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Best Order Follow Up Email Plugins for WooCommerce

WooCommerce follow-up emails can effectively engage with your customers and gather valuable feedback for your online store.

Follow-up emails can be used to thank customers for their purchase, ask for a review or ratings, or simply check in to see how they are enjoying their purchase. These WooCommerce follow-up emails can be automated using a plugin like Retainful, which allows you to set up customized emails to be sent to customers based on certain triggers, such as making a purchase or abandoning a cart. By following up with your customers, you can gather valuable feedback, build stronger relationships with them, and encourage repeat business.

In this blog, We are discussing WooCommerce Order Follow up emails, What is WooCommerce Order follow-up emails, and the best WooCommerce follow-up email plugins.

Make your store a brand with order Follow up emails.

What are WooCommerce Order follow-up emails?

WooCommerce Order follow-up emails are automated emails sent to customers after placing an order on a WooCommerce store. These emails can be configured to be sent at specific intervals after the order is placed and can serve various purposes, such as providing shipping updates, requesting product reviews, or offering special promotions.

Order follow-up emails are a helpful tool for online store owners to keep in touch with their customers and provide them with valuable information about their orders. They can be customized to include personalized messages, branded templates, and specific details on customer orders, such as the order number and the purchased products.

There are a few common scenarios in which you might want to draft a follow-up email in WooCommerce:

  1. Order confirmation: After a customer places an order, you can send a follow-up email to confirm the order and provide any necessary information, such as the estimated delivery date or tracking number.
  2. Order completion: When an order has been shipped or completed, you can send a follow-up email to inform the customer that the order has been completed and provide any necessary tracking information.
  3. Customer feedback: After a customer has received their order, you can send a follow-up email to ask for their feedback and review of the product. This can be a valuable way to gather customer insights and improve your business.
  4. Abandoned cart recovery: If a customer has added items to their cart but has not completed the checkout process, you can send a follow-up email to remind them about the items in their cart and encourage them to complete the purchase.
  5. Upsell or cross-sell: If a customer has purchased a product from you, you can send a follow-up email to suggest related or complementary products that they may be interested in purchasing.
  6. Customer support: If a customer has reached out to your customer support team with a question or concern, you can send a follow-up email to provide a resolution or further assistance.

5 Best Follow Up email plugins for WooCommerce

You have to find the best WooCommerce follow-up email plugin to set up your perfect order follow-up emails. There are several good WooCommerce follow-up emails plugins available, including:

  • Retainful: It allows you to create personalized email campaigns and set up automated emails to be sent to your customers at specific intervals. You can create abandoned cart emails, win-back emails, and birthday emails. Retainful is a powerful and user-friendly plugin that can help you effectively follow up with your WooCommerce customers.
  • Omnisend: It is another popular WooCommerce follow-up email plugin that allows you to create and automate personalized email campaigns easily. It offers a range of features, including email templates, integrations with popular email marketing platforms, segmentation and targeting options, and a variety of automation options.
  • AutomateWoo: This plugin also allows for automated follow-up emails and other automation features, such as abandoned cart recovery and customer segmentation.
  • ShopMagic: It is another powerful WooCommerce follow-up email plugin that allows you to create targeted, automated email campaigns to nurture and engage your customers with flexible pricing plans.
  • FluentCRM: It allows you to create and send automated emails based on customer actions or inactivity. You can also segment your email lists and target specific groups with personalized messages.



Retainful is an Email marketing automation tool that allows sending order follow-up emails that helps online stores increase customer retention and sales by sending automated email campaigns to customers who have made a purchase. These emails can include abandoned cart reminders, product recommendations, and reviews.

With Retainful, store owners can easily set up email campaigns that are triggered by specific actions, such as making a purchase or leaving items in a cart. The plugin also allows for creating custom email templates, so store owners can personalize the content and design of their emails.

Retainful also provides detailed analytics and reporting, so store owners can track the effectiveness of their email campaigns and make any necessary adjustments. Overall, Retainful is a powerful tool for boosting customer retention and driving sales for online stores.

Automatic WooCommerceOrder follow-up emails help you engage customers throughout their journey. Which alone makes retainful One of the best WooCommerce follow-up email plugins.


  • Send unlimited Order follow-up emails.
  • Build and launch email campaigns within minutes using the customer journey builder
  • Pre-built workflow automation templates
  • Pre-built email templates
  • Drag & drop email editor to customize follow-up emails
  • Next, order coupons to drive repeated sales
  • Automate follow-up emails whenever a customer abandons an online cart
  • Send an unlimited number of cart recovery follow-up emails
  • Unique recovery link to buy back the items in abandoned cart
  • The plugin stops sending follow-up emails automatically when the cart recovers.


There is a free forever plan. You can enjoy retainful at its fullest by buying premium plans, and premium plans start at just $19/month.

Engage with your customers throughout their journey.


omnisend for followup emails

Omnisend is one of the best tools for following up with your valuable customers with custom dynamic order follow-up emails. Combine it with unmatched email marketing tools and an easy-to-use user interface, and you’ve got everything you need for your follow-up email campaign.

Yet, it does not offer much flexibility or customization options, and its functionality is limited to abandoned cart follow-up emails. Omnisend’s email design options are somewhat limited.


automate woo

AutomateWoo is a marketing automation and WooCommerce follow-up emails plugin that allows you to build up WooCommerce follow-up emails and other essential types of email campaigns.

You may retarget any client who has interacted with your brand using this tool, not simply those who have abandoned their carts. It has a good collection of capabilities and gives you the ability to construct customized campaigns.


shopmagic for automated emails

Shopmagic is a perfect email automation tool and WooCommerce follow-up emails plugin, and it is more generic and explicitly designed for WooCommerce stores.

You may use it to construct a follow-up email campaign and personalize it to your desire. It enables you to define specific events and triggers that will indicate the sending of a follow-up email. You may use them to develop all sorts of email marketing campaigns in addition to WooCommerce follow-up emails.


fluent CRM

FluentCRM is one email marketing automation plugin, and WooCommerce automated follow-up emails plugin is useful for creating well-segmented contact lists and designing WooCommerce automated follow-up emails. It effortlessly integrates with the most popular eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, making email marketing easier for WooCommerce users.

You can send welcome emails, post-purchase emails, targeted emails, and many more based on product or product categories. Order follow-up begins with purchase triggers, which occur when a consumer orders a product from your business. And can set the trigger for specific goods or product categories.

Why is Order Follow up emails important?

A study says that 96% of customers agree that customer service is a parameter to determine their choice of brand and their loyalty towards it. Following up is essential for customer service. The order follow-up emails help your store:

  • Boost Conversion
  • Brand Building
  • Can segment Customers.
  • Fulfill customer expectation
  • Make customers feel special.
  • Take marketing a step ahead
  • Retain the conversation

There will be many reasons for the recipient not to open your email. It ranges from human psychology to simple marketing cliche mistakes. The person may be busy or couldn’t find the email in the flood of emails in the inbox. That is why you must send a follow-up email with a creative dynamic follow-up email plugin to boost the prospect’s chances of connecting with you and becoming a paying customer.

A good order follow-up emails plugin will help you here. Get an order follow-up email plugin to craft perfect order follow-up campaigns and build your store as a brand.

Best practices for sending WooCommerce follow-up emails

Here are some essential things to craft perfect order follow-up emails with your WooCommerce automated follow-up emails plugin.

Define the purpose: Before composing your follow-up email, you must focus on this step. You have to find out why you are following up and why you are creating WooCommerce order follow-up emails in the first place. We have to classify order follow-up emails into different categories. You can ask for product reviews; you can upsell and cross-sell products. So purpose has to be precise.

Create an enticing email subject line: The email’s subject line is the first thing the prospect sees; if you effectively attract the prospect’s attention, your open rates will be high. Use fewer words to express your point effectively. Keep it short and sweet so the potent doesn’t lose interest. The subject line must contain all the information and be transparent. It will assist in deciding whether or not to open the email.

Keep it interesting: Be innovative and immediately grab the prospect’s attention with the subject line. You may utilize it in various ways to make it more fun. Maintain a clear and direct message. The reader should exert less effort to comprehend it.

Give a good CTA: please get to the point and inform the recipient of what you anticipate them to do. Emails that are simple to comprehend are more likely to receive a response.

You must conclude your email as organically as possible, remembering prior conversations. If possible, offer something in return; it can be a free template, an e-book, a free trial, and anything relevant to the prospect they find helpful.

Give something of worth. Sending a follow-up email solely through the order follow-up plugin will not help your sales figures. If your email is just another generic and uninteresting follow-up that offers no value to the prospect, they will disregard it.

Follow Up with your customers after the Purchase.

Follow your Customer Now!

Yeah. A follow-up email plugin is essential for a modern-day business. Find the best plugin that helps you effectively run your WooCommerce store email marketing to find easy conversion.

As we deal with human psychology, we must ensure our Follow up emails plugin can craft perfect personalized emails.

And then why are you Waiting? Start Following.

What are the best practices for sending follow-up emails?

Featuring prospects, Defining the next step, Personalizing, Providing Interesting Subject Lines, And hitting at the perfect time are critical best practices for sending follow-up emails.

What is a good follow-up email?

A good follow-up email is an email that impresses the customer, brings them back to the store, and creates customer loyalty. Which helps boost conversion and brand building.

What is the best time to send follow-up emails?

When sending a follow-up email, timing is crucial. The secret of perfectly timing your emails is knowing your audience. We can’t predict a perfect time, depending on your business. Sound email marketing automation software will help you research your audience and find the ideal time.

How can I send follow-up emails?

You can craft and send order follow-up emails in the WooCommerce store with the help of the order follow-up email plugin. Retainful, the email marketing automation tool is one of the perfect order follow-up email plugins you can rely on to send follow-up emails.