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How to Reduce Shopify Abandoned Carts? – Strategies + Apps

Shopify abandoned cart is the last thing an entrepreneur like you wants, where your hard-won customers leave the store on the brink of making a purchase. 

As the data says, this happens 7 out of 10 times when a customer adds something to the cart and abandons the Shopify checkout. But it is not a lost cause, though. 

Most of the Shopify abandoned checkouts are preventable. So, why lose sales to abandoned carts that can well be prevented with some strategies in place?

In this blog, we will explore how to reduce cart abandonment in Shopify, strategies to recover them, and the best Shopify abandoned cart apps to streamline your abandoned cart recovery process.

At the end of it, you may have an actionable abandoned cart recovery strategy for your Shopify store. 

What is a Shopify Abandoned Cart? 

Shopify abandoned cart occurs when the shoppers add items to the cart and leave the store without purchasing them. They are significant because the majority of your sales are locked in them and, in turn, represent lost revenue.

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Shopify abandoned carts vs. Shopify abandoned checkouts

In Shopify, the terms “abandoned cart” and “abandoned checkout” are often used interchangeably, but they can represent slightly different stages in the shopping process:

  • Shopify Abandoned Cart is a situation where a customer adds items to their shopping cart but leaves the site without proceeding to the checkout process. This stage indicates initial interest but not a strong intent to purchase.
  • Shopify Abandoned Checkout is a situation where customers enter the checkout process but do not complete the purchase. A checkout is considered abandoned if the customer hasn’t completed the purchase for more than ten minutes after providing their email information.

Shopify offers built-in features and allows the integration of various apps. These Shopify cart recovery apps are designed specifically for abandoned cart recovery, which can send abandoned cart reminder emails, offer discounts, or use other incentives to encourage customers to return and finish their purchases.

To analyze the impact of shopping cart abandonment, you have to know how to calculate Shopify abandoned cart rate.

Shopify Abandoned Cart rate formula

Reasons for Abandoned Cart in Shopify

Shopify abandoned carts happen when there are numerous hurdles between selecting the ‘Add to Cart’ button and finalizing the payment in your ecommerce store.

These could range from high shipping costs and mandatory account creation to a complex checkout process, or perhaps the customer is simply window shopping. 

Baymard Institute research identified seven top reasons for shopping cart abandonment. 

Reasons for Shopify cart abandonment

Understanding why Shopify abandoned checkouts happen is the first step in building effective strategies to reduce cart abandonment.

  • Extra costs/hidden costs
    Nobody likes surprises when it comes to money. Hidden costs can derail the trust a customer has in your brand. It might cost you more than just a sale – you lose the customer, too.
    That’s why unexpected or hidden costs are the top reason for abandoned carts in Shopify.
  • Complicated checkout process
    The more time it takes for a customer to finish the purchase, the more they will rethink the purchase and might abandon the shopping cart. Because you are testing their patience and time.
    So, a checkout process that has more steps and asks for additional information gets punished with Shopify abandoned checkouts.
  • Online window shopping
    A customer might be checking your products out and comparing them with other platforms. It is a normal occurrence in the ecommerce world.
    Among the reasons, this is the one that’s most likely unpreventable.
  • Privacy concerns
    When customers perceive potential risks related to the security of their personal and financial information, it can create hesitation and lead to Shopify abandoned checkouts.
  • Lack of discounts
    Most customers would be doing comparison shopping. So, a lack of discounts might demotivate them and cause them to choose other brands over yours.
    So, when a customer feels that they are not getting enough value for their money, it leads to abandoned carts in Shopify.
  • Lack of free shipping
    Many customers expect free shipping when shopping online. When they reach checkout and discover additional shipping costs, it can lead to cart abandonment on Shopify.
  • Unfavorable return policy
    Online shopping inherently carries more perceived risk since customers can’t physically examine products. A stringent return policy increases this risk, as customers may worry about being stuck with an unsatisfactory product.
    This acts as a discouragement to complete the purchase and leads to an abandoned cart in Shopify.

7 Strategies to Reduce Shopify Abandoned Carts

Strategies to reduce cart abandonment on Shopify:

  1. Design a shorter checkout process
  2. Eliminate shipping concerns
  3. Offer multiple payment options
  4. Provide guest checkout options
  5. Incentivize the completion of the purchase
  6. Provide Live Chat
  7. Use exit-intent pop-ups

Fortunately, the majority of the cited reasons are entirely preventable.

By optimizing your checkout process and minimizing shipping costs, you can prevent and reduce cart abandonment in Shopify.

Eliminating potential friction points in the checkout process is the next step in reducing Shopify cart abandonment. Let’s look at the strategies on how to reduce cart abandonment on Shopify by eliminating these friction points.

1. Design a shorter checkout process

Make your checkout process short and straightforward to provide a smooth checkout experience when a customer tries to check out. 

You can include a progress indicator during checkout to inform customers how many steps are left, providing transparency and setting expectations.

A shorter checkout process captures the sale more quickly and reduces cart abandonment in Shopify.

Shopify checkout process

2. Eliminate shipping concerns

As you have seen in the above image, by far, the number one cause of ecommerce shopping cart abandonment is extra costs – unexpected shipping costs. 

Most customers prefer to know about the shipping cost earlier in the checkout process to make the decision. 

A free shipping discount would be an excellent incentive to prompt hesitant customers to finish the purchase and reduce Shopify cart abandonment. 

3. Offer multiple payment options

Your checkout process should be designed to handle diverse payment options like credit cards, digital wallets, and cash on delivery.

It also comes in handy when sometimes the customers become impatient, and they might want to switch to a faster payment option. 

So, adding multiple payment options reduces shopping cart abandonment happening due to these issues. Include a variety of payment options such as credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and other popular methods relevant to your target market.

4. Provide guest checkout options

When a customer tries to check out, asking for mandatory account creation is definitely looked up as an additional task by the customer. 

In contrast, by providing a guest checkout option and a seamless experience for the customers, you can reduce cart abandonment on Shopify significantly.

5. Incentivize the completion of purchase

Incentives play a crucial role in nudging customers towards completing their purchases, especially when they are on the fence.

You can create urgency by providing limited-time offers, low-stock warnings, and countdown timers. By strategically placing them in your store, you can reduce cart abandonment rate in Shopify.

6. Provide Live Chat

Offer real-time assistance via live chat during business hours, or consider a chatbot that can answer common questions outside of normal hours.

By answering the queries the customers may have during the checkout, you can reduce cart abandonment in Shopify.

7. Use exit-intent pop-ups 

Exit-intent pop-ups are a savior when the cart is on the brink of getting abandoned. 
It is perfect to get the customer’s attention at the last minute and pivot them to complete the purchase. 

Reducing cart abandonment in Shopify by implementing these strategies is only the first step in decreasing abandoned cart rates. The real game starts after that.

Along with these strategies, you have to focus on recovering abandoned carts in Shopify that have already happened.

7 Ways to Recover Shopify Abandoned Carts

The main reason why you should recover Shopify abandoned carts is the sheer amount of sales locked in those. Those are potential sales waiting for you to act upon and recover.   

Why shy away from recovering those potential sales if you have many Shopify abandoned cart recovery methods at your disposal?

Here are the 7 ways to recover abandoned checkouts in Shopify.

1. Sending multiple Shopify abandoned cart emails

Shopify abandoned cart emails are the best cart recovery method as they boast a higher open rate and conversion rate than other methods. That’s why abandoned cart emails hold an important place in Shopify email marketing.

In order to increase the chance of recovering Shopify abandoned checkouts, you have to send a series of emails.  

  • Email 1 – A gentle reminder (After 2 hours)
  • Email 2 – An incentive: offers and discounts (After 24 hours)
  • Email 3 – Creating urgency (After 48 hours)
  • Email 4 – A last-chance offer (After 5-7 days)

It has been found that an ideal Shopify abandoned cart email campaign should have 3 to 5 email reminders that can help recover at least 10 to 20% of lost sales.

2. Personalize. Personalize. Personalize

You already have everything you need to make personalized content – the data of customer interaction with the products in your store. You can use this data and place the images and details of the abandoned cart products in your abandoned cart recovery messages.

There is no personalization without segmenting the customers. You can segment your customers based on the cart value, the difficulties faced in the checkout process, and whether they are first-timers or repeaters. 

Personalizing abandoned cart emails in Shopify ensures that the message resonates with customers, prompts them to finish the purchase, and helps to strengthen client relationships.

Personalization is something that you can follow across all the methods of recovering Shopify abandoned carts – emails, ads, and push notifications.

Craft stunning Shopify abandoned cart emails effortlessly using Retainful’s drag-and-drop editor. 

3. Include social proof.

You have to build trust and credibility in your brand, validating customers that they are making a purchase with a reliable one. If price is a concern, you can show customers reviews that prove that the product’s value is worth the price. 

It significantly reduces the doubt by showing how the other customers had a positive experience with your brand and recover Shopify abandoned checkouts.

4. Incentivize with coupons.

Maybe the customers are waiting for a better deal to finalize the purchase. So give it to them. Coupons are a great way to prompt customers to take action and reconsider their decision to purchase. 

We have seen that price-related concerns are one of the primary reasons to abandon the cart. So, include coupon codes in your emails, ads, and push notifications. 

As the shipping cost is one of the top reasons for shopping cart abandonment, adding a free shipping discount to your Shopify abandoned cart emails can lower your abandoned cart rate. 

5. Email automation

Shopify abandoned cart email automation ensures a consistent approach to communicating with all customers who abandon their carts. 

Regardless of the number of abandoned carts, when a cart is abandoned, each customer automatically receives a follow-up, which would be impossible to manage manually at scale.

6. Using other methods of abandoned cart recovery

While Shopify abandoned cart emails are the potent recovery method, you can supplement it with other methods like – retargeting methods and push notifications. 

Retargeting ads are a form of online advertising targeting customers who have already visited your store, viewed some products, and left without purchasing. 

Here is an example of a retargeting ad by BestBuy.

Retargeting ad example

As part of reducing Shopify cart abandonment, you can opt for push notifications if you want to catch the customer’s attention while it is still fresh. They act like real-time reminders sent shortly after the customer exists. 

Here is a push notification example for you. 

Push notification example

7. A/B testing

Test different email templates, subject lines, discount offers, or even the timing of your recovery emails to find what works best for you. 

5 Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps to Recover Sales

Shopify abandoned cart apps are a must-have for effortlessly recovering abandoned checkouts in Shopify through automated messages that remind customers to finish the purchase.  

The messages can be in the form of emails, push notifications, SMS, and retargeting ads. 

By using a Shopify app for abandoned carts, you can send multiple Shopify abandoned cart emails and increase the chances of recovery. 

Now, let’s explore the 5 best Shopify abandoned cart apps that excel in recovering abandoned carts.

1. Retainful

Retainful is the best Shopify abandoned cart app for sending automated cart reminder emails. It has easy-to-setup automation and pre-designed templates, so you can launch your abandoned cart email campaign in minutes. 

You can make your abandoned cart emails a single-click cart recovery tool that takes the customer back to the cart page to finish their purchase in a click, reducing cart abandonment rate in Shopify significantly.

You can send multiple Shopify abandoned cart emails that are triggered automatically at well-timed intervals, increasing the chances of recovering abandoned checkouts in Shopify.

To incentivize your cart recovery emails, you can add a dynamic coupon in the emails within a click.

It is filled with an array of useful features like a drag-and-drop email editor, pre-designed templates, and exit-intent popups for effortless abandoned cart recovery

Retainful Shopify Abandoned cart app


  • A free trial is available
  • Starter at $9/month
  • Growth plan at $19/month
  • Professional plan at $49/month

2. Omnisend

Omnisend is a Shopify cart recovery app that helps to send cart reminder messages across multiple channels like email, SMS, social media, and web push notifications. 

It provides advanced automation features, allowing you to create intricate workflows. Its segmentation feature is also a highlight, as it provides ample scope to send targeted abandoned cart emails in Shopify. 

Omnisend also allows you to dynamically insert customer names, product details, and even unique discount codes into your Shopify cart recovery emails. 

Omnisend Shopify Abandoned cart  app


  • A free version is available (Email only)
  • Standard plan- $16/mo (Email only)
  • Pro plan- $59/month (Email + SMS)

3. Pushowl

This Shopify abandoned cart recovery app can be your best fit if you are planning to recover abandoned checkouts through push notifications.

Pushowl directly delivers targeted cart abandonment reminders to customers’ desktop or mobile devices. 

You can customize the message, timing, and even the appearance of the Shopify cart recovery messages.

Pushowl Shopify abandoned cart app


  • A free plan is available (500 impressions/month)
  • $19 – 10k impressions/month
  • $79 – 25k impressions/month

4. Carecart

Care Cart is a multi-channel Shopify abandoned cart app that allows you to send cart recovery messages through emails, SMS, and web push notifications. 

CareCart also has exit-intent cart recovery popups, which are triggered when a customer shows signs of leaving the site without completing their purchase. 

Carecart Shopify abandoned cart app


  • Abandoned cart recovery email App – $12/month

5. SMSBump

SMSBump enables store owners to send automated SMS sequences that are triggered by cart abandonment. The messages can be customized to be sent at strategic intervals after a cart is abandoned.

A standout feature is the ability to personalize Shopify abandoned cart recovery messages. You can include the customer’s name, specific items left in the cart, and even unique discount codes within the SMS.

SMSBump Shopify abandoned cart app


  • A free version is available. 
  • Growth plan – $19/month
  • Prime – $59/month
  • Powerhouse – $199/month

How to Check Abandoned Carts in Shopify?

There are two ways to check abandoned carts on Shopify: manually and using a Shopify app for abandoned carts. 

  • To check abandoned carts manually:

Go to your Shopify Admin, click Orders, and then Abandoned Checkouts.

This will show you a list of all the carts that have been abandoned in your store. You can see the date and time the cart was abandoned, the items in the cart, and the customer’s email address.

  • To check using a Shopify abandoned cart app:

Shopify abandoned cart apps track abandoned carts in your Shopify store in real time. 

We will see how you can check abandoned carts using a Shopify abandoned cart app – Retainful. It has a dedicated dashboard to track abandoned carts, cart value, and recovered carts. 

Step 1: Install Retainful in the Shopify app store and create an account. 

Step 2: You will be directed to the Retainful dashboard, where you can check Shopify abandoned carts, revenue locked in those, recovered revenue, and cart recovery rate. 

Check Shopify abandoned carts in Retainful

Wrapping Up!

A significant amount of revenue can be tied to Shopify abandoned carts, and you cannot consider them a lost cause. So, we have provided the most effective strategies and shown how to reduce Shopify cart abandonment and unlock lost purchases tied to them.

We have also seen the best Shopify abandoned cart apps to effectively carry out those strategies using automation.

Learn more about Shopify abandoned carts:

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  2. How to Setup an Abandoned Cart Email Campaign in your Shopify Store?
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What is abandoned checkouts in Shopify?

A checkout is considered abandoned when customers enter the checkout process, provide contact information, and leave without purchasing.

How do I remove carts that have been abandoned from Shopify?

Removing abandoned carts from Shopify is not something that is typically done, as this is crucial information about the performance of your abandoned cart recovery strategy. However, Shopify automatically clears abandoned checkouts after 30 days.

What percentage of carts are abandoned on Shopify?

The average cart abandonment rate on Shopify in 2023 is around 70%. 
According to the Baymard Institute, the average online shopping cart abandonment rate is 70.19%.

Why am I getting so many abandoned carts?

There are several common reasons why you might be experiencing a high rate of abandoned carts in your online store:
1. High Additional Costs
2. Forced Account Creation
3. Complex Checkout Process
4. Payment Security Concerns
5. Limited Payment Options
6. Comparison Shopping

What is an abandoned cart discount?

Abandoned cart discount is a strategy used by e-commerce businesses to encourage customers to complete a purchase they started but did not finish. To re-engage these customers, businesses often send them a follow-up email or notification that includes a special discount offer on the items they left in their cart.