Grow Word Of Mouth Sales
With Referral Program

Turn existing customers into brand advocates and boost your
Word of mouth sales with a Referral program. Acquire new
customers by spending less & retain customers by offering
Referral rewards.
referral program word of mouth sales

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Grow Revenue With Referral Program

Turn your existing customers into brand advocates by running a Referral program. Let your customers bring in Word of mouth sales and new customers to your store.

grow revenuw with referrals

Your customer refers a friend

Offering Next order coupons and encourage customers to keep coming back to your store for more thus retaining them.

Friend makes a purchase

Build loyal customers by sending Next order coupons. This will encourage customers to stay loyal and visit again & again.

Advocate gets a reward

Offering Next order coupons boosts Word of mouth, increases your brand awareness and brings more customers to your store.

Referral Program Features – Grow Your Revenue 20x

launching referral program

Launch A Referral Program Within Minutes

Create a referral program for your store and launch it within minutes. Once Referral rewards and emails are configured, Retainful will run your program automatically.

Offer Separate Rewards And Send Customized Emails

Offer Referral Rewards to both Advocates and the Friend. Use Referral emails to notify customers of their rewards.

separate rewards and send customized emails
promoting the referral program

Promote Your Referral Program

Use Popups, Widgets & Panels to display your Referral program so customers can easily find them.


Why You Should Start A Referral Program?

Acquire New Customers

People always trust recommendations from their friends. That’s why Referral program is the most economical way to acquire new customers.

Build Customer Loyalty

Rewarding your customers for each referral will help you build trust and customer loyalty. You can build a lasting relationship with new and existing customers using Referral program.


Drive Repeat Sales

Turn your existing customer into brand advocates and boost WOM sales. Reward your existing customers for every successful Referral and encourage them to drive repeated sales.

help to create referral program

Retainful Can Do More. We Could Talk About It All Day.

Need help to create a Referral Program?

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Boost Word Of Mouth Sales With Referral Program

Turn existing customers into brand advocates and increase WOM sales easily.