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How to Setup an Abandoned Cart Email Campaign in your Shopify Store?

Posted by Joel Platini on  June 10, 2021  in Shopify

The average abandoned cart rate has jumped to 70% as of 2021 with Retail and Fashion stores topping the list.

Shopify abandoned carts have been a menace to store owners for the past few years, impacting their sales and revenue.

Let’s face it, preventing cart abandonment requires a lot of resources, so the only way you can bring back those lost sales and convert them into revenue is by recovering those Shopify abandoned carts.

To do that, all you need is a Shopify abandoned cart app that can recover your lost carts by sending series of abandoned cart emails on Shopify

And this article is all about it, find out how to setup a Shopify abandoned cart email campaign using a Shopify app and start recovering your lost sales by yourselves.

What is an Abandoned cart email campaign?

Shopify Abandoned cart recovery campaign is where you send abandoned cart emails on Shopify at regular intervals to the customers who have abandoned their shopping carts.

The objective here is to remind the customers about the cart they’ve abandoned and to encourage them to return to your store to recover their carts.

Like we said earlier, to do this, you need a Shopify abandoned cart recovery app that is capable of capturing customer’s email addresses and send best abandoned cart emails automatically as soon they abandon their carts.

Abandoned cart recovery

Retainful is one such app that can recover Shopify abandoned carts by sending a series of cart recovery emails to the customers.

All you need is to create a Shopify cart recovery campaign and Retainful will help you recover your Shopify abandoned carts and convert them into revenue. You can also edit Shopify abandoned cart email as per your preference using Retainful and increase your conversion rates.

How to setup Shopify abandoned cart recovery campaign?

Creating a Shopify abandoned cart recovery campaign for your Shopify store is pretty simple. So, let’s get started with it by installing Retainful in your Shopify store.


  1. Login to your Shopify store and search for Retainful in the Appstore.
  2. In the Retainful section, click ‘Add App’
Shopify app store

3. Once the installation page is opened, Click ‘Install app’ to install Retainful.

 Install Retainful

You’ll be redirected to the Retainful dashboard right away if you have already created your Retainful account.

  1. If you haven’t created a Retainful account, the ‘Create your account’ box will appear.

Enter a password to create your account and the next time you can directly log into Retainful from here using your Shopify address and the password you created here.

Create your account

After entering the password, click ‘Create’, this will take you to the Retainful dashboard.

Retainful dashboard

Creating and sending cart recovery emails

Creating your cart recovery email takes just a few simple steps.

  1. From the Retainful dashboard, Navigate to Emails → Manage Emails(Abandoned cart recovery email campaign)
Manage emails

2. There will be three default abandoned cart email templates. You need to edit and customize them as per your preference.

To edit the email template, click ‘Edit Email’

Edit email
  1. A popup will appear displaying the templates, remember the emails will already be loaded with a template.

But if you wish to change the template, click ‘Use’ or just click the ‘Close’ icon and you’ll land on the template page.

Email templates
  1. In the abandoned cart email template page, you can,
  • Edit an enticing abandoned cart email subject line
  • Choose the time interval to send your cart recovery email. You just need to perfectly time your abandoned cart emails.
Template edit

If you are wondering how to edit Shopify abandoned cart email we have got the right options for you.

To edit Shopify abandoned cart email template, click ‘Customize’

  1. You’ll land on the email template editor, you can find the editing options on the right column.
Customize the template

All you have to do is Drag and Drop the elements into the template.

Once you have dragged and dropped it in the template, just click on that element to open its styling options where you can customize the element. This is how you can edit Shopify abandoned cart email using Retainful.

  1. Sometimes, your customers might need some motivation, you send coupons through Shopify abandoned cart email and motivate them.

When you click ‘Create discount’, the discount box will appear.

Create discount

Here you can configure the discount, once it is done, click ‘Create discount’, the discount will be created.

Choose discount

Next, choose the discount you create from the dropdown, the discount will be added to the abandoned cart email template.

  1. Retainful generates a custom cart recovery URL for each abandoned cart. Customers can click the ‘Complete your purchase’ button and recover their cart.

But you can edit the CTA button with a custom text and link if you wish.

Checkout CTA

Once the customization is done, click ‘Save’ and ‘Close’ to return to the template page.

  1. In your Shopify abandoned cart template page, click ‘Save & Set live’ to arm the email template.
Save abandoned cart

9. Once the email template is live, you’ll see the ‘Active’ options turned on, Retainful will send abandoned cart email on Shopify automatically at the specified time.

Active email

This is just one Shopify abandoned cart email, similarly, you can create multiple best abandoned cart emails to set up a cart recovery email series.

Cart recovery email series

Your first Shopify abandoned cart email is live and ready to go but it is just not enough to convince the customer.

You need to send a series of abandoned cart emails at the right time intervals to persuade them into returning to your store and recover their cart.

  1. You’ll have two more default email templates left, click ‘Edit Email’ to edit those email templates as you did in the previous steps.
  2. Choose the right time intervals and set them live, Retainful will automatically send the best abandoned cart emails at the specified time.
Email series

3. If you think three emails are not enough for your cart recovery campaign, you can add more emails by clicking ‘Add email to the sequence’.

Testing your emails

It is always a good practice to test your email templates before your set it live, Retainful lets you send abandoned cart emails on Shopify to your own address so that you can check how your campaign is working.

  1. We hope you do know the steps to get into the email editor, so after you’ve customized your email, click ‘Send test email’ on the top.
 Send test email

2. You’ll be asked to enter a test email id, enter your email address and click send.

Enter email id

3. Check your email address, the Shopify abandoned cart email will be received and you are good to go.

Wrapping up

Online cart abandonment has been bothering stores for a long time, what makes it rough is that it is hard to prevent them. And that’s why most stores have moved on to Shopify abandoned cart recovery apps.

The cart recovery apps help you recover your abandoned carts by sending abandoned cart email on Shopify and convert them into revenue. It also helps you retain your customers by fostering loyalty.

So, the best way to stop lost sales due to online cart abandonment is by recovering those Shopify abandoned carts using the best Shopify abandoned cart recovery emails.

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