Automate Email Marketing and Boost Sales.

Automate email marketing and boost sales

10 Fashion eCommerce store Marketing Strategies

Fashion eCommerce stores have become a dwelling spot for many online shoppers.

This has forced many entrepreneurs to initiate a Fashion eCommerce store. As of 2024, Fashion sales leads the list among many other eCommerce sales.

But, most of these fashion stores fail miserably in the long run because of poor fashion eCommerce marketing strategies.

Lack of fashion eCommerce marketing ideas can eat your store from within, that’s why we wanted to discuss some of the finest fashion eCommerce marketing strategies.

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What is the need for Fashion eCommerce marketing?

Initiating your store is easy, eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce/Shopify have made the creation of eCommerce stores pretty simple.

But is that all enough to achieve sales?

No, creating and running a Fashion eCommerce store will not bring you enough sales, people can’t magically find your store, you’ve to take it to them.

And that’s why you need Marketing, it can expose your store to a new audience and achieve sales.

Does every marketing strategy work?

Yes, but you should know what to do and when to do it if you want the strategy to work. That’s what we are going to discuss in this article.

Best Marketing Strategies for your Fashion store

Use Popups and boost conversions

Generally, eCommerce users find popups to be annoying. But did you know that you can also use popups to advertise in a way that it entices the customers and increases their user experience?

What can we advertise through popups?

Well, you can ask customers to subscribe to your fashion newsletter, follow your social media profile and many more.

Now the catch is, how will you know that your customers will interact with the popup?

The easy way to do it is to entice them with an offer.

10% off popup

This will grab your customer’s attention and they will enter their email and subscribe to your newsletter to earn that offer.

You can also use Add to Cart popups to advertise any aspect of your business. Add to cart popups can increase your brand awareness and foster loyalty among customers.

Taylore Stitch 20% off popup

Offering discounts through your popups can boost your conversions because popups are visible to everyone and it has a 3% conversion rate of every website visitor.

Here is a quick recap of components you can market using popups,

  • Email newsletters for fashion ideas.
  • Promote your fashion catalog.
  • Expose your Social media presence.
  • Display your discounts.
  • Announce special sales in your store.

These are the things you can promote using popups. Fashion stores strive for the best customer experience so use popups and satisfy your customers.

Send emails to stay in touch with customers

The best fashion eCommerce marketing strategy is to stay in touch with the customers and what better way is there to connect with customers than emails.

Emails are cost-effective and an efficient medium of communication with the highest ROI.

So, where do I get customer emails?

Just like we explained earlier, through popups. You can build an email list and segregate the audience based on buyer personas.

Sunday style

Once your email list is ready, start sending tailored captivating emails like the one above. Here are a few types of emails you can send,

  • Educative and Helpful Fashion content
  • Sales, coupons and offers content
  • New fashion products

The main goal of staying connected with customers is to keep your customer engaged with your fashion store and fashion ideas.

The crucial aspect of sending emails is to promote your fashion store and increase your click-through rates.

Tiffany & co emails

Talk about exotic fashion items in your newsletter which will increase the click-through rate and achieve better conversions.

Nurture your existing customers through constant interactions and see them boost your Word of mouth marketing by exposing your store to their friends and families.

Abandoned Cart emails

Alright, we’ve already seen how emails can help your fashion store reach more audiences. But abandoned cart emails are quite different and they have their own benefits.

What is an abandoned cart email?

If you’re owning a fashion store you’ll come across abandoned carts, this is when customers add products to their cart but abandon them during checkout.

Now, to recover your abandoned carts you’ll be sending cart recovery emails to your customers requesting them to complete their purchase.

Perfumania reminder email

Cart recovery emails is a brilliant marketing tool if used properly.

You can send offers in these emails to persuade customers, this will make customers think that you value their presence in your store.

Now customers are not only happy to return they’ll end up purchasing more than what was in their cart before. That way you can foster loyalty and increase your WOM marketing.

Retainful is a nice choice of sending abandoned cart emails and also it has an add to cart, exit-intent popup and countdown timer features.

Retainful flowchart

But the most marketing-oriented feature of this plugin is the Next order coupons with which you drive repeated purchases and increase your brand awareness of your fashion store.

Retain customers effortlessly. Make your customers feel valued and appreciated with Retainful.

Initiate Blogging to expose your brand

Blogging has become essential for a business to educate their customers and expose their business to new leads.

It can also help you to attract more traffic to its website and elevate conversion rates.

But the most important thing in blogging is the best fashion eCommerce marketing tool for a online store.

Blogging facts

What’s the deal behind blogging?

You know people will always come to a search engine to carry out research to get some new fashion ideas and more.

So, now when you blog on the fashion topics that interest your audience they’ll start reading it.

Brand awareness is the most crucial thing for any Fashion eCommerce store and blogging is the best way to create awareness by educating your customers and showing the personal side of your business.

Here is a list of how blogging can impact your business,

  • Blogs can elevate your website traffic.
  • Blogging can open your website to new leads.
  • You can foster a better relationship with customers through blogs.
  • You can skyrocket your brand awareness with blogs.
  • Blogging gives you authority and helps you win long term.
  • You can educate your customers through fashion blogs.
Hubspot statistics

Blogging is one of the best fashion eCommerce marketing strategies to grow a fashion store. So, we showed you the benefits of now it’s time to initiate blogging and achieve more conversions.

Establish your presence in Social media

Wait, do you own a Fashion eCommerce store but you’re not active in Social media?

This is one of the biggest mistakes that most of the newcomers make not utilizing the potential of Social media especially when they own a fashion store.

It’s 2024, you cannot keep Fashion & Social media away from each other because it has millions of followers ready to convert.

Social media marketing offer you three things,

  • Create brand awareness
  • Connect with customer and foster loyalty
  • Promote your products to millions.
Social media stats

This is why Social media interaction is necessary in this digital world. You can attract many young customers and make them stay at your store.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Twitter

Best thing about eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce/Shopify is that you can integrate your Fashion store with any Social media platforms and promote your business.

Facebook ads

Create ads and build a business profile, you can also set up an interactive fashion store through Facebook and expose your store to many users.

Use psychological triggers

Customers always expect to get the best deal, so they search for multiple Fashion eCommerce stores before settling for that one best deal.

So, how do you make them choose your store?

Simple, trigger their emotions by showing that the product is in scarcity or the product is limited. This will entice them to grab the product before it’s gone.

Creating a sense of urgency or scarcity is a marketing tactic that is used by many Fashion eCommerce stores to attract customers.


You might’ve seen this countdown timer across multiple eCommerce stores, this is how you create FOMO with a countdown timer.

It entices customers to purchase before the deal is off, so they rush to purchase it.

Promoting that your fashion store has a bigger deal in social media will amplify your brand awareness and increase your sales.

Checkered dress

Not just Countdown timer you can also entice your customers with anchor pricing where customers go for the discounted price even though that is the actual price of the product.

Here are some psychological triggers you can use it to market your store,

  • Creating a sense of Urgency
  • Showing product scarcity
  • Anchor price
  • Upselling

So, these are some of the ways you can create FOMO and market your fashion store because like we said customers expect the perfect deal.

Fashion eCommerce marketing through influencers

One of the best ways to market your Fashion store is by reaching out to an influencer.

Influencers are internet celebrities and entrepreneurs that have a huge following in social media. People like vloggers, YouTubers are all a great example of influencers.

If you want your fashion store to reach the maximum height then you should think out of the box.

Influencer marketing

Fashion eCommerce stores can make the best of Instagram influencers, all you need to do is send your products to them and request them to promote you.

As these influencers already have credible followers, they’ll listen to them thus your product will be exposed to millions of people with just one photo.

Influncer marketing ROI

Statistics show that influencer outreach investment can never be a poor investment in terms of impact.

All you have to do is target the right influencer that suits your business and you are good to go.

Influencer marketing 2019

Instagram influencers lead the race when it comes to taking your product to new frontiers. Not only it helps you to gain more traffic, but it also brings forth numerous B2B interactions.

Unpopular opinion: If you have enough funds you can use a celebrity as an influencer for your product and promote your store through their social accounts.

SEO optimization for your fashion eCommerce store

SEO optimization is a blessing in disguise. But the sad reality is that not many eCommerce stores give much importance to it.

If you’re ready to invest your fashion eCommerce marketing efforts in Social media, paid ads and more then you should definitely try out SEO.

Alright, if you’re new to this platform let me give you an introduction to SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website with specific keywords in order to get ranked in Google search results.

SEO Pie chart

You can clearly see that SEO is winning the race here so now all you have to do is optimize your website we’ll show you how.

The initial thing you have to do is keyword research. Don’t get too confident and use tough keywords and don’t be too humble to use the keywords that people don’t even search for.

Use the right ones that represent your business and audience, choose keywords that have high conversion rates, Explore Semrush to learn more.

Once you’ve done your keyword research, here’s what you do,

  • Use these keywords in your landing page, product pages to get ranked in search engines.
  • Optimize your blogs with keywords, write about topics that interest your audience.
  • Use high quality images or videos to prove your points.
  • Make your website faster for a better user experience.
  • Use optimized keywords in meta tags and contents.
  • Use long-tail keywords in your blogs.

These tips can help you optimize your website and achieve better conversions using keywords.

Contests and GIveaways

Social media contests and giveaways are the modern fashion eCommerce marketing marvels. They can expose and elevate your Fashion store to a whole new level.

Social media contest is the quickest and most effective way to promote your store to a larger audience to boost your conversions

Contests and giveaways can grab the attention of a customer like no other mediums, imagine the excitement when a customer wins it. He/she will be your loyal customer without even stepping into your store.

Brands martini

Giveaways is another way to advertise your Fashion store. You can make use of social media to announce the giveaways on your store.

Many bigger eCommerce stores in the past have elevated their conversions by organizing giveaways.

You can clearly get examples of giveaways from Instagram, Youtube influencers who gained their popularity through giveaways, so it’s time you do it to promote your store.


You can organize your own giveaway through your social media or you can hire some influencers, send them your product and ask them to announce a giveaway as you as the sponsor.

These influencer outreach has better conversion rates and it is also an easy way to reach a million audience without breaking a sweat.

PR Stunt

Last but not the least, remember when we said that in order to market your store you need to think out of the box.

Pulling off a PR stunt is thinking out of the box.

Many businesses have skyrocketed their presence using a PR stunt. If you want your store to reach millions then its time that you try it too.

You can take the infamous PR stunt of the fashion Brand Diesel.

The story is that there were many fake clothing named after the original brand. So in order to fight that Diesel started their own shop with a misspelled name Deisel.


What “Deisel” shoppers didn’t know, was that they were haggling over real limited-edition Diesel clothing — part of the exclusive “knock-off” collection.

These kinds of stunts can really propel your store to new heights.

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Having a Fashion eCommerce store in 2024 is the best business investment, but if you don’t invest your efforts to market your brand then you’ll lose the biggest opportunity.

This article is a compilation of the best fashion eCommerce marketing strategies that can boost your businesses conversion rates to the maximum.