-front
  • Website Error
  • Unsatisfactory return policy
  • Preferred payment method not available

What is Woocommerce abandoned cart recovery?

WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery is a term describing the strategies employed by WooCommerce store owners to address WooCommerce cart abandonment issues and recover lost sales. This involves implementing techniques like automated emails or targeted discounts to re-engage customers who have left products in their carts without completing the purchase. 

The goal is to remind and incentivize these potential buyers to return and finalize their transactions. Store owners use WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery methods to enhance customer retention, recover WooCommerce abandoned cart sales, and optimize overall revenue, ensuring a more effective and profitable online shopping experience.

WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery, facilitated by plugins, is vital for e-commerce success. It enables businesses to recover potential sales by implementing strategic interventions, such as automated reminders and incentives, effectively minimizing revenue loss and fostering customer engagement.

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WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery strategies

Explore effective WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery strategies to re-engage potential customers and maximize your e-commerce conversions. Learn proven techniques to recapture lost sales and enhance your online store’s profitability. 

Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails

things to include in WooCommerce abandoned cart emails

Abandoned cart emails stand out as a top cart abandonment solution because of their direct and personalized approach. These emails are promptly sent to the shopper who abandons their carts as a gentle reminder. Abandoned cart plugins have made it so much easier to send these emails. 

The default WooCommerce method lacks customization features, but these plugins have readily available templates and can be customized for timely communication with automation workflows. This simple yet powerful technique efficiently recaptures interest and nudges users towards completing their transactions, ultimately enhancing your online store’s success.

Dynamic Discounts and Free Shipping

Dynamic discount and free shipping

To address the reason for cart abandonment and boost your WooCommerce store’s performance, consider enticing customers with Dynamic Discounts and Free Shipping. Personalized discounts create excitement, motivating shoppers to complete their purchases effectively lowering the cart abandonment rate. Offering free shipping as a limited-time incentive further encourages hesitant buyers to finalize orders, ultimately elevating conversion rates and revenue. 

To implement these WooCommerce cart abandonment incentives seamlessly, install a reliable abandoned cart recovery plugin that provides both dynamic discounts and free shipping options. Notably, a stat by Savemycent highlights that 73% of shoppers are more likely to make a purchase when free shipping is included.

Eliminating account creation

guest login

If you are serious about abandoned cart recovery in WooCommerce, Go to WooCommerce settings > accounts and privacy > check the Guest checkout option.

Customers would want the guest checkout option for several reasons.

  • Explore the store without commitments
  • Concerns about providing personal information
  • To avoid promotional emails
  • To make one-time purchases
  • Seamless checkout process
  • To avoid password management

The best way to recover Woocommerce abandoned cart is to think from a customer’s point of view. Here, customers who want convenience seek a guest checkout option.

When you force them to create an account, it does more harm than good. Customers tend to abandon their carts and seek your competitor, who would provide them with the convenience they need.

Streamlined Checkout Process

streamlined checkout

To curb abandoned orders and tackle WooCommerce cart abandonment problems, simplify your checkout process. Multiple forms can be a hassle for hurried customers, so streamline the steps and minimize the required information. An auto-fill option adds convenience and ensures the back button functions seamlessly, as people often rely on it to undo actions. Integrate a live chat option on the checkout page to address doubts, preventing cart abandonment problems in WooCommerce. 

A simplified, friction-free faster checkout experience ensures customers can swiftly complete their purchases without frustration. This approach not only enhances user satisfaction but also combats common WooCommerce cart abandonment issues effectively.

Multiple payment options

Multiple payment options

To minimize the cart abandonment rate and recover lost WooCommerce sales, ensure you provide diverse payment options. Having multiple ways to pay, such as credit cards or digital wallets, not only enhances the shopping experience but also instills trust in your store. 

This variety caters to customer preferences, making them happier and less inclined to abandon their carts. By offering flexibility in payment methods, you not only improve the overall shopping experience but also significantly decrease the likelihood of customers leaving their carts behind, ultimately contributing to a reduction in the cart abandonment rate and recapturing potentially lost WooCommerce sales.

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Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimized website

How many times have you used mobile phones to shop online?

Lots of people use their smartphones to browse and buy online. When a website is made to work well on mobile, it makes shopping easy on smaller screens. This includes faster loading, simple navigation, and an easy checkout on phones. When customers find it easy to shop and pay on their phones, they’re more likely to finish their purchases, fixing the WooCommerce cart abandonment problem and boosting conversions for your online store.

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Push Notifications

Push notifications aid in abandoned cart recovery by delivering instant alerts to users’ devices, fostering timely engagement. They serve as a direct and attention-grabbing channel, reminding customers about their pending purchases. The advantage lies in the immediacy and visibility of push notifications, increasing the likelihood of capturing users’ attention promptly. 

Push notifications rely on users having the app installed and allowing notifications. Not all customers opt for push notifications, limiting their reach. WooCommerce abandoned cart emails, on the other hand, have a broader audience and aren’t reliant on specific app preferences.

SMS Marketing

SMS reminders are effective in recovering abandoned carts because they provide a direct and immediate way to reach customers. Many people check their text messages promptly, increasing the chances of engagement. The advantage lies in the real-time nature of SMS, prompting quicker responses and potential conversions.

However, a disadvantage is the limited space for content in SMS. Abandoned cart emails allow for more detailed information, product images, and links, while SMS has a character limitation. 

Social proofing

Social proof

At times, customers might not know much about your brand, or they could be unsure about buying your product. In such situations, add social proof to your WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery emails is the best cart abandonment solution. 

When customers read good reviews and testimonials or see others who’ve successfully bought the product, it makes them feel more comfortable and likely to go ahead and make the purchase. This simple addition, made possible by abandoned cart plugins, can boost confidence and encourage customers to complete their orders.

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Focus on improving quality

Finally, to address the WooCommerce abandoned cart issue and decrease the WooCommerce cart abandonment rate, you also have to concentrate on keeping the quality of the products high. When customers perceive the high quality of your products, they are more likely to commit to their purchases.

High-quality products instill confidence and trust, making customers more inclined to complete their transactions. This, in turn, leads to increased abandoned cart recovery in WooCommerce and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

A/B testing and optimization

To recover lost WooCommerce sales, consider A/B testing and optimization using WooCommerce plugins in your abandoned cart recovery process in WooCommerce. These tools allow you to compare different versions of your website or product pages to see what works best. By making data-driven improvements, you enhance the user experience, potentially reducing cart abandonment and boosting conversions. Implementing A/B testing through WooCommerce plugins empowers you to fine-tune your online store for optimal performance, ensuring a seamless and satisfying shopping journey for customers.

Implementing exit-intent pop-ups

Implementing exit-intent pop-ups

To combat WooCommerce abandoned carts effectively, consider implementing exit-intent pop-ups with a reliable WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin. These pop-ups engage users as they’re about to leave, offering enticing deals or reminders to complete their purchases. By capturing attention at this critical moment, you decrease cart abandonment rates and increase the likelihood of converting potential sales. The exit-intent pop-ups act as a strategic tool, rekindling interest and encouraging customers to reconsider their decision. 

Providing customer support

Offering robust customer support is pivotal in mitigating WooCommerce abandoned cart issues. When shoppers encounter problems or have uncertainties during the checkout process, accessible support channels provide timely assistance, resolving concerns and instilling confidence. This proactive approach minimizes WooCommerce cart abandonment rates, ensuring a smoother transaction experience. 

By addressing issues promptly, you not only retain customers but also cultivate loyalty, also increasing revenue. Prioritizing customer support in your WooCommerce strategy establishes trust, transforming potential cart abandoners into satisfied buyers and contributing to a healthier bottom line for your online store.

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Clear shipping and return policies

Clear shipping and refund policy

Implementing clear shipping and return policies is key to curbing WooCommerce abandoned carts and boosting revenue. When customers understand the terms upfront, it minimizes uncertainties and hesitations during the checkout process, leading to fewer abandoned orders. Transparent policies foster trust, encouraging shoppers to proceed with their purchases confidently. By addressing concerns related to shipping and returns, you create a positive buying experience, reducing the likelihood of cart abandonment.

Personalized product recommendations

Product recommendations

Integrating personalized product recommendations into your abandoned cart workflow and WooCommerce abandoned cart emails is a potent strategy. By tailoring suggestions based on a shopper’s preferences and browsing history, you re-engage their interest, reducing the likelihood of cart abandonment. 

These personalized touches create a more relevant and enticing shopping experience, prompting customers to reconsider and complete their purchase. The result is not just a decrease in WooCommerce abandoned carts but also an uptick in revenue as customers discover and add complementary items to their carts, enhancing the overall value of their transactions.

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Loyalty programs

Loyalty program

While loyalty programs may seem like they don’t have a direct effect on the WooCommerce abandoned cart issue, they’re surprisingly effective. By offering rewards or discounts to repeat customers, you create an incentive for them to stick around. This loyalty translates into reduced cart abandonment as customers are more likely to complete their purchases to unlock benefits. 

The sense of belonging to a loyalty program encourages customers to return, ensuring a steady stream of sales and increased revenue for your WooCommerce store. It’s a simple yet impactful way to address the abandoned cart challenge and build lasting customer relationships.

Best WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins

Best WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins are essential for recovering potential sales. The following are the top performers that are proven to effectively reclaim abandoned carts.

  1. Retainful
  2. ShopMagic
  3. HubSpot

Retainful WooCommerce Abandoned cart recovery

Retainful WooCommerce Abandoned cart recovery

Retainful stands out as one of the best WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins with its robust set of features. When customers abandon carts, abandoned cart emails are automatically triggered to be sent, boosting your chances of restoring lost sales.

With Retainful, you get the power to craft captivating, customizable email templates and set up automated, personalized abandoned cart emails that turn abandoned carts into conversions. To sweeten the deal and encourage hesitant shoppers to complete their purchases, Dynamic Discounts and Next Order Coupons are a great help.

Its exit intent popup captures the email addresses of the unregistered users who abandon their carts to send them timely emails. There is a built-in analytics feature that provides valuable insights for optimization.

The ease of integration, user-friendly interface, and cost-effectiveness make Retainful a top choice for WooCommerce users seeking to recover lost revenue efficiently.

Key Features

  • Automated email workflows: Automating abandoned cart sequences to keep customers engaged.
  • Timely abandoned cart emails: Increase revenue effortlessly by sending compelling content that convinces hesitant customers.
  • Email Segmentation: The email list is divided based on customer behavior and demographics.
  • Next order coupons: Offer coupons for their next purchase to drive more sales.
  • Referral program: Grow your customer base with a referral program that rewards both new and loyal customers.

Try Retainful and witness the power of seamless email automation firsthand. 

ShopMagic Abandoned Carts

ShopMagic Abandoned Carts

ShopMagic is another WooCommerce cart abandonment recovery plugin that sends timely abandoned cart emails. You can easily send personalized emails and special offers to convince them to complete their purchase.

ShopMagic also provides insightful analytics and reporting, allowing businesses to track their cart recovery performance and optimize strategies. The plugin also integrates with Mailchimp.

While the plugin offers a robust set of features for cart abandonment recovery in WooCommerce and automation, some of its advanced functionalities may require a bit of a learning curve for users who are not familiar with automation tools.

Hubspot for WooCommerce

Hubspot for WooCommerce

Hubspot is a WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin that seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, allowing e-commerce businesses to effortlessly recover lost sales by automating personalized email reminders.

The analytics feature helps with keeping track of the email campaign performance and valuable insights for optimizing recovery strategies.

It has a user-friendly interface, a multichannel approach, and customer segmentation. However, one drawback is its pricing, as HubSpot can be relatively expensive for small businesses, making it less accessible for budget-conscious online retailers.

How to recover WooCommerce abandoned carts

Explore hassle-free solutions for retrieving abandoned carts on WooCommerce with automated steps and plugins, ensuring you never miss a sales opportunity.

Recovering WooCommerce abandoned carts using Retainful

To recover WooCommerce abandoned carts effectively, install Retainful. Retainful uses personalized email series, enticing incentives, and actionable insights, ensuring a seamless and effective cart recovery process for increased sales.

Follow the easy-to-implement steps to get started with WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery emails.

1. Login to your Retainful dashboard.

2. Go to ‘Automation’ -> Create Workflow -> Choose ‘Abandoned Cart Recovery with dynamic coupon.’

Select the workflow

3. Give a name to the workflow and click continue. 

Naming the workflow

Setting up the Abandoned Cart Recovery flow 

The abandoned cart email is triggered when a customer adds an item to the cart and goes to the checkout but doesn’t finish the purchase. These customers now become a part of the abandoned cart workflow. The trigger condition can be set based on a number of attributes such as product category, product ID, product name etc.,


The next step in the workflow is the wait condition. The default wait condition is 1 hour. You can customize it as per your needs. You can see how many customers have entered the workflow on the left and how many have left the workflow by finishing their purchase. After an hour, the first abandoned cart of the series will be sent. 

The next block on the abandoned cart email workflow is the “receives an email” block. Click on the block to edit the email content. Use the drag-and-drop email editor to customize the email template. A unique recovery link is added to the CTA to take the customer directly to the cart. 

Abandoned cart email workflow

The second email block comes next in the workflow. The default wait condition here is 1 day, which you can customize based on your needs. This block lets you send coupons in the email. You can set the coupon to be percentage-based, amount-based, or free shipping. You can also set an expiry date for the coupons. 

coupon block

The third email block is the last of the blocks in the workflow. But if you want to add more emails to the series, Retainful lets you customize the workflow for that. The third email is the last chance email that reminds the customer to complete the purchase before the expiry date of the coupon. 

third email block


In this blog, we’ve delved into the WooCommerce abandoned cart issue – an issue some acknowledge while others overlook. We’ve shed light on practical solutions. The WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery empowers you to tackle this problem effectively. While alternatives exist, Retainful stands out as the best automation plugin. Given that each abandoned cart refers to lost income, mitigating this issue, even with modest efforts, can substantially impact your overall profits. 

Read Next: 

Can I see abandoned carts in WooCommerce?

1. Go to the WooCommerce dashboard.
2. Click on “Orders.”
3. Under “Order Status,” select “Abandoned.”
4. Click on “View.”

How do I clear the abandoned cart in WooCommerce?

To clear an abandoned cart in WooCommerce, you can use the built-in feature to manually remove them. Go to “WooCommerce” > “Status” > “Tools,” and you’ll find an option to clear or delete abandoned carts.

What is the abandonment rate for WooCommerce carts?

The average shopping cart abandonment rate is around 69.99%. WooCommerce, specifically due to its flexibility and common use by small businesses, might have a slightly higher average abandonment rate, ranging from 70% to 75%. 

How do I create an abandoned cart email in WooCommerce?

Install the Retainful plugin and set up the automation workflow. The plugin will let you customize the email template and content and then automatically send WooCommerce abandoned cart emails to abandoning shoppers. 

Can you see abandoned carts in WooCommerce?

Yes, you can see abandoned carts in WooCommerce by following these steps. 
1. Go to the WooCommerce dashboard.
2. Click on “Orders.”
3. Under “Order Status,” select “Abandoned.”
4. Click on “View.”

What is abandoned cart recovery?

Abandoned cart recovery is a strategy in e-commerce aimed at re-engaging customers who have added items to their shopping carts but left the website without completing the purchase. It involves sending targeted emails or incentives to encourage them to return and finalize their transaction.

How do you fix a shopping cart abandonment?

To fix shopping cart abandonment, streamline the checkout process, offer transparent pricing, and implement remarketing strategies. Utilize abandoned cart email plugins like Retainful, improve website performance, and provide clear communication to address concerns.