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Automate email marketing and boost sales

How Next Order Coupon Benefits your Shopify Store?

Are you looking to drive repeated sales and increase customer retention rate in your Shopify store? Then next purchase discount for Shopify is the one you need.

Let’s be honest, we all know how much it costs to acquire new customers and that’s why Shopify store owners are finding ways to retain their existing customers.

Retained customers purchase more than new customers. But if you want to retain your customers cost-effectively, you need to offer Next order coupons & discounts in your Shopify store.

Next order discounts & coupons can do more than just retain customers, so let’s take a look at some more benefits that the Next purchase coupon can bring to your Shopify store.

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What is a Next Order Coupon?

We know you are no stranger to the Next order coupons but still, let us refresh your memory. Next purchase coupon is a discount coupon that you offer to your customers for their future purchases.

Next order discounts & coupons are usually sent through order confirmation emails or thank you emails after the customer completes a purchase in your store.

Next order coupon

Offering these discount coupons to your customers after they make a purchase will encourage them to return to your store again and boost customer loyalty.

Is Next order discounts necessary for your Shopify store?

Many store owners seem to have this doubt, we’ll show you why you need Next purchase coupons.

Imagine a customer visits your store, makes a purchase and leaves, how sure can you tell that he’ll return to your store again?

It is quite tough to predict if a customer will return to your store unless there is a compelling reason for him to return. Next purchase discount for Shopify can be that compelling reason if you offer them.

If you offer a discount for next order, you are giving the customer a reason to return to your store again to redeem that coupon.

Returning customers

And we all know that returning customers always purchase more, so by offering Next purchase coupons or discount for next order you are not only retaining your customer but also increasing your sales 2x times.

And this is why Next order discount is a must-need tactic for any growing Shopify store.

If your Shopify store is new, then you can offer Next purchase coupons and you can encourage your first-time customers to return to your again to drive repeated sales, you can foster loyalty by offering next purchase offers too.

In this eCommerce era, you definitely need repeat customers in your store and the next purchase offers are the best way to get them.

Most Shopify store owners are oblivious to the true potential of Next order discount coupons because they don’t understand the actual benefits these discount coupons can bring to their stores like Shopify customer retention & much more.

Benefits of offering Next order coupons for Shopify

Next order coupons are not like any other discount coupons, they are unique and here are some of the benefits these coupons can bring to your store.

Drive Repeated sales

As we were stating earlier, one of the biggest benefits of offering Next purchase coupons in your Shopify store is you can drive repeat sales with them.

Offering these discount for next order to your one-time customers will motivate them to return to your store again and again.

When they keep returning to your store, your sale increases and it also boosts the customer’s lifetime value.

Drive repeated sales

The above illustration shows that the amount of purchases increases as they start driving repeated sales in your store which boosts your Shopify store’s revenue.

Boost Shopify customer retention rate

Returning or repeat customers are crucial of Shopify stores because they purchase more, it is easier to sell and it is expensive to acquire new customers every now and then.

The best way to simmer down your expenses on customer acquisition is by retaining your existing customer.

Next order discounts & coupons are one brilliant tactic to boost your Shopify customer retention rate because these smart coupons motivate the customers to stay with the store for long.

Next order coupon

Just think, a customer won’t return to a store if he’s not interested in the store in the first place.

So, every time a customer completes his purchase, you should re-ignite their interest by offering Next purchase coupons and make them buy again.

This creates a never-ending chain of customers returning to your store again and again which increases Shopify customer retention rate.

Later, you can convert these retained customers into brand advocates and acquire new customers through WOM marketing at low expenses.

So, offering a discount for next order indirectly paves the way to acquire new customers too.

Increase Customer loyalty

What good is a Shopify store if it doesn’t have a loyal customer base?

Loyal customers are the heart of any eCommerce store, they can help you stabilize your sales and revenue even when the market is down.

Reports say that loyal customers spend 67% more on a purchase than new customers. So, what is the easiest way to influence customer loyalty?

You guessed it, Next order coupons

Offering Next order coupons brings customers back to your store, as they start driving repeat purchases they will develop trust in your store and offer their loyalty.

As simple as that.

If your Shopify store doesn’t have the resources to run a loyalty program, you can simply offer Next order Shopify coupon to repeat customers to acknowledge their loyalty and turn them into loyal customers.

Avoid Cart abandonment

Well, how many times have we done this ourselves? Cart abandonment has been impacting Shopify sales for a long time and Next order discount can help you avoid them.

One of the major reasons for cart abandonment is Additional costs like shipping costs, lack of discounts, etc.

Customers are more likely to abandon their carts when they see expensive shipping costs. And sometimes they expect a coupon or a discount, we all do.

Well, Next order coupons can solve both of these issues. You can offer a Free shipping discount as a coupon for their next order.

This will motivate them to complete their existing purchase as they can earn free shipping for their next one.

You can offer next purchase discounts to persuade your customers and avoid cart abandonment but if you want to get rid of it completely, you might need an Abandoned cart recovery plugin.

Increase Brand awareness and WOM marketing

Offering Next order discount makes your customers drive repeated sales in your Shopify store. The more they purchase, the more they start trusting your store and start talking about it to their friends.

Yes, the Next purchase discount for Shopify can be used as a great marketing tool too.

Your loyal customer whom you earned through these discount coupons will start promoting your store which increases your WOM marketing.

Loyal customer

This exposes your store to new people and increases your brand awareness. Remember, the more a customer purchases from a store, the more they refer their friends to that store.

Now your loyal customers will act as brand advocates and bring in new customers to your Shopify store. And all the credits go to the Next purchase offers.

So, the next purchase discounts for Shopify not only help you retain customers but can also help you acquire new customers through WOM marketing.

And now we hope that you guys know the true potential of Next order coupons and they are not just like any other regular discount coupons.

But now the question is, how will you offer them?

What is the best Next purchase discount plugin for your Shopify store?

To offer Next purchase coupons in your Shopify store, you need the best Next purchase discount plugin for Shopify, Retainful.

Retainful is a Shopify Next order coupon plugin that can automatically generate Next order Shopify coupons and send them via emails to the customers.


It is a fully automated plugin, the coupons will also be automatically sent to the customers once the campaign is live.

Installing Retainful and setting up a Next order coupon is pretty simple, all it takes is a few straightforward steps. Now, let us look at some of Retainful Next order coupon prominent features.

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You can offer three types of discounts in your coupons, Fixed amount, Percentage, Free Shipping.


You can also set the expiry dates for the coupons and the minimum order limit to earn the discount.

Built-in Email templates

Retainful comes with 3 default built-in email templates, one can be used to send the coupon and others can be used as email reminders.

Email templates

Edit templates

You can easily edit and personalize your templates right from the subject line to the email templates.

Email template

Here are some of the shortcodes that can help you personalize your templates.

  • {{customer_name}} – The full name of the customer.
  • {{retainful_coupon}} – Displays the next order coupon code generated for the customer
  • {{retainful_shop_url}} – Directs the customer to the shop page when they click the Call-To-Action (CTA) button or any link you have used with this shortcode.
  • {{retainful_coupon_expiry_date}} – The expiry date of the next order coupon code. Displays the expiry date of the next order coupon.

Drag & Drop Email Editor

You can customize the email templates as per your preference using a robust Drag & Drop email editor.

Drag & Drop editor

All you have to do is drag from the options on the right side and drop it on the template. Right from the fonts to the colors you can customize every aspect of your email template using the email editor

Next order Coupon dashboard

Next order coupon dashboard

Once your Next order coupon campaign is up and running, you can views all of its progress in an insightful dashboard including the names, order id and emails of the customers in real-time.

Using all these user-friendly features, you can create and launch a Next order coupon campaign within minutes using Retainful and start driving repeated sales in your Shopify store.

Unlock the full potential of your customer base with Retainful’s Next Order Coupons. Increase your sales and build a loyal following with Retainful.

Wrapping up

Returning customers purchase more and are very crucial to a Shopify store’s success than new customers. And offering Next purchase discounts seems to be the easiest way to get repeat customers that can drive repeated sales and offer their loyalty.

Next purchase coupons can help you acquire new customers too, but we felt that not many store owners know about this tactic and that’s why we wanted to share the benefits that Next purchase offers can bring to a Shopify store.

Once the true potential of Next purchase discounts for Shopify is realized, it is going to be the go-to practice for Shopify Customer retention.

What are the benefits of coupons?

Coupons offer cost savings to consumers by providing discounts on products and services. They also benefit businesses by attracting customers, increasing sales, and improving customer loyalty.

Can you use 2 discount codes at once on Shopify?

No, Shopify only allows one discount code to be applied per order. If a customer has multiple discount codes, they can choose the one that offers the greatest discount.

How do I give a discount to new customers on Shopify?

To give a discount to new customers on Shopify, you can create a discount code and set it up to apply only to customers who haven’t made a purchase before. You can also offer a discount in exchange for signing up for your email newsletter or creating an account.

How to do discount coupons work?

Discount coupons work by offering customers a percentage or dollar amount off the regular price of a product or service. Customers can apply the coupon code during checkout to receive the discount.

How do coupons attract customers?

Coupons can attract customers by providing them with an incentive to make a purchase, especially if the discount is substantial. They can also create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to act quickly to take advantage of the offer.

What is the aim of a coupon code?

The aim of a coupon code is to provide customers with an incentive to make a purchase by offering a discount or other promotions. It can also be used to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and measure the return on investment.