Automate Email Marketing and Boost Sales.

Automate email marketing and boost sales

How to Use Customer Testimonials in Your Emails to Boost Your Shopify Store Revenue?

A staggering 92% of customers read eCommerce testimonials and reviews before making a purchase. That’s why Customer testimonials are effective for the growth of your Shopify store.

Why are testimonials effective? How to get customer testimonials? And What difference does it make?

It makes a huge difference! Customers won’t consider your store as a priority unless you have authentic credibility to showcase.

That’s why we wanted to share our traits on how to get customer testimonial stories and how to effectively use testimonials in emails to boost your Shopify store revenue.

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What are Customer testimonials?

Customer testimonials are influential trust signals you can use on your Shopify store. They are recommendations/reviews from owners who are satisfied with the product, they are social proofs for your Shopify store.

You can either pay to get them or sometimes they organically from genuinely happy customers who like your product. A study shows that 70% of people trust recommendations from peers that they don’t even know.

How can eCommerce testimonials benefit your Shopify store?

Customer testimonials can bring countless benefits to your Shopify store when used efficiently. Because a healthy 88% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation.

Customer testimonial statistics

Why are eCommerce testimonials effective,

  • Showcasing 50 reviews per product will boost up your conversion rate by 4.6%.
  • Ecommerce testimonials will act as a good referral, it will expose your Shopify store to new leads.
  • Testimonials can help you create an emotional connection with your customers.
  • New product reviews can increase your traffic and search engine ranking.
  • Customer testimonials will help you sustain credibility and foster customer loyalty.
  • Right eCommerce testimonials can increase your sales as it is a great marketing component.
  • A study says that customers spend 31% more because of positive testimonials regarding a product.
  • 4 or 5 ratings can increase your click-through rate by 28% and 3 ratings can increase your CTR by 25%
  • Customer testimonials put among more expensive goods boosted sales rates by 380 percent.

The benefits don’t end here, it goes on and on. We thought of sharing a few to show you how important testimonials are to your Shopify store.

Stores around the world have been using customer testimonials in various ways to build credibility and increase their sales.

But in this article, we’ll show you how to get customer testimonials and how to use them in your email marketing campaigns.

Why email marketing?

Email ROI

Email marketing has the highest ROI compared to other marketing mediums, so let’s discuss the number of ways testimonials can be used in your emails with intuitive customer testimonial examples.

How to use customer testimonials for your Shopify store success?

As said before, the efficient and cost-effective way to showcase your customer testimonials is through emails. They make a great impact on your Shopify store with minimal effort. We’ll show you a few customer testimonial examples to ease you out.

Add product reviews in newsletters

An email newsletter is issued to remind subscribers of new sales, next order coupons/discounts and store/product respective news. It is a great way to boost your engagement with your customers.

Showcasing your Customer testimonials in these newsletters and sending it to customers will increase your conversion rates and that’s why testimonials are effective. But you’ve to keep it short.


Craft your newsletters in a way that it is easily scannable for readers to view your customer testimonials, usually, they’ll ignore long reviews, so keep it short.

The above customer eCommerce testimonial example is from Classpass, see how bright their CTA is and how precisely they’ve showcased their testimonials.

Le tote

“Using the right testimonials can really make the difference”.

Only showcase the customer testimonials that talk about how your product has impacted their life, a good testimonial must be short, persuasive, and product-specific.

Sending newsletters with the right testimonials can persuade a reader into clicking the CTA button which contributes to your conversions.

Showing off your rating will help readers build trust over your Shopify store which will foster loyalty and contribute to your sales and that’s the main reason why testimonials are effective.

Incorporate video testimonials in emails

Videos are being used widely in email marketing as an effective marketing tool. Around 68% of people prefer a short video about a product rather than written content.

You can convey a complex message easily through a video, it can guide and persuade them in a way that text can’t do.

Trunk club testimonial

So, when you use a video testimonial you can emotionally connect with your potential customer. Having a human touch in your eCommerce testimonial can really persuade a customer into taking action.

In this video testimonial by Trunk club, the customer says how these stylists have helped change their sense.

You can use videos like these from your existing customer to persuade potential customers.

How can I get video testimonials?

There are quite a lot of ways to get it, a customer himself might be satisfied with your product and send you a video testimonial or you can always request a customer to review your Shopify store.

Feedback on product

Or, there is another way of doing it!

Have you heard about influencers?

Influencers are social media personalities that have a huge fan following, you can send your product and request them to review it in a video. Then you can use those videos in your email marketing.

A big eCommerce testimonial video example is unboxing videos from Youtube, which entices customers like a magnet.

Testimonial video

These videos attract more people unlike any other, but your Shopify store isn’t a physical product so you can use Youtube influencers to review your store and share the video in your customer emails.

These are the ways you can get video testimonials and share them to your customer in emails and boost your revenue.

Make use of User-generated content or social reviews in email

80% of customers have said the user-generated content or social media reviews have persuaded them to complete a purchase.

In this digital era, it is safe to say that the internet runs through Social media. Social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. have made a significant impact on the eCommerce store.

Customers use these networks to share their thoughts on a specific product, describe their experience in a Shopify store.

So, now your brand will get exposed to millions of users, but today we’re talking about emails. You can send these user-generated contents in your emails to entice your customers.

Facebook user generated content

All you have to do is take snapshots of UGC of your product from social media users. You can request their permission to share it, then you can share them in your emails.

How do I get my customers to post a review on their social profile?

For that, your business needs a Social profile and posts about your products constantly and also requests them to review your products to earn discounts.

Infasecure product review

Entice your followers with posts like these, it will increase the number of reviews for your product. Then you can showcase them in your emails to build credibility and trust, so that’s why testimonials are effective.

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Share customer stories in email

An effective way to engage with a customer emotionally is by sharing the stories of other customers who benefitted by using your brand. These stories will have a significant impact on your readers.

Showcasing these stories will show how your Shopify store meets customer needs. It will expose how your store has helped customers achieve their goals.

In my shoes testimonial

By sending these stories via email, you can make your readers feel that your product/store can bring a similar change in their life.

These types of emails are perfect for customers who are on the brink of their purchase. It will compel them to take action after reading this story, so talk to customers and ask for their stories.

Sometimes, it may be awkward to ask for a complete story. Then how to get customer testimonial stories?

Simple, prepare a list of questions to ask and then convert their answers into a comprehensive story. You can offer special discounts for customers to participate in your interview.

Now that’s how you get customer testimonial stories! If you want more you can check out the creative ways to get customer testimonials.

You can persuade your customers easily by leveraging these stories to increase conversions and boost your revenue.

Showcase the right testimonials

As said earlier, you shouldn’t use all your customer testimonials in your email marketing campaign. You’ve to filter the right ones and exclude the rest.

Why do you use eCommerce testimonials in your emails?

To build credibility, right? So, you’ve to use the authentic and positive ones. Testimonials give you the chance to prove that your products are safe and authentic.

Showcase customer testimonial

These testimonials for Shopify are great authentic customer testimonial examples, because they are associated with real personalities not fake auto-generated ones.

Why shouldn’t I use auto-generated testimonials? Will people find it easily?

It is not about people finding it, it is rather about what happens when they find it is fake.

It’ll impact the credibility of your Shopify store significantly, people will stop visiting your store, customers will abandon their carts causing a huge loss of sales.

So, here are few tips on how to use the right testimonials,

  • Incorporate testimonials that have the image of the one who wrote it, images increase authenticity.
  • Use testimonials to show the difference before and after purchasing.
  • Make use of testimonials that are specific to the product/store, to increase sales and conversions.
  • Use both the positive and negative testimonials, but don’t overdo the negative ones.
  • Use Customer testimonials that can be easily backtracked to the reviewer.
  • Use video testimonials to its extent.

Follow these tips and showcase the right customer testimonials in your emails to gain the maximum conversions.

Personalize your testimonials

You are committing a grave mistake if you think about showcasing your testimonials but not personalizing it. 98% of growth marketers believe personalization can nourish customer engagement.

How to personalize your testimonials?

  • Collect the details from the customers using exit-intent popups or webforms.
  • Segment the details based on demographics, pain points and goals.
  • Create individual buyer personas like age, gender, location, etc.
  • Personalize your testimonials based on your buyer personas and send them.
 Converse Testimonial

This newsletter features a product targeted for a specific demographic. When you send personalized stories like these readers, it’ll show to what length you’ll go to satisfy your customer.

Creating buyer personas and running targeted email campaigns will increase your conversions because you’ll whom and when to target.

Feature your best-customers

For every Shopify store, there will be a list of customers who have been shopping for a long time, who engages very well, who brings more referrals, who purchases expensive products, etc.

So, find your best customers and nurture your engagement with them and then ask what they’ve achieved from shopping your stores.

There’s a catch to this theory, sometimes a famous celebrity or an influencer might be your biggest customer. Now you can use them as your endorsements and showcase it in your emails.

Diet coke best customer

Featuring your best customer or celebrities on your emails will entice your customers instantly.

Now, these new leads will want to purchase more from you because their favorite celebrity has vouched for your Shopify store thus increasing your sales simultaneously.

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Wrapping up!

Customer testimonials expose your authenticity, something you need for the growth of your Shopify store. We always include our eCommerce testimonials in our email marketing campaign to build trust among our customers.

That’s why we thought of sharing our tactics with you on why testimonials are effective and how to use customer testimonials in emails to boost the revenue of your Shopify store.

We hope the customer testimonials examples and tactics we provided can help you foster trust and loyalty.