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Automate Email Marketing and Boost Sales.

Automate email marketing and boost sales

10 Proven Ways to Convert Your Mobile Visitors Into Email Subscribers

What if your 10,000 visitor’s traffic goes in vain? When you fail to use your visitors properly, this is the state of your website.

This is the reason why it is difficult to focus on the conversion rate, though the traffic is at peak. Especially, the mobile traffic.

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Why convert Your Mobile visitors into Email subscribers?

Almost all the businesses have been patting their back to optimize their site for mobile. Even Google’s update mentions a high ranking for mobile-first websites. Unbelievable, yet true!!

The factual information also pinpoints that around 56% of the website traffic comes from mobile.

Of course, these possibilities will surely attract a plethora of business realms. Undoubtedly, they are already in it. Eventually, competition arises. The saddest part is that the businessmen or the marketers fail to concentrate on conversions while being busy at optimizing.

Conversions are like heavy tides where the flow has to bundle up with tactics that bring huge business.

But, how? You do not have to wonder anymore. Here are the ways to combat and convert mobile traffic into email subscribers.

10 Proven ways to increase your mobile subscribers

As mobile traffic continues to boom in the current era, the focus on mobile optimization has increased. In fact, mobile traffic is responsible for 20% of website conversions.

So, getting to know that mobile-friendly site increases traffic, it is time for you to involve some essential ways in your site to boost your traffic into sales.

Speed your mobile site

Website speed – a golden word that attracts ranking metrics. Always, speed matters a lot!! Everyone, even you, will hate slow-loading sites.

According to the fact, 40% of people abandon sites that take 3 seconds to load. Every single second matter!! Hope you understand this fact!!

Increase site speed percentage

Proven that, sites with best mobile RST 50% more engagement than other sites. It increases your chance to get high mobile conversion.

How do you ensure that your site is faster?

  • Go for the responsive and mobile-friendly design
  • Use third-party sites to check your site’s speed
  • Upgrade your site instantly according to the search engine update
  • Install a cache plugin or system
  • Optimize your site
  • Necessary content upgrades

If you are using WordPress site, then try WPBeginner to optimize your page speed. It helps you to grab your visitors and convert them into subscribers.

Improve your site design

First impression always adds beauty not only to your visitors but also to your sales. Improving site design always pays you with the expected output. Great design always brings in trust and encourages visitors to stick around.


Optimizing your site along with your marketing campaigns goes hand in hand. You can use OptInMonster to get rich and varied mobile popup templates that improve your site’s look.

Take back these points in your notes and do not forget to add it to your site design.

  • Make it far responsive to convert mobile visitors into subscribers
  • Forget not to make your marketing campaigns mobile-friendly
  • Paying more attention to user flow to ensure whether the mobile visitors are finding information

Instead of stuffing CTA buttons elsewhere, let the design speaks your brand! Making a good choice in the theme/design is a smart way to attract visitors and get them as your subscribers as well.

Reduce Abandonment

Putting forth an attractive email to your visitors always reduces cart abandonment. Preparing an email list has become your cup of tea.

Starting from preparing a worthy email list ending up with many subscribers, everything has some tactics involved in it.

Retainful email templates

Placing an offer in front of the visitor before they quit will surely convince them to leave back their email address. Positively, you can also use the opt-in forms to reduce the cart abandonment rate.

Added, you would turn successful in getting the email id of a customer who has abandoned their cart. You can give an exit-intent popup when they try to leave the site or tend to produce attractive emails to get back them on track.

Multistep Opt-ins to improve engagement

A bunch of potential marketers tends to use multistep opt-in forms to generate more subscribers through eye-catching discounts.

Multistep opt in

The multi-step opt-in campaign usually relies on the Zeigarnik effect. It sticks around the concept that you can drag the visitors to the second step when they have already done their first!! You can also make Yes/No forms as an exit-intent popup to improve engagement among the customers that brings great results in turn.

To implement the Yes/No forms, you can create a campaign. You can use OptIn Monster’s Yes/No forms that will easily help you to navigate to the essentials. You can also decide where the visitors have to land when they click Yes or No button simultaneously.

Use attractive images

Not only the images have the power to grab attention, but also help you build a bond between the visitors says, future customers.

Attractive images

Jeff Bullas has been eye to the fact that around 94% of the content with the image has more views when compared to the content without images.

You can use image effectively in your site through the enlisted loops

  • Use images of a person as people are hard-wired in poking about other people
  • Elicit the emotion that you wish to create in your visitor’s site through high-quality images
  • Importance to clarity rich product images
  • Keep an eye on resizing and compressing the high-quality images to increase your site speed.

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Sign-up forms bottom

When the number of visitors has increased, be sure to make a visible email sign-up form to get filled. Using the sign-up forms effectively will add beauty to your site and thereby increases the conversion rate as well.

Retainful sign up form

Effective usage of inline opt-in popups will eventually result in high conversion and highly turn up the subscription rate of your mobile visits.

Use the right CTA

CTA stands to be the prime reason behind the effective conversion rate from your mobile visitors. Placing CTA at the necessary places will get the attention of the visitors. Here, you can direct the visitors on what to do next with their purchase.

Retainful add email CTA

A good compelling CTA has its own convincing reasons to be effective. A few for you.

  • CTA gives clarity to the mobile visitor regarding their next action
  • Inspire conversion through attractive CTA captions
  • Presents the site as the trustable one

CTA will work well with mobile devices making it tappable and leading to a mobile-friendly page.

Improve checkout Usability

For every eCommerce site, fixing the checkout process is one of the major ways to increase mobile conversions in no time.

Pepperfry  checkout

Adding the checkout way easier, here are further steps you can take along with you.

  • Reduce the number of checkout steps. Making it in a single shot is always better
  • Use the progress bar effectively to showcase the payment steps to the visitors
  • Use the guest checkout feature that eliminates the need to create an account for the purchase

Use Mobile opt in

Multiple businesses make use of the mobile optins effectively to convert mobile visitors into subscribers and improve conversions for both mobile and desktop users.

Mobile opt in

A plethora of mobile-optimized templates is advancing their track in convincing and attracting the users. They come up with creative non-intrusive mobile marketing campaigns that includes Google’s latest rules.

And, do not forget the power of the click to call marketing. It is nothing but the live chat session that quickly answers the questions of the visitors. It provides you another way to make visitors hand in your stuff.

Experienced A/B Testing

If you are working on improving your mobile conversion rate, then you need to test it before implementing it. With the loop of testing and tweaking, 24% of the mobile conversion rate increases.

A/B testing

Make sure that you have been implementing and making a real change in your mobile conversion rate that helps you to convert visitors into subscribers. Even if it is small, try to test it. Using the A/B testing method, you can clearly visualize even a minute change you have done to tune your site’s performance for the mobile visitors.

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Mobile eCommerce conversions are getting bigger than marketers imagined. There is no use in standing out of the game.

Now, it is a great time to grab your mobile revenue.

During your conversion of mobile visitors to subscribers, ensure that the visitors have been switching back and forth without any blocks.

The enlisted ways will trigger your conversion rate from your mobile visitors and thereby gives resulting subscribers too. All the ways spell out the common thing, i.e. the intent. The more you optimize your site uniquely, you will get the growing segment of your site’s traffic.