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10 Tips for Running a Successful WooCommerce Store in 2024

WooCommerce is an open-source customised eCommerce platform which is built on WordPress. It helps create and manage an online store simply and more quickly to sell products and services online.

It is actually known for its flexibility, cost-effectiveness and manageable factors.

Do you plan to open a WooCommerce store? Here are some tips to help you run a successful WooCommerce store in 2024.

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Design your WooCommerce store with a great theme & plugins

The first thing that impresses the user is the layout and design of an online store. Picking up the right theme that is compatible with WooCommerce matters the most.

Statistics on why website design is important

Only with a good and eye-catching theme the users would be attracted and engaged. There are three types of themes available, which include free, paid and customizable themes.

Well, WooCommerce also offers a range of plugins that would help grow the WooCommerce business and increase sales. WordPress comprises 54000+ plugins for free and can easily be installed.

For example, Discount Rules for WooCommerce is one of popular plugin to offer discounts in your WooCommerce store. From offering discounts to loyalty points, WordPress has a plethora of plugins in its repository that can help WooCommecre store grow.

Optimising WooCommerce site with quality images & videos

The use of optimised image sizes could increase the speed of page loading and so it is better to concentrate on optimising the images. Optimising the product image is the best growth tip for an eCommerce store owner.

Images are a powerful means of communication with customers on an eCommerce platform. There is a saying, “Picture speaks a lot”. It is very beneficial to the customers if the website offers a product image zooming option but providing videos is even better.

And to make WooCommerce store successful, use high-resolution images and videos to persuade customers. Videos would increase the customer’s understanding of the product that describes the products in a better way.Utilizing a video editor tool can help create compelling and informative product videos that enhance the customer’s shopping experience. “

Statistics on using videos as marketing strategy

A research survey has proved that 92% of the marketers stated that their videos have helped users understand their products and services much better.

Add popup notifications to speed up WooCommerce store

Popups can grab customer’s attention and make them stay in the store without exiting. A type of these popups is called an exit-intent popup, and they’ve become quite popular these days.

J crew website displaying a popup with discount

Create an effective popup to present various offers to the customers and encourage them to take action instead of exiting.

Taking actions would include taking a coupon for a purchase or a discount. A popup notification would also help in building brand awareness, increasing page views, minimising cart abandonment and boosting the WooCommerce shop.

SEO tips for your WooCommerce store

Search Engine Optimization helps you increase website traffic and boost WooCommerce sales. Instead of just listing the products clearly on the WooCommerce store, it is essential to make the products rank on search engines if a user searches for a keyword related to it.

The visibility to search engines could be increased by creating unique descriptions about the products and enabling and adding rich snippets to the breadcrumbs.

Indeed a better user experience translates to improved SEO and happy customers. SEO plays a great role in driving traffic to the store. It has to be emphasised on the optimization of images of the products for SEO.

Analyse leading marketing channels

There exist various product marketing platforms for businesses. For maintaining a WooCommerce site, a constant search must be made for the marketing avenues. Adopting the right marketing channel strategy is crucial. It paves the way for how you can take your products to customers.

A list of best eCommerce marketing channels

The usage of marketing channels would make rapid distribution of products, offer access to the customers, and help to save time and money.

Multichannel communication enhances the customer experience, boosts customer loyalty, gets to know about the preferences of the consumers, and so on.

Improve customer relationship

To grow your WooCommerce store, the customer must be satisfied with the experience. Making use of the customer relations management (CRM) tools helps in improving efficiency, and engagement and would avoid customer churn.

Bar chart explaining email churn rate indicator

The usage of CRM is critical for WooCommerce revenue growth, and the tools conduct various functions that include:

  • Personalization of marketing campaigns by the use of marketing emails and pop-up notifications.
  • Provides quick and accurate customer support.
  • Tracking the history of the customers and their interests.

Customer support or Live Chat

Customer service is an essential factor for managing the online store in an effective way. Customer service is not only about providing delivery services and reimbursement issues. It is also about guiding the customers in finding what they want and offering ease of access to the shopping platform.

Most customers have certain concerns, such as shopping policies, pricing, guarantees, and returns. Online live chats would be extremely useful to address this kind of concern.

Survey results proved that 73% of customers are satisfied with the use of live chats and this live chat is the most preferred communication channel. Live chat allows for reducing buyer friction by clearing the client queries in real-time.

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Make use of email marketing

Email marketing has the highest ROI (Return On Investment) and is vital for a business’s success.

WooCommerce email marketing plugins like Retainful can help you engage with customers at the right time. You can segment customers based on their activity, and loyalty & create individual audiences. Once your audience is created, you can deliver a personalized customers experience with automated emails.

Another important aspect is to collect quality leads and avoid spam & disposable contacts. Clearout Email Validation WooCommerce plugin is a solution for this. It helps validate the email contacts at the checkout or during registration in real time.

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With Retainful you can send Abandoned cart recovery emails, Order follow up emails, Welcome emails, Thank you email & Win-back emails. An interesting aspect is that you can engage with customers even when you are not there.

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Enable wishlist, products comparison, Coupons, and discounts

Wishlist makes it convenient for the customers to save the products of their own choice & purchase them later. You can track their wishlist activity, upsell those products with a discount & encourage customers to purchase.

This wishlist functionality helps in building a marketing strategy to boost the sales to make a successful WooCommerce store. The wishlist also allows easy segmentation of the customers and sends notification about the sales alerts to them.

Hence wishlist makes maintenance of inventory and operations management which also helps in forecasting the demand. Making use of discounts and coupons is a great way to push the growth of the WooCommerce store.

Adding up, the coupons are also another feature that would increase the customer’s loyalty. Instead of offering only discounts, it is good to provide gift vouchers that help the customers share them with their loved ones.

Every customer loves discounts. Discounts are an effective method that brings new customers in and retains existing cutomers. Discounts can be promoted on social media to reach the consumers and thereby increase productivity. Free shipping would also be offered for the purchases to avoid cart abandonment.

Moreover, the discounts and coupons would help convince the fence-sitters who are unsure about their next move.

Create loyalty and rewards program

Coupons and vouchers would be considered a useful feature that increases the customer’s loyalty. But most eCommerce customers expect you to run a loyalty program in your store so they can earn points & convert them to discounts.

Rewards can be offered to the customers for their loyalty and based on various actions they perform in the WooCommerce store.

Offering points for various actions increases customer engagement and word of mouth. You can acquire new customers easily by running loyalty program in your store.

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Creating a WooCommerce store can be easier but to make it successful you need to employ the best strategies. These 10 tips compiled in this article have been tested and proven to increase WooCommerce sales. We strongly believe that these tips can make your WooCommerce store successful.