Automate Email Marketing and Boost Sales.

Automate email marketing and boost sales

9 Tips to Create Blog Posts that Would Skyrocket your Conversions

Blog posts have become essential for a business to attract more traffic to its website and elevate conversion rates. But how to write a blog that advances your marketing campaign.

A blog should be optimized with essential elements to achieve intended conversion or it may end up in a void. Posting a blog post on your website every day will not yield you better conversions if you don’t follow a certain blog writing format.

Reality is you only have a fraction of seconds to entice your audience with your content. How will you make it work? What are the best blog practices to follow?

After detailed professional research, we have got some answers on how to write a blog post that captivates your audience and a few blog writing tips that’ll skyrocket your conversions.

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Why is blogging crucial for business?

Business cannot reach the target audience by itself, it needs marketing, and blogs have proven to be pivotal for marketing campaigns. Blogging for business is an effective strategy to traffic to the website and boost online visibility.

Blogs have minimized the worries of time-consuming manual marketing by fetching the results quickly with very little effort. In this digital era, technology keeps taking a turn every day, with blogs you can keep your business up to date with the ever-changing world.

How blog posts aid your marketing campaign?

Blogs are crafted with a motive to provide relevant and essential information to your audience, which eventually increases your brand awareness. It is an effective way to take your business to new enlightening heights with minimal effort.

Blogging can help startups by improving their inbound marketing and attract more customers. A recent study shows that around 80% of business acquired customers with blogging as their vital marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at the benefits of business blogging,

  • Blogs boost your website traffic with fewer efforts.
  • Blogs can expose your website to new leads.
  • You can build a better relationship with your customers through blogs.
  • Blog posts act as a bridge between a business and a customer.
  • You can increase your brand awareness with blogs.
  • Establish authority with your blogs.
  • Blogs can help your business in the long term.
  • You can share your insights through blogs on Social platforms and gain followers.
  • Blogs help you to keep your website fresh thus triggering search engines often.

How to write a blog post?

Blog posts are integral for a marketing campaign so you need to invest a tedious time to figure out how to write a blog post. Your audience depends on your blogs for information, so you have to research your subject well; before you start to write.

There are several blog writing formats and guidelines to follow while writing a blog post. A thing to remember is that only an enticing, compelling and useful blog will boost your conversion. Keeping these things in mind, let’s discuss a few best blog practices that can make your content convert like crazy!

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9 Tips to Create Blog Posts that Would Skyrocket your Conversions

Analyze your audience

Knowing your audience is the prime answer to your question, how to start a blog post? You should know what they like, how they feel and especially what are they looking for? Once you figure out these things you can begin with your post.

When you analyze your audience, you’ll get to know how to write a blog post that reflects their interests. This will increase your conversion and will help you build a strong relationship with them.

But, how do you analyze your audience? There are many techniques to achieve that but a simple proven way is Social media.

  • Organize a survey and ask your followers what they prefer in your blog, in that way you can get a better insight on your audience’s expectations.
  • Take advantage of social Q&A platforms like Quora to see what your customers are looking for.
  • You can always look at your competitor to see what engagement techniques they use and how their audience responds to it.

After you’ve analyzed what your audience wants you can follow certain blog writing tips to craft a perfect blog post.

Craft a memorable topic

Topic/Headline exposes the quality of the blog, if you are unable to entice your readers with the topic then your blog will have a minimal conversion rate.

“A blog post is judged by its title similarly to how a book is judged by its cover”

So, how to craft a topic that lures your customer into reading the blog?

Simple, put yourself in the shoes of your reader, understand what they are looking for? Craft a tangible topic by using a tool and make them curious to check it out. The more your topic reflects their perception, the more they’ll feel that your blog was written for them.

So, if you want to increase your customer engagement and boost your conversion with a blog then craft a topic that not only interests you but also your readers.

Compose an intriguing introduction

Crafting a topic is just the tip of the iceberg, now you have to figure out how to start a blog post? Even though many blogs capture their audience with the topic, most of them fail to captivate without a compelling introduction.

Writing an introduction that captivates your audience will help you get better conversions. Your introduction must be thoughtful and it should serve a purpose.

What purpose does it have to serve? Well, an introduction must portray the blog’s existence and it’s intention.

Your readers might be looking for an answer, so tell them why did you write this blog and grab their attention. Then reveal how your blog can help them with their queries, this will keep them engaged with your post and continue reading.

Optimize your introduction with necessary keywords to trigger the search engine and get ranked higher which will increase your conversion and fetch new leads.

Segregate your contents in short paragraphs with bullet points

Business blogs must be precise, well crafted to make it easier for the audience to scan vital information. Your audience is not here to read essays, so avoid drafting long monotonous paragraphs.

Segregate your blog into shorter paragraphs and highlight them with bullet points when needed so they don’t have to work to get their information

Bullet points make it easier for the reader to scan through your blog. The more you comfort their reading experience the more they’ll return to your blogs.

Here are a few more purposes of bullet points and some tips on how to use it effectively.

  • Grabs attention by highlighting vital information.
  • It makes it easier for the reader to scan information.
  • Effective communication of information.

Tips on how to use it,

  • Each line highlighted with bullet points should be short.
  • Keep it basic.
  • Bullet points should be related thematically.
  • Avoid using bullet points at the end.
  • Consistently punctuate bullets.
  • Don’t overuse it, you’ll ruin it.

Use necessary statistics to prove your point

Readers are likely to argue if they aren’t sure about your statement. So provide valid examples and statistics to prove your point and clear their queries.

‘Make it simple for your customers to understand, if you confuse them, chances are you’re not going to see them again in your site’

Your blog should be well researched and written in a way that people use it as a technical reference. As a blog writer, you should guarantee authenticity with proven statistics to make their reading experience a useful one.

If you are unable to back your claims with an effective explanation, your blogs will lose their reliability.

Optimize your blog with keywords

People often go to search engines to learn something new or most importantly, looking for answers.

Keywords are just simple words that people type into search engines. The integral goal of search engines is to fetch the answers relative to the keyword as quickly as possible.

So, if you want your blog to convert like crazy then you should optimize it with prioritized keywords for the search engines to recognize.

An effective practice is to use long-tail keywords in your blog rather than short keywords. A recent study states that long-tail keywords have a better conversion rate.

Using high-volume long-tail keywords in your blog will elevate your chances of showing up in a higher position in google search results.

Enhance your post with images and graphics

Adding images to your blog will make it interesting for the reader. Images or graphics attracts customer effectively than text-based content.

You can convey a very complex idea in an easy by using images. Images can also be used to break up the text monotonicity and make it more enticing to the readers.

Images come in handier when you’re creating a how-to blog, you can guide your audience with a detailed pictorial illustration that a text can’t do.

A best blog practice is to use your own images rather than stock or google images to avoid copyright claims.

Digital marketing experts say that blogs with pictorial representations have a better impact on the audience so enhance your blogs with images and boost your conversions.

Guide your readers with CTA

The main goal of writing a blog is to boost your conversion and what better tactic is there than including a CTA in your blog. Your CTA can be anything,

  • Ask the reader to share your blog
  • Write a comment
  • Check your other blogs
  • Purchase a product
  • Follow you on social media.

CTAs should not hinder your content; it should be strategically placed in a way that it increases the curiosity of your reader.

In Retainful blogs, we have a couple of social media sharing CTAs which are clearly visible and placed strategically.

When your blog entices a customer and gives them a memorable experience of reading it they’ll share it on social media. CTAs can really skyrocket your conversions. So, all you need to do is ask.

Proofread to refine your blog

You might’ve figured out how to start a blog, now you’ve to proofread your blog to refine it. Proofreading and editing aren’t just checking for spelling and grammatical mistakes it is much more than that.

You should read it to check if it is easy to understand and if you find it difficult to interpret then there is no way your audience will be able to do it.

Check for repetitive words and replace them with other related words. Make sure you have stayed with the current market and technology trends because an outdated blog will have a negative impact on your conversion.

Keep refining your blog until you feel it is perfect and then you can publish it. A well-reviewed blog will be more impactful and boost your conversion.

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Wrapping up

Blogs can expose your business to a new and wider audience, what matters is, how will you do it. We have illustrated 9 hard to skip blog writing tips and blog writing formats that can help you to increase the quality of your blogs and skyrocket your conversions.

Apply them and look for the difference.

Happy writing!