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A Step by Step Guide to Make your First Sale on Shopify

Posted by Joel Platini on  May 16, 2022  in Shopify

The first sale on Shopify is undoubtedly a significant milestone for a Shopify store owner.

Your first Shopify sale will put you on track. Achieving it can be challenging as you must check all the right boxes, and you will not only know what worked well for you but also the areas of inconsistencies that need a fix.

Instead of overloading the store with too many plugins, just follow the right marketing strategies to secure the first sale on Shopify.

Wondering how to find the right sales strategies to make your first sale on Shopify? Read more to know how to make it happen.

How do I get my first sale on Shopify?

There are hundreds of store owners asking the same question. Building a store and adding products is not enough to get your first sale, you need to take the proper steps and make significant tweaks to achieve them.

You can write it in an even simpler way and hit straight to Starting a blog, using opt-ins, running ads on social media, improving site speed, etc. are some of the changes you need to make to start selling.

We’ve discussed more on these tactics in the following sections.

Is it hard to make sales on Shopify?

If you’re new to eCommerce and this is your first Shopify store, getting your first sale on Shopify is a bit hard, but it’s not impossible.

You just need to know how to find your customers and focus your marketing on your target audience to get your sale.

The first step is always the hardest, but the process you follow to take your first step lays the foundation for your store’s success. This is where most eCommerce owners use black-hat techniques to achieve sales and end up losing their store and revenue.

Don’t fall for questionable methods to make your first sale. All you need to do is follow the white-hat techniques and be patient.

How long does it take to get sales on Shopify?

Depending on your efforts, it can take days or weeks to see your first Shopify sales.

If you’re beginning from scratch with no contacts, email list, or connection, it will take you a little longer to gain traction. But don’t worry. After you’ve built an email list of potential prospects, things will be much easier.

If you want to get your first sale sooner, you can try paid marketing and run PPC ads if you have enough budget. Not just PPC ads, there are still many tactics that can help get your sales sooner. Let’s get to that.

Best tactics to get the first sale on Shopify

Send prototypes to influencers

One of the best ways to get sales on Shopify is to reach out to an influencer. There are countless influencers, vloggers, and entrepreneurs with millions of followers.

These people will always listen to their influencers because they have created that credibility. So it is easy to make the first sale on Shopify through these influencers.

prototype to influencers

Statistics show that no investment is a bad investment as far as influencer outreach is concerned. You have to target the right influencer that suits your business, and you are good to go.

Send your prototypes for free to these influencers. This will let them know that you respect what they do.

In turn, you’ll get a mention that will expose your product to millions of followers.

influencer marketing channel

Instagram influencers lead the race to take your product to new frontiers. Not only does it help you to gain more traffic, but it also brings forth numerous B2B interactions.

Initiate blogging

Blogging can get you closer to achieving your first sale on Shopify. Content marketing can help you achieve early sales with minimal effort.

People use search engines to research a product. Now imagine your product showing up as the first result, and that’s what blogs can do.

initiate blogging

The above stats show how much people rely on blogs to research online products. Businesses that do not blog miss a chance to expose their store to 8 out of 10 potential customers.

People search for topics that they find difficult to interpret on their own. Find out what bothers your customers/clients and create blogs relating to their queries, and then there is a higher chance of increasing your traffic.

how to write email newsletter

Blogs help you to rank in search engines, a feature that other marketing mediums lack. Crafting blogs is the best way to get sales on Shopify.

Make good use of opt-ins

When you create an eCommerce store, there’ll be visitors from every corner. A smart tactic is to use opt-ins and collect the email addresses of those visitors to build your email list.

It is a vital strategy to build an email list because a recent study shows that the ROI from email marketing was 119%. That’s a tough figure to ignore.

email ROI

With emails, you can place your product/store right on the doorstep/inbox of your leads with minimal expense. So, if you’re wondering how to get Shopify’s first sale, start building an email list.

beauties offer

An effective way of building your email list is by offering incentives via popups and opt-ins to customers for subscribing to your emails. Incentives grab customers’ attention and increase your conversions on the go.

Once you have a conclusive email list, you can start sending newsletters, special offers, and more to encourage visitors to purchase your products.


Not just that, with a proper email list, you can send abandoned cart emails when customers abandon their carts, and this will help you bring back lost sales.

Also, post-purchase engagement is crucial if you want your customers to keep coming back after their first purchase. With an email list in your hand, you can send follow-up emails to keep your customers in the loop and bring them back for more.

Offer your products to friends and families

Your friends and families are the ones that give you the necessary emotional support. You can use them as your first customer and get your first sale on Shopify by selling your product to them.

But don’t force them to purchase a product they will never use, and they may get frustrated and abandon their cart.

Instead, connect with your friends who need a product you sell, ask them to make a purchase, and get your first Shopify sale.

You can ask for feedback on your checkout process. Sometimes the reviews your friends give can be more effective than third-party/customer reviews.

Asking friends and family to help your business is an excellent strategy for early customer growth. Your store will get positive word of mouth without spending a dime.

Run online contests and giveaways

Do you want to amplify your presence and get your first Shopify sale? Social media contests and giveaways can help you with that.

Use social media to run a contest and offer your products as a reward. This is a smart way to achieve Shopify’s first sale and increase the brand value of your store.

online contest and give away

Contests can be an effective way to use social competition to encourage customers to take action. Not only are they getting involved in your contest, but you’re also creating a positive engagement simultaneously.

A giveaway is a simple contest marketing option where you choose who you can give a product to for free, often using a random selection method.

give away average timeline

Giveaways can bring more traffic and foster customer loyalty. Some notable stores in the past skyrocketed their market with just one giveaway. It’s time you do it too.

Apart from contests and giveaways, you can offer a gift to get your first sale on Shopify. We all love gifts, don’t we? Analyze your customer’s interaction in your store, look for what they search for, and offer that product with a discount or as a gift.

That’s a smarter way of making first sale on Shopify, do not miss out on this. You can foster loyalty and drive repeated sales in your store.

We’ll list out some of the benefits of running contests,

  • Develop your customer/follower base.
  • Enhance awareness of your brand.
  • Enhance the engagement of customers.
  • Grow an email list with giveaways

Offer free shipping

Shipping cost is one of the major concerns for customers at the checkout process. Higher shipping rates might discourage them, and they’ll not purchase your product.

offer free shipping

Customers say that higher shipping costs are a major red flag when looking for a product to purchase. This might be one of the reasons why your store is not getting the first sale on Shopify.

So, how do you overcome this? Yes, by relieving customers of the shipping cost.

Offer free shipping in your store for a customer’s first order, create the best first impression and get your first sale on Shopify.


Velour has done it brilliantly. Instead of offering a plain old Free shipping discount, they added a little spice to it, ‘Free shipping for orders above $50’. This will push customers to add more value to their cart as there is no shipping cost to worry about.

This is how you get your first Shopify sales. No visitor will see a Free shipping banner and leave without purchasing, and it’s a sale magnet. So, if you’re eager to getting the first sale on Shopify, you’ve got to try free shipping.

Make good use of popups

Popups are attractive. They can grab customer’s attention instantly, but how can they help you get your first sale on Shopify?

Well, by stopping customers from quitting your store.

Why would a customer quit?

It can be due to various reasons like the one we saw previously, high shipping costs, lack of payment options, poor security, lack of social proof & more. Reasons like these will push customers to exit your store.

And this is where popups can be helpful. Displaying an exit-intent popup when a customer is about to click the exit button will prevent them from quitting.

make good use of popups

Here’s an example of an Exit intent popup. This popup will only appear when the customer clicks the exit button. You can see how the popup displays an offer and a CTA to take customers back to the checkout process.

Displaying a popup with a discount will give a better chance of making first sale on Shopify. This is why exit intent popups are crucial for eCommerce stores. Here are some of its benefits.

  • Prevents cart abandonment
  • Encourages customers to add more value to their cart
  • Email collection opportunity
  • Prevent customers from exiting

Improve your page speed

Will you use or purchase from a website that takes too much time to load?

No, right.

The same goes for your visitors, who will not purchase from a site that is too slow. Having a slow Shopify store will not make it feel premium and won’t make it easy for customers to shop, and the experience will be horrible.

A study by Hubspot shows that 93% of customers will not purchase due to slow loading speed.

So, what do you do here?

You must improve your site speed. This is how you do it,

  • Analyze site speed to know where the problem is
  • Select the right hosting provider
  • Optimize the media on your page
  • Do not clutter your site with add-ons and plugins
  • Minimize HTTP request
  • Use plugins to enable page cache
  • Core web vitals must be up to date

Doing these will improve your site speed and the user experience. A quick loading site can be the key to making the first sale on Shopify.

Not just the site speed, customers will also abandon your store if your checkout process is complex. Optimize your checkout process, make it easier for the customers, and get your first Shopify sales.

Sell on other eCommerce platforms as affiliates

The key to getting the first sale on Shopify is trying out all possibilities, even if it sells on other eCommerce platforms.

Sites like eBay and Amazon are perfect platforms for first Shopify sales because they already have an established audience. It’ll be a great platform for your products to grow, and once you have a considerable brand following, you can start promoting your store and get your first Shopify sale.

number of ebay users

These sites attract considerable traffic, and customers are already looking for products. So, selling your products here can help you achieve more than sales and reputation.

A recent study shows that 9 out of 10 users check the price of the product on Amazon even though they found they’ve already seen the same product on other platforms.

nike product

Even though Nike has its own reputed site, they still sell its products in other marketplaces to increase its sales and exposure.

These digital tactics can increase the brand awareness of your store, and they’ll also give you a peek at how your competitor’s products perform in comparison to yours.

Increase connections on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not like other social media platforms. And instead, it is majorly used by marketers, business experts, and entrepreneurs. LinkedIn is the spot for you if you want to build a commendable base for your store.

Well, how to get your first sale on Shopify through LinkedIn?

You may not get more Shopify sales through LinkedIn, but the cluster of opportunities it provides can push your business to the front line.

increase connection in linkedin

If LinkedIn can’t fetch me sales, why should I need it?

Well, to make sales on Shopify, you need connections. LinkedIn can help you connect with thriving businesses, retailers, and entrepreneurs to generate leads that will help your business in the long run.

Studies show that around 93% of B2B marketers suggest LinkedIn as the best platform for lead generation. And more than 80% of social leads come from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a lead-generating magnet. With all these leads, imagine the number of first Shopify sales you can achieve once your store is launched.

Run ads on Social media platforms

Not including social media whilst talking about sales and marketing is a grave injustice. Social media answers how to get your first sale on Shopify because our world runs through these platforms.

Create a business profile on these platforms and promote your products to your friends and families. These platforms can magnify your product’s reach and make people talk about your products.

target future customer

You can go a bit further and run ad campaigns on Facebook. Facebook offers comprehensive user targeting methods which can expose your business to millions of users, which is the best way to get first Shopify sale.

You may use Facebook’s Collection ad to incorporate multiple products directly beneath your video, photo, or slideshows. When users click, they are directed to a landing page on which they can purchase the featured items.

Instagram has become a powerful social media platform for marketers as it offers high user engagement.

Reports show that the per-follower engagement of Instagram is 58 times and 20 times greater than Facebook and Twitter.

instagram ads

Instagram ads will be marked as sponsored, and studies show that customers are more likely to purchase your product when they see it on Instagram ads.

With around 600 million daily users on Instagram and Facebook, they are a great platform to advertise and get the first Shopify sales.

Let’s not forget Pinterest. It is one of the underrated marketing channels that has just caught the attention of eCommerce marketers.

Reports say that 83% of customers have purchased products based on the content they saw on Pinterest. Create attractive images, publish them on Pinterest, and attract users to your store.

Leverage affiliate

Affiliate is a powerful strategy. When done right, you can quickly achieve Shopify first sale using Affiliate.

Affiliate is where other sites feature your products; whenever your product sells, they’ll receive a commission from you. It is more like a mutual collaboration.

This is a great way to expose your product to a larger audience, the site you’re about to collaborate with will already have an established audience, so it’ll be great exposure for your product and brand.

Many Shopify stores use the power of affiliates to get their first sales on Shopify, and it’s time for you to do it too.

Initiate google ads

How often have you searched for ‘how to get the first sale on Shopify’?

Google isn’t just a dynamic search engine; when used to its potential, it can serve as a robust marketing medium for your business to get Shopify sales.

Google ads is a paid(PPC) advertising medium with which you pay for your product to be shown on every google search result related to your product.

samsung tv

These ads are known as Product listing ads, and you can set up using Google merchant center and run your ad campaign in a few minutes. With an estimated 3.5 billion search queries a day, your ad can reach a mass number of audiences in no time.

product listing pie chart

Product listing ads have a commendable ROI, and research shows that businesses can earn 8$ for every 1$ they spend.

An effective way to succeed is using the right keywords; if you mess it up, your ad may display to the wrong audience. If you want your ad to show to relevant searchers, then you should try dynamic keyword insertion.

Make use of Reddit

Reddit is a powerful and underutilized social media platform that can help you get online sales. It is a niche-oriented platform where you can find your interest in niche-specific subreddits.

You can use the r/entrepreneur subreddit to promote your sales and get reviews from customers without any fuss.

But unlike Facebook or Instagram, you must establish credibility to gain support.

So, how to get first sale on Shopify with Reddit?

Take these Redditors on a trip through your business, explain what and how you do it and tell them about your mistakes.

This is a great way to expose your personality, which will gain you not just clients but loyal customers too.


Reddit comes 17th among the most viewed websites, better than LinkedIn. This shows you the influence it has on digital culture.

So, create our business profile on Reddit and start promoting your store just like Beardbrand did.

Pull off a PR stunt

Nothing grabs the attention of netizens like a PR stunt. When you perform something out of the ordinary, it gets viral and raises many eyebrows.

So, why don’t you do a PR stunt to amplify your store’s reach and make sales on Shopify?

What? Have businesses done this before?

Yes, they have. A major example is SpaceX’s Starman by Elon musk. To prove that the Falcon Heavy rocket can take cargo into space, SpaceX decided to send a Tesla as the rocket’s payload.

tesla rocket payload

We all know how successful it was. Well, that’s Elon Musk, and it was a perfectly executed PR stunt for the Roadster.

But you don’t need to go to such lengths for a PR stunt, and you can work out a simple yet creative way to make your product viral.

Increasing the Word of mouth is the main motive of PR stunts, and many brands have done this before and succeeded. This is the best way to make Shopify’s first sale, do it properly, and you can see your sales skyrocketing.

Organize or sponsor an event

Are you still wondering how to get your first Shopify sale in this modern era? Sometimes, even in this digital era, you may want to go old school to achieve your goals.

Sponsoring or organizing a private or public event is a time-tested strategy for achieving early sales.

Don’t just jump into oblivion and make a mockery out of the event.

You must do your research, see where your potential customers are, and then mobilize your marketing team to target your products to them.


Showcase your exciting products to increase the curiosity of the visitors. You have a great chance to convert those visitors into customers by offering rewards and special coupons.

Sponsoring events like these is one of the best ways to get sales on Shopify and increase the awareness of your brand.


Launching a store is easy, but making the first sale on Shopify requires the right techniques. It can be hard to achieve, but you must be patient and avoid spammy tactics that may end up fatal for your Shopify store.

Follow the strategies discussed in this article to get your first sale on Shopify sooner. You can start blogging, offer giveaways, improve site speed, initiate social media marketing, pull off a PR stunt, and get your initial Shopify sales.

Remember, if you don’t invest in unique marketing tactics, you’re just missing out on opportunities to make your first sale.

So, what strategies caught your attention? Did we miss out on any techniques that worked great for you?

Share your experience in making your first sale on Shopify using these methods. We are eager to know.

Why am I not making sales on Shopify?

There are several reasons why your shop is not making sales. The most common reason is poor marketing strategy. Your store will be invisible to customers if you do not use suitable marketing and advertising strategies. Marketing will bring your store to light, increase visitors and increase revenue.

How do I get more orders on Shopify?

To get more orders on your Shopify store, you need to make it easier for your customers to purchase. Increase site speed, offer discounts, use a simple checkout process, and send Next order coupons to increase the average order value in your store.

Why is my website getting traffic but no sales?

This is something that new Shopify store owners face. Your conversions are low due to the following factors: lack of discounts, complicated checkout process, no social proof, trust badges, and high shipping costs. Optimize these factors, primarily your checkout process, and you can see your traffic reflect in your sales.

How do I sell on Shopify without ads?

You don’t necessarily need paid ads to sell on Shopify. Once you’ve launched your store – you can promote your store on Social media, reach out to influencers, offer discounts, run contests and giveaways and pull off a PR stunt to get your sales on Shopify.

How do I drive traffic to Shopify for free?

To increase organic traffic, you need to optimize your store for SEO. Use the keywords in your product title and descriptions to increase your store’s ranking on SERPs. You can also start blogging, send emails to your prospects, offer discounts and run a referral program to drive traffic to your store.

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