Automate Email Marketing and Boost Sales.

Automate email marketing and boost sales

12 Best Newsletter Signup Examples to Grow Your Email List

Newsletter signup examples showcase the strategy behind capturing attention and turning casual browsers into engaged subscribers.

Each example tells a story of how a simple form can be transformed into a tool for engagement. Whether it’s through clever wording, enticing offers, or compelling design, the right approach can make all the difference.

In this blog, we will explore the best email newsletter signup examples and see how popular brands and content creators not only grow their email lists but also enhance the overall customer experience.

Let’s dive right in.

Essential Elements of Newsletter Signup Forms

To turn website visitors into subscribers, your newsletter signup popup must grab attention, convey value, and make the sign-up process irresistible and straightforward.

Here are the essential elements to achieve this.

Compelling headline

Your headline is the hook. It should instantly capture attention and clearly articulate the benefit of subscribing. 

Whether it’s access to exclusive content, discounts, or insider news, make sure your headline speaks directly to the interests of your target audience.

Value proposition

Clearly communicate the value of subscribing in your newsletter signup popup. 

Whether it’s exclusive offers, free downloads, or valuable insights, your popup should make the case for why joining your newsletter is a no-brainer.

In popups, the more specific and relevant the offer, the better.

A strong CTA

Your CTA button is where the conversion happens. 

Make it visually prominent and use compelling text that inspires action, like “Get My Discount” or “Join the Club.” The CTA should make the next step obvious and enticing.

Minimal fields

Simplify the sign-up process by asking for only essential information – usually just an email address in your newsletter signup form. 

Each additional field can decrease the likelihood of completion. The quicker and easier it is to sign up, the higher your conversion rate will be.

Strategic timing

The timing of your popup can make or break its effectiveness. 

Utilize exit-intent technology to catch visitors who are about to leave or set a timer to display the popup after someone has been engaged with your content for a specific duration.

12 Best Newsletter Signup Examples

1. Founder OS –  Targeted Value Proposition

Founder OS

This newsletter signup popup example follows a perfect structure – Targeted value proposition -> Incentive -> Email capture -> Social proof. 

You could follow the same in yours. 

What makes this newsletter signup example stand out? 

  • Capturing the attention of the target audience: The headline immediately grabs the attention of the target audience – business owners and entrepreneurs looking to scale their operations.
    It positions this newsletter signup form example as a unique, must-have resource, differentiating it from the myriad of generic marketing content online.
  • Strategic placement: Positioning the popup on the side rather than at the center ensures the popup is noticeable without being annoying, allowing visitors to continue engaging with site content while the offer remains accessible.
  • Trust element: Including the footer text “100000 founders and counting” can significantly increase trust and perceived value, motivating others to join in hopes of replicating others’ success.

2. Wix – Content Promotion


The newsletter signup form example indulges in content promotion. By mentioning “freshest content on creating and marketing.” they suggest that they’ll use email to promote their latest blog posts and resources, keeping you informed about the newest trends and strategies relevant to their platform.

What makes this newsletter signup example stand out? 

  • Trust and transparency: Including a footer link to the privacy policy assures users that their information will be handled responsibly mitigating concerns about privacy and data security, increasing the likelihood of sign-ups.
  • Brand association: It may be subtle, but the use of the Wix brand name in the headline lends credibility and authority to the offer. Visitors are more likely to see value in subscribing, knowing it comes directly from a reputable source like Wix.

3. Elvie and Leo – Converting visitors to buyers

Elvie and Leo

In this email newsletter signup example, the tagline “Be in the Know” taps into the natural human curiosity and desire not to miss out on important information or opportunities. 

It positions the newsletter as a gateway to exclusive knowledge, insider updates, or early access to deals, making it appealing for users who want to stay ahead of the curve.

What makes this newsletter signup example stand out? 

  • Strong incentive
    Offering a $30 gift voucher not only provides a direct financial benefit but also serves as a strong incentive to encourage sign-ups.
  • Converting potential customers
    By focusing on new subscribers who are yet to make their first purchase, this newsletter signup form example specifically targets new visitors or potential customers. 

It’s an excellent strategy to convert first-time visitors into buyers, increasing the chances that they will engage more deeply with the brand.

4. PCMag – Compelling incentives


This PCMag newsletter signup popup example is effective because it clearly communicates what subscribers will gain in exchange for their email addresses. 

The variety in the nature of the incentives offered not only captures the attention of diverse visitors but also promises ongoing value, making it a compelling choice for many.

What makes this newsletter signup example stand out? 

  • Valuable incentives
    The pop-up promises several valuable incentives for signing up. This makes it irresistible for the viewers to sign up. 
  • Targeted appeal
    The combination of early sale access, expert advice, and free resources targets a broad yet interested audience. It appeals to tech enthusiasts, savvy shoppers, and information seekers alike, making the popup relevant to a wide demographic.

5. Tim Ferris – FOMO and social proof

Tim Ferris - FOMO and social

The tagline in this newsletter signup form example taps into a fear of missing out (FOMO). It creates a sense of exclusivity and urgency, suggesting that subscribers will gain access to unique insights and discoveries that they can’t find elsewhere.

What makes this newsletter signup example stand out? 

  • Clear and concise offer
    The popup communicates the offer succinctly: “Join 1.5M+ subscribers and sign up for 5-Bullet Friday.” This clarity ensures that potential subscribers immediately understand what they are signing up for – a weekly email with five curated items. 
  • Social proof
    Mentioning that over 1.5 million subscribers are already receiving the newsletter serves as a powerful form of social proof. It reassures potential subscribers that they are joining a large group of like-minded individuals who find value in Ferriss’s content

6. Farnam Street – Clear value proposition

Farnam Street - Clear value proposition

Farnam Street’s newsletter signup form example is known for its focus on improving mental models and critical thinking. The newsletter signup form example also emphasizes the benefit of providing them with immediate tools for personal and professional growth.

What makes this newsletter signup example stand out? 

  • Value proposition
    The main headline, “Get a mental edge in 5 minutes a week for free” directly appeals to potential subscribers by promising a significant benefit – enhanced mental sharpness – with a minimal time commitment. 
    The addition of “for free” emphasizes the no-cost aspect, making the offer even more attractive.
  • Relevance and utility
    The Decision Journal Template is a particularly strategic choice of incentive for Farnam Street’s audience, who are typically engaged in continuous learning and improvement in thinking and decision-making processes.

Design attention-grabbing popups effortlessly with Retainful’s drag-and-drop email editor and pre-designed templates.

7. Woven Store – Immediate incentive

Woven Store - Immediate incentive

The Woven Store newsletter signup popup example is crafted to maximize conversions by offering immediate discounts and exclusive access to information. 

This strategic blend not only attracts a wide array of customers but also sets the stage for sustained engagement and customer retention.

What makes this newsletter signup example stand out? 

  • Immediate Incentive
    The offer of “10% off” serves as an immediate reward for signing up, providing a tangible benefit right from the outset. 
  • Exclusive Information
    By promising that subscribers will be the first ones to hear about their new season launch and deals, the popup taps into the desire for exclusivity and insider information. 
    Customers value early access to new products and special deals, enhancing their sense of VIP status. 

8. Casper – Extended Benefits

Casper - Extended Benefits

Casper newsletter signup popup example effectively uses direct incentives to drive sign-ups and sales. 

By combining a clear, value-packed proposition with a straightforward call to action, Casper is poised to grow its customer base and maintain long-term engagement.

What makes this newsletter signup example stand out? 

  • Immediate and extended benefits
    The immediate discount on a mattress offers a strong lure to subscribe now, while the additional discount on other items encourages future purchases. 
    This combination ensures that the benefits extend beyond a single transaction, increasing the lifetime value of each subscriber.

9. Backlinko – Building Credibility

Backlinko - Building credibility

This Backlinko newsletter signup example effectively leverages a clear value proposition and user-friendly design to convert subscribers who are looking for advanced SEO strategies that yield real results. 

This targeted approach ensures that the newsletter appeals to a dedicated and relevant audience, setting the stage for high engagement rates and strong subscriber retention.

What makes this newsletter signup example stand out? 

  • Clear and Engaging Value Proposition
    The introduction “Welcome to Backlinko – Where SEO best practices meet real-world results” immediately clarifies the value of subscribing. It promises practical, actionable SEO insights that directly lead to measurable outcomes. 
  • Authority and credibility
    Including a review from the VP of HubSpot, a respected authority in the marketing world, significantly boosts the credibility of the newsletter. 
    Testimonials from industry leaders not only validate the quality and relevance of the content but also position the Backlinko newsletter as a trusted resource in the crowded SEO learning space.
  • Targeted audience appeal
    In the email newsletter signup example, the specific mention of “best practices” and “real-world results” caters to an audience that is tired of generic advice and seeks proven strategies. 

10. Shinesty – Setting the tone

Shinesty - Setting the tone

In your email newsletter signup example, showing a tinge of what the tone of your emails will be in the popup will communicate to customers what they can expect from your emails – is it going to be funny and unconventional or informative?

What makes this newsletter signup example stand out? 

  • Humorous tone
    Using humor in this email newsletter signup example makes the brand feel more human and relatable. This not only captures attention but also sets the tone for what subscribers can expect in their newsletters – content that is likely fun, engaging, and different from the norm. 
  • Strong Call-to-Action 
    The CTA “Get $10 for free” is direct and appealing, emphasizing the freebie subscribers will receive.

11. David Perell – Curated content

David Perell - Curated content

David Perell’s newsletter signup popup example is crafted to resonate deeply with a broad audience. It combines a personal touch, the promise of exclusive insights, and the effective use of social proof. 

What makes this newsletter signup example stand out? 

  • Diverse content offering
    By mentioning his activities – writing, hosting a podcast, and running a writing school, David effectively showcases the breadth of content subscribers can expect. 
    This would appeal to a wide audience, from aspiring writers to podcast enthusiasts, increasing the chances of subscriptions from people with various interests.
  • Exclusive and curated content
    The offer to receive exclusive insights curated by David himself not only highlights the value of the newsletter but also positions it as a must-have resource for those eager to learn and gain new perspectives weekly.

12. Primal pet foods

Primal pet foods

The information collected using a newsletter signup form allows you to segment your subscribers and send content curated for each segment. This way, your content resonates with subscribers more and increases conversions. 

This example does exactly that – their content and promotions can be customized based on the pet type or dietary preferences.

What makes this newsletter signup example stand out? 

  • Personalized interaction
    By asking for details such as the first name, zip code, type of pet, and what they currently feed their pet, Primal Pet Foods can tailor their communications to the specific needs and interests of each subscriber.

Creating Newsletter Signup Form Using Retainful

Retainful is a Shopify email marketing app that allows you to launch automated email campaigns effortlessly with easy-to-setup email automation. Its advanced segmentation feature makes the email campaigns more targeted and converting. 

Along with that, it also offers smart pop-ups/signup forms to grow your email list by successfully capturing the email addresses of visitors. 

Unlike the built-in Shopify Forms app, Retainful’s pop-ups aren’t limited to just one type. You can also choose a newsletter popup template from a variety of pre-designed ones and customize them to your liking.

These pop-ups are triggered automatically based on visitor behavior and can be targeted to a specific group of customers.

Here are the steps to create newsletter popups in Retainful.

Step 1: Choose the type of pop-up

Login to your Retainful dashboard. Go to Sign-up Forms, choose ‘Popup’ and click on ‘Create a Form.’

Retainful Popup

Step 2: Choose the newsletter popup template

Retainful has many pre-designed pop-up templates to choose from or you can create your own from scratch.

Retainful Popup Template

Step 3: Customize the popup template

Retainful’s drag-and-drop editor offers a range of customizable blocks such as text, images, CTAs, and more.

Drag and drop editor

You can add more elements to your Shopify newsletter popup, like First name, last name, phone number and legal consent.

Retainful popup template customisation

Step 4: Choosing who should receive the popup

You can target the Shopify newsletter popup to a specific group of customers. You can add an existing customer segment or create a new empty segment from ‘List and Segments’ for new users using Retainful’s segmentation feature.

Step 5: Setting the trigger and targeting

Choose the trigger to determine when you want to show the Shopify newsletter popup.

In this case, let’s choose ‘Time Based’. 

You can also select multiple triggers to make your Shopify newsletter popup more tuned to the visitor’s behavior.


In the targeting, choose who should see your Shopify newsletter popup. For example, you can show a popup based on the location they are on.


Step 6: Enable the pop-up

After confirming your settings, enable the pop-up. Your pop-up will be set live.

Wrapping up!!

The newsletter signup examples we’ve explored in this blog underscore the significance of crafting thoughtful and engaging newsletter signup forms. 

Each example serves as a blueprint for how effectively combining creativity and personalization can transform a simple form into a tool for engaging customers.  

Whether it’s through exclusive content, incentives, or social proof, a well-designed newsletter signup form is your first step toward turning casual visitors into loyal subscribers. 

Can I add a newsletter popup to my website?

Yes, you can add a newsletter popup to your website using popup builder tools like Retainful that integrate with your site.

How do I create a mailing list signup?

Create a mailing list signup by using email marketing software to design a signup form, then embed it on your website. Offer incentives like discounts or free content to encourage signups.

How do you write a catchy newsletter?

Use engaging headlines, include compelling visuals, write concise and actionable content, and personalize the message to resonate with your audience’s interests and needs.

What is the best format for a newsletter?

A clean layout with a mix of text and visuals, start with a compelling header, follow with the main content, and end with secondary information or a call to action.

How do I write a newsletter template?

Design a header with your logo, create sections for different types of content (news, tips, offers), use consistent fonts and colors, and include placeholders for images and links.

How do I make my email newsletter stand out?

Use a unique design, provide valuable content, include interactive elements (like polls or videos), personalize the content, and always aim for a clear, compelling subject line.

Where to put newsletter signup form?

Place the signup form prominently on your website’s homepage, blog page, and footer. Consider also using pop-ups or slide-ins for increased visibility without being intrusive.