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How to Increase Customer Engagement on WooCommerce Site Using Loyalty Reward Plugin?

Customer Engagement helps in retaining an old customer and paves a good track than attracting a new one!!

In WooCommerce, customer engagement is indeed a tough task. In the competitive world, every WooCommerce store owner needs a mix of marketing strategies that works out well with their customers.

Undoubtedly, every WooCommerce owner wishes to launch the best WooCommerce loyalty programs. Remember to have a twist of uniqueness to stand ahead of your competitors

WooCommerce Loyalty Rewards are a huge weapon to drag the customer’s attention towards your WooCommerce store. Explore more about the ways to use the loyalty reward plugin and a few customer engagement strategies to engagement.

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What is Customer Engagement?

Though so many definitions line up, customer engagement is nothing but a bond or a connection between the store owner and the customers. When the customer engagement rate is high in your store, probably, it would reflect in your store’s sales.

Customer Engagement Chart

Added, when a store owner knows the customer engagement strategies, it will strengthen the customer’s bond towards the store. Moreover, when a customer gets an emotional connection with the brand, they are more likely to stick to the store and will become brand advocates in the long run.

Running a customer referral program or a loyalty program is the easiest way to increase customer engagement activities as you ask for referrals and interact with the customers. In this article, we’ll emphasize more on loyalty programs and other customer engagement strategies.

How to calculate the customer engagement rate in your WooCommerce store?

Customer engagement rate, being the most important factor for a WooCommerce store, has many inbound and outbound benefits in it. As the WooCommerce world has been crowded enough, there are more competitions arising for clicks, conversions, and sales.

There is no use in improving your customer engagement rate without even measuring it. As it is the most important metric to start with, here are the ways to calculate customer engagement activities for your WooCommerce store.

Guest checkout rate

Guest checkout rate is nothing but the customers who don’t have an account in your store yet indulge in purchasing products. Consider the guest checkout rate to know how many customers are leaving your site without creating an account. Account creation leads to the next purchase.

Guest checkout rate = Guest checkouts/Total Number of Orders

Purchase Frequency

Purchase Frequency helps the store owner to analyze how frequently their customers are purchasing products from their store. By knowing how often your customers are engaging, you can make efforts to bring them back to your store more frequently than before.

Purchase frequency = Total number of orders in last 1 year / No of new/unique customers in last 1 year

Average Order Value

Average Order Value is the average amount spent by the customer in your WooCommerce store. Knowing it in the prior helps in customizing offers or discounts to increase their purchase value. It also helps you to find how much a customer is willing to spend in your WooCommerce store in their single purchase.

Average Order Value = Total Revenue for the last 1 year/ Total Number of Orders placed in last 1 year

Once you understand the baseline of the customer engagement activities and their related strategies, you would be able to find many unending ways to improve it.

Traits of the best WooCommerce loyalty program

The traditional marketing strategies have changed. But, the loyalty of the customers towards the brand remains the same.

Customer Loyalty has become a huge gift for WooCommerce store owners. They wish to show their gratitude towards their loyal customers which in turn results in them in surplus benefits.

Customer retention value

Here are the traits of the best loyalty program for WooCommerce,

  • A frictionless experience for the customers at all touchpoints
  • Perfect interaction with customers through personalized offerings
  • Increased brand value through affiliate partnerships

Almost 57% of the internet users believe in loyalty points and rewards for WooCommerce that become a great benefit for eCommerce store owners. Hopefully, many of your competitors have already implemented their loyalty program rewards to keep their customers happy and satisfied. It doubles their strength and the customers’ perception of the WooCommerce store.

Top effective ways to use Loyalty Reward Plugin to increase customer engagement activities in WooCommerce site

Customer engagement through the loyalty reward plugin is not a daunting task as many eCommerce store owners think. But, it is completely worth the time, energy, and effort to build loyalty among the customers.

Every customer compares other brands before selecting the right eCommerce store to indulge in the purchase. Countless case studies have proven the importance of loyalty and reward plugins available in the market. Rewarding the visitors who remain active in your store with attractive incentives and gifts will persuade them to come back to your store. But, it is not enough just to have any loyalty program.

Only 50% of the loyalty program accounts are actually active. In order to improve customer engagement using the WooCommerce loyalty and rewards plugin, here are the fascinating ways to note down. Don’t miss it!

Offer attractive rewards to your WooCommerce customers

As said before, implementing the loyalty rewards and coupon codes alone never brings customers. Instead, the attractive rewards and the incentives speak!!

UGG Rewards

Research well before indulging in the loyalty reward program. Make use of the data in order to analyze your users and provide beneficial rewards. Do not be stingy in providing rewards. Useful rewards always find their way of reaching customers.

When the rewards are so easy to attain, the number of customers entering your store will also increase. People usually love to get discounts. When you optimize your loyalty program to provide discounts for their favorite brands, your loyalty program will give a hit.

Tie feedback factor into your loyalty program for WooCommerce

Actively listening to the customer’s feedback is also a hint for a healthy business. Not every loyalty program gains the customer’s trust. Instead, when you tie your previous customer’s feedback into your landing page or the home page, there are high chances of getting increased customers.

Loyalty Program Feedback

The feedback given by the customers has the power to grab the attention of the new customers too. In order to make the customers leave feedback about your loyalty program, add rewards for non-transactional engagements like completing surveys, leaving feedback, etc.

Use customer segmentation to reward the customers

Avoid the mistake of giving free rewards to all customers who visit your WooCommerce store. You may know that half of the customers will turn back to another store in an hour or two.

Customer Engagement

In a WooCommerce store, every customer falls under a different category in the sales funnel. Providing incentives and discounts according to the customers’ level in the sales funnel helps in receiving increased returns.

When a customer remains loyal to your WooCommerce store and purchases often, you can increase the incentives or the discount percentage that encourages them to shop more.

Choose incentives carefully to entertain your WooCommerce customers

Whilst deciding the loyalty program incentives, it is necessary to analyze the behavior of your target customers. At times, freebies always devalue your brand and make a smart move thereby enjoying the benefits in your store and jumping to the next in the row.

Incentives for WooCommerce Shoppers

You can take the Starbucks loyalty program as an example. They have given multiple incentives and numerous ways to collect those incentives.

Choose the incentives that make the customers feel good and add value to your brand. Make incentives more attractive that triggers the customers to purchase products from your WooCommerce store. And, always try to benefit your loyal customers more rather than comforting the new users. Always retaining the old customers seems cakewalk compared to the process of bringing new customers.

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Implement customer loyalty points – Unique and Attractive

Implementing loyalty points and rewards for WooCommerce to the customers is not a big deal. But, making them enjoy your loyalty points seems a good one. Compared to your competitors, it is highly important to have simple yet unique loyalty points.

Customer Loyalty Points

You can implement the enlisted customer loyalty points in your Loyalty program to earn more benefits out of it.

  • Sign up Points
  • Referral Points
  • Referral Purchase Points
  • Subscription Points
  • Review/Feedback/Survey Points
  • Participation Points

So, from the above customer loyalty points and rewards for WooCommerce idea, you might have known how to diversify the loyalty program. When the best loyalty program for WooCommerce seems simple to understand, it provides more customers in return to your WooCommerce store.

Market your customer loyalty program

What if your customers don’t have any idea about your customer loyalty program?

Though your customer loyalty program is high user-friendly enough to gain more customers, promoting it stands first. Promoting your customer loyalty program has a high chance of gaining more loyal customers to your WooCommerce store.

Market Loyalty Program

Make sure you are creating a wonderful marketing strategy to promote your customer loyalty program. At times, you can depend on the Loyalty Points and Reward plugin that alerts your customers through email campaigns. Not only emails, but there are different ways to promote your customer loyalty program.

They are,

  • Newsletter
  • Social media Ads
  • Press Release
  • Online Survey/Contests
  • Paid Promotion through affiliates

So, everything is done! When you feel you are left alone in your WooCommerce store competition, glance at the blog. You are not alone.

Added, our experts have spiced up the blog with the top 3 loyalty program plugins that eases your further steps.

Top 3 Loyalty Program WordPress Plugins specially picked up for you

Instead of hiring an IT geek to program amazing loyalty program software, probably, every WooCommerce store owner will dig into the plugins available in the market.

Now, we all know that loyalty program WordPress plugins are countless in the current market. Researching and picking up the one seems the best way to satisfy your WooCommerce store’s market plan.

But, how it would be when an expert in this field has already done the same for you.


Our experts have picked the top 3 loyalty program WordPress plugins that work well with your WooCommerce store. Don’t miss it!!


WPLoyalty – Points and rewards for WooCommerce have become the favorite plugin for many WooCommerce store owners.

WPLoyalty’s Loyalty points, rewards, and referral program


Due to its inbuilt referral program system, the WooCommerce store owners find it easier to handle and earn the benefits out of it. You can use this plugin to reward loyalty points, discounts and coupons to your customers who sign up, purchase products, or write reviews/feedback on your products.


$99/ year for Starters
$129/ year for Professionals
$199/ year for Agency, occupying the next place in the queue, has helped many popular brands to achieve their profit plan. Evy’s Tree stands as an example of using the plugin for their loyalty program.

And, a lot more benefits have been enjoyed by the users.

The WooCommerce store owner has no order limit to any of these plans that bring as an excellent option to choose from.


  • Starter – $49 per month
  • Growth: $199 per month
  • Pro: $599 per month
  • Enterprise: Starts at $1,000 per month

Loyalty Lion

Loyalty Lion occupies the next popular loyalty program WordPress plugin that has a proven track record in satisfying its users. It has also established a joint with Dr. Axe that has bought down amazing results.

Loyalty Lion

And, there are many notable features that help the WooCommerce owners to pick it from the rest. Along with the Flycart and, Loyalty Lion plugin also has equal weightage in providing benefits to the WooCommerce owner.


  • Small Business: $159 per month
  • Classic: $399 per month
  • Advanced: $699 per month
  • Enterprise: For more than 4,000 monthly orders

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Final Takeaways

Shoppers have a lot of options to choose from. So are the WooCommerce store owners. You have an immense list of WooCommerce plugins that greatly helps in increasing the sales margin for the WooCommerce store.

Not only for the customers but the loyalty and referral program always benefits the WooCommerce store owner in increasing customer engagement and customer loyalty. Both bring a huge brand value to the store. Implement these customer engagement strategies and earn the benefits out of it for the long run!!

How do you increase engagement on a loyalty program?

To increase engagement on a loyalty program, businesses should offer meaningful rewards, create personalized experiences, communicate program benefits effectively, and provide opportunities for customers to earn additional points through referrals or social media interactions. Regular program updates, exclusive promotions, and gamification can also help drive engagement.

How do I reward customers in WooCommerce?

To reward customers in WooCommerce, businesses can use various methods such as offering discounts, coupons, reward points, or free gifts. These rewards can be set up and managed through WooCommerce’s built-in features or through third-party plugins.

How do loyalty programs increase customer retention?

Loyalty programs can increase customer retention by providing incentives and rewards for repeat purchases, creating a sense of exclusivity, and fostering customer engagement and loyalty. They also help businesses gather customer data and insights to improve their products or services and tailor their marketing efforts.

What is the best loyalty plugin for WooCommerce?

Retainful is the best loyalty plugin for WooCommerce that offers various features such as customizable reward programs, referral programs, abandoned cart recovery, and email marketing automation.

How do you engage customers with loyalty programs?

To engage customers with loyalty programs, businesses can offer relevant and personalized rewards, create a seamless and user-friendly program experience, communicate program benefits and promotions effectively, and provide exclusive offers or early access to new products or services.

How do I reward customers in WooCommerce?

To reward customers in WooCommerce, businesses can use various methods such as offering discounts, coupons, reward points, or free gifts. These rewards can be set up and managed through WooCommerce’s built-in features or through third-party plugins.