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24 Best WordPress Automation Plugins and Tools (+Comparison)

Are you aware of the WordPress automation plugins designed to streamline the management of your website?

These powerful tools simplify and optimize various tasks, enabling your WordPress site to practically run itself. As a WordPress store owner, you would obviously need to stay in touch with your customers by running email campaigns, enticing them by displaying offers and discounts using popups, building forms to collect email addresses, SEO optimizing your site for visibility, and whatnot.

Name a task, and we’re sure there is an automation plugin for WordPress that will take care of it for you.

This blog will unveil the most needed WordPress automation tools and their features to help you make informed decisions. Read on to find out what your WordPress store is missing out.

What is a WordPress automation plugin?

WordPress automation plugins are designed to simplify tasks related to managing a WordPress website. These plugins leverage automation technology to perform routine processes automatically, reducing the need for manual intervention and saving website owners time.

WordPress automation tools offer a wide range of features and functionalities, from scheduling and publishing content to automating user interactions and even managing marketing campaigns.

When you automate tasks such as user registration, email notifications, content publishing, and website maintenance, you automatically improve efficiency, enhance user experience, and drive better results for WordPress websites.

Why do you need a WordPress Automation Plugin?

Besides automating your tasks and saving time, there have to be other reasons why you would need WordPress automation plugins. Here are a few other reasons we could think of.

  1. Enhanced efficiency: Automated workflows ensure the smooth and timely execution of tasks, reducing the risk of errors and delays.
  2. Provides timely responses: WordPress automation tools can automatically respond to customer inquiries or comments, improving engagement and satisfaction.
  3. Offers personalized experiences: Customizes content recommendations or product suggestions based on user behavior or preferences.
  4. Enhances customer retention: Automates loyalty programs or personalized offers to reward repeat customers and encourage long-term relationships.
  5. Reduces cart abandonment: WordPress automation tools automate abandoned cart recovery emails or incentives to entice customers to complete their purchases, minimizing lost sales opportunities.
  6. Optimizes marketing campaigns: Automates tracking and analysis of campaign performance metrics, allowing for data-driven optimization and improvement over time.

WordPress Automation Plugin Feature Comparison

Email Automation
RetainfulCustomizable templates
Drag and drop editor
Easy automation setup for emails and newsletters
Advanced segmentation
Dynamic coupons
Robust analytics
Sign-up forms and popups
User-friendly interface
Seamless integration
No coding knowledge needed
Starts from $9 per month
Free plan available
SenderEmail automation
Email templates library
Sign-up forms and popups
Starts from $15.82/month
MailPoetAutomated welcome emails
Customizable transactional emails
Email segmentation
Starts from $10/month
Customer Relationship Management
Hubspot CRMKeeps track of customer interactions
Contact management
Lead management
Starts from $800/month
Jetpack CRMLead generation
Invoice creation and sending
Integrations for Paypal & Stripe
Starts from $5.40/month for a site
Zoho CRMWorks well with forms created using itself and contact 7 forms.
Customizable modules for lead capturing.
Free of cost
Social Proof
Trust PulseFOMO campaigns
Live stream recent activities
Starts from $5/month
NotificationXReal-time sales notifications
Review popup
19+ integrations
Starts from $39/month
ProveSourceSales popup to create FOMO
Supports 22 languages
Customizable popups
Free plan available with limited features
Yoast SEOAutomated SEO improvements
Detailed SEO analysis
Tracks ranking
Integrates with Elementor
Rank MathAI SEO to write content
Google Search Console Integration
Google Analytics Integration
Starts from $20.99/month
Push Notifications
OneSignalSupports Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox. Both Android and Desktop.
Opt-in customization
Scheduled notifications
Free plan available with limited features
TruePushSupports Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox. Both Android and Desktop.
WooCommerce Abandoned Cart reminders
Segmentation for personalized notifications
Grow your email list with giveaway participants
Drives sales through WOM
Email marketing integrations
Automation and Integration
Uncanny AutomatorSchedule exclusive deals
Integration with CRM plugins
OpenAI automation
Starts from $149/year
Thrive AutomatorIntegrates with email marketing, payment, and CRM plugins$239/year
RafflePressGrow your email list with giveaway participants
Drives sales through WOM
Email marketing intergrations
Starts from $31/year
Simple GiveawaysReferral Sharing to increase customer base
Integrations with email marketing and social media platforms
Starts from $49.99/year
Free plan available with limited features.
AI ChatBotSupports any language OpenAI integration
Show a List of FAQ
Starts from $49/year for a site
TidioLive chat
Lyro AI for automatic answers
Integration with email marketing plugins
Starts from $29/month
Free plan available with limited features.
Page Builder
SeedProdLanding pages
Coming soon pages
Fast Drag & Drop Page Builder
Responsive templates
Starts from $31.60/year
Elementor40+ free widgets
Faster loading websites
Marketing automation and CRM integrations
Starts from $2.99/month
Backup and migration
Updraft PlusEasy restore
Backup data to your preferred storage
Automated backup scheduling customization
Starts from $70/year for 2 sites
Popup boxTrigger-based popups
Responsive designs
Choose pages or all pages to display popups
Starts from $49/month
Popup MakerCustomizable popups
Set conditions for who can see the popups
Set popup frequency
Starts from $99/month

Exploring the Leading WordPress Automation Plugins and Tools in Depth

The whole purpose of this blog is to walk you through the most helpful automation plugins for WordPress. We have picked out a few must-have categories and the top plugin for that category to help you out. Let’s dive right in.

WordPress Automation and Integration Plugin: Uncanny Automator

Uncanny Automator

Uncanny Automator offers flexibility with over 160 plugins and apps to connect seamlessly. Its user-friendly, no-code visual builder simplifies automation creation, allowing users to effortlessly set up custom workflows.

From sharing posts on social media to precisely scheduling automations with delays, this WordPress automation tool empowers users to tailor their processes to exact specifications. With the ability to create unlimited automations, you can simplify routine tasks and achieve more with less effort.

Email automation plugin for WordPress: Retainful

Retainful Email Marketing

Retainful is the most user-friendly email automation WordPress plugin. Configuring the automation workflows only takes a minute or two. All you have to do is determine the trigger and wait condition.

For example, the trigger for an abandoned cart email is “when a customer has left the cart unattended,” and you could set the wait condition as “24 hours” to send the email if the cart remains unattended even after 24 hours.

This marketing automation tool also has an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, which makes template design much easier. The segmentation feature lets you keep your campaigns very targeted.

Retainful can also be labeled as a referral plugin for its ability to run referral programs to help you retain and acquire customers. The plugin has popup features that help you capture customers’ attention by displaying attractive offers.

Overall, Retainful is the best WordPress automation plugin for increasing conversions and customer base.

CRM WordPress Automation Plugin: Hubspot

Hubspot crm

HubSpot CRM is a WordPress automation plugin that offers features designed to optimize lead management and streamline customer interactions. Its intuitive interface allows users to manage leads and automatically ensures seamless updates to customer data.

This WordPress automation plugin’s lead generation process facilitates the identification of potential customers, while real-time tracking and analysis of sales activities provide valuable insights into performance.

HubSpot CRM further enhances communication capabilities with its meeting scheduler, email template builder, and live chat software, empowering teams to engage prospects effectively across various channels.

Social Proof Automation Plugin for WordPress: TrustPulse

 Trust Pulse

TrustPulse is an automation plugin for WordPress that enhances user engagement and boosts conversions with purchase notifications. Businesses can showcase real-time purchases, instilling trust and urgency among potential buyers.

Analytics Notifications provide valuable insights into user behavior, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions for optimization. Action Messages enable personalized interactions with visitors, encouraging them to take desired actions on the website. TrustPulse’s Popular Visitor Activity feature highlights trending actions, fostering social proof and credibility.

Lastly, Smart Targeting enables businesses to deliver relevant notifications to specific audience segments, maximizing engagement and conversion rates.

SEO WordPress Automation plugin: Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a WordPress automation plugin designed to optimize your website’s performance and visibility on search engines. With AI-optimized SEO titles and meta descriptions, you can effortlessly enhance your posts and pages for maximum discoverability.

The 404 monitor feature ensures that users are alerted to any broken links, helping maintain a seamless user experience. This WordPress automation tool also offers automated technical SEO improvements, streamlining the optimization process. Furthermore, Yoast SEO contributes to improving website loading times, enhancing user experience and search engine rankings.

Push notifications WordPress Automation tool: OneSignal


OneSignal WordPress automation plugin offers a comprehensive suite of notification features, including mobile push notifications, web push notifications, and SMS alerts. With the ability to send messages across multiple channels, you can reach your audience wherever they are.

Additionally, this automation plugin for WordPress supports scheduled notifications, allowing for precise message timing to maximize impact and engagement.

Backup Automation WordPress Plugin: Updraft plus

updraft plus

UpdraftPlus WordPress automation plugin offers robust backup and restoration features. With both scheduled and manual backup options, you can ensure your website data is regularly saved and secure. This WordPress automation plugin allows for flexible scheduling, from every few hours to monthly intervals, catering to diverse needs.

UpdraftPlus also facilitates website migration or cloning, streamlining the process of replicating or moving WordPress sites. With expanded remote storage options, users can securely store their backups in various locations, enhancing data redundancy and peace of mind.


There’s no skipping automation if you want to run a successful WordPress site. This blog has listed the best WordPress automation plugins and tools and their features.

First, define the goals you want to meet. Find out what automation plugins for your WordPress site would help you achieve those goals. This way, you won’t install any unnecessary plugins. Be sure to take advantage of the free trial or free plan of these WordPress automation tools to test their features before you invest in them.

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Can I automate WordPress?

Yes, you can automate WordPress using various plugins and tools tailored for tasks like scheduling posts and sending automated emails.

Can I use AI in WordPress?

Yes, you can leverage AI in WordPress through plugins and integrations for tasks such as content optimization, chatbots, and personalized recommendations.

How do I automate content in WordPress?

You can automate content in WordPress by utilizing plugins for scheduling posts, automatically sharing on social media and curating content feeds.

What is automation in WordPress?

Automation in WordPress involves using tools and plugins to streamline repetitive tasks like content publishing, social media sharing, and email marketing, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

What is best plugin for WordPress?

The best WordPress plugin is Retainful. It helps you send automated emails, design attractive, customizable templates, and analyze email campaign performance. The plugin, in general, lets you maintain consistent communication with customers and increases sales.