Ecommerce Email Campaigns that Could Help You Drive Conversion

Ecommerce Email Campaigns that Could Help You Drive Conversion

Posted by Deepika Rashi on 04 December 2019 in Email Marketing

In this era of the digital world, email is one of the irreplaceable modes of communication. Plus sending emails is very easy and cost-effective. In the meanwhile, marketing found its own way through this. And marketers widely reach people through emails.

In addition to this, there are email marketing tools that can help you. It helps you draft emails, send them in bulk and automate them. With this, you can effectively run your eCommerce email marketing campaign.

The challenge comes now as it is difficult for your emails to get noticed and gain response. This is mainly because of the increasing rates of emails received each day and your email being one among those.

"Do not let your emails drown in a sea of emails"

But once you decipher the actual power of email marketing then nothing else can be more rewarding in the marketing world. Because just a tweak in your normal words, a creative design or a simple idea can create wonders.

Now, let us discuss and address certain general concerns and questions like:

"How to run a successful email campaign?"

"How to generate revenue with email campaigns?"

"Why send email campaigns according to your customer behavior?"

Why email marketing?

Today’s digital world demands a personalized and legit way of communication . In the advent and decline of various modes of communication, email communication has stood out for the past several decades. It has always remained in the trend. It is highly reliable, and the success rate and reasons for the same are easily measurable.

Why targeted email campaigns?

Email marketing enables targeted marketing. So, rather than bombarding random people with marketing emails and advertisements you can focus on sending relevant email campaigns to a set of target audiences. Further, with this targeted audience, there will be more promising conversion rates than the ones achieved with a random audience.

We are just five steps away from success using email campaigns.

  • Regular emails
  • Dynamic email content depending upon customer behavior
  • Add bonus points/benefits to your email marketing
  • Different email series for different purposes
    Importantly do send Welcome emails and abandoned cart recovery emails
  • Identify the best working email campaigns

Regular emails

You might either go unnoticed or might sound annoying if you send too little or too many emails respectively. So, sending an optimal number of emails at regular intervals is the key that can unlock your $Million ROI!

The number and types of abandoned cart recovery emails to be sent

At least three types and three emails in a week.

Dynamic emails depending upon customer behavior

Each customer is unique there are different responses and behavior observed among different types of customers which can be grouped. The act of grouping customers based upon various criteria is called customer segmentation. And we can have different marketing strategies for each one of those groups.

Add bonus points/benefits to your email marketing

Give discounts along with your marketing email notifications and mention attractive deals in the subject line.

Offer Membership plans with attractive benefits so that your customers will be willing to make an upfront payment.

Select your campaign audience by updating your email lists periodically. Remove unresponsive and disinterested recipients.

Taking timely action like sending a well-timed series of abandoned cart recovery emails

Make everything legit like collecting email addresses with the receivers’ consent.

Different emails series for different purposes

  • Welcome emails
  • Browse abandonment emails
  • Abandoned cart recovery emails
  • Reorder campaigns
  • Cross-sell campaigns
  • Win back customers
  • Loyalty program emails
  • Transactional emails

Welcome emails

You have to communicate with your visitors in order to make them your customers. A welcome email mainly serves this purpose. Welcome emails help your visitors get back to you in case they thought of making a purchase with you later.

Plus give an appreciation for the visitor’s interest and asking them "How can I help you?". This will help you start building a relationship with your new customer.

Successful welcome email campaign example

Here what makes this email successful is;

The product is highlighted with attractive colors with a bold Call To Action(CTA).

They have also mentioned the offers and coupons that they intend to give.

Welcome email campaign case study

A case study detailed by Klaviyo suggests that welcome emails receive higher engagements and revenue. This was observed when the study compared the performance of welcome, abandoned cart, browse abandonment and win-back emails. This is most evident when the order value was under $50.

Browse abandonment emails

Browse abandonment is similar to cart abandonment. But in browse abandonment, the customer has not yet added a product to the cart. And a person has just viewed a product or visited a product page.

Whereas in case of cart abandonment the person has added a product to their cart.

A study suggests that 70% of customers browse and leave a website and never return. Browse abandonment email is sent to remind and invite those customers to come back and make a purchase with you.

Browse abandonment email campaign case study

The below example is one of the most successful browse abandonment emails. This was sent by Klavio just before 2 hours post browse abandonment. The email design is simple, to the point and contains the image of the browse abandoned product. Also, there are CTAs in the right places with options to communicate via phone and social media in case of queries.

Abandoned cart recovery emails

Abandoned cart emails have got a high score in sales conversion when it is done right. Over 75% of people abandon their shopping carts. But what’s the good news here is with a reminder email you can convert abandoned carts into sales.

Successful abandoned cart recovery email campaign example

Reorder campaigns

Reorder campaigns mainly focusses on motivating customers to make purchases again and again from your store. Such emails will be sent to customers who have very recently done a successful purchase.

Next order coupons

One of the best methods to get consecutive orders is by giving coupons for the next purchase.

Successful reorder email campaign example

Here what makes this email successful is the background which is very colorful and attractive at the same time the content is made clear. Plus there is a discount promised for the next purchase with CTA below.

Cross-sell campaigns

When customers buy a particular product it is very likely that they also show interest in buying an accessory for that. Sometimes it could be an add-on, decor, or any other niche product.

Successful cross-sell email campaign example

There is a strategy being used in this example,

"Station maps", a travel application is being cross-promoted for a person who has booked tickets via the trainline application.

Loyalty program email campaigns

Heard of 80-20 rule? It is nothing but 80% of your revenue is earned out of 20% of your customers.

Loyalty programs are for those 20% special customers to keep them motivated and feel worthy of being your regular customers. Such programs aim at benefitting both the buyers and sellers. Here the buyer gets exclusive deals like VIP customer benefits, special offers and so on and the seller gets repeated sales.

Loyalty program email campaign example

In loyalty programs a case study suggests us to use a particular strategy to receive good response and engagement rates.

Let us have a look at how a loyalty program campaign turns out to be successful?

The below example uses a combination of rewards, exciting events with a philanthropic aspect which is a donation.

Replenishment emails for regular orders

There are products that require purchase at a regular period of time. For example, pet feed.

Here if the feed packet is supposed to get over by 60 days. Send an email reminder to the refill of the almost empty box before the 60th day. This will steer a purchase from your store rather than the customer going to any other store.

Successful replenishment email campaign example

Let me tell you a secret. Selling a product twice to your existing customer is easier than convincing a new customer to buy. Still could not believe it? Have a look at what this graph says.

Replenishment email campaign case study

Win back customers

Like how we gain new customers we do lose a few of them as well. But here are ways how not to lose.

So, when do you think you should conclude that you are on the verge of losing a customer?

When a customer has not bought anything from you for a long time.

Or when there is a sudden drop in a customer’s purchase frequency.

Imagine a person buying at your store regularly has not even bought a single item for the past six months. Now, you can consider this customer to be showing defection and try re-engaging him/her.

Successful customer re-engaging email example

This is a compelling customer re-engaging email with a very cute image attracting a pet lover. Further, it also motivates you by telling your success rate below which there is a clear CTA.

Transactional emails

Last but not least are transactional emails. Though transaction emails do not mainly come under the marketing umbrella, promotional contents can be added to it.

Successful transactional email campaign example

What makes this email so compelling is

There is a link to the order status below which there is a referral reward.

Transactional email campaign case study

How did EasyDNS increase its sales by 10% annually?

They set up email campaigns for different purposes as follows.

  • Welcome email
  • Lead nurture series
  • Cart abandonment series
  • Browse abandonment email
  • First-time customer series
  • Repeat-customer series
  • Reengagement series
  • Transactional emails

As order transactional emails were observed to have more open rates, they added product recommendations to it. By this, they could easily upsell their products. As it is a $10M company an additional 10% earned $1M annually!

Identify the best working email campaigns

Every business is unique, every brand is unique; so should be your eCommerce email marketing strategy. It is always recommended to take reference from the best emails out there but it does not stop there. Try creating your own styles adding valuable educational content and much more.

When it comes to email marketing, automation and readymade email templates give you immense scopes for trial and error. Now, once you have set up your email marketing campaign you still have a long way to go. As you need to keep on refreshing and updating your strategies as per current trends.

And most importantly keep a track of your success and failure stories concerning email marketing.


Email marketing is one of the most easily available tools with which you can easily entice your target audience and motivate them to make purchases. And it is a proven fact that this handy method has helped make a million dollars!

"Do not let the emails be just plain emails, spice ‘em up"

Integrate several other bonus add-ons like discounts, membership plans and much more to make the emails attractive. Do not send random emails to anyone out there. Aim at targeting promising customers at the right time to unlock the potential of email marketing.

"How successful your email campaign is depends upon how timely and relevant they are"

Before drafting your own email take the expert’s suggestions. Look around as to how and what successful email marketers and brands do. Stay up to date with the success stories.

Share your email marketing experience with us by commenting below.

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