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Why Product Images Should be Highlighted in your Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails?

Images play a vital role in convincing a customer into taking action. They are 10x times more engaging than text-based content.

The main reason to send abandoned cart recovery emails is to persuade a customer to return to the store and recover his/her cart. So, your abandoned cart template must be really enticing.

How can I make my abandoned cart email template enticing?

Best abandoned cart email templates have images to make them enticing and increase the chance of conversions. That’s why we crafted this article to show you why product images are crucial in the abandoned cart email strategy.

What is an abandoned cart recovery email?

Sometimes customers who are browsing through your store will add products to their cart to purchase. But right at the checkout, they may abandon their cart due to various reasons. Now, these carts are called abandoned carts.

So you’ll send a series of emails as a part of your abandoned cart email strategy to request customers to return to the store and recover their cart. These emails are called abandoned cart recovery emails.

American giant cart recovery email

Your abandoned cart template can be a text-based or graphics-based image as per your requirements. But using product images is recommended as it is the best-abandoned cart email strategy.

Reasons For Including Product Images In Cart Recovery Emails

Images expose the products instantly

Customers who abandon their carts might forget about the products that they’ve added to their cart. So by sending product images in your cart recovery emails will trigger their sense and motivate them to recover it.

Include an image of the product in your emails as an abandoned cart email strategy and show your customers, what they are missing. A good image is 5x times more effective than a paragraph.

Adidas reminder email

Addidas is an iconic fashion brand, you can see how they’ve displayed the product image, this will remind the customers about the offer they’re missing out.

Also, you can see how they’re ‘leveraging their social proof to convince customers into recovering their cart. You can also do this by adding product images in your abandoned cart email template.

Most of the users will access your store using a mobile device so optimizing your abandoned cart email templates and sending product images will have a better chance of increasing your cart recovery rate.

Images are easy to scan

There are very few people who read an email word-by-word, a recent study shows that only 16% of people actually read the paragraph.

Other 74% of people just skim through the post and that’s why you need to include product images in your abandoned cart emails so it will be easier for customers to scan it and interpret what you’re trying to say.

So, images make it easier for customers to understand. We live in a digital world, a meme-driven generation so including product images in your abandoned cart email templates will boost your conversions.

Asos reminder email

You see in the above illustration, there are minimal words but a bright image of clothing. This is clear and precise, customers will interpret it easily without much effort.

Minimize the effort of your customers while viewing your abandoned cart email templates, they’ll be pleased to return to your store and do you a favor.

Images make your mails stand out

Ecommerce is a thriving business with millions of stores around the world and 100s of stores around you. To stand out from this competition you need to tick every checkbox to make the best abandoned cart email template.

Wait, how can including product images make me stand out?

You see when customers decide to purchase a product they don’t just visit a single store, they search through multiple stores and select the best option that suits them.

So if they abandon a cart in your store, chances are they’ve done the same in multiple stores. Meaning, they’ll have multiple cart recovery emails in their inbox.

Now comes the interesting part,

Tommy hilfiger

Since there are multiple cart recovery emails in their inbox, the one that will catch their attention is the one with an attractive product image.

That’s why it is important to add product images in your abandoned cart email templates as a token for engagement.

This will make them return to your store and finish the purchase by recovering their cart. And that’s how images help you stand out from the crowd.

Images are persuasive

So, a customer has abandoned his cart, chances are he might not be interested in it anymore. Will sending a product image in an abandoned cart recovery email ignite his interest?

Of course, images are more persuasive than text it can create the sense of missing out within a customer. He/she will rush to your store to reconsider their purchase.

One of the major reasons a customer will abandon his cart is because of not knowing how the product/clothing will look like on a person. Since it is not a physical store they cannot try it out.

Vans product image

By adding an image of the customer wearing that particular product and sending them in your cart recovery emails will create a huge impact on your conversions.

This will help customers perceive how the product will look like when they wear it. So even if they abandoned their cart sending this will ignite their interest on a product again, yes, images are really persuasive.

Images engage well with customers

The pivotal reason for sending abandoned cart recovery emails is to convince the customer to recover it. And images are the best way to achieve that engagement.

Images can have a psychological impact on customers when they see the product they abandoned. It taps their emotions, persuades them to return to the store and makes his purchase.

Customer engagement is something you need for the success of your online store.

So, when you send product images in your cart recovery emails it’ll show how much you value a customer’s presence in your store. This will lead to a loyal relationship with the store.

How product images can be added to abandoned cart recovery emails?

Like we mentioned before, you need a WordPress plugin to send abandoned cart recovery emails. Retainful is one such dynamic plugin that can recover your lost sales.

Retainful banner

With most of the shopping happening in mobile devices, highlighting the product images helps you increase your cart recovery rates. Because a picture is worth more than a thousand words!

A new feature has been included called ‘Cart item’, with which you can show you product images a first then the text.

You can add product images into abandoned cart recovery emails in just a few steps.

  1. Navigate to Retainful dashboard → Emails → Manage emails
  2. Here you can edit your templates.
Retainful email template

3. Customize your templates, just drag and drop ‘cart items(vertical) block into the template and remove the horizontal block.

Email editor

4. Save and set live

Once done your cart recovery emails will look like this, remember, the best abandoned cart email template will have product images in it.

Your cart email

Your product image will be the first thing your customer will see, this will encourage him to return to your store and recover his cart to complete his purchase.

Wrapping up

Images are a crucial part of any eCommerce component, they are 5x times more persuasive than plain text. It is the best abandoned cart email strategy that will boost your conversions as images will convince a customer to recover his cart.

That’s why we took our time to write this article to show why using product images in your abandoned cart email templates can be crucial for the success of your campaign.