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50 Referral Program Examples for Your Inspiration

Posted by Joel Platini on  September 04, 2020  in Ecommerce

Customers are the cornerstone of any Ecommerce store. Keeping them satisfied is tough and acquiring new leads is costly.

But what if there is a way to retain existing customers and acquire new ones simultaneously through minimal efforts.

Yes, we’re talking about Ecommerce Referral programs. These programs benefit both customers and the merchants.

You can foster loyalty by rewarding your customers and increase your sales with new leads and these Referral program examples are a testimony of it.

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What is an Ecommerce Referral program?

The Ecommerce Referral program is the process of turning your customers into brand advocates to expose your store to new audiences and thus increasing your WOM marketing without much cost and effort.

Reward your customers with exclusive regards like discounts, gift coupons, cash incentives, or next order discounts for every referral they bring to your store.

Ecommerce referral program

By doing that you can increase your engagement and foster loyalty with your existing customers. While new customers will increase your sales organically.

The reason Ecommerce Referral programs have become a huge success in Ecommerce stores is because every party involved can get the benefits.

Why does your store need an Ecommerce Referral program?

What is the most crucial thing about an Ecommerce store?

Customers, right!

Let’s imagine you already have a good customer base but you want to expand. So, you’re looking for new customers to boost your sales.

But you know acquiring new customers is costly.

That’s where the Ecommerce Referral program comes to the rescue. Where you can leverage your existing customers to acquire new customers without spending a lot.

Revenue statistics

Ecommerce Referral programs are not only to acquire new customers but also to retain the existing customer base.

Because loyal customers are the ones with a high conversion rate, they spend more on their purchases and stabilize your revenue.

So, back to the question, why do you need an Ecommerce Referral Program?

  • To retain existing customers and foster loyalty.
  • To acquire new customers without spending a fortune.
  • To increase the sales organically with a stabilized revenue.

How does the eCommerce Referral program work?

Ecommerce stores have become more agile than ever, thanks to the plugins. A dynamic plugin is what you need to initiate an Ecommerce Referral program in your store.

Let’s sequence the process of a Ecommerce Referral Program,

  • Every customer in your store gets a unique referral link with a code.
  • Your customers invite their friends using the referral code or the link.
  • The friend(Referral) visits your store using the link, gets the discount code and makes a successful purchase.
  • Your customers get a reward as his friends have completed the purchase. This reward can be a percentage or flat discount or a free product depending on you.
Referral program workflow

This is how an Ecommerce Referral program works, it increases the WOM marketing and increases the customer retention rate which eventually increases your sales on the go.

The Referral program examples shown in this article will give you a clear view of how eCommerce stores are benefiting from it.

How to Initiate an Ecommerce Referral program in your store?

Referral programs cannot be implemented overnight, you need to strategize your goals and layout a perfect plan before you take off.

Carry out research on your audience to find out what interests them and what makes them happy. Then decide what kind of audience you want to target so that you can tailor your marketing campaign.

Here are some tactics that can help you create a successful Ecommerce Referral program,

Define your goals

Defining your goals beforehand is the wisest thing to do.

Remember, you won’t start travelling without knowing the destination, right? The same goes for a Referral program too, decide why you need this program and what you’re going to do after it has been initiated.

If you’re doing this to acquire new customers then think if your store has the resources to sustain the traffic.

If your store isn’t optimized enough for more traffic then first optimize it and then start your Referral Program.

Get a clear picture of your plan and its outcomes before proceeding. You must have an answer for every issue that might come in your way and that’s why defining your goals is crucial before starting anything.

Prepare a list of your sources

The anchoring component of your Ecommerce Referral program is your existing customer base, in this case, they are your sources.

So you make a list of all your sources, your current customer, past customers, people who almost become your customers, industrialists, other merchants, etc.

This list will form the foundation of your Ecommerce Referral program. Start with them and make your way through to reach more of them.

Fabricate a plan

Now that you have a list of Referral sources, it’s time to pinpoint your golden eggs. Look for customers who have engaged very well with your services before.

Now, these people are your integral sources who will refer your store to any number of people without expecting much from you.

You take a list of these integral sources and start reaching out to them. While reaching out, don’t stick to conventional methods of sending an email with an incentive offer, try something unique.

Two things to remember while reaching out is,

  • Do it at the right possible timing or don’t do it at all.
  • Pick your poison, yes choose the right referrals, look for people who’ll do anything for your betterment and choose them as your advocates.

Decide what you want to offer

Choosing the right incentives is crucial for the success of your Ecommerce Referral program.

What difference does it make?

Well, it makes a huge difference, most people prefer percentage discounts or gifts when compared to free cash. So, decide your incentives.

Now make a list of people who prefer cash incentives and those who don’t. This will increase the efficiency of your Ecommerce Referral program.

Get the word out

So, you’re all set, you know what incentives you want to give and to whom you want to offer it. Also, you’ve decided on your sources too, now it’s time to let people know about your program.

You can use your own marketing medium to promote your Ecommerce Referral program.

Marketing mediums like,

  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Promotional emails Abandoned cart emails etc
  • Product updates.

These mediums will get the word out faster and once your Ecommerce Referral program gains enough attention you can initiate it and measure your sales and new customers simultaneously.

Track Your Referrals

It doesn’t matter how big your company is, you should always keep track of your Referrals. Don’t think just because you are a big firm people would start referring to your store. You should watch and track every aspect of your Referrals.

Things like,

  • Referrer and Referral
  • How and when they were referred
  • Did they convert or not
  • How are going to engage with them

These are the things you should keep track of your eCommerce Referral program. Maybe using a Referral tracking plugin can help you out in your endeavor.

That’s it! That’s how you initiate an Ecommerce Referral program in your store.

Many stores have successfully implemented it and succeeded, below are some of the best Referral programs examples for your consideration.

50 Ecommerce Referral program examples for your store

Fashion Ecommerce Referral program Examples

Fashion Ecommerce stores have been in great demand in the past years. Ecommerce Referral programs are a great way for fashion stores to attract new customers and here are some of the examples.

Fashion Shoes

ZooShoo offers the finest quality fashionable footwear. Their eCommerce Referral program is as simple as it gets, that’s why it took the first spot.

Zooshoo referral program

ZooShoo’s Ecommerce Referral program is one of the best Referral program examples as it offers 10$ each for both the Referrer and the Referral. A link will be given to the customer and his friend must use the link to purchase in order to get the rewards.

The crucial criteria in this Ecommerce Referral program is that the Referral has to make a purchase of 40$, only then both of them will be rewarded.

This boosts your sales, increases your revenue and most importantly flourishes your relationship with the customer.


Watchshop is the ultimate stop where you can get all kinds of designer watches from various brands. Its eCommerce Referral program is also unique just like the watches they sell.

Tesco referral program

Watchshop’s Ecommerce Referral program allows you to offer 30% off for your friends first purchase. Your friend can earn a 30% off and an exclusive chance to win a watch worth £250.

For Referring your friend you get a £10 worth Tesco digital gift card for your next order when your friend makes his first purchase.


Blenders eyewear offers some of the best affordable eyewear in the market. The company is lauded for its dependable quality and also for its exquisite Referral program.

Blenders referral program

Blenders eye wear’s Ecommerce Referral program concentrates on sales and revenue. It holds that one Referral principle, you don’t get rewarded until your friend makes a purchase.

This Ecommerce Referral program example offers a reward of 20 $ for each successful referral. But to earn that reward your friend must complete a purchase worth of 50$ and then you both get a 20$ off. This will motivate your customers to make a purchase which increases your revenue.

Flash Discounts

Uniqlo is a fashion store that solely concentrates on Winter fashion for both men and women. They offer discounts for the designer brands.

Uniqlo referral program

Uniqlo’s Ecommerce Referral program offers a 10$ discount on their next order. Remember Uniqlo has an inventory of luxury winter products so 10$ discounts is a great deal.

You refer your friend by offering him 10$ discount on his first purchase and you get 25$ discount for your next flash sale purchase.

Leather Lifestyle

Hentley is a one-stop shop for all your leather accessories from wallets, bags and special purchases for all demographics.

Hentley referral program

This Ecommerce Referral program example is a bit unique, you can get rewarded for the number of Referrals. You can earn a 11% discount for a single Referral and a 10% discount for your Referrals first purchase.

Your discount will increase as the Referral increases,17% discount when you bring 5 Referrals and ultimately a free product when you bring in 11 Referrals.

This will persuade customers to stay loyal to your store for a long time and it will also increase your sales.

Fashion Sneakers

Cole Haan brings you sneakers and other fashion accessories for both men and women. Considering the price of their products, an Ecommerce Referral program is the best deal to purchase at Cole Haan.

Colehaan referral program

Cole Haan’s Ecommerce Referral program is pretty simple, you can let your friends earn a 25$ discount on their first purchase by referring them to Cole Haan. And for every purchase the referral completes you’ll be rewarded with a 25$ discount.

Exotic Jewels

Brilliant Earth can make you awe with the range of jewels they have at their disposal. Just like their jewels, their Ecommerce Referral program is also a breathtaking deal.

 Brilliant earth referral program

Brilliant Earth’s Ecommerce Referral program offers a lavish deal of 100$ discount. Your referral will be rewarded with a surprising gift when they complete their first purchase. As a referrer you’ll also be rewarded with a 100$ discount for your Next purchase.

But there is a criteria to earn this deal, the referral must complete a purchase of 1000$ and only then you and your friend can earn the rewards.

Femina Fashion

Lulus is an exclusive fashion store for Women, from casual wear to bridal wear Lulus is an unskippable store for ladies. Same goes for their Referral program too.

Lulus referral program

This Ecommerce Referral program example follows the simple refer a friend principle which is ‘you earn when your friends completes a purchase’. They offer a discount of 29$ for both the Referral and Referrer.

The referral gets a 20$ discount for their first purchase of 50$ or more worth of products. Only if the Referral purchase is 50$ or above the reward is valid.

This will motivate customers to make a purchase in order to earn the discount which simultaneously increases your sales.

Fashion Accessories

So, finally, if you’re looking for every fashion product under one roof then FarFetch is the right store for you. Their eCommerce Referral program offers a straightforward deal.

 Farfetch referral program

FarFetch’s Ecommerce Referral program is a basic deal as mentioned earlier. They offer a 10% discount which might not seem much but for the number of exclusive brands they sell, this deal is really a steal.

Your friend gets a 10 % off for their first purchase and you get a 10 % off for your next purchase when the Referral completes a purchase using the link.

Farfetch referral program 50$

Were you shocked with just 10% discount, here is a surprise from Farfetch. If you want a price discount instead of percentage discount Farfetch has the option for you. Not many stores have this option and that’s what makes FarFetch’s Ecommerce Referral program unique.

Health, Sports & Beauty Ecommerce Referral program Examples

People have started to trust Health products & Beauty cosmetics from online merchants. So, to make use of this opportunity having an Ecommerce Referral program in your store can increase your conversions.

Sports Accessories

The Sports Edit is an all-in-one store that has all the sports equipment you need and it is available for both men and women. It’s Ecommerce Referral program is pretty simple.

Sports edit referral program

The Sports edit’s Ecommerce Referral program offers a Referral discount of 15% for every successful referral you bring to the store. The referral also earns a 15% discount for their first purchase using your unique referral link.

A 15% offer is a huge deal considering the type of products that they’re selling.

Sports accessories are getting costly at wholesale stores so online retails like Sports edit are the best spot to purchase your’re favorite sports products at lightning deals.

Fitness Equipment

If you’re owning a Gym or trying to build a personal workout studio then Decathlon is the best spot to purchase all your fitness equipment at affordable prices and flash deals.

 Decathlon referral program

This Ecommerce Referral program example is focused more on getting the sales, they offer a 10$ discount for both the Referral and Referrer.

You get a Referral link as soon as you sign in, you can share the link to your friend.

Now when your friend signs in using your Referral link he gets a 10$ discount for his first purchase which must be a minimum of 50$. When the referral completes a purchase of 50$ you’ll be rewarded with a 10$ discount.

Beauty Enhancements

There is a huge demand for cosmetics stores as of now, stores like Tarte Cosmetics have made a better use of Referral program to increase their brand awareness.

Tarte cosmetics referral program

Tarte Cosmetics have many reward programs in their store and combined with an Ecommerce Referral program you can earn a huge deal of rewards so early. Their Ecommerce Referral program offers a deal of 15% off when you refer your friend to the store.

Your friend will earn a 15% off for his first purchase and likewise you will be rewarded when he makes a successful purchase, there is no criteria involved here.

Also, you can also earn 100 points just for signing up, and a lot more rewards as you continue the journey as a customer.

This Referral program example has shown you that the more you offer rewards to customers, the more they stay loyal and the more the spend on your products thus increasing your revenue.

Health Vitamin Supplements

Nowadays, people find it hard to visit a physical pharmacy to purchase a supplement. That’s why these supplement Ecommerce stores are rising, with the right Ecommerce Referral program you can earn a fortune with these stores.

Just vitamins referral program

Just Vitamins Ecommerce Referral program offers a 20% discount for a Referral first order using your unique Referral link. When your referral successfully completes a purchase you’ll be rewarded with a £5 discount code for your Next order.

Running Shoes

On Running is the perfect stop if you’re looking to purchase high-performance and durable running shoes. Their eCommerce Referral program is also a durable one that persuades customers into referring their friends.

 On running referral program

This Ecommerce Referral program example motivates you to refer your friend as a partner. They offer a referral reward of 10% discount when the referral makes his first purchase and you’ll earn a reward of 10% discount code when the referral successfully completes a purchase.

It may not be much but the way they promote their Ecommerce Referral program is unique when compared to others. They are motivating their customers in a healthy way to refer their friends.

Hair Care Supplies

Verb is an iconic Ecommerce store that sells haircare products. They have a unique rewards program and also an Ecommerce Referral Program.

Verb referral program

Verb’s Ecommerce Referral program offers a 7$ deal for every successful referral. The referrals will be given a 7$ off for their first purchase and when they complete a purchase of products worth 50$, you’ll be rewarded with 7$ for referring your friend.

Their Referral might look low but considering their rewards program you can earn a lot for signing up, writing a review and many more. This is a great tactic for attracting more customers and fostering loyalty.

Skin care Cosmetics

Pai skincare offers a plethora of skincare products for various parts of your body and they even have baby care products. Pai skincare’s Ecommerce Referral program is a pretty simple program.

Pai skincare referral program

Their referral reward is €15 which you can earn when your referral completes a purchase worth of €30. You can offer €15 off for your Referrals first purchase. Offering rewards for skin care stores can propel your sales to the next level.

Food and Beverage Ecommerce Referral program Examples

Household Products

Big Basket is one of the best places to shop for household products and to manage the huge fan base, they created an Ecommerce Referral program to keep their customers satisfied and attract new ones at the same time.

Big basket referral program

Big Basket Ecommerce Referral program follows the usual refer and earn principle. The referral gets the reward for his first order and if he goes to complete a purchase worth a certain amount the Referrer gets the reward for bringing in a successful referral.

Lifestyle Drinks

Elements sell the finest wellness drinks for a better lifestyle and their Ecommerce Referral program opens the door to new customers and retains the existing customers effectively.

 Elements referral program

Elements Ecommerce Referral program offers a reward of 10$ for the referrals first purchase and once they complete their maiden purchase the referrer gets rewarded 10$ for bringing the referral.

They also offer additional rewards programs where you can earn a 15% off on your first order when you sign up to their newsletters.

Refreshment Drinks

Hydrant is a beverage store that sells refreshment drinks that can quench your thirst and keep you hydrated. Their eCommerce Referral program offers a lucrative deal.

Hydrant referral program

Hydrant’s Ecommerce Referral program is a lucrative Referral program example as it offers a whopping 50% off for referrals. You can hive 50% off to your friends when they make their first purchase.

Why is the offer so high?

Because they are just starting out and this is a great way to attract customers. Everyone will be enticed when they hear a 50 % offer for a referral.

This will motivate customers to refer your store to their friends and the referrals will happily purchase as they are getting a 50% off.

This Referral program example is a testimony of how to increase your sales and boost the brand awareness of any startup.

Packaged Foods

Packaged foods have become a trend in this digital world. If you own a store that sells packaged foods then with an Ecommerce Referral program you can achieve success in no time.

 Packaged foods referral program

Muscle food is a one stop destination for all your cravings. Their Ecommerce Referral program is more oriented towards selling their products and holding their customers for a long time.

Muscle Foods do it in a unique way, instead of offering cash rewards they offer their products as rewards. This increases the awareness and sales of your profits.

The referral can earn a freebie when he completes the purchase using the referral link. The referrer earns a cash incentive and loyalty points which can be used for his next purchase for referring his friend.

Rewarding products instead of cash is a great way to keep your customers attached to your products.

Power Beverages

We live in a fitness conscious world where power drinks are the catalyst that every individual needs to stay fit and healthy.

LifeAid is a power drink Ecommerce store that has an impeccable track record with a Referral program.

Lifeaid referral program

LifeAid Ecommerce Referral program offers you 20% for referring your friend but he must complete a purchase to earn the reward. This criteria is crucial to persuade the customer into purchasing.

The referral earns a 20% off on his first purchase when he signs up using your referral link.

Power Beverages stores like these are like a magnet when it comes to attracting crowds so having an Ecommerce Referral program like this will give rise to a loyal customer base.

Farm Grown Foods

Stores like Farm Fresh To You have brought the farmers’ market to your screens where you can order fresh farm foods and it’ll be delivered to your doorsteps.

Farm Fresh To You Ecommerce Referral program offers a discount of 25$ when you refer the store to your friends.

Farm fresh referral program

All you have to do is share the unique Refer-a Friend code. It also has customer emails, social sharing options that makes it easy for you to share them.

By referring them you save 25$ when your friend joins the store using your Referral code. This is a great way to motivate your customers to bring in new leads and increase your sales.

Electronics Gadgets & Appliances Ecommerce Referral Program Examples

Gone are the days where we visited physical stores to purchase electronics. Now we can do it by lying in our bed and their Referral programs show that they are having a great run.

Drones & Quadcopters

Devices like these are something that you can’t purchase in physical stores. DJI has revolutionized drones and has earned a large fanbase.

DJI knows it very well that the only way to keep their fansbase intact is by an Ecommerce Referral Program.

DJI referral program

This Ecommerce Referral program example is simple, you have to share a 10$ coupon to your friend. You see, instead of a link you’ll be directly sending a 10$ coupon. This will persuade a customer to purchase at your store.

Now when your friend completes a purchase using your coupon, you’ll be rewarded with a 10$ credit and an extra gift.

DJI’s Referral strategy is simple instead of making the referral earn the reward they are straight away awarding it to them. This is a great way to foster trust and loyalty with a customer and increase your sales.

Computer Accessories

MSI is a well-known computer hardware manufacturer and their stores are eye-candy to watch and a true crowd puller. Its eCommerce Referral program is something that keeps its customers so close to them.

MSI referral program

MSI Ecommerce Referral program is a thoughtful Referral program example as it does not offer cash incentives rather they offer purchase points. Sign in to MSI and refer your friends, you’ll earn the points when your friends complete a purchase.

The most important thing about this Ecommerce Referral program is the prizes, not only the purchase points you can also win a product as a reward.

Offering products as a reward is a great way to motivate more customers to refer their friends. This will increase your sales and your customer count and that’s how MSI does it.

Electronic devices

Samsung has a Ecommerce, yes, can you believe it? Even the electronic giant has an Ecommerce Referral program to get hold of their customers.

Samsung referral program

Samsung’s Ecommerce Referral program is a bit complex because there are many offers involved but the main story is, Refer your friend using the Referral code and earn exciting rewards.

Your friend gets an 8% discount on his first purchase using the Referral code.

Even though there isn’t much of a reward in this program, the reason it’s on this list is to show you how impactful Referral programs are.

They can retain your customers and gain you new ones without much investment. So, it’s time you have one too.

Security Electronics

Looks like almost every Ecommerce category has their own Referral program in their store. Security gives way to trust and the best way to earn your customer’s trust is through an Ecommerce Referral program.

Simplisafe referral program

Simplisafe has an interesting Ecommerce Referral program. Their goal is to earn the trust of their customers through their service and product, not through cash incentives.

Refer your friend to SimpliSafe and when he purchases a product from Simplisafe you get a free alarm monitoring for one month.

By this way you win the loyalty of your customers and you get your product a better exposure which can lead to its sales. Trust your products and let them do the wonders for you.


When it comes to sound speakers, Bose is the undisputed leader. It has revolutionized audio systems for a couple of decades and guess what?

Even the biggest audio system store has its own Ecommerce Referral program.

Bose referral program

Bose’s Ecommerce Referral program is straightforward and it’s main goal is to acquire new customers. You bring a Referral to the store and he gets a 10$ discount for a purchase of 200$.

Yes, the existing customer doesn’t get a reward and that’s how these companies work.

They experiment with their technologies every time so they need an ever changing customer base to stay at the top and that’s why they are successful.

Smart Wearables

Smart wearables have been growing popular these days and stores like Pavlok have taken full advantage of it using a Ecommerce Referral program to broaden their customer base.

Pavlov smart wearable referral program

Pavlov’s Ecommerce Referral program is a great way to retain the customers and straighten the engagement. Share the Referral link with your friends and invite them to purchase at pavlov.

The advocates get a reward of 15% of the purchase the Referral makes. This will motivate your customers to refer a friend, which will boost your brand awareness exponentially.

Wifi Gadgets

Skyroam is a pioneer of Wifi Gadgets and its Ecommerce Referral program is targeted for both the Advocate and the Referral.

Skyroam referral program

Every customer gets a unique Referral link which they can share to their friends. When the Referral purchases the Skyroam device, he gets a 20% off on Global hotspot.

The advocate who referred will get a reward of 50% off in Wifi service. Skyroam doesn’t offer cash incentives rather they offer a service or a product as reward.

This will create awareness for the brand which will increase the sales to next level.

Household & Travel supplies Ecommerce Referral program examples


Moy Furniture’s Ecommerce Referral program is pretty simple, you’ll receive a Referral link as soon as you sign up.

Moy furniture referral program

Share this link with your friends and when they make a purchase using the link you’ll receive a reward of £50 after 14 days of purchase.

Having an Ecommerce Referral program in a furniture store is a great way to attract more leads to your store.

Home Lighting

Lulu & Georgia is one-stop destination for your home decors, especially lightings. Their eCommerce Referral program is an example of how to get hold of your existing customer and attract new ones in one move.

Lulu & Georgia referral program

The advocate can earn 50$ off as a reward when their Referrals makes a purchase. This will also motivate the referrals because they also get 10% as a reward for their first order.

Offering rewards like this will motivate the new customers to complete a purchase and also the advocates to bring in more friends.

House Pet Food

Pets are also a part of the household and that’s why most household Ecommerce stores have pet services too. JR pet products have a great Ecommerce Referral program which increases the rewards as the Referral increases.

JR pets referral program

Every Referral gets a 10% in their first order when they complete a purchase using the link you provided. And for bringing in a Referral you’ll get a 10% of reward of your Referral purchase.

This criteria is unique because if you want to earn more you must bring more Referrals to the store.

Advocates will be encouraged to bring in more Referrals which increases your sales simultaneously.

Pet Supplies

Pets need some supplies like chew toys, litter boxes, etc. and PetFlow is the best place to get all of this. Pet Flow’s ecommerce Referral program is an example of how simple a program must be.

Petflow referral program

Refer PetFlow to your friends and earn a reward of 10$ and for successfully completing their first purchase the Referral will also get a reward of 10$.

A simple Ecommerce Referral program but considering this is a pet supplies store it is an effective one to leave an impression on the pet wonders mind.

Household Lifestyle supplies

Leesa is the perfect destination if you want to purchase your household supplies like mattresses, sofa and many more. They also have a very lucrative Ecommerce Referral Program.

 Leesa referral program

Leesa’s Ecommerce Referral program offers a lavish 75$ cash for every successful referral. All you have to do is share the referral link and wait till the referral makes a purchase.

The best thing about this program is that there is no criteria to win the reward. You’ll be rewarded as soon as the referral makes a purchase.

Smart Luggages

How do you feel about designing your own luggage? Roam luggage offers customization options that allow you to build your own travel bag. Their enticing Ecommerce Referral program is an excellent way to keep customers happy.

Roam referral program

Roam’s Ecommerce Referral program offers a straightforward deal where the advocate and the referral can earn hefty rewards.

The advocate gets a 50$ worth amazon gift card once the referral makes his first purchase which has 50$ off as a reward of the Ecommerce Referral porgram.

Personal Supplies

If you’re looking for a store to purchase personal accessories like bags, wallets, keychain, etc. then Kiplings is the right spot for you.

 Kipling referral program

Kipling has a remarkable Ecommerce Referral programs that concentrates both on retaining customers and acquiring new ones. Your referral gets a 25% off as a reward for their first purchase.

For successfully completing the purchase and for referring the store the advocate can take home a 25$ reward once they complete it.

This Ecommerce Referral program is targeted to achieve more revenue because there is a criteria where the referral has to purchase 100$ if products to receive the reward.

Educational Ecommerce Referral program Examples

Educational Toys

BrightMinds offer a great service to parents and teachers with their educational toys so that the children can have a better future. Their Ecommerce Referral program is more of a catalyst to purchase decisions.

Bright minds referral program

It’s surprising to see a reward program like this in an educational toy store, they’ve made a convincing job. BrightMinds Ecommerce Referral program offers 500 points when you refer a friend.

You can redeem these points during the purchase and remember they offer 5 points for every £1 spent.

This is an excellent strategy to keep customers returning to the store and drive repeated purchases.

Printing Services

Blurb offers printing and book publication services and their Ecommerce Referral program looks very enticing.

Blurb referral program

Your referrals can earn a 20% off for their first book and for referring them the advocate gets a 30% deal for his next purchase. Pretty sweet deal, isn’t it?

Instead of offering cash rewards they are persuading the customers to buy their service which can have a great impact on their sales.

Children Books

ME Books offer some of the best collection of Children’s books and they have a Ecommerce Referral programs that solely targets the customers into purchasing the products.

ME Books referral program

Online Education

Alison provides the best online educational services at affordable prices and the way they take care of their students reflects in their Ecommerce.

Alison referral program

Alison’s Ecommerce Referral program entices students to take up a course and master it. You can earn a free certificate and diplomas when you refer a friend.

They offer their service as a reward rather than offer cash incentives, this way they can foster loyalty within the students.

The more they refer the more certificates they’re going to get and that’s why Alison is unique in offering educational services.

Software & Services Referral program examples

Software Services

Chetu is one of the finest software solution firms with a very lucrative Ecommerce Referral program.

Chetu referral program

Chetu’s Ecommerce Referral program is pretty simple, all you have to do is refer your friend and when he requests a service proposition from chetu you get a reward of 500$.

As these are not Ecommerce Referral program stores offering lucrative cash incentives is the best way to gain more leads and retain your customers.

Home Decor Services

DesignCafe offers some of the finest home decor services you can get. Like we said before as these are not Ecommerce stores, they have a pretty lavish Referral program.

Design cafe referral program

Offering rewards like these will increase your WOM marketing and propel your services to new horizons.

Vacation & Tour Services

The only way services like these can expand their customer base is through an Ecommerce Referral program and they haven’t missed out on it.

Kensignton referral program

Kensington tours offer a 250$ reward in their Ecommerce. When you refer a friend to Kensington tours he gets a 250$ reward for their first trip.

And the advocate gets a 250$ reward for referring their friends and this is how tour services can expand their customer base.

7 Iconic Referral Program Examples


Google referral program

Even the most popular search engine has its own Referral program. Referral program. They reward their business customers for bringing in new users for Google Apps for work.

Rules of this Referral program are pretty simple, all you have to do is provide your name and email address. Then Google will send you a Referral link to your inbox. Now you can share this unique Referral link to your friends.

Google form

You can offer exclusive discounts to your Referrals and when these referrals activate their Google App for work account, the person who bought in the Referral gets rewarded.

You can earn upto $7.50 when your Referral subscribes to g suite and you’ll be rewarded with coupons for additional referrals.

Crucial Takeaway – It is necessary to credit your advocates for recommending your product or service to their peers. This would improve your engagement with them, and allow them to refer you back and forth.

Encourage your customers to healthily promote your links to their friends by personalizing them.


Dropbox implemented one of the most unique Referral programs on the Internet. Instead of rewarding their users with cash incentives, they went on to do it in their own way, free storage space.

Dropbox referral program

Dropbox is a famous cloud storage firm that initiated a Referral program with product-based rewards instead of usual cash rewards.

Their Referral program is simple, refer your friend and bring them to Dropbox and get 500MB of free storage space. Both the Referer and the newly referred user can get 500MB to 16GB of storage space as a reward.

The result of this program was groundbreaking, their signups significantly increased to 60% in a short span with around 2.5 million refer a friend invites sent in one month.

Thanks to this iconic Referral program, Dropbox revolutionized their marketing campaign. So, now instead of spending 288$ to 388$ for ads per customer they are spending 0$ for their ads.

Pretty cool! Right?

Dropbox built on the need for additional storage space for users and hence offered it as a recommendation reward to gain more customers.

This is what Dropbox achieved with their Referral program

  • Increased their signups by 60%
  • Acquired 4 million new users in a year.
  • 35% of daily sign ups through this program

Crucial Takeaway – Don’t limit your rewards to just cash and gifts, think out of the box and offer something based on your products. This will make your customers stay loyal and committed to your brand which will eventually bring your more referrals.


Is it any wonder that even the famous ride-app has a Referral program. This shows how successful these Referral programs are to a Business.

Uber’s Referral program is similar to Dropbox, they don’t offer cash incentives rather their rewards are integrated into their product.

So, everytime a customer creates an account he/she gets a unique customer referral code. Now, when a new user signs up using their finds Referral code both the friend and the user gets a free trip.

Uber referral program

This Referral program caught like a wildfire and now almost every ride-app is using this Referral program to get more customers to meet their demands.

The most amazing thing about Uber Referral program is that they right away introduced it to mobile devices through apps. This boosted their conversion as most people use mobile phones.

Crucial Takeaway – Offering double-sided incentives helps the advocates to view their interaction with higher purpose. They’ll feel easier to know that their contacts are getting more than just an irritating email, making them more likely to respond to it in the first place.


Paypal built an ambitious Referral program where the customers are rewarded with cash incentives for referring their friends.


Paypal being an online payment system service has been in the game for so many years. Back then, they used to have a Referral program where they would offer 20% for opening an account and 20% for Referring someone.

This was very lucrative and it took them to a status where they are now So now they’ve changed their Referral program where you’ll get a unique Referral link.

You can send this link to your friends and they must join using the link and achieve a transaction of 10$ within 45 days. If the Referral fulfills the criteria both the referrer and the referral will get 10$ each.

You see they used to give away free cash once but once they reached the top of their game, they refined their strategy. Many businesses have been using this strategy to gain popularity and it works like hell.

Crucial Takeaway – Offering Free cash is a great way to get more people to sign up to your service but it only works if you have the enough money to keep it going.


The note-taking app Evernote launched a Referral program which rewards the customers every time they make successful referrals.

Evernote referral program

By doing this they were able to increase their customer retention rate because if a referral upgrades to premium the referrer will be rewarded. This increases the engagement with existing customers.

The result of this successful Referral program is that now there are millions of people using this app and almost 13 million of its users came through this Referral program.

The interesting aspect about this Referral program is that it doesn’t end when a customer makes a Referral.

Instead the program gets upgraded as the referral’s journey upgrades. The customer gets a reward when their friends upgrade their account so this will motivate them to make more referrals to earn more rewards.

Crucial Takeaway – Don’t end your Referral program when a customer makes a Referral. Instead keep them going by rewarding your Referrers when the Referrals upgrade their account. This cycle will increase engagement and motivate you to make more referrals.


This accounting app has a Referral program that rewards both the new customer and the referrer a 10% discount as long as they’re paying subscribers.

Freeagent referral program

Unlike other Referral programs, the thing that makes Freeagent more unique is that the discounts are stackable.

Which means that the rewards get stacking up every time a customer makes a Referral and once they’ve referred 10 peers the app is completely free for the customer.

Programs like this will foster loyalty and customers will be motivated to share the link to as many of their friends and thus increasing the conversion rates.

So, once a customer refers 10 friends they can join the Evangelist program which gives them a 20% discount for every successful referral.

Crucial Takeaway – This program not only rewards for every referrals but also it has a goal. Once the goal of 10 is reached they get upgraded to another Referral program. You should always keep the cycle going this will encourage customers to participate without frustrations.


The electric car company Tesla has adapted over the years to represent its customer base through its Referral Program.

Tesla referral program

They used to offer 1000$ when a customer refers a friend but now they’ve revised their strategy where a Tesla owner can get a Powerwall 2 battery when they refer a friend.

Another unique thing about Tesla’s Referral program is that it keeps stacking up. If a customer makes 20 Referrals in their region can win a Model X or Model X.

There are some more Referral rewards like getting invited to an exclusive party or other limited edition products. These kinds of incentives are rare and it motivates the customers to enter it and win.

Crucial Takeaway – If you have enough resources you can offer any lucrative rewards. In the end, the winner will always be you, because through these Referral programs you can increase the demand, make good revenue and attract more customers to your business.


Referral programs are one of the best ways to retain your customers and bring in new leads without spending much. Most of the Ecommerce stores and other businesses have their Ecommerce Referral program and the Referral program examples discussed here will give you clarity on how to set up an eCommerce Referral program in your store.

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