7 Proven Techniques to Engage With Your Customers Post-Sales

Posted by Joel Platini on 02 July 2020 in Customer Retention

Most companies don’t bother about post-sales engagement as they don’t know how to engage with existing customers. These businesses don't survive in the long run.

So, what should you do to be successful in the long run? How to keep your customers coming back?

Well, you should focus on developing your post-sales engagement with existing customers. Because well-engaged customers are the ones that drive repeated sales.

Dive into this article, as we show you why customer engagement matters and how to engage with customers post-sales.

Send an email of acknowledgment

If you don’t know how to engage customers, begin with a post-sales acknowledgment email. This will show that you actually care about the customer’s presence in your store.

This email can open the door to further more purchases. A warm thank you acts as a key in creating a confident and friendly shopping experience.

This email from Nike is a great example of a post-sales ‘thank you’ email. It shows that you as a store owner is putting your effort to achieve a fruitful delivery, it leaves a great impression.

A study shows that post-sales emails have higher open rates and click-through rates than any other type of email.

Why are ‘thank you’ emails so successful?

You see, in an eCommerce world, everything you feel is virtual, so ‘Thank you emails are one of those things that bring a ‘human touch’ to a faceless transaction.

With the help of ‘thank you’ emails, you can also request a few things from customers and they’ll be very happy to do it as you’ve already shown your gratitude towards them.

You can ask them to perform activities like,

Even if they don’t make a purchase and abandon their cart you can send cart recovery emails using WooCommerce plugins and request them to complete their purchase.

Sending cart recovery emails will show how much their purchase means to you. It is a great strategy to nurture your relationship with them.

Ask them to refer their friends

An efficient post-sales strategy to keep your customers engaged is through referral marketing. It is a very effective strategy that can nourish your existing relationship and also bring new customers to your store.

A recent study shows that people are four times more likely to purchase from a store that was referred by their friends.

Once the customer makes a purchase, they’ll develop trust over your brand. This is a great time to request them to refer their friends to your store and that’s how to keep your customers coming back.

What if the customer doesn’t refer to their friends?

In these cases, you can run a referral program and reward your customers for every successful referral they bring to our store.

A referral program is a great post-sales strategy that will encourage customers to stay connected to your store.

Your effort will be minimized as customers would be your brand advocates and increase your brand awareness.

Incentivize emails are a great post-sales strategy to grab the attention of the customers.

Sending emails like these will make them feel that they are an integral part of your store which increases their lifetime value and your Word of Mouth sales.

Request reviews to show you value them

Once the customer is finished with his/her purchase, request them for a review, ask them to rate their shopping experience. Ask them whether the checkout process was smooth or frustrating.

Benefits of asking a review from your customers,

  1. Customers will feel that you value their opinions which will make them feel important.
  2. It will give you some useful insights on how customers feel about your store.

Reviews can be crucial to your store in two ways,

  1. You can increase your engagement with your existing customers as you value their opinion.
  2. New customers will develop trust on your store based on these reviews.

This email by Adidas looks bright and attractive and can lure customers into writing a review. Also, you see how they guide customers when they aren’t sure about what to say.

Sometimes, Customers may not be sufficiently motivated to write a review. In this case, you can encourage shoppers to review and reward them.

Offering rewards for a review can look strange, but they have their own benefits like,

  • The rewards will increase your business traffic. Increased traffic, more reviews.
  • When you give incentives to write them, your product review will always finish on a positive note.

Provide useful information about products.

Instead of engaging customers with request emails, you can nurture your relationship by educating them with useful information post-sales.

See, new customers might find it difficult on how to use your products,

So if you’re wondering how to keep customers coming back, start educating them about your products.

With an intuitive guide, you can build credibility over your store. The number of inquiries and product returns can be reduced by educating your customers.

This guide by Framework shows how to hang your art on the wall and it is a perfect testimony for ‘how to engage customers’.

When you send information/guides like these your customers will be overwhelmed which will reduce customer queries.

You may be wondering, don’t products come with instructions? Is it necessary to send a guide? Yes, it is necessary, it will show that you care about your customers and you’ll take the extra mile to satisfy them.

Sending these guides post-sales will also give you a chance to introduce complementary products and make more sales.

Run a loyalty program to reward them

A loyalty program is a great post-sales strategy to continue your engagement with customers after they make a purchase.

The loyalty program can play a key role in customer retention and increase your revenue.

As we discussed earlier, most companies spend much on acquiring new customers, Whereas a loyalty program will encourage and keep your customers coming back to your store.

This strategy not only reduces your expenses but also gives you an opportunity to increase your engagement.

A recent study shows that loyalty members spend 12-18% more on their purchases than non-loyalty members. As eCommerce stores have better access to their customer data, a loyalty program can favor really well.

With a loyalty program, you can reward your customers with exclusive points for signing up, making a purchase, subscribing to the newsletter, etc, which increases loyalty.

SweetLegs is a less know clothing brand, but they have a structured program. Members can earn exciting points for various actions.

When you run a program like this, it will keep your customers coming back to your store, even after purchasing they’ll constantly engage with you.

The ultimate motive of a loyalty program is to retain your customers, and you can effectively achieve it by surprising your customers with rewards and points like these.

Tease customers with next purchases

This is a clever post-sales strategy, instead of waiting until a customer finishes his purchase, start your engagement while they are purchasing at your store.

Yes, we are talking about upselling and cross-selling products. For instance, when a customer is shopping for a camera, recommend related products to them and keep your customers coming back.

When you recommend products like these, it will lure customers into purchasing it which increases revenue eventually.

An interesting aspect of cross-selling or upselling is that you can do this in your post-sales emails too. Guide them to the new items you sell or make suggestions on the basis of their past transactions.

Recommending related or better products like these will show that you value customer’s preferences which will boost your credibility.

Upselling is especially worth pursuing if your platform is a subscription-based platform and you provide multiple services, such as free and paid plans.

Use upselling emails to encourage clients to upgrade to premium on their free plan. Keep this strategy at bay, when you overuse it, you may end up losing your customer.

Personalized engagement

Last of the post-sales strategy is personal engagement, strengthen your customer loyalty with personalized communication based customer’s purchase activities.

Post-purchase customer support is crucial to keep them engaged with the brand and getting personal will act as a catalyst to customer retention.

You can see in this email by Nike, they know how to keep their customer coming back, A simple name in post-sales Thank you an email has a great impact than any other strategy.

Personalizing your post-sales emails can be quite effective, it gives you a chance to directly resonate with customers as you already have their data, using which you can persuade them.


Customer engagement doesn’t end with a purchase, you should employ various post-sales strategy to maintain your engagements. This constant post-sales engagement will foster loyalty and trust over your store.

There were questions like how to engage customers? Why customer engagement matter? That’s why we created this article to educate you on a few proven post-sales engagement tactics.

We use these strategies to engage with our customers and it works great, it’s time for you guys to try it too.

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