Automate Email Marketing and Boost Sales.

Automate email marketing and boost sales

10 Best WordPress Exit Intent Popup Plugins to Boost Conversions in 2023

Cart abandonment rate has reached an average of 70% as of 2023, so eCommerce stores nowadays are using WordPress Exit intent popups to prevent abandonment.

If you are new to this, Exit popups are little menu blocks that appear on the window when a customer is about to click the exit button or moves his cursor closer to it.

It has become a lifesaver for eCommerce stores as WordPress exit popups can turn an almost quitter into an email subscriber.

Best WordPress exit intent popups can help you minimize your bounce rate and increase your conversions. You can also use it to display an offer to persuade leaving customers into purchasing.

When used right, these WordPress Exit intent popups can help you close down sales and increase your conversions. So, here are the 10 best WordPress exit popup plugins that can help you boost conversions.

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If you are looking for the best WordPress exit intent popup plugin then Optinly is the one you need. It is loaded with a plethora of popup templates that can be customized as per your preference.


Since Optinly is loaded with the best Exit popup templates, you can either use these built-in templates or build a new WordPress exit popup using the Drag & Drop popup editor.

You can engage your visitors using the popups based on your goals. Now if your goal is to prevent the customer from abandoning their cart, you can display a cart abandonment template like this,

Cart abandonment

Similarly, you can display any type of popup based on your marketing needs. Optinly is simple to use and easily integrates with multiple Email service providers effortlessly so that you can get started with your email campaigns within minutes.

Here are the types of lead generation popups available in Optinly,

  • Coupon Popups
  • Countdown Timer Popups
  • Spin the Wheel popups
  • Exit Intent popups
  • Fullscreen overlay popups
  • Popup launchers


  • Inbuilt Popup builder
  • GDPR Compliance
  • No Design skills required
  • Easy to install and use
  • Multiple ESP integrations
  • Customer support
  • 75+ popup templates


  • Free version available
  • Starter – $9/month
  • Growth – $25/month


Wisepops is a kind of popup plugin that can fulfill all your marketing needs. It is one of the WordPress exit popups that are powerful and yet simple to use.


Wisepops lets you create popup campaigns within minutes and using the drag & drop builder you can create your own popups easily. Also, it has dynamic segmentation options that let you target the right customer at the right time.

This best WordPress exit intent popup lets you create popups for various marketing needs like email list building, cart abandonment prevention, feedback collection, display offers, etc.

Wisepops is compatible with WordPress, WooCommerce & Shopify stores. It can run on any website and integrate with email service providers easily.


  • 30+ targeting options
  • No coding or design experience required
  • Upselling & Cross-selling
  • Works on every website
  • Easy to setup and easy to use
  • Integrates with multiple ESPs
  • Pre-built templates
  • Robust customization options
  • Email support & Chat support


  • Free version available
  • $49/month
  • $99/month
  • $149/month
  • $249/month
  • Enterprise – $250/month


Optinmonster is one of the most popular plugins in WordPress, it has many built-in lead generation features and one of them is the Exit intent popup. This best WordPress exit intent popup can help you streamline your email marketing, improve your sales and growth.


Optinmonster lets you create engaging popup forms, subscription forms, gamified opt-in forms and much more popups within minutes.

Optinmonster introduced exit popups way before any other popup plugins, but to enjoy its WordPress exit popup features you need to upgrade to the premium while many plugins offer it for Free.

Also, another Optinmonster benefits is its targeting and personalization options, it lets you display the right popup to the right user at the right time.

If you use this WordPress exit popup plugin in the right way, you can easily prevent your users from abandoning your store.


  • Drag & Drop popup maker
  • Popup animations & sound effects
  • Multiple targeting options
  • Real-time analytics
  • Social media sharing
  • ESP integrations
  • Pre-designed templates
  • A/B Testing


  • Basic – $9/month
  • Plus – $19/month
  • Pro – $29/month
  • Growth – $49/month

WP Popups

WP popups is one of the best WordPress exit popup plugins available for WordPress stores. You can easily create and customize your popup using WP popup’s intuitive template builder.

WP popups

WP popups is the perfect solution if you want to increase your followers in social media, include call to actions, increase your mailing list or to display an important popup. You can also display popups based on pages, posts & user roles using WP popups.

It is loaded with exit intent technology using which you can create your own WordPress exit popup and display it when the customer is about to quit the page using the targeting options.

It is compatible with multiple major form plugins and is loaded with a plethora of popup features that can help you boost your conversions.


  • Popup scheduler
  • Popups geolocation
  • ESP integration
  • Animation effects
  • Multiple trigger options
  • Premium support
  • Shortcodes
  • A/B Testing
  • Template builder
  • Unique targeting options


  • Agency – $299.50/year
  • Pro – $199.50/year
  • Plus – $99.50/year
  • Basic – $35.00/year


Retainful is a prominent Email marketing automation plugin that helps you recover your abandoned cart & engage with customers throughout their journey by sending a series of automated emails. It is easy to setup and you can get started with your automation campaign within minutes.


But we are talking about WordPress exit popups, right? Does Retainful have an exit intent popup feature?

Yes, it surely does. Retainful has an WordPress exit popup feature in the premium version of the plugin. It also comes with a popup builder so you can customize your popups to make them look enticing.

Track the cursor behavior of your customers and trigger an exit popup when the customer moves to the exit button. You can display offers in your Exit popups to prevent the customers from quitting your store and encourage them to complete their purchase.


  • Offer multiple discounts
  • Dynamic customization options
  • Next order coupons
  • Referral program
  • Add to cart popup
  • Email collection form
  • Set expiry dates
  • Targeting options
  • Shortcodes for personalizations
  • Live support


  • Starter – $19/month
  • Growth – $49/month
  • Professional – $199/month

Maximize your website’s potential with Retainful – the ultimate solution for converting abandoning visitors into loyal customers. Capture lost sales and boost your revenue with Retainful’s exit intent popup.


If you are looking for the best WordPress exit popup plugin that can help you turn your shoppers into regular customers then Optimonk is what you need in your store. Optimonk helps you to grab your customer’s attention by displaying enticing offers through popups.


Optimonk swears that their popups won’t impact your customer’s user experience because this best WordPress exit popup plugin knows which customer to target at the right time using its robust targeting options.

Optimonks popups can be fully customized and made enticing to persuade the comes with a drag & drop editor through which you can customize your popups to make them look like a part of your store.

It is optimized very well in a way that it won’t impact the speed of your site, unlike other WordPress exit popup plugins.


  • Recart integration
  • Multiple triggering options
  • 200+ popup templates
  • A/B testing
  • Various targeting methods
  • Drag & Drop email editor
  • 5 types of on-site messages
  • Multiple eCommerce platforms compatible


  • Free version available
  • Essential – $29/month
  • Growth – $79/month
  • Premium – $199/month

WooCommerce MailChimp Newsletter Discount

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to connect with customers, build brand awareness, and boost sales. But what if you could expand on this strategy even further? That’s where the WooCommerce MailChimp Newsletter Discount plugin comes in handy!

WooCommerce MailChimp Newsletter Discount

It can assist you in increasing your sales by sending out automated discount codes and coupons. If you want to take your online store to the next level, this plugin is an absolute must-have!

This plugin allows you to quickly create forms and exit intent popups. It includes advanced tools for creating high-converting popups and forms, such as MailChimp Integration, Gutenberg Compatibility, Customization Options, and more.

Without any coding knowledge, you can simply install the WooCommerce MailChimp Newsletter Discount plugin from the WordPress Plugin repository and use their simple shortcode to create forms.

You can create engaging popups with exit intent features using the WooCommerce MailChimp Newsletter Discount Plugin, but these features are only available in the pro version. You can upgrade to its pro version for a very small fee per year and gain access to a plethora of more advanced features.


  • Create Subscription Popups and Forms
  • MailChimp Integration
  • Automatically sends a discount coupon to the subscriber
  • Exit Intent
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Extensive Customization options
  • No need for any coding or design experience
  • Targeting Options
  • Coupon Customization Options
  • Analytics
  • Email and Desktop Notifications


Single Site – $21.99/year
2-5 Sites – $89.99/year
Unlimited Sites – $299.99/year


Icegram is a reliable popup plugin that can help you create optins as per your preference and display them to the right audience and convert them into customers. It can be set up within minutes and no coding experience is required.


You can use this best WordPress Exit popup plugin to create unlimited popups of various types and target it to the right customers. Since we are talking about exit popups, let’s see if Icegram can help you prevent customers from quitting.

We checked, yes you can track audience maneuvers and display an exit-intent optin when they move their cursor towards the exit button.

You can do much more than this using Icegram. You can easily integrate with ESPs and start interacting with your customers and it is also fully compatible with many third-party optins and CRMs.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Multiple targeting options for optins.
  • Multiple theme designs
  • Countless ESP integrations
  • Mobile-responsive
  • Individual optin result tracking
  • No mandatory account creation
  • Automatic updates
  • Friendly support team
  • Split testing


  • Free version available
  • Pro – $97/yr
  • Max – $147/yr

Yeloni Exit popup

Yeloni is a robust WordPress exit popup that can help you convert your abandoning customer into a subscriber using enticing forms. You can customize your popup using multiple configurations and target it to the right customers at the right time.


What makes Yeloni special is that it is a very lightweight plugin and it can track cursor movement and display exit-intent popups without slowing down the website. These popup designs and messages can be customized as per your preference.

Yeloni has three types of Exit-intent,

  1. Based on Mouse movement
  2. Clicking on browser exit button
  3. Clicking on Internal or external link


  • Multiple ESP integrations
  • Trigger options
  • Multiple theme widgets
  • Integration with ESPs
  • Chat integrations
  • Device widgets
  • Page widgets


  • Free version available
  • Business plan – $99/yr
  • Business plan – $9/month


If you are looking for a simple plugin to create popups then Poptin what you need. Using the best WordPress exit intent popup plugin you can create popups, contact forms, optins and more in less than a few minutes.


Poptins can help you convert your visitors into email subscribers, prevent cart abandonment by tracking customer behavior and displaying popup when they are about to quit and more.

Tracking and targeting mechanism of this best WordPress exit popup plugin are so robust that they can effectively track behaviors and display targeted messages at the right time.

Poptin has a powerful popup builder using which you can create and customize your popups, forms, optins, etc as per your preference.


  • Integromat integration
  • Popups and forms will have dynamic tags
  • OS & Browser targeting options
  • Inactivity trigger
  • Loading time is faster
  • Multiple ESP integration
  • Exit intent technology
  • Advanced targeting options
  • A/B testing


  • Free version available
  • Basic – $19/month
  • Pro – $49/month
  • Agency – $99/month

Engage your visitors just before they leave your site with Exit intent popup. Install Retainful and turn your website’s exit intent into a second chance to convert visitors into buyers.

Wrapping up

WordPress exit intent popup is one of the best ways to prevent customers from quitting your store. Using the best WordPress exit popup plugins you can stop customers from abandoning their cart and persuade them into purchasing by offering coupons through popups.

To do that, all you need is a simple WordPress exit-intent popup plugin. That’s why we did the job for you and have listed the best WordPress exit intent popup plugins that can help you curb cart abandonment.

What is the best pop-up plugin for WordPress?

Retainful is the best pop-up plugin for WordPress because it offers customizable and targeted pop-ups that can boost conversions, recover abandoned carts, and build customer loyalty. Its user-friendly interface and automation features make it easy to use even for beginners.

How do I create an exit-intent popup in WordPress?

To create an exit-intent popup in WordPress, you need to install and activate the Retainful plugin, go to the Popups tab in the Retainful dashboard, and create a new popup with exit-intent trigger and desired design and content.

Which is free exit-intent popup plugin?

Retainful is not a completely free exit-intent popup plugin, but it offers a free trial period and a limited free plan that allows users to create basic popups with exit-intent trigger and other features. However, to access advanced features and unlimited popups, users need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Are exit popups good?

Exit popups can be effective in capturing visitors’ attention and encouraging them to take action before leaving a website, but they can also be perceived as intrusive or annoying if not used properly.

What are your top 5 WordPress plugins?

Top 5 WordPress plugins are Yoast SEO for search engine optimization, etpack for site security and performance, WooCommerce for eCommerce functionality, WPForms for creating forms and Retainful for email marketing automation and abandoned cart recovery.

Is exit-intent popup effective?

Exit-intent popups can be effective in reducing bounce rates, recovering abandoned carts, and increasing conversions by providing visitors with relevant offers or information before they leave a website. However, their effectiveness depends on various factors such as the design, content, and timing of the popup.