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Grow 10x sales with Customer Referral Program

Turn your customers into brand advocates to acquire new customers at low cost. Initiate a Referral Program in 3 easy steps and reward your customers for every successful Referral purchase to increase your engagement, while boosting your sales organically.

Referral Marketing

How the Referral Program Works

Referral Marketing

Your customer refers a friend

Each customer in your store gets a unique link with a referral code. The customer invites
their friends using the link or the referral code to your store.

Friend makes a purchase

The friend (referred person) visits your store using the unique link, enters his email to
get his discount code. And then makes a successful purchase.

Your customer gets a reward (discount) too

Upon successful referral purchase, your customer gets a reward, which can be a percentage
discount or a flat discount or a free shipping. You can choose the type of the reward in the Retainful settings.

Referral Program Features – Grow your Revenue 10x

Referral Marketing

Create and Run a Referral Program Effortlessly

Create a referral program for your store with Retainful and roll it out to your customers in minutes.
Just set up your advocate and friend rewards and let Retainful take care of the rest.

  • It only takes a few minutes to go live with your Referral program
  • Unique referral link for each customer
  • Use Referral widgets to showcase your Refer-a-friend program in your store.
  • Manage your referrals easily in Retainful dashboard
  • Let your customers discount, join and engage with your referral program
  • Customers can share via Facebook, Twitter or Email
  • Check the details including the emails of Advocate and the Referral in Retainful dashboard.
  • Track and manage your referral revenue in the Retainful dashboard
  • Even Guest users can refer their friends.

Offer separate rewards and send customized emails

Most Referral programs offer the same reward to both the advocate and the referral

  • You can offer 3 types of rewards in this Referral program.
  • Flat amount discount, percentage discount and Free shipping are the types of rewards you can offer.
  • Create and offer different rewards for the advocate and friend(Referral).
  • Set a purchase threshold to earn the reward and increase your sales.
  • Set the expiry date for the rewards.
  • You can send an individual post-purchase email notification to advocate and Referral respectively.
  • Easy Drag & Drop email editor to customize the emails.
Referral Marketing
Referral Marketing

Promote your Referral Program

Retainful can automatically enrol and notify your customers with their Refer-a-friend link after their
purchase. This makes it easy for you to promote your program and encourage your customers to recommend
their friends

  • Notify customers with a “Refer-a-friend” link upon successful purchase
  • Let your customers share their Referral link through Social media or email.
  • Remind customers automatically if they have not referred any customers
  • Notify customers upon successful referral purchases and their reward
  • Automatic fraud prevention (based on the IPs and Emails)

Why you should start a Referral program?

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Earn New Customers through WOM

Acquiring new customers through word-of-mouth sales is simple and cost-effective. Remember, people always trust recommendations from their peers and that’s why the Referral program is the economical way to acquire new customers.
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Build Customer Loyalty

Rewarding your customers for each referral will help you build trust and customer loyalty. You can build a long-term relationship with new and existing customers while growing your sales simultaneously with a Referral program.
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Drive Repeat Sales

Turn your existing customer into brand advocate and acquire new customers. Reward your existing customers for every successful Referrals and encourage them to return to your store again and again to drive repeated sales.


The App has been great so far. It has quite a bit of flexibility in editing of the email. It’s easy to use as well. They are constantly adding new functionality, and support has been very timely and super helpful. Keep it up!!

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