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Best Proven Steps to Build Highly Converting Product Pages

If you are looking to build product pages that convert like crazy, you need to be spot-on in your product page design.

Product pages are vital in convincing a customer to complete a purchase. Without a well-optimized product page, all your streamlined user interface and smooth checkout process will be of no use.

The best converting product pages are the key to boosting your sales. So, you need to entice your customers with your words and illustrious images.

How will you do it? How are you going to design product pages that convert like crazy?

To help you with the quest, we’ve compiled some of the best-proven ways to design the best product pages that can skyrocket your conversions.

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Best proven steps to build highly converting product pages

Add High-definition images to showcase your product

Unlike physical stores customers cannot perceive a product by touching them, so you need to motivate their purchase decision with high-definition product images.

Showcase your product from multiple angles so that customers will know how they’ll look like. Also, provide the option to zoom in to let customer view the product in detail.

Add product images

This above illustration is an eCommerce product page from BioLite, you can see how they have captured the firepit stove from all the angles.

Providing images like this is what makes a good product page and will ease out the purchase decision of your customer.

Still, confused about how HD images can help your product page? Let us list out a few benefits,

  • Images help you to foster trust and loyalty.
  • HD images ease outs purchase decisions, increases sales.
  • You can create the best first impression with HD images.
  • Motivates customers to share it on their social platforms.
  • Boosts up our brand value and helps you maintain consistency.
  • It makes your store unique amongst your competitors.

You can either hire a professional or you can capture your product photos by yourself, also there is an ecosystem of websites where you can get high-definition royalty-free images.

Incorporate product videos to make it look convincing

Videos serve as a dynamic and powerful tool to convince a customer into purchasing an eCommerce product.

Videos actually give you a feeling of shopping in a physical store, it makes the product more engaging.

Videos are becoming particularly important for e-commerce web sites as they can display far more features of the product than images.

Tripod product video

Studies have shown that the pages with videos were the best converting product pages with a conversion rate ranging between 84% to 144%.

Here are a few reasons why videos have proven to be more effective,

  • If the product is believed to be difficult to use, videos will reveal how basic it really is.
  • If consumers want to identify the differences between different features, videos can easily and reliably explain the differences.
  • Videos help customers to visualize themselves using the product.

So, if you want to design the best product pages that convert, then you can hire a video guy on fiver to craft illustrious product videos for your page.

Optimize your product page with dynamic keyword insertion

Let’s face it, you want your product to be listed first when customers do a generic search, don’t you?

If you want to boost your click-through rates and achieve more conversions then dynamic keyword insertion is the right strategy for your eCommerce store.

Dynamic keywords insertion(or DKI) is a function provided by both AdWords and Bing, enabling you to automatically insert a keyword into your ad.

Dynamic keyword insertion

You see what euroclean did in the above illustration, they added vacuum cleaner as a dynamic keyword. So, whenever a customer does a generic search on vacuum cleaner their product will be listed first.

So, if you want to increase your click-through rates you can make use of dynamic keyword insertion but make sure you use it responsibly to avoid getting sued.

Craft the best product description

When images & videos complete 50% of the intended job, product page contents are responsible for the other 50%.

Recent research found that about 20% of failed sales were a direct consequence of an improper explanation of the product or inadequate product page co0ntent.

Meanwhile, the best practice is to write about how the product will be useful to the customer. In that way, customers can understand the product better.

Nike product description

You see what Nike did here, they turned the shoe’s features into benefits. This proven strategy will entice the customers to make a purchase and boost your sales along the way.

By writing a reliable, informative, and entertaining product page content, a copywriter helps serves as same as a sales associate does when anyone comes to the front door of the store.

Provide product details and options

Now you have crafted the basic description of a product, is it enough to convince a customer?

Certainly not!

To make it appealing, you must be much more precise. Customers may have some product-related doubts like (What size is that? What are the dimensions? How much does it weigh? etc).

Product details watch

So, to satisfy them, you need to include your product’s exact details, otherwise, they may move to another store by abandoning their cart, thinking that the product page content isn’t informative enough.

Now you will have an abandoned cart to deal with, cart abandonment is the last thing you want to happen on your product page. But there is always a way to recover your abandoned cart and convert it into revenue.

Another key aspect that customers will look for on the product page is the options available for the product.

Yes, customers may opt for a different color, size, and design for a specific product.

Product options

So, adding all the available options is what makes a good product page and it will help the customer make a quick and better decision.

Provide proof of authenticity

Customers will complete a purchase only when they feel a sense of credibility with your eCommerce product. Assuring that authenticity will lead to the best converting product page.

Not just the product’s credibility, your eCommerce store might face some security issues too, remember, customer details are crucial.

So, you should provide the necessary security for customer details to foster trust and loyalty with your customers.

Ecommerce trust badges

How will you do it? By providing eCommerce trust badges and quality certificates to prove that your store is safe & secure and your product is authentic.

If you want customers to buy your products, you need to convince them that their information is safe in your possession.

The easiest way to achieve so is by incorporating trust badges and increase their trust in your store while boosting your sales accordingly.

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Incorporate customer reviews

When it comes to purchasing a product in an eCommerce store, customers always rely on what their peers have to say about your store. They proceed to make a purchase only if they hear some positive reviews.

That is why you should be honest with your customers if you want your product page to convert, you can ask reviews for your product from the customers and display it.

Ecommerce review statistics

You may wonder, what if my product gets a negative review?

Yes, negative reviews are part of the process, but always remember the number of positive reviews will outweigh the few negative reviews.

Review proof

Here are a few statistics on how much difference online reviews can make,

  • Almost 95% of shoppers read online feedback prior to shopping.
  • Conversion rates can rise by 270% by displaying reviews.
  • 72 % of consumers will not take action until they have read the reviews.
  • 84 % of people believe in online reviews as much as personal opinions.

Enhance the speed of the page

At times, the smallest details are the ones that bring a huge difference. When your eCommerce product page lags it may give a frustrating experience for your customers.

Customers are fond of streamlined web design and they will appreciate the aesthetic touch to a web page but at the same time customer will also expect eCommerce pages like product pages & landing pages to be fast.

Google research showed that 64% of mobile users will leave a site when it takes more than three seconds to load.

Let’s face it nobody likes a site that takes an eternity to load, even a delay of a few seconds can affect the page’s performance. So, here are some tips to increase the responsiveness of the webpage.

  • Minimize the number of HTTP requests on your site.
  • Make sure you sure compressed site files and images, skip large size files.
  • Optimize all the broken links on your website.
  • Always remember to enhance your site for the mobile experience.
  • Always test the site for speed, take necessary actions to revert the issues

These remedies are just the tip of the iceberg, this article will give you a detailed insight on how to increase your website’s speed. Just remember, the best converting product pages are the ones that take less time to load.

Entice your customers with exclusive prices

Price is the driving force behind a successful eCommerce purchase if your customers can’t find the price easily chances are they will move to another store. So, place your prices in a way to entice your customers.

A prominent tactic used by amazon when they offer a discount is striking out the old price and mentioning the new one. This tactic is the reason why Amazon has the best converting product pages.

Product prices

Another enticing strategy is to provide the product with a premium edition to ensure that consumers look at both products side by side. This gives contrast and helps make the cheaper commodity look more like a “fair deal.”

Here on Retainful’s product page, you can see how the products are priced and differentiated based on the features.

This will help out the customers to take a clear purchase decision without any fuss. They will also appreciate how user-friendly your site is and increase your conversions on the go.

Create FOMO

A time-tested strategy to increase the conversion and boost sales is creating a sense of urgency or fear of missing out(FOMO).

Ecommerce Stores around the world use this strategy to sell products in demand or to clear out their inventory. If you want a product page that converts you need to include these exclusive deals

An effective way to achieve this is by adding an urgency clock to the product to showcase that the product will not available for a specific deal after the time runs out.

Countdown timer

In this above product from amazon, you can see that if you want to avail of free delivery you have to purchase within the specific time. This will force customers to make a purchase decision quickly which increases your sales on the go.

Using these tactics in your eCommerce product pages can boost up your conversions. A recent study shows that product pages with countdown timers are one of the best converting product pages.

Add attractive CTA buttons

Add to cart & Buy now buttons are the prime decision-makers on eCommerce product pages so they should stand out in order for customers to click them.

Make sure the color of your button stands out from the rest of your page, and don’t distract with clutter or other competing design elements.

CTA button

Sometimes customers won’t be ready to purchase a product at the moment due to various reasons. So, adding a wishlist button will help customers save the items for later.


The wishlist helps customers to save an item and come back oat any time to complete the purchase. It will also save them the time of searching for the product again.

Add FAQs to clear out queries

Customers tend to rise a lot of questions before making the purchase decision. So, the best practice is to provide answers to their queries on your eCommerce product page to keep them from abandoning your store.

People don’t land on your product page to read how good you think your products are, instead, they are looking if you can provide exactly what they want.

Adding FAQs in your eCommerce product page will guide customers and make their shopping experience effortless. Employ live support to ease it out for your customers on their purchase decision.

You can list out the FAQs based on what your previous customers asked or you can craft them yourselves if you want your product pages to convert.

Facilitate social sharing

If you take a look on some of the best converting web pages, they all have one thing in common, a social sharing button.

Yes, customers will have the urge to share your product with their friends and loved ones. Add a few social media sharing buttons so that your customers can share your products.

Social sharing buttons

Remember, this tactic will expose your store to new customers and boost your conversion rates and your sales on the go.

A recent study shows that product pages without social sharing buttons had 11.9% less conversion rate than pages with a social sharing button.

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Wrapping up

We did our research to find out how to design product pages that convert like crazy and we have compiled a list for you. This list is a compilation of the proven ways to design the best converting product pages.

In this article, you got to know how to build highly converting product pages. Use it to your advantage and design yourself the best product pages that skyrocket your conversions.