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11 Essential WordPress Plugins For Business Websites

Posted by Guest User on  September 24, 2020  in Ecommerce

WordPress has made building a blog or eCommerce website incredibly easy. What makes it even more popular is that you can add a lot of functionality to your site with the use of WordPress plugins, and without having to worry about any coding.

However, there are so many plugins out there that it can get confusing, which one is better? and more importantly which ones do I even need?

While plugins are great, having too many installed can slow down your website, or even worse, plugin conflicts can even break your website.

So, when it comes to plugins, the right ones when incorporated into your site backend will improve your website’s functionality and aesthetics. We did all the research for you and listed down the right set of WordPress plugins below that will help you grow your online business. Read on…

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Elementor for website building and hosting


So much more than just a plugin, Elementor now powers more than 7% of all the world’s websites. With its intuitive drag and drop editor, you can leverage Elementor to create dynamic WordPress websites, code-free.

It gets better, though.

You can now rely one Elmentor to host your website as well!

With Elementor Cloud Website, web creators can craft a stunning, comprehensive website that will be hosted using best-in-class WordPress cloud hosting starting at $99 per year.

Those looking to create ecommerce websites can explore Elementor’s WooCommerce website builder. Offering more than 20 widgets uniquely suited for ecommerce, just about anyone can create the WordPress-based online store they’ve always dreamed of.


Yoast SEO for SEO

YOAST SEO wordpress

When you put any content on your website, you want the maximum people to see it. In other words, to maximize the traffic to your website.

So, what is the most efficient way of maximizing traffic you might wonder?

The answer is SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is where you basically optimize your website and your content in a way that makes it easy for Google to understand your website content.

This improves your ranking in search results and ensures that you get a consistent flow of traffic to your website.

So how do you “do” SEO?

Well if you have Yoast SEO plugin installed, most of it is done!

Yoast takes care of technical SEO, like generating sitemaps, etc.

Along with that, Yoast also helps you in optimizing your content for related keywords, ensuring that you don’t miss out on valuable traffic.

Yoast gives you the ability to see through the eyes of the Google user: what will your post or page look like in the search results? And on mobile screens? This helps you tweak things to make your post stand out in search results and make it more clickable.

Other features of Yoast include:

  • Internal linking suggestions.
  • Readability check.
  • 1-year of 24/7 support·
  • Preview of your page in social media

FileBird folder plugin

Filebird folder plugin

FileBird folder plugin is a file manager for the WordPress media library. It helps create folders to easily organize all of your uploads.

Whichever files not moved to any folders belong to the Uncategorized folder. Great news: When you move files around, it won’t change their permalinks.

FileBird comes in both a free version at as well as a premium version at

The free version is pretty generous with its functionality – it gets you all of the features except for the sort options. However, the key limit is that you can only create 10 folders/categories. If you can fit within that limit, great! The free version is probably all you need.


  • Drag-and-drop files to move them between folders
  • Bulk select files and move them around
  • Include files in multiple folders
  • Use various sort options to find the right files/folders
  • Use right-click to interact with folders

WP Legal Pages- Privacy Policy Generator For WordPress

WPLegal pages

Now that you have your SEO covered the next thing your website needs is legal pages.

I know it sounds boring and daunting, but this is really an important step that should not be missed.

Fortunately, with WP Legal Pages this seemingly boring and hard task becomes a cakewalk.

With this privacy policy generator all you have to do is enter your business details and click save.

The plugin generates 25+ legal policy pages that can be required for any kind of business.

WP Legal Pages Pro also supports multiple languages for wizard policy templates like French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese.

Utilizing this module, you can likewise create an Impressum which is legitimately required on all business sites distributed in German-talking nations (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland).

Some of the 25+ expert vetted Policy Pages include:

  • GDPR Privacy Policy
  • GDPR Cookie Policy
  • Terms of Service
  • CCPA (California Consumers Privacy Act)
  • DMCA Policy
  • Amazon Affiliate Disclosure
  • Affiliate Marketing Disclosures, and many more

Image Optimization: ShortPixel to optimize your images

Image optimization

Everyone wants a fast website.

If your website loads slowly visitors drop off quickly.

Even Google ranks slow websites lower.

After your hosting it is the images that determine the speed of your site.

You want to upload tons of beautiful and high-quality images on your website to keep your readers engaged and hooked, however high-quality images have large sizes and hence are heavy.

They really slow your webpage down.

To get rid of this problem all you need to do is install the ShortPixel plugin.

ShortPixel compresses the size of images on your website thereby making the webpage light and load faster.

The best thing about ShortPixel is that it reduces the size of images without decreasing the visible quality of images.

Another benefit of this plugin is that you don’t have to individually reduce the size of each image, the plugin supports batch reduction.

Also, once you install this plugin all new images you upload will automatically get optimized as per your settings, making this plugin extremely hands-off.

EDD Advanced Shortcodes Plugin (Plugins & Snippets

EDD Advanced Shortcodes Plugin provides you with a wide range of advanced shortcodes which allow you to create any kind of product lists:

  • Most Viewed Products
  • Recently Viewed Products
  • Best Rated Products
  • Daily Random Product Pick List
  • And others.

Also, be able to create a list/carousel of all your:

  • product reviews
  • authors, and
  • recent sales

Lastly, you can now show recent sales notification popups on any webpage of your choice.

These features go beyond the basic shortcodes offered by Easy Digital Downloads (EDD). You can use these powerful shortcodes to create excellent landing pages for your visitors and customers.

Key Features:

  • Downloads List/Carousel
  • Authors List/Carousel
  • Reviews List/Carousel
  • Sales Notification List/Carousel
  • Sales Pop-up Notification
  • Extensive Settings Page

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HumCommerce Visitor Recording Plugin


Visitors come to your website but don’t take the desired actions.

You want them to purchase something but they don’t, sometimes they add products in their cart and then drop off.

Maybe you just want them to fill a form, or sign up to your newsletter, but they don’t.

Google analytics shows you that visitors are reaching your desired pages but after that what happens is pretty much your guess work.

And we know guesswork is bad when you want to increase your conversions.

So, to remove the guesswork you should use HumCommerce.

HumCommerce is a visitor recording plugin that records your visitor’s screen as they navigate your website and webpages.

With this information you know for sure where people are clicking and where they are dropping off.

You might find out that 80% of your visitors don’t scroll past 50% of your page, and your buy now button is at the bottom of the page, this means you need to move your buy now button at top of the page.

With HumCommerce you can get such practical and actionable insights that will actually help you increase your Conversion Rates.

Optinmonster for lead generation

One of the most important things any website owner needs to do is collect the visitor’s email.

This converts a visitor into a lead.

Once you generate a lead i.e. you collect a visitor’s email id you can retarget them with offers, discounts, etc.

So how do you go about collecting visitors’ email id.

Optinmonster lets you collect your visitors email id and convert them into a valuable lead.

How does it do that?

Well, it has some tricks up its sleeve.

One is it allows you to create pop up forms that make visitors enter their email.

Other than that, you can create email subscription forms, sticky announcement bar (hello bar), gamified spin a wheel opt-in forms, and other types of interactive popups for your site in minutes, not hours!

OptinMonster popups and newsletter opt-in forms are 100% mobile responsive, so your marketing message modals will always look great on all devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop).

WordPress Backup and MIgration

WordPress Migration & duplicator

Are you looking for a complete solution for backup and migration of your WordPress site? This WordPress backup plugin lets you backup to multiple storage locations such as Google drive, FTP, and Amazon S3 with its free version.

By upgrading to pro you can store your website data in Dropbox and Onedrive as well. With the plugin you can perform both partial and full site backup.

Automatic backups can be configured at scheduled intervals. Unlike other backup plugins in the market, this plugin doesn’t have any size restriction for backup.

Whether small or big site you can migrate it effortlessly.

W3 Total Cache- A caching plugin for WordPress

One of the most ubiquitous plugins in WordPress used to speed up websites is W3 Total Cache.

W3 Total Cache improves SEO performance and user experience by increasing the page speed.

When fully configured it can increase overall site performance by a factor of 10.

The plugin is very versatile and can support mobile websites.

It also has Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support.

W3 Total Cache gives Caching statistics for performance insights.

Ninja Forms- add contact forms on your website


One of the most basic features that any website has is a form.

This is where your users can contact you (contact us form), or you want to collect some more information about your users.

Or you want to collect feedback from your visitors about your particular offering.

To do all these activities you are going to need forms.

This is where Ninja Forms comes in.

With Ninja Forms you can create multiple, beautiful forms for any purpose.

The best thing about it is, you don’t need any coding knowledge nor any design expertise.

With Ninja Forms drag and drop features you can create beautiful, functional forms like a pro.

Another cool feature of Ninja Forms is that you can even accept payments and donations through them.

Manage WP to automate your workflow


If you hate to do repetitive tasks (who doesn’t?) then Manage WP is made for you.

With Manage WP you can automate most of your daily repetitive WordPress related tasks.

If you want to Collaborate with other WordPress websites, it can also be done with this plugin.

This plugin is also beneficial in monitoring your websites SEO performance and benchmarking it.

However, the most important benefit of this plugin is it takes backups with regular security checks.

Hence if something goes wrong and your website crashes, this plugin will help you restore the last backed up version of your website.

Final Thoughts…

That concludes our list of the “must-have” plugins for any WordPress website. No matter what kind of website you are running there are certain plugins that are always worth installing. Do you think we missed something? Drop your suggestions in the comment box below.

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