Automate Email Marketing and Boost Sales.

Automate email marketing and boost sales

How to send Shopify email newsletters? – A Complete Guide

Sending Shopify email newsletters is the key to connecting with your customers beyond just making a sale. Because it is more important than ever to build a relationship with customers that is more than a transactional one.

Whether you’re announcing a new product launch, sharing tips, or recommending curated blogs, your newsletter can be a powerful touchpoint that enhances customer loyalty and encourages repeat business.

In this blog, we explore why Shopify email newsletters are important, how to send email newsletters in Shopify, and the best Shopify email newsletter examples.

Let’s dive right in.

What is a Shopify Email Newsletter?

Shopify email newsletter is an email marketing campaign a Shopify store sends periodically to subscribers. It often contains a mix of content such as news updates, insightful articles, industry trends, and product information.

The objective of sending Shopify email newsletters is to inform, educate, and engage the audience over time rather than prompt immediate action like making a purchase.

So, it is often sent to nurture the customers and lay the groundwork for future promotional emails. These nurtured customers are more receptive to sales messages as they feel a stronger connection to your brand.

Types of Shopify Email Newsletters

Email newsletters can be categorized into various types based on their content, purpose, and target audience.

Types of email newsletters are:

  • Informational newsletters
  • Curated-content newsletters
  • Company news and updates newsletters
  • Promotional newsletters.

Let’s learn what kind of content and the target audience are required by each type of Shopify newsletter.

  • Informational newsletters
    These newsletters are sent to educate and inform customers about various topics related to the brand’s products or industry.
    They aim to provide value through knowledge and help customers make informed decisions.
    Relevant to both potential and existing customers interested in learning more about the products or the industry.
  • Curated-content newsletters
    This type of newsletter positions the brand as a valuable resource for discovering trends, insights, and related content.
    Ideal for customers who value insights from across the web and enjoy content that goes beyond what a single brand can offer.
  • Company news and updated newsletters
    These types of newsletters are sent to keep subscribers informed about the latest happenings within the company, including new product launches, company milestones, or events.
    By sending Shopify newsletter emails, businesses try to stay on top of customer’s minds and retain their interest in the brand over time.
  • Promotional newsletters
    While promotional in nature, this type of newsletter balances sales-driven content with valuable information.
    Ideal for customers – both new and repeat ones – looking for a good deal and are motivated by promotions to make a purchase.

Purpose and Benefits of Sending Shopify Newsletters

You should send Shopify newsletter emails to engage your customers and maintain an ongoing relationship with them by providing valuable content and updates about your store.

Here are 5 benefits that Shopify email newsletters offer to ecommerce stores like yours:

  • Improves customer engagement
    Engaging content creates an engaged audience.
    When customers find your content interesting, informative, or entertaining, they’re more likely to interact with it by clicking on links or exploring your offerings.
  • Builds a narrative around your products
    Through valuable content in Shopify newsletter email, you can subtly weave in narratives about your products, educating your audience about their benefits and uses without sounding salse-y.
    You can also inform your audience of the latest news of your business and keep your brand at the top of customer’s minds consistently.
    This is why the email newsletter holds an important position in the realm of Shopify email marketing.
    When you send a promotional email, your audience is already familiar with the product context and more likely to be interested in purchasing.
  • Drives repeat sales
    Regular communication through newsletters helps in retaining customers by keeping them informed and engaged with your brand. More engagement means more sales.
    As newsletters are more than sales pitches, they also help in building a loyal customer base that returns to your store repeatedly.
  • Cost-effective communication
    Sending Shopify email newsletters is a cost-effective way to reach your customers periodically – thanks to the high ROI of email marketing compared to other marketing channels.
  • Facilitates personalized marketing
    By integrating with a Shopify email marketing app, you can segment your email lists based on demographics, customer behavior, and purchase history.
    This way, you can send highly personalized email marketing newsletter campaigns that can deliver more relevant content to different segments of your audience.

Essential Elements of Shopify Newsletters

Creating an email newsletter in Shopify involves incorporating several essential elements to engage subscribers at best.

Here’s a look at these crucial components:

A clean Shopify Mailing List

Sending newsletters to a clean Shopify email list means you’re reaching subscribers who are genuinely interested in your products or content. This targeted approach significantly improves engagement metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

To build a Shopify email list, you can use pop-ups or sign-up forms and offer value through lead magnets.

Compelling subject lines

The first thing recipients see. A well-crafted subject line sparks curiosity or offers value, compelling the reader to open the email. It should be concise, personalized, and direct.

Email Segmentation

Sending the same message to your entire subscriber list can lead to lower engagement rates.

Email segmentation is imperative for creating Shopify email newsletters that are targeted to customers who would find the content more relevant.

For example, sending a product usage guide to those who haven’t bought a product wouldn’t be relevant.

Segment your audience based on their interactions, preferences, and purchase history to deliver more targeted and relevant content.

Email personalization

Segmentation and personalization go hand in hand. You can segment the customers into groups based on a criterion and tailor your email newsletters to meet the distinct needs and preferences of each group.

While creating Shopify email newsletters, beyond just addressing the recipient by name, personalization tailors content based on customer behavior, purchase history, and preferences.

This approach increases relevance and engagement, making each subscriber feel valued and understood. That’s why personalization is one of the most effective email marketing strategies too.

Newsletter design

The design and tone of your Shopify newsletters should reflect your brand’s identity. Consistency in colors, fonts, and messaging reinforces brand recognition and builds trust with your audience.

Engaging content

High-quality content is pivotal. This can range from new product announcements to educational content, how-to guides, and customer testimonials.

The key is to provide value that keeps subscribers interested and engaged.

Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

Every Shopify newsletter email should have a clear objective guided by a compelling CTA.

Whether it’s to shop now, learn more, or claim an offer, the CTA should be visually distinct and strategically placed to guide subscribers toward taking action.

Sending a follow-up Shopify newsletter confirmation email

This is a necessary step to take after customers sign up for your newsletter.

A Shopify newsletter confirmation email reinforces trust by confirming the subscriber’s successful registration. It also sets the stage for future communication, ensuring subscribers are aware and looking forward to your Shopify newsletters.

Additionally, you can consider this as a Shopify newsletter welcome email by introducing subscribers to your brand story, values, and what they can expect in terms of content, offers, and frequency.

How to send Shopify email newsletters?

You can send Shopify email newsletters using Shopify’s in-built email marketing tool called ‘Shopify Email’.

Shopify emails allow you to create and send email newsletters without leaving Shopify and it is a good choice if you are just starting your email marketing journey.

Let’s see how you can send Shopify email newsletters using Shopify Email.

Step 1: Create an email marketing campaign

  • Open your Shopify Admin
  • Go to Marketing -> Campaigns.
  • Click ‘Create Campaign’.
Creating Shopify email marketing campaign

You will be asked to choose the marketing channel to create your Shopify newsletter campaigns. Select “Shopify Email”.

 Shopify email marketing campaign

Step 2: Customize the Shopify newsletter template branding

Then you will be asked to customize the template by choosing a logo, brand name, typography, and color.

While creating an email newsletter in Shopify, you have to make sure that your newsletter template matches your brand’s identity and tone.

Customizing email newsletter template branding

Step 3: Choose the newsletter email campaign template

In the next step, you will be asked to choose the Shopify newsletter campaign template. Let’s choose ‘Newsletter’.

Choosing email newsletter template branding

Step 4: Choose the audience

In this step, choose which customer should receive your newsletter.

Shopify Email shows default customer segments like All subscribers, customers who haven’t purchased or purchased at least once.

You can also create new segments or segments you have already created by visiting the ‘Segment’ page.

For example, using filters on the ‘Segment’ page, you can group the customers in a segment who have purchased a specific product.

 Choosing Shopify newsletter customer segments

Step 5: Craft the email content

As we have customized the template regarding branding in the second step, the only thing left is crafting the content of the email and formatting it.

You can customize each element – text, image, CTA – with the options appearing on the right panel.

Crafting Shopify email newsletter content

Step 6: Send the test email.

To check if everything has come out as you intended, send a test email to your preferred email address.

Sending the test Shopify email newsletter

As you can see, the scope for customization of your email newsletter template is very minimal in Shopify Email.

This is where the email marketing apps come in – to give you more options to customize, more templates, and more segmentation options.

Let’s see how to create email newsletters for Shopify using an easy-to-use email marketing app – Retainful.

Creating Shopify email newsletters using Retainful

Retainful is an email marketing app for Shopify, filled with useful features to create personalized Shopify email newsletters.

The best thing about this Shopify email marketing platform is that it allows you to segment customers based on various criteria and customize every element of your Shopify newsletter template with a drag-and-drop email editor.

Let’s see how we can do it.

Step 1: Creating a Shopify Email Newsletter campaign

Install Retainful and connect your Shopify store.

In the dashboard, go to Campaigns -> Create Campaigns.

Creating Shopify email newsletter campaign in Retainful

Step 2: Setting up email properties

The first step is setting up the fundamentals of sending emails – From address, To address, Subject line, and pre-header text.

Setting up email newsletter properties

Step 3: Choosing the newsletter template

Retainful has a template library where you can choose a pre-designed template that suits your Shopify newsletter campaign’s purpose.

For now, let’s choose the product launch newsletter template from the lot.

 Choosing email newsletter template

Step 4: Customizing the newsletter email content

For editing every element of the template effortlessly, Retainful has a drag-and-drop email editor.

Customizing email newsletter content

You can add additional elements like discount coupons, social media buttons, images, and more.

Customizing email newsletter elements

You can customize the existing elements by changing the dimensions, typography, background color, and more.

Customizing email newsletter elements

Step 5: Choosing the audience

To choose the recipients of the Shopify email newsletter, you can select either ‘All contacts’ option or a customer segment you have already created.

Choosing customer segment

In Retainful, it can be done in a few simple steps. You can choose pre-defined email segmentation templates like abandoned cart customers, inactive customers, VIP customers, new customers, and active Email subscribers, or you can create your own rules from scratch.

For example, to make our product recommendation newsletter relevant, we can send it to customers who have bought a similar product.

You can implement this in Retainful by adding a simple rule like below.

Segmenting customers in Retainful

Step 6: Going live

That’s it. Your Shopify email newsletter campaign is ready to be sent.

Launching Shopify email newsletter campaign in Retainful

5 Best Shopify Newsletter Examples

Let’s look at some examples of Shopify newsletters you can send to your customers.

1. Company updates + Curated blogs

One of the objectives of sending Shopify newsletters is to provide resources that enrich their knowledge and understanding of the products you offer.

By carefully selecting curated content that aligns with your audience’s interests and needs, you demonstrate an understanding of their challenges and interests.

See how Hairtage does it in the below example.

Company update related Shopify email newsletter example

Why does this Shopify newsletter email example stand out?

People subscribe to newsletters because they have a genuine interest in staying up-to-date with what a company is doing.

This template highlights new improvements and meets this need directly, providing content that is both anticipated and appreciated.

Including curated blogs in your Shopify newsletter shows that you’re not just focused on selling or self-promotion but are also invested in providing useful or entertaining content.

2. Product recommendations

Even with familiar brands, customers may not be aware of the full range of products available.

Product recommendation newsletters serve as a curated guide, encouraging subscribers to explore items they might not have found on their own.

This discovery process can reinforce a positive brand image and spur additional sales.

Product recommendation related Shopify email newsletter example

Why this Shopify newsletter example stand out?

For many customers, finding products they love can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

This Shopify newsletter example cuts through the noise to highlight their best courses and its benefits, making it easier and more enjoyable for customers to discover new products and make informed purchasing decisions.

3. Product usage guide

Consumers appreciate learning how to use their purchases to the fullest.

A product usage guide that gives a better understanding of the product can lead to more efficient use and fewer frustrations, creating a positive post-purchase experience.

 Product usage guide Shopify email newsletter example

Why does this Shopify newsletter example stand out?

Providing useful content like this Shopify email newsletter template does help customers enhance their experience with a product and keeps them engaged with your brand.

This post-purchase engagement can lead to higher open and click-through rates as subscribers look forward to receiving valuable insights and tips.

4. Product usage ideas and tips

Including product usage ideas in Shopify email newsletters can educate customers on features they might not be aware of, helping to maximize the value they get from the product.

This type of Shopify email newsletter positions your brand as helpful and informative.

Product usage idea Shopify email newsletter example

Why this Shopify newsletter email stand out?

Customers appreciate learning how to get the most out of their purchases.

By offering innovative usage tips like this Shopify email newsletter, you’re adding value beyond the initial sale, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This email newsletter example doesn’t stop there. It goes on to mention what’s new and provides educational content on how to use their product to the fullest.

This is a testament to the fact that a Shopify newsletter can be your one-stop solution to nurture your customers periodically in multiple ways.

5. Thought leadership newsletter

By sharing in-depth knowledge, innovative ideas, and industry foresight, a thought leadership newsletter establishes the sender as an authority in their domain.

This builds credibility and trust among readers, who are likely to engage more with content from a recognized expert.

Thought leadership Shopify email newsletter example

Why does this Shopify newsletter example stand out?

Each James Clear newsletter, like the above, is crafted to leave the reader with actionable takeaways.

It excels at breaking down the topics into actionable steps that readers can implement immediately.

By providing unique insights and takeaways like this, you can build a niche audience that would most likely pay for the subscriber-specific content you produce.

Wrapping up!!

It’s clear that Shopify email newsletters are much more than just messages – they are crucial to positioning your brand as a pro in what you do and fostering deep connections with your audience.

This blog equips you with the necessary knowledge to create Shopify email newsletters and lists the best Shopify email newsletter examples to give you inspiration to create one of your own.

Learn more about doing successful email marketing:

How do I set up an email newsletter on Shopify?

1. Go to your Shopify admin dashboard.
2. Look for the “Customers” section where you can collect emails.
3. Enable the option to collect customer emails by adding a newsletter sign-up form to your store.

This can be done through Shopify’s theme customization options or by using a dedicated email marketing app from the Shopify App Store.

How to create an email marketing campaign in Shopify?

Step 1: Go to your Shopify Admin -> Marketing -> Campaigns. Click ‘Create Campaign’.
Step 2: Customizing the Shopify newsletter template branding
Step 3: Choosing the newsletter email campaign template
Step 4: Choosing the audience
Step 5: Crafting the email content
Step 6: Sending the test email.

Does Shopify have a newsletter template?

Yes, Shopify offers basic newsletter templates through Shopify Email, which is integrated into the Shopify admin.
For more advanced templates and customization options, you should use email marketing apps available in the Shopify App Store, like Retainful.

How do I activate newsletter on Shopify?

1. Navigate to the “Themes” section in your Shopify admin.
2. Customize your theme to add a newsletter sign-up section or block to your storefront.
3. Alternatively, install an email marketing app that offers more comprehensive features for managing newsletters.

How do I create a newsletter for my website?

To create a newsletter for your website, choose an email marketing platform like Retainful, design your email using pre-designed templates, segment your audience for targeted messaging, craft engaging content, and schedule regular emails to keep subscribers informed and engaged.

How do you write an email newsletter?

Writing an effective email newsletter includes
1. A catchy subject line.
2. Personalized greeting.
3. Concise, engaging content that adds value.
4. Clear calls-to-action (CTAs).
5. Professional design and layout.

How do I run a successful email newsletter?

1. Regularly provide valuable content.
2. Segment your audience for targeted messaging.
3. Monitor and analyze performance metrics to refine your strategy.
4. Keep experimenting with content and design to see what works best.

How do I start an email newsletter list?

1. Offering a clear value proposition for signing up.
2. Using pop-ups, landing pages, or your checkout process to encourage sign-ups.
3. Promoting your newsletter on social media and other channels.

What is the best format for an email newsletter?

The best format is responsive, visually appealing, and easy to read on both desktop and mobile devices.
It should have a balance of images and text, with clear sections and a logical flow that guides readers through the content.