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How to Check Abandoned Carts in Shopify?

Posted by Joel Platini on  June 21, 2022  in Shopify

Shopify abandoned carts have been a major issue for stores for quite some time. With a Shopify cart abandonment rate of 69.82%, it impacts your sales more than anything.

Here’s an interesting fact, Abandoned carts are not lost; they still hold potential value. You can convert those sales into revenue by sending cart recovery emails with discounts.

But how will you run a cart recovery campaign if you don’t know how to view Shopify abandoned carts in your store?

Knowing the number of carts abandoned is a priority as it will show you the exact value of sales lost due to cart abandonment. It will also help you launch a cart recovery campaign effectively, so you must act quickly.

In this article, learn how to check Shopify abandoned carts in a few simple steps using a Shopify cart recovery plugin. And launch your recovery campaign right away.

What is a Shopify abandoned cart?

Customers will visit your Shopify store, add products to their carts and quit without completing the purchase. Now, the cart they left behind is your Shopify abandoned cart.

There are many reasons leading to a Shopify abandoned cart. High shipping charges, lack of payment options, and poor checkout process are major reasons customers abandon their cart.

But the common misconception among Shopify store owners is that they believe a cart once abandoned is lost forever.

This isn’t true. You can still encourage your customers to recover their cart and convert those sales by sending cart recovery emails.

But first, you need to figure out your cart abandonment rate before starting your campaign.

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How do I find my cart abandonment rate on Shopify?

Shopify cart abandonments is the measure of customers who added items to their cart but then abandoned it without completing the purchase.

Calculating Shopify cart abandonment rates is simple, just divide the total volume of completed purchases by the number of carts created, subtract it by 1, and then multiple it by 100.

cart abandonment rate

For example, if 50 is the number of total completed purchases and 150 carts have been created, then the Shopify cart abandonment rate will be 77.5%.

1 – (50 / 150) x 100 = 66.6%

This is how you can calculate Shopify cart abandonment rates.

Why do people abandon Shopify carts?

One question that Shopify store owners always ask is why Shopify carts are abandoned.

So, here are some of the reasons for Shopify cart abandonment,

  • Additional Costs like Shipping, delivery costs, etc.
  • Asking customers to create an account to purchase.
  • Customers may be conducting product research.
  • Customers might feel paranoid about payment gateway.
  • Longs and exhausting Shopify abandoned checkout.
  • Customers were expecting a coupon code.
  • No options for express shipping.
  • Your website might have some internal issues.
  • Your Shopify store’s return policy isn’t exciting.
  • Limited payment options.
reason for abandonment

So, now you know the reasons for cart abandonment. Here’s how you check the number of carts abandoned by customers.

How do I see Abandoned carts on Shopify?

You can see Abandoned carts from the Shopify admin page. Just navigate to Orders, then click Abandoned Checkouts to check abandoned carts.

abandoned cart on shopify

You can also set up and send abandoned cart emails from Shopify, but it has many limitations.

The best way to track/see abandoned checkouts and send cart recovery emails is by installing an Automated Abandoned Cart recovery plugin in your Shopify store.

Retainful is one such Automated Abandoned Cart recovery plugin that can help you easily see abandoned checkouts and send cart recovery emails to recover abandoned carts.

How to check Shopify abandoned carts?

To view Shopify abandoned carts, you must install Retainful in your store.

1. Installing Retainful

Installing Retainful in your Shopify store is pretty easy,

  1. Navigate to the Shopify Appstore.
  2. Click ‘Log in’ at the top right corner.
install retainful

3. Now enter your store’s URL and click ‘Login.’

enter store url

4. Once you’re logged in, search for ‘Retainful.’

search for retainful

5. In the Retainful section, click ‘Add app.’

retainful add app

6. Now you’ll be redirected to your store. To install the Retainful app in your store, click ‘Install app.’

Install retainful app

7. After clicking the ‘Install app,’ you’ll be prompted with a Retainful dialog box asking you to enter a password to create an account.

retainful create account

8. Create a password so that you can directly access Retainful from here

Retainful dashboard

You’ll be redirected to the Retainful dashboard once logged in.

2. Basic settings

Every Shopify stores have a different ‘wait’ time before considering the cart as abandoned. You can set the ‘wait’ time as soon as you log in to Retainful.

  • Navigate to the ‘Settings’ in your Retainful dashboard.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Abandoned Carts’ section.
cart recovery

Under ‘Abandoned carts,’ there are some parameters to be defined,

1. When to consider a cart abandoned?

Here you can select the time in minutes(10, 35, 40, 60). If you select 15 minutes, Retainful will wait 15 minutes for a customer to purchase. If the cart is not completed successfully, it will be considered abandoned.

Example: A customer adds an item to his cart at 10:00 am. If he did not complete it by 10:15, the cart would be considered abandoned.

Once the cart’s status is abandoned, it will initiate a recovery email sequence.

2. Should the store admin be notified when the cart is recovered?

So, if you want to receive notification of the recovered cart, select ‘Yes’ or else select ‘No.’ Recommended: Yes.

3. Do you want to handle duplicate carts automatically?

If the same person abandons multiple carts with the same items, the same email address from the same IP address, only one of them will be considered for email sequence, and the rest will be marked as duplicates.

Recommended setting: YES

4. Threshold for duplicate carts

The maximum time to consider a cart duplicate from the same person, same email address from the same IP address. The default value is 24 hours.

Once you’ve selected the suitable settings, click ‘Save.’

Once you’ve defined all of these settings, you can start creating your Shopify abandoned cart campaign.

As we are here just to see Abandoned Checkouts, we’ll right away show you how to check abandoned carts. Once you have checked it, you can start creating an automated abandoned

3. Checking abandoned carts

Checking Shopify abandoned carts with Retainful is simple. Just log in to the Retainful dashboard and check Shopify abandoned carts right away.

abandoned cart retainful

But if you want to see the full details of your Shopify Abandoned Checkouts.

All you have to do is,

  • Click on the “Metrics & Cart Activity” from the Retainful menu.
  • Under ‘Cart Activity,’ you can find the complete details.
cart activity

It has a ‘Filter by’ section where you can toggle between Live cart, Abandoned cart & Recovered cart. You can search for details using various options.

You can find the list of Shopify abandoned cart details along with the date of abandonment, the customer’s name, and the abandoned cart’s value.

Retainful will assign a custom cart ID for the abandoned cart automatically.

How to reduce Shopify cart abandonment?

We have seen how to set up the plugin and check Shopify abandoned carts. Yes, Retainful is the best plugin to recover your abandoned carts, but there are other ways to reduce Shopify cart abandonment.

Yes, there are some major ways with which you can minimize Shopify abandoned cart.

  • Make use of exit-intent popups to prevent customers from leaving.
  • Make your checkout process lightning fast.
  • Remove surprising additional costs.
  • Propose a customer-friendly return policy.
  • Keep your carts visible.
  • Enable guest checkout, say no to mandatory ‘sign-up.’
  • Showcase trust signals and security badges.
  • Optimize your website for all devices.
  • Offer Next order coupons to encourage customers.

These are some of the ways using which you can minimize Shopify cart abandonment rates.


Abandoned carts will impact your sales, but with the right plugin, you can recover your carts at Shopify abandoned checkouts and convert them into sales.

But before that, you must find out how many carts have been abandoned. It will help streamline your cart recovery campaign.

This article has shown you how to check Shopify abandoned carts using a cart recovery plugin. We hope you learned how to calculate cart abandonment rates and reasons like high shipping costs, lack of payment options, etc., that lead to cart abandonment.

Now that you know how to view Shopify abandoned carts click here to check out how you can recover abandoned checkouts & convert them to sales.

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How do you find abandoned carts?

To find abandoned carts, Install and log in to Retainful. Navigate to the dashboard, where you can see the number of abandoned carts and abandoned revenue. With this detail, you can initiate your cart recovery campaign.

How do you fix abandoned carts on Shopify?

Optimize your checkout process, provide multiple payment options, offer discounts, and include social proof. Or you can simply use a cart recovery plugin like Retainul to recover abandoned carts and convert them to revenue.

Is Retainful free?

Yes, Retainful has a free version available. To use the latest features like popups, we suggest you upgrade to premium.

Can I add discounts to my abandoned cart emails?

Retainful lets you add dynamic coupon codes to your abandoned cart emails to encourage customers.

How many emails can I send, and does Retainful have pre-built email templates?

By default, Retainful has three emails in its cart recovery campaign, but the choice is yours. You can add unlimited emails to your campaign.

And yes, Retainful has pre-built email templates to help you get started quickly.

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