How to send multiple Shopify abandoned cart emails?

Around 60% of customers don’t complete the checkout process after adding products to their carts. However, you can recover these carts and convert them to sales by sending Shopify abandoned cart emails.

Cart recovery emails will help you remind customers of the cart they left behind and push them to recover it. But you need to send multiple emails to engage with customers effectively. Shopify has its limitations in sending multiple abandoned cart emails. Here’s where Retainful can help you out.

Why should I send multiple abandoned cart emails?

Reports say that customers who receive multiple Abandoned cart emails are 2.4 times more likely to recover their carts. This is why it is better to send multiple Shopify abandoned cart emails than just sending one.

Waiting too long to send cart recovery emails will not help convince your customers. You must act now and set up a cart recovery campaign in your Shopify store to send emails.

Retainful is a popular Shopify cart recovery app capable of sending multiple emails, and this article will show you how to do it.

Stores see at least 20-30% increase in conversions when more than one abandoned cart email reminders are sent. Create an abandoned cart email campaign with Retainful and send a series of well-timed recovery emails.

What is a Shopify Abandoned cart email strategy?

No doubt, an Abandoned cart holds a potential sale in it.

You must send a series of Abandoned cart emails at the right time intervals to recover it. Your emails must be attractive enough to persuade customers.

The right Shopify Abandoned cart email strategy is to send emails at the right time to yield maximum conversion.

conversion rate

For a Shopify Abandoned cart email strategy to work, you need to check these boxes,

With Retainful, you can check all of these boxes. Convert lost sales into revenue by sending automated Abandoned cart recovery emails.

What is the right Abandoned cart email sequence?

Most Shopify store owners keep asking the marketers: How many emails should I send? How much is perfect?

Well, it is hard to predict. Some customers need 3 to 5 emails to get them to act. Loyal customers will probably return on receiving just one Abandoned cart email.

By default, Retainful has three emails in its Abandoned cart email sequence. There are options to add more.

But the recommended sequence is three to five emails to recover carts.

Recommended sequence,

First email – One hour after cart abandonment
Second email – One day after cart abandonment
Third email – After two days of cart abandonment
Fourth email – Five days after cart abandonment
Fifth email – One week after cart abandonment

perfectly timed abandoned cart emails

How many Abandoned cart emails should I send?

The choice is yours depending on the needs. You can send any number of emails to customers and remind them to recover their carts.

But make sure to have a proper Abandoned cart emails strategy in place. Only then can you measure the performance of your campaign.

If you keep sending your emails blindly, they may end up in the spam boxes. And you won’t be able to figure out the conversions.

how many emails can send

Can you send multiple Shopify Abandoned cart emails?

Yes, Retainful has no limitations regarding Shopify Abandoned cart emails.

You can add unlimited emails to your Abandoned cart recovery email sequence. Retainful will send them at the right time intervals without any manual assistance.

By default, Retainful has three emails in its Abandoned cart recovery emails sequence. You can add many as per your requirement. And customize it to suit your preference to increase conversions.

multiple shopify abandoned cart emails

You can also add discount coupons to your emails. This will encourage customers to recover their carts.

Win back sales through Discount Coupons. Offer discounts

How to send multiple Shopify abandoned cart emails?

Sending multiple Shopify abandoned cart emails is easy and simple with Retainful.

Just install Retainful in your store, configure an abandoned cart email campaign and set it Live.

1. Follow these steps to install Retainful in your Shopify store.

2. Once installed, you’ll be redirected to Retainful dashboard

3. Click ‘Automations’ on the left menu.


4. The Workflows page will be displayed; click ‘Create Workflow’


5. Select ‘Abandoned cart recovery’ automation workflow template on the’ Create Workflow’ page.

select abandoned cart recovery

Name your workflow in the following popup menu,

create workflow

Click ‘Continue’.

You’ll be redirected to the visual journey builder page.

You can add emails, coupons, and time intervals on the visual journey builder page.

6. This is how your Abandoned cart recovery workflow will look.


You can see three emails present in the workflow by default. You can add as many emails to your sequence.

Use Retainful’s pre-built email workflows to create your abandoned cart recovery campaign and convert abandoned sales into revenue on autopilot.

7. To add emails, click the ‘+’ symbol below the block,

To add emails

‘Create new’ menu will pop up. Click ‘Send email’ to add email to your sequence,

send emails

Once clicked, a new email will be added to the Abandoned cart workflow,

new email

Likewise, you can add multiple Abandoned cart emails to your sequence by clicking the ‘+’ symbol.

You can also set the ‘Wait’ sequence using the same method.

You can easily customize the emails by clicking ‘Edit email content’ on the right.

8. Another way to add an email to the sequence is by duplicating it.

receives email

A duplicate version of the same email will be added right below by clicking the duplicate symbol.

9. Once you’ve added multiple emails to your email sequence, click ‘Start Workflow’.

start workflow

Now your campaign will be live. Multiple emails will be sent to customers who abandon their cart.

How do I customize Shopify Abandoned Cart Email?

Retainful lets you customize the Abandoned cart emails for your Shopify store easily. Customizing your emails will increase your email open rates.

1. Click the ‘Email’ block. On the right menu, click ‘Edit email content.’

customise abandoned cart email

2. Select a template on the next page. Then you’ll land on the email editor.

email editor

You can customize your emails using the Visual Drag & Drop email editor. You don’t need any coding knowledge to edit your emails.

Just drag & drop the elements into the email. You can add images, gifs & other visual elements to persuade customers. Also, you can use shortcodes to personalise your emails.

Recover more Shopify abandoned carts with Retainful’s automated email campaigns. Drive sales on autopilot.

Wrapping Up

Abandoned cart recovery emails have played a significant role in helping Shopify store owners recover their carts. Reports say that customers are 2.4 times more likely to retrieve their cart if they receive multiple Abandoned cart emails. That’s why you’ve got to send numerous emails to your customers. Retainful helps you do it with ease.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start recovering your Abandoned carts right away. Click Here!

How do I add a logo to an abandoned cart email Shopify?

Retainful comes with a Drag & Drop email editor. You can add logos, images, gifs & more in the email editor. Happy customising!

How Many Emails does an Abandoned Cart flow Have?

You can have unlimited emails in your Abandoned cart flow. The choice is yours. The recommended sequence agreed by most marketers is three to five emails per sequence.

How to Build an Abandoned Cart Email Sequence?

To build an Abandoned cart email sequence, you need a Shopify app like Retainful. Install it and create your Abandoned cart email sequence right away.

How does abandoned cart recovery work?

You send a series of Abandoned cart emails at regular intervals to customers and persuade them to recover their carts. You can also add discount coupons in the emails to encourage them to return and convert lost carts into sales.

Are abandoned cart emails GDPR compliant?

Yes, emails sent through Retainful are GDPR compliant.

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