Automate Email Marketing and Boost Sales.

Automate email marketing and boost sales

7 Excellent Tactics To Achieve More Bottom Funnel Conversions In Your Ecommerce Store

A properly built Sales funnel can boost your conversions in each and every stage of your sales.

The ultimate goal in a sales funnel is to make the customers reach the Bottom of the funnel. Because that’s where they turn from visitors to loyal customers.

Motivating the customers to reach all the way to the bottom funnel might take a lot of effort but the rewards it offers are worth the risk.

We felt compelled to share our knowledge on sales funnel and here are the 7 tactics that can boost your bottom-funnel conversions.

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What is a Marketing funnel?

The journey of a potential lead from discovering your store to purchasing and becoming a loyal customer.

This entire path/journey is called a Marketing funnel.

A marketing funnel will let you know how to entice the customers in different stages of a funnel. With proper sales funnel you can boost your sales, brand awareness and your customer loyalty.

Alright, what do you mean by different stages of funnel?

Instead of blindly convincing a customer to purchase from your store, marketers came up with an idea of taking them through different phases.


In each phase of the eCommerce conversion funnel, the customer will grow fond of your store through ads or contents until he gets converted as your loyal customer.

Let’s discuss these stages briefly,

  • Awareness: The prospect gets to know about your product or store.
  • Interest: The prospect shows interest in your products through content like blogs, infographics, etc.
  • Desire: The prospect begins to evaluate your brand. This is more like a consideration phase.
  • Action: The prospect decides to purchase and visits your store where he is successfully converted.

Nowadays a new stage called the loyalty stage has been introduced into the funnel to make the customers stay loyal to your store.

Because a loyal customer always tends to purchase more than the visiting or new customer.

Why is the Bottom Funnel considered complex?

The idea of a marketing funnel seems attractive and easy, isn’t it? But the real problem arises as the customers move deeper into the eCommerce conversion funnel.

Even though the main goal of a marketing funnel is to push the customer deeper into the funnel but the pressure of conversion is very high at the bottom of the funnel.

The bottom funnel is where the customer is almost ready to purchase the product but they still need a catalyst to motivate them.

Top, middle, Bottom of the funnel

So, what do you do now?

You have to persuade them with videos, coupons, discounts and more just to make them convert in the eCommerce conversion funnel.

You should explain to them in a way that they must think that your products are a solution to their pain points.

It is like a one-stop train, you miss it once then it’s gone. That’s why the bottom-funnel is considered more complex.

But don’t worry why we crafted this article to show you the different ways you can use to persuade the customers and increase your bottom-funnel conversions by leveraging a number of different sales tools.

Tactics to increase Bottom Funnel Conversion


Remarketing is one of the best ways to increase your bottom-funnel conversions. Besides remarketing costs less because you are selling items to customers who have already purchased from your store.

You can use a form or a subscription popup to collect the customer’s email address.

After collecting their email address, you can start sending remarketing ads or use that email to inform them about your new offers and more.

So, is an email address mandatory to carry out Remarketing?

Certainly not!


The ultimate goal of eCommerce conversion funnel is to make the customer return once again and purchase at your store and increase your customer retention rate.

So, it doesn’t matter which medium you use, all you should care about is to entice your customers to come back to your store.

If you had your Facebook pixel placed strategically then you can target your customers in Social media funnel too. Offer them a bigger discount as they are already your successful customer.

Social media

This is a classic example of a remarketing ad because no one would offer a 40% discount to a new customer. Offering discounts like these to your existing customer can boost their loyalty towards your store.

You can use pixels to target the ads to a customer on Social media. Forms and popups can be used to collect customer’s contact details.

Then you can target your customers with ads on their email, messaging, or more.

Amazon products

How many of you have seen ads like these in your email. It is a classic example of Remarketing. This is one of the simplest ways of increasing your bottom-funnel conversions.

Coupon Codes & Discounts

Ecommerce stores have been using Coupon codes and discounts as a catalyst to speed up their conversions.

A customer at the bottom of the funnel would’ve already known everything about your products or brand.

All it takes is just one push and they will purchase the product.

So, that’s where coupon codes come into play. If the users you are targeting are visiting a certain landing page. Then you can offer a coupon code using add to cart popup and redirect them to the checkout page.


The user will be redirected right away to the checkout page where he’ll complete the purchase.

Now not only have you successfully converted a visitor to a customer, but you’ve also collected his email address so that you can send remarketing ads and motivate him to visit again.

Why should I offer a discount or coupon code?

The reason a certain customer was targeted because his traffic on this particular landing page was higher. Which means he was interested in the product but was not impressed with the price.

By offering a coupon or a discount you have convinced him to make the purchase and by that you increase your conversions successfully.

Sending Next order coupons

Like we said before, bottom-funnel means the customer is at the purchase stage or they might’ve already purchased and are at the loyalty stage.

So, how will you foster loyalty now? To boost this bottom-funnel conversion the customer must return to the store again to purchase.

How will you make them return to your store?

Simple, entice them to come back to your store by sending Next order coupons. Let your customer return to your store to earn the discount and drive repeated sales using Next order coupons.

Next order coupons flowchart

This is like Remarketing, you are targeting the same prospect but now you have leverage called Coupons.

Once the customer makes a purchase, you’ll send a Thank you message attached with a Next Order coupon.

Next order coupon email

Retainful is one such plugin that can send Next Order coupons automatically when a customer completes his first purchase.

Now the customer will be motivated to return to the store and make use of the discount. This will help you foster loyalty and increase your brand awareness.

Bottom funnel means the prospect has already decided to purchase at your store and by sending Next order coupons you are just increasing your Bottom funnel conversions.

Abandoned carts email

One of the major activities that impact bottom-funnel conversions badly is the Cart abandonment.

Reports say that around 27% of people abandon their cart before reaching the finish line. But the interesting aspect of abandoned carts is that you can recover it easily.

It is like remarketing, you are targeting the same prospect through emails and request them to recover their Shopify abandoned carts.

Well, how can I do that? By sending Abandoned carts emails.

Away Abandoned cart email

Let’s hope you’ve already collected their email while they were on the landing page or by using an Add to cart popup. Now you just send Cart recovery emails until they recover their cart.

Start off by sending a reminder email and tell them to recover their cart. But sometimes it might not work, well in those times,

Birchbox abandoned cart email

Offer them a discount and then ask them to recover their cart. You see sometimes a customer might have abandoned their cart due to a higher price, so offering a discount is a great way to entice them.

Sending Cart recovery emails is a great way to increase your bottom-funnel conversions by recovering your abandoned carts.

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Upselling and Cross-Selling

Conversion at the bottom of the funnel is harder because you’ll be asking the prospects to take much harder actions. This might frustrate them and push them away from your store.

But what if you help your customers to make their harder decision without breaking a sweat.

How? By Upselling and Cross-selling the products in your eCommerce conversion funnel.

Upselling & Cross selling

You see sometimes customers will find it harder to make a purchase because they might not be sure if the product will help their pain points.

In those scenarios, you can upsell your products, recommend them a product that is better than the product that they chose.

Watches upsell

Much like an upgraded version of the chosen product and convince them that it will help their pain points. This is upselling.

Sometimes the customers will be ready with their purchase decision, so how will you motivate them to purchase more.

By recommending a product that was purchased together by previous customers or a product that compliments the chosen product.

Frequently bought together

This is how you can cross sell your products and increase your sales. Customers will not see it like you are forcing them to purchase.

Rather they’ll see it as a helping hand and will offer their loyalty. So that’s why upselling and cross-selling is great to boost your bottom-funnel conversion.


Another cost-effective way not only to increase your bottom-funnel conversion but also to attract new customers to your store.

Referral program is something that customers purposely ask for in an eCommerce store, due to the rewards.

So, initiating a Referral program will boost your WOM marketing and increase your conversion and you can foster customer loyalty.

Referrals Lulus

Lulus fashion has a great Referral program, where a customer can offer a 20$ discount to their friends on their first order. But the new customer must purchase more than 50$ to enjoy the discount.

If the Referral purchase above 50$ the Referee will earn a discount of 20$ for their next purchase.

By doing this, you can increase your sales, attract new customers, foster customer loyalty and more importantly retain your customers. Because they’ll come back for their next purchase and referrals.

If the prospect has travelled to the bottom of the funnel then Referral program is the easy way to convert your visitor into a loyal customer.

Contests & Giveaways

How many times have you seen your favourite eCommerce stores do this?

It is one of the most exciting and the simplest ways to convert first time visitors into customers. The name alone is enough to grab their attention.

And imagine the loyalty you can get from the customers if they win the contest.

Amazon contests

Even the renowned eCommerce stores use Contests to increase their bottom funnel conversions. The prospect has already entered your site and all he needs is a gentle push to make him purchase.

That push can be achieved in the form of Contests and Giveaways. There are many plugins out there that can help you organize it.

Spin the wheel

There are many gamification pop ups that can attract new customers and help you engage with them and boost your bottom funnel conversions.

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Wrapping up

If the prospect has travelled all the way to the bottom of the funnel then your job is almost done. Now all you got to do is offer them a little motivation to make them purchase. That’s why we crafted this article to show you some tactics you can perform to increase your bottom funnel conversions in your eCommerce store.