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How many abandoned cart emails should I send?

How Many Abandoned Cart Emails Should I Send?

Finally, eCommerce store owners have come to a realization that sending Abandoned Cart emails is one of the easiest ways to recover abandoned carts and boost their sales.

But, there is one thing that stands in their way, a question, how many abandoned cart emails should I send to persuade customers to recover their carts?

If you are one of the store owners who are wondering the same, you are at the right place. Because we are going to tell you exactly how many emails are required to entice customers.

So, read on to know more about the abandoned shopping cart best practices, and you’ll get to know how many Abandoned Cart emails to send to recover abandoned carts.

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What is an Abandoned cart email?

We know most of you are no strangers to Abandoned Cart emails, but still, let me stress it for once. Abandoned cart emails are follow-up emails that you send to customers after they have abandoned their carts.

Abandoned cart email

The ultimate goal of the best Abandoned Cart email is to remind customers of the cart they left behind and to persuade them to return and recover their carts.

How to send an abandoned cart email?

To send an Abandoned Cart email, all you need is a cart recovery plugin. With the right plugin, you can build and launch an Abandoned Cart email campaign within minutes and start recovering your abandoned cart.

Retainful is one such cart recovery plugin that lets you automate your abandoned cart email campaign for both WooCommerce and Shopify stores. You can make use of the pre-built templates, customize emails to your preference and persuade customers to return to your store.


But one thing that is uncertain to most store owners is, how many abandoned cart emails should I send? How much is enough to convert customers?

These are the questions that merchants have asked before, so before you launch your best abandoned cart email campaign, you need to know how many abandoned cart emails to send.

Well, don’t go looking elsewhere for answers, as we have discussed them in detail in the following sections.

How Many Abandoned Cart Emails Should I Send?

It is a good practice to figure out your email sequence before your start creating it. Also, you would be benefited if you also consider the reasons for cart abandonment to decide the number of emails.

Experts say that for a loyal/long-term customer, one email after one hour of cart abandonment is enough to push them to take action. But this can be a stretch.

So, most marketing experts recommend sending 3 to 5 abandoned cart emails at a specific frequency to yield better conversions.

Yes, there you have it, as you can send 3 to 5 emails as part of your cart recovery campaign to recover abandoned carts. But there is still a catch,

Abandoned cart email frequency

So, now you know how many abandoned cart emails to send, but the catch is when you should send them? What is the best time to send an Abandoned Cart email?

You cannot send all 5 emails within a day of cart abandonment because it’ll frustrate the customer. Likewise, you cannot wait a week to send your first cart recovery email since your customer might’ve already moved on to the next store.

Timing is crucial, you need to perfectly time your abandoned cart emails to increase their open rate and click-through rates.

Luckily, we have the right answers for you. We tested emails by sending them at various frequencies to find out which one yielded better conversions.

Finally, we came to a conclusion with this frequency as it had better open rates and click-through rates than other frequencies.

Best time to send abandoned cart email,

  • The first email – after one hour of cart abandonment
  • The second email – on the next day of cart abandonment
  • The third email – two days post cart abandonment
  • The fourth email– after five days of cart abandonment
  • The fifth email – after a week of cart abandonment

Always remember, the quicker you send the best Abandoned Cart emails, the better the conversion, experts say.

Abandoned cart email frequency

So, the best Abandoned Shopping Cart email practice is not to wait too long to send a cart recovery email to customers, as you might lose them forever.

What to say in abandoned cart emails?

All right, now you know how many emails to send and what is the best time to send abandoned cart emails.

Now let’s get to the contents. What should you include in your abandoned cart email?

You cannot send the same email again and again to a customer because you won’t be able to convert them. The best Abandoned Shopping Cart email practice is to write emails unique to each other.

Here’s what you must say in your abandoned cart emails,

1st Email – Reminder email

Abandoned cart timing – 1 hour after cart abandonment

You don’t need to stress much for the 1st abandoned cart email. All you have to do is just remind the customers of what they left behind in their cart. It is more like a ‘Did you forget something’ email.

Sending 1 hour after cart abandonment is one of the best times to send Abandoned Cart emails as it has higher chances of conversion.

Abandoned cart email example:

Reminder email

2nd Email – Urgency email

Abandoned cart timing – 1 day after cart abandonment

All Right, it’s been a day, and your customers have not reverted to your reminder email. So, now you need to get their attention, introduce a sense of urgency in your email to entice your customers to take action.

You can show that your inventory is running out of stock or offer a limited-time discount just to trigger the customers.

Abandoned cart email template example:

Urgency email

Sometimes, customers might think they don’t need the product right now and decide to drop the purchase, which can increase cart abandonment. So, convince the customer that they won’t get this opportunity again and push them to purchase.

Create an effecitve email sequence for recovering your abandoned carts.

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3rd Email – Discount Email

Abandoned cart timing – Two days after cart abandonment

It seems like your customer needs a little push to purchase the product, so trigger them. Customers love discounts, offer a discount for the product to push the customer to purchase it.

Sometimes, customers might abandon their cart due to high prices and lack of discounts. So, offering a discount in your 3rd abandoned cart email will give you a better chance to recover your abandoned cart.

Abandoned cart email template example:

Discount email

4th Email – Scarcity Email

Abandoned cart timing – Five days after cart abandonment

The next email is the Scarcity email. Create a sense of scarcity, make customers believe that the product is almost out of stock.

It will make them feel that the product is in demand now, and if they don’t return, the product will be gone forever. So, when you indicate the scarcity in bold, it will push customers to purchase the product out of spite.

Abandoned cart email template example

Scarcity email

5th email – Miss You email

Abandoned cart timing – Week after cart abandonment

You’ve tried everything, and still, your customers have not responded. Now all you want is to bring them back to the store, so tell them you miss them even if they don’t think about you the same.

Show your customers that you are still thinking about them since this might entice them. If not, then it is safe to conclude your campaign. You can use re-engagement email campaigns to bring them back after a few weeks of cart abandonment.

Abandoned cart email example:

Miss you email

So, this is what you can say in your Abandoned Cart emails. All the emails in your campaign must serve different purposes under one common goal, to persuade them to recover their carts.

Final Takeaway

As a store owner, you must know how many Abandoned Cart emails to send before you launch your campaign, and only then will you be able to track the conversions. We wanted to share our experience in abandoned cart recovery since most merchants were asking how many abandoned cart emails should I send.

That’s why we crafted this article to show you how many Abandoned Cart emails must be sent in a cart recovery campaign to ensure maximum conversions along with the best Abandoned Shopping Cart email practices. We hope this article can help you to recover your abandoned carts better.

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