Spam Words to Avoid in your Emails

Spam Words to Avoid in your Emails

Posted by Joel Platini on 27 March 2020 in Marketing

The moment you hear email the first thing you don’t want to happen is being marked as spam. A report says that spam emails make up to 45% of all emails.

Advertising and unwanted financial emails contribute 36% of all spam messages with the latter contributing 26.5%. A study found that around 53% of people think emails have lost their credibility due to spam.

That’s why it is necessary to avoid spam words in the email subject lines or your email will directly land in the spam box.

You may wonder, what are the spam words to avoid in email subject line?

To assist you in creating a precise subject line, we have assembled a list of spam words to avoid in email marketing. This article will help you to avoid the grasp of spam filters and achieve success in your marketing campaign.

What are spam words?

Spam words are specific keywords that you add in your subject lines to entice the customers. Email providers will identify these words as spam and mark your email as spam.

Use of common spam word in the email associated with gimmicks, promises, free gifts, scams will be red-flagged and deemed as spam.

How to avoid spam filters?

Before we dive into the list of spam words to avoid, let’s discuss spam filters.

Spam filters work as a trigger mechanism, i.e they get alerted for spam when you craft something suspicious. So, do you want to know how to avoid spam filters?

Here are a few tips that can help you in avoiding it,

  • Don’t draft your subject line with all caps.
  • Avoid adding links to faulty websites.
  • Don’t provide false promises in the subject lines.
  • Maintain the same font style.
  • Make sure you add an unsubscription button.
  • Avoid exclamation and question marks in the same subject line.
  • Make it look personalized.
  • Never promote or boast about your product in the subject line.

These tips can help you avoid spam filter’s radar. But the primary trigger is the spam words, let’s dive into the list to find out.

Spam words to avoid in your emails

This list of spam words will give you clarity on certain words, phrases or idioms to avoid in email marketing. These are the type of words that online spam-check tool looks for while reviewing your emails.

Avoid words that make exaggerated promises

100% free


Additional income

Be your own boss

Best price

Double your cash

Extra income

Fast cash

Free access

Get paid

Avoid words that create urgency and pressure

Act now

Apply now

Call now

Exclusive deal

Get started now

New customers only

Order now


What are you waiting for?

You are a winner

Avoid fraudulent manners


Bulk email

Direct email

No purchase necessary

No cost

No interest

No investment

No obligation

This isn’t a scam

Direct marketing

Avoid words with a technical slang



Cards accepted








Avoid financial spam words


Cash bonus










Spam filters work as a trigger mechanism, your emails will be marked as spam if you don’t avoid spam words in email subject lines. In this article, we have compiled a list of spam words to avoid in email marketing to help you achieve a successful marketing campaign.

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