Automate Email Marketing and Boost Sales.

Automate email marketing and boost sales

10 Captivating WooCommerce Email Templates and Examples to Boost Your Sales

Did you know that for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is a staggering $42?

So it is a no-brainer that your WooCommerce business should also leverage this amazing potential of WooCommerce emails to be on the winning side. But where do you begin? 

As part of your email marketing strategy, you can send emails like Welcome emails, order confirmation emails, shipping details, customer survey emails, referral emails, and more. 

This blog will get you started with these WooCommerce emails and provide you with the best WooCommerce email templates and examples you can emulate while creating your own. Let’s dive in.

First, let’s get our fundamentals straight.

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What are WooCommerce emails?

WooCommerce emails are transactional emails that are sent to customers and store administrators to keep them updated on the status of orders, payments, and other events in your online store. These emails are an essential part of any ecommerce business, as they help to build customer trust, encourage repeat purchases, and promote your brand.

WooCommerce comes with a number of pre-made email templates that you can customize to match your branding. You can also add your own custom emails to the system. By sending well-designed and informative WooCommerce emails, you can improve the customer experience, boost sales, and grow your ecommerce business.

Why are WooCommerce Emails important for your business?

If you are a WooCommerce store owner, sending WooCommerce emails is the most effective way to shape the customer experience, build a large audience, and increase sales. Here are two stats that stand as proof. 

  • The average open rate for email marketing campaigns is 21.92%. This means that for every 100 emails you send, you can expect about 22 people to open them.
  • The average click-through rate for email marketing campaigns is 2.69%

WooCommerce Emails offer other perks like,

  • Building lasting relationships –  Connecting with your customers on a personal level and keeping them updated on your latest products and promotions.
  • Prompting customer to take action – Reminding about abandoned carts and pending payments to complete the purchase.
  • Segmentation of customersSegment your customers based on demographics, purchase history, and engagement rate. This makes you send targeted emails with relevant and personalized content more easily.
  • Upselling – Encouraging the customer to buy more through product recommendation emails and increase revenue. 
  • Building Brand awareness – Offering educational content like newsletters, exclusive offers, and showcasing reviews cements the brand’s place in customers’ minds. 

Sending WooCommerce emails for every step of the customer journey

A good WooCommerce Email Marketing has this – sending relevant messages that align with the stage that the customers are in the buyer’s journey. 

The different stages and their examples are below: 

  • Onboarding – Welcoming and familiarizing the new users with the product. 
    Example: Welcome emails, first purchase emails.
  • Nurturing – Educating the customers about the product. 
    Example: Newsletters, emails with “How to” guides.
  • Sales/Promotional –  Promoting sales, discounts, or coupons.
    Example: Offer emails, product launch emails.
  • Transactional – Communicating about the orders and purchasing process. 
    Example: Order confirmation emails, order tracking emails. 
  • Behavioral – Sending emails based on user action with the website.
    Example: Cart abandonment emails, feedback emails. 

These stages would guide you in sending the relevant emails at the right time.

 Let’s move on to seeing the best WooCommerce email templates handpicked for you. 

Top 10 WooCommerce Email Templates and Takeaways

Crafting a compelling email can be tedious. So we listed some well-crafted WooCommerce email templates for you to learn and emulate on your own.

Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are to create a first impression of your brand. So, tell your brand’s story and assure the customer they made the right choice. In our example, the line “Welcome to the bright side.” does exactly that.

A Welcome email template

Here is one of the well-written WooCommerce email templates for a welcome message:

Subject: Welcome to our store!

Hi [Customer Name],
Welcome to our store! We’re so glad you’re here.
We hope you enjoyed shopping with us. We offer a wide variety of products at great prices, and we’re always adding new items.

We’re also offering a special welcome gift for you. Use the code WELCOME10 at checkout to get 10% off your next purchase.

Thank you for choosing our store!

[Your Store Name]


  • Tell your brand’s story – How you started? What is your mission?
  • Don’t send them with empty hands – Give them a Welcome Offer.
  • Include a compelling subject line.
  • Make them visit your website – Add compelling Call-To-Action.

Cart Abandonment Emails

You can’t risk avoiding Cart Abandonment Emails when your sales are tied in abandoned carts. They are the best catalysts to make the customers finish their purchase.

An abandoned cart email template

One of the primary cart abandonment reasons is the shipping cost. In our example, Peel hits the bullseye by sending a free shipping cost reminder along with the email.

Here is one of the compelling WooCommerce email templates for cart abandonment:

Subject: Forgot Something? Your Cart is Waiting!

Hello [Customer First Name],

We noticed you left some items in your cart. Not sure about the final step? We’re here to help.

[Image of the products in cart]

Product Name 1
Product Name 2
[Button: Complete Your Purchase]

Why Shop With Us?

  • Fast Shipping: We ensure quick delivery right to your doorstep.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Got questions? Our team is always here to help.
  • Top-Quality Products: We guarantee the best in market quality.
  • Special for you: Use the code WELCOMEBACK10 at checkout to get 10% off your purchase!

Need assistance? Reach out to our support team at [support email] or call us at [phone number].

Thank you for considering [Company Name]. We hope to serve you soon!

[Your Company Name]


  • Don’t forget to include the items in the cart.
  • A Call-To-Action button – If the customers are convinced to buy the items, ensure they do so in one click.
  • Create urgency – “Don’t wait too long. Order today”
  • Offer them a special offer as a topping.
  • Give them the option to contact you and ask their queries.

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Promotional emails

Promotional emails are the staple of any Email Marketing Strategy. They are the best in gaining you conversions. Go beyond offers and discounts. Promotional emails can be of many types: sales, exclusive promotions, new product launches, featured products, and more.

A promotional email template

This example is a classic limited-time offer promotional email. This type is perfect for creating urgency and FOMO. It is hard not to fall for this.

Here is one of the easy-to-use promotional WooCommerce email templates for you.

Subject: An Exclusive Invitation: Unlock [X%] Off Now!

Dear [First Name],

As a token of our gratitude for being such a cherished member of our community, we’re excited to present to you an offer crafted solely with you in mind.

Unlock Now: Get 10% off your next purchase!
Exclusive Code: VIPSALE

Redeeming is Simple:

  • Click here to start shopping [embedded link to product/service page].
  • Indulge in your favorites.
  • Enter VIPSALE during checkout to enjoy your exclusive savings.
  • Don’t wait too long! This special treat is available until [Date].

Indulge in the best we have to offer, curated especially for you.

With appreciation,
[Your Name or Company Signature]


  • Don’t talk only about the price – tell the unique story about your brand or product.
  • If it is about the offer, include the steps to redeem.
  • Make the offer code loud and clear.
  • Create urgency by including timers.
  • Include a strong Call-To-Action.

Surveys and feedback emails

We all live in an echo chamber until something goes wrong. You can break that if you continuously listen to honest feedback and opinions. Surveys and feedback are a great way to achieve this. At times, you also have to make the customers feel heard.

An email survey template

You can also conduct periodic surveys for customers to weigh in on their overall experience with the brand. 

Tip: Reward them with an offer for their valuable feedback. 

Here is one of the classic feedback email templates for you.

Subject: We’d Love Your Thoughts, [First Name]!

Hello [First Name],

Thank you for choosing [Your Company Name]. We continually strive to offer you the best experience, and your feedback is essential to help us achieve that.

We’d be grateful if you could take a few minutes to share your thoughts on [specific product, service, or experience they had with your company].

Share Your Feedback 

[Link/Button to the Feedback Form or Survey]

Why Your Feedback Matters:

  • Improvement: Your insights help us enhance our [products/services].
  • Understanding Needs: We can tailor our offerings to better suit your needs.
  • Building Relationships: We value our connection and want to ensure you’re satisfied.

As a token of our appreciation, all completed feedback forms will be entered into a draw to win. 

Your feedback is confidential, and we’ll use it exclusively for improving our services.

Thank you for being a part of the [Your Company Name] family. We look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

[Company Name]


  • Keep the survey short. 
  • State how long it will take to complete the survey
  • State the purpose of the survey. 
  • Include how their feedback can benefit the company.
  • As an ultimate touch, reward them with an offer. 
  • Be thankful.

Newsletter Emails

Well-informed customers make better decisions and indirectly drift closer toward choosing your brand. Newsletters are an amazing way to keep them informed about industry news, company updates, product tips, and tricks.

A newsletter email template

Here is a sample newsletter template for you. 

Subject: [Your Company] Monthly Update – What’s New in [Month/Season]!

Hello [First Name],

We hope you’re doing well! Here’s a round-up of what’s been happening at [Your Company Name] and what’s coming up.

Feature Article

[Subtitle or brief introduction]

Dive into our latest [article/update] where we [brief description of the content].

[Read More Button/Link]

Upcoming Events/Offers

[Images or banners for events or offers]

Event/Offer 1: Date and brief details. [Link to register or learn more]

Event/Offer 2: Date and brief details. [Link to register or learn more]

Stay Connected!

Follow us on our social media channels for daily updates, behind-the-scenes looks, and more:

[Links/icons to your social media profiles]

Warm Regards,

[Your Name/Team Name]

[Your Position/Company Name]


  • Include relevant and engaging content. 
  • Give actionable insights to users. 
  • Include details about upcoming sales or offers. 
  • Include tutorials if you are giving tips on using your product.
  • Give the option to unsubscribe from the email list. 

Back-in-stock Emails

This is one of the WooCommerce email templates that has the best open rates. Items that are sold out indicate two things – the item is most popular, and it might sell out again. So you can drive even more demand by sending back-in-stock emails.

A back-in-stock email template

Here is one of the innovative Back-in-stock WooCommerce email templates for you.

Subject: Good News! [Product Name] is Back in Stock!

Hello [First Name],

You expressed interest in [Product Name], and we have great news for you – it’s back in stock!

Product Highlight:

[Product Name]

Short description of the product

[Image or link to the product]

Key Features:

  • Feature 1
  • Feature 2
  • Feature 3

Price: $[Amount]

Don’t Miss Out!

Stocks might be limited, so be sure to grab yours before it’s gone again.

[Shop Now Button/Link]

Thank you for shopping with us, [First Name]. We appreciate your patience and loyalty.

Warm Regards,

[Your Company Name]


  • Address the scarcity – Include how soon the product will sell out. 
  • Include the image of the product that is back in stock. 
  • Include the product highlights and features of the product. 
  • A clear Call-to-action like “Grab it before it is gone.”

Referral Emails

Take word-of-mouth to the next level with referral emails. They are a great way to acquire new customers by leveraging your existing customer base. 

A pro tip for you: Share the success stories or testimonials from other users who’ve benefited from the referral program.

Here is a winning referral WooCommerce email template for you.

Subject: Refer a Friend and Get [Reward]!

Hello [First Name],

We’re thrilled to have you as a part of the [Your Company Name] community! We hope you’re enjoying [your product/service], and we’d love for your friends to experience the same.

Introducing Our Referral Program! 

For every friend you refer, you’ll receive [specific reward, e.g., “$10 off your next purchase”], and your friend will get [their reward, e.g., “15% off their first purchase”].

Get Invite Link

How It Works:

  • Share Your Unique Referral Link: [Insert referral link]
  • Your friend makes a purchase using your link.
  • You both get rewarded!
  • Spread the Word!
  • Tell your friends about [specific product or service they enjoyed] and let them in on the benefits.

Thank you for being a valued member of our community, [First Name]. Together, let’s spread the joy!

Warm Regards,

[Your team’s Name/Company’s name]


  • Focus on incentives – Clearly state the offers or rewards for both the referrer and the referred. 
  • Easy Sharing Options – Include tools or features that make it easy for subscribers to share their referral link/code via email, social media, or messaging apps.
  • Strong Call-to-Action – Make it evident and straightforward, such as “Refer Now”  or “Get Invite Link.”

Win-back Emails

Let’s admit it – Reengaging an existing customer is much easier than acquiring a new one. Because they are already familiar with the brand, it is easier to persuade them. You just have to jog their memory. To that end, Win-back emails are a classic example of WooCommerce follow-up emails you can send to your customers. 

In our example, PrintFresh made a classic move – to allure the customer with a discount. Don’t forget to include it in yours too. Additionally, OurPlace gave an offer and an option to unsubscribe – to respect the customer’s preferences. 

Here is one of the creative win-back WooCommerce email templates for you.

Subject: We Miss You, [First Name]! Special Offer Inside. 

Hello [First Name],

It’s been a while since we last saw you at [Your Company Name], and we truly miss having you around! We’ve been making some exciting updates, and we think you’ll love them.

Exclusive Offer Just for You!

To show our appreciation, enjoy [specific offer, e.g., “20% off your next purchase”] when you shop with us in the next [specific time frame, e.g., “7 days”].


Here’s What’s New:

  • Feature/Product 1: Brief description or highlight.
  • Feature/Product 2: Brief description or highlight.
  • Feature/Product 3: Brief description or highlight.
  • [Image or links related to the new features/products]

Shop & Save Now

Don’t miss out on our limited-time offer!

[Shop Now Button/Link]

Your Feedback Matters:

We’d love to know how we can serve you better. If there’s anything specific you’re looking for or any feedback you’d like to share, please let us know.

[Feedback link]

We hope to see you again soon, [First Name]. Thank you for being a part of our community.

Warm Regards,

[Your Name/Company Name]


  • Showcase New Products/Features- Highlight what’s changed since they last visited. 
  • Include a feedback option to share genuine issues they had with your product. 
  • Let them know that you have noticed their absence. 
  • Make them pick an option – Unsubscribe or claim the offer.

Thank You Emails

It is a good practice to offer the customers gratitude. This way, customers feel good about the purchase. This simple gesture may help foster customer loyalty. So, Thank You emails are widely sent as a WooCommerce follow-up email.

A thank you email template

Thank you emails are not just for purchases. You can also send it for submitting feedback, subscribing to the newsletter, and referrals. 

Here is a heartfelt Thank You WooCommerce email template:

Subject: Thank You for Shopping with Us, [First Name]!

Hello [First Name],

Thank you for choosing [Your Company Name] for your recent purchase! We’re thrilled to have you as part of our community, and we genuinely appreciate your trust in us.

Your Order Details:

Order Number: #123456

Ordered Item(s): [Item name], [Item name], [and so on]

Estimated Delivery: [Date/Time frame]

What’s Next?

Keep an eye out for our newsletters and be the first to know about upcoming sales, new product launches, and exclusive offers.

Once again, thank you, [First Name], for choosing [Your Company Name]. We look forward to serving you again soon!

Warm Regards,

[Your Name/Company Name]


  • Personalization: Address the recipient by their name.
  • Avoid Promotional Content: While you can include CTAs, the focus should be gratitude. 
  • Be Timely: Send the thank you email promptly after the action or event for which you express gratitude. 
  • Add a prelude for the next step – If the email is about a purchase, include when the product will be shipped. 

Transactional Emails

Out of all the WooCommerce email templates, more often than not, you will find yourself sending transactional emails. It includes emails like order confirmations, shipping notifications, invoices, receipts, or feedback about the products they purchased.

A transactional email template

Here is a go-to transactional WooCommerce email template for you.

Subject: Thank You for Shopping with Us, [First Name]!

Hello [First Name],

Thank you for choosing [Your Company Name] for your recent purchase! We’re thrilled to have you as part of our community, and we genuinely appreciate your trust in us.

Your Order Details:

Order Number: [#123456]

Ordered Item(s): [Item name], [Item name], [and so on]

Estimated Delivery: [Date/Time frame]

Need Assistance?

Our customer service team is here to help! If you have any questions about your order or our products, please reach out to [[email protected]] or call us at [Phone Number].

Thank you, [First Name], for shopping with us. We look forward to serving you again soon!

Warm Regards,

[Your Name/Company Name]


  • Provide Essential Details: Include all pertinent details like order confirmation should list the items purchased, total cost, shipping address, and estimated delivery date.
  • Include Helpful Links: Add links to FAQs, customer support, or related resources that might assist the customer.
  • Be straightforward: Ensure the primary message—the transactional information—is clear and easy to find.
  • Use Visual Elements: Incorporate relevant images or icons, such as pictures of purchased items.

There you have it. The top 10 WooCommerce email templates to kick-start your email marketing journey.

If you stayed all the way through, here is a bonus for you. 

Bonus: Best practices to craft compelling WooCommerce emails

Take these 7 points of wisdom from us and craft WooCommerce emails on your own. 

  • Personalize the emails – Everyone loves the content that is curated just for them. Segment your customers based on their purchase history, location, and demographic, and target them with relevant content. 
  • Clear Call to Action – Whether it’s “Shop Now,” “Go to Cart,” or “Complete Your Purchase,” ensure your CTAs are prominent and tell the reader exactly what action to take.
  • Captivating Subject Lines – Capture attention with catchy subject lines to increase open rates and immediate engagement.
  • Branding Consistency – Ensure your emails align with your brand’s colors, typography, and overall feel. 
  • Increase Upselling – In post-purchase emails, recommend complementary products or high-tier items to increase order value.
  • Automate and Chill – WooCommerce automated emails are a reality. There are various email automation tools to make the job easier for you. Utilize them and stay ahead. 
  • Easy Unsubscribe Option – Always provide an easy and clear way for subscribers to opt out. This way, we respect their preferences. 

Use Retainful’s pre-built email templates to craft compelling WooCommerce emails effortlessly.

Wrapping up! 

This blog provided you with the best WooCommerce email templates of other stores on how to craft an email for your own. Treat this as your WooCommerce Email guide and start building your own email marketing campaign.

Read these blogs to learn more about WooCommerce Emails.

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How do I create a WooCommerce email marketing campaign?

First, define your objective. Then, group your WooCommerce customers based on specific criteria like purchase history or interests to tailor your email content for higher relevance and engagement.
Utilize an email marketing platform compatible with WooCommerce to design responsive emails, incorporating compelling visuals, clear CTAs, and personalized content. Track the metrics and optimize.

What are the best times to send WooCommerce emails?

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays tend to have the highest email open rates. Many companies also see success on Sundays, especially for B2C brands. 
1. 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. – Works well as most people would have settled into their day.
2. 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. – People might be checking emails during or right after their lunch break.
3. 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. – After-work hours see another spike, as people might be checking emails casually during the evening.

How do I track the results of my WooCommerce email marketing campaigns?

Most email marketing platforms, like Mailchimp, SendinBlue, or Retainful, provide built-in analytics. These tools can give you insights into Open Rates, Click-Through Rates (CTR), Bounce Rates, and Unsubscribe Rates.

How do I design a professional WooCommerce email template?

This can be done in four easy steps: 
1. Be consistent in using the brand’s colors, fonts, and logos.
2. Ensure the template is responsive to display correctly across all devices.
3. Incorporate bold and distinct call-to-action buttons that guide users toward your intended action.
4. Use crisp product photos and relevant visuals to captivate and engage the customers.


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