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How to provide Next order coupon in WooCommerce

Posted by Siddharth Ganesan on  January 25, 2019  in WooCommerce

Next Order Coupons and Customer Retention

It’s different these days. WooCommerce Stores (literally every single store) out there has understood how important customer retention is and they’ve been taking drastic measures to retain their customers. Because they know that,

“Acquiring a new customer costs 5x times more than retaining a customer”

That’s some eye-opening stat ain’t it?

So, how do stores retain customers?

They engage, send personalized emails, conduct give-away contests and use some other traditional customer retention methods.

Not saying it won’t work. But, every one of these works on a may or may not framework.

You need something more powerful, something immediate that would allow you to say “There’s one more customer who’s going to be with my store forever”. That’s the kind of solution you should be having!

And, here’s one such solution – Next Order Coupons aka Smart Coupons or WooCommerce Next Order Discount Coupons.

Let’s see how this works by assuming a scenario,

There’s this customer who is very much interested in a product of yours and he/she has finally placed the order!

Nice. Now you must do something in order to retain him/her forever!

Here’s what you can do – send a next order coupon along with their order confirmation email (offering a 10 – 20% discount on their next order).

There are two things you achieve out of this,

  • You get to drive repeat purchases because your customer has just bought something he/she likes. And a sweet nudge eventually makes them visit your store again.
  • Customer Retention – the moment he/she visits your store again, that’s customer retention happening.

And the best part is, you can be sending next order coupons with Retainful forever!

Too much talking? Let’s get to the point!

Quick Guide – How to Create Next Order Coupon in WooCommerce

Before we start, we assume that you have already installed Retainful. We’ll be getting over with this in 2 quick steps.

Step 1 – Creating the Next Order WooCommerce Coupon

Note: Below attached is a screenshot of Retainful Plugin’s Next Order Coupon section image.

Next order coupon dashboard
  1. Open Retainful and toggle to the “Next Order Coupon” section.
  2. Check the “Yes” radio button to enable next order coupons.
  3. Choose from a variety of given order status options like completed order, canceled order and more. Coupons will not be generated by Retainful until the order status meets the chosen option.
  4. Choose who you should be displaying your smart coupons to – the administrator, the customer or all users (and there are more options available).
  5. Select your coupon type – Percentage or Flat Discount.
  6. And then, mention the coupon value. Remember, if this space is left blank, coupons will not be generated. Also, the minimum value of the coupon should be 1.
  7. Choose whether or not to send coupons for orders created in the backend.
  8. Choose where the coupon should be displayed in the order notification email – after the order details, or the customer details or the order meta details.
  9. Create a custom coupon message if you want to. And also make sure you enter the specifics in the coupon shortcodes,
  • {{coupon_code}} – coupon code
  • {{coupon_amount}} – coupon amount
  • {{coupon_url}} – URL to apply coupon automatically
  • {{coupon_expiry_date}} – coupon expiry date. If the coupon does not have any expiry date this will not be attached to the message.

We are done with step 1, the coupon creation part. Now, for the second step.

Step 2 – Setting Usage Restrictions for the Coupon

Retainful comes with power-packed coupon usage restriction options.

Coupon usage restriction

You will find the coupon usage restriction when you scroll

  1. The minimum and maximum spend values can be set. The coupon is valid only if the customer shops between the set values.
  2. Set coupon validity date. You can simply leave it blank or enter 0 if you do not want the coupon to expire.
  3. Choose multiple date formats for coupon expiry.
  4. Choose which products and categories your next order coupon should be displayed and not be displayed.
  5. And once you are done with customizing your coupon, make sure you click Save.

Your Next Order Coupon is all set and ready to go live.

Yeah, we know. It takes no more than 2 minutes to create a Next Order Coupon with Retainful. It’s all about how efficiently you make use of this to retain your customers.

Haven’t you started creating your WooCommerce Discount Coupon already?

Start creating next order coupons and drive repeat purchases and retain more customers, and let us know once when you’ve sent a thousand smart coupons!

We’ll be waiting to hear from you!

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Siddharth Ganesan
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