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How to Send Next Order Coupons in Your Shopify Store?

Posted by Joel Platini on  May 27, 2021  in Shopify

Driving repeated sales is necessary for a Shopify store to achieve long-term success, discount coupons like Next order coupons can help you do that.

As a Shopify store owner, you might have already known that repeat customers play a crucial role in increasing WOM marketing and sales.

So, the easiest way to make a customer return to your store and drive repeated sales is by giving them a discount coupon for their future purchases.

In this article, we’ll show you how to send Shopify Next order coupons to your customers using Retainful.

What is Next Order Discount?

Next Order Coupon or discounts is a coupon that you send to your customer through emails for their future purchases after they make a successful purchase from your store.

Next Order Coupon

Next order coupons by Retainful is a single-use Shopify discount app coupon that can motivate the customers to return to your store and drive repeat sales.

These next order discount coupons can help retain your customers which minimizes the need for new customers and save you from expenses.

The objective here is to make the customers return to your Shopify store and Next purchase coupons are the easy way to do that as offering discounts on your next purchase will encourage customers to return your store again and again.

Alright, let’s get into the configuration process.

How to create Next order coupon for Shopify?

Configuring and sending Shopify Next order coupons is a straightforward process using Retainful. Let’s get it started,


  1. Login to Shopify and search for Retainful in your Appstore.
  2. Click ‘Add app’ in the Retainful section.
Shopify app store

3. You will land on the installation page. Click ‘Install app’ to install Retainful in your Shopify store.

Install App

If you already have a Retainful account, you’ll be redirected to the Retainful dashboard.

  1. If you don’t have a Retainful account, ‘Create your account’ box will appear.

Here you can enter a password for your account so that you can directly log into Retainful from here.

Create your account

After entering your password, click ‘Create’ and you’ll be redirected to your Retainful dashboard.

Creating Next order coupons

Alright, you’ve installed Retainful in your Shopify store, let’s see how to configure Next purchase coupons.

  1. Navigate to Emails → Manage Emails from the Retainful dashboard.
Manage emails

2. Once you click ‘Manage Emails’, a ‘Choose default discount rule’ popup will appear.

You can also find this at the top of the email templates.

Click ‘Create Discount’ as you are configuring next order discount coupons for the first time.

  1. The Create Discount popup/menu will appear where you have to configure,

Title – Enter a suitable name for the discount coupon

Discount Type – Fixed amount, Percentage, Free shipping are the types available. Choose the suitable discount type.

Discount amount – Enter the discount amount.

Expire In – Enter the expiry date for the discount coupon.

Applies to order above – Enter the minimum order value to earn the discount.

Create Discount

Once you’ve entered the values, click ‘Create Discount’.

  1. The discount will be created, now choose the Discount that you created from the default discount drop-down and click ‘Save’
Default discount

The discount will be applied to all the default email templates.

Sending Next order discount coupon to your customers

We showed you how to create next order discount coupons and now let’s see how you can send them.

Retainful lets you send Next purchase coupons through emails as soon as the customer places a successful order.

There are three default email templates available that can be sent at specific time intervals as per your choice.

Let’s get started with the email templates,

  1. Click ‘Edit Email’ to make changes to the email template.
Edit email

2. Next order coupon template will appear where you can edit the subject line, enter the time that you wish to send this email and make sure to select the condition, there are two available,

  • After the purchase
  • Before the coupon expires
Email template

Once the configuration is done, click ‘Save & Set live’.

  1. Now the email will be active and it’ll be sent automatically after the customer makes a purchase.
Active email

This is how easily you can send Next order discount coupon to your customers using Retainful.

Sending email reminders for next order discount coupons

Sometimes, sending one email might just not be enough, the customers need a push.

For this, you can use the remaining two email templates as reminder emails and send them to customers at specified intervals.

The configuration process is the same,

  1. Click ‘Edit email’ to modify the Discount coupon email template.

Change the subject line, enter the time at which you want to send the email reminder and choose the condition.

Reminder email

Click ‘Save & Set live’, after you’ve made the changes.

  1. Similarly you can modify the 3rd email template, just make sure to change the time and the condition.
Email reminders

Once you click ‘Save & Set live’, both the email reminders will be active and be sent automatically at the specified time intervals.

  • 1st email reminder – After the purchase
  • 2nd email reminder – Before the coupon expiry.
  1. If you feel the two email reminders are not enough, you can add more emails to the sequence by following these steps.

So, this is how you can configure and send Next order discount coupons using Retainful. You can set your campaign live in just a few straightforward steps and watch your customers return to your store again.

Wrapping up

Returning customers are crucial to a Shopify store as they purchase more than the new customers. Sending Next order discount coupons is one of the brilliant ways to make customers return to your store and boost your customer retention rate.

Hope this article helped you understand what is next order discount coupons and how you can drive repeated sales by offering discounts on your next purchase. We have also showed yo how to create and send Next purchase coupons to your customers and achieved repeated sales effortlessly.

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