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11 Best WooCommerce Plugins that are a Must for Your Store in 2020

11 Best WooCommerce Plugins that are a Must for Your Store in 2020

Posted by Joel Platini on 11 January 2020 in WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the most dynamic eCommerce platform incorporated by online stores around the world. Plugins are loaded with a plethora of essential features with which you can develop your online store effortlessly.

Plugins play a vital role in building an eCommerce store using WooCcommerce. With top WooCommerce plugins, you can add and customize illustrious features in your store that will grow your business.

Even though there are many free or paid plugins available you cannot rely on them all. So, we did our research and have bought you the 11 best WooCommerce plugins for you.

Install them in your store and fetch more revenue by boosting your sales.

11 Best WooCommerce Plugins that are a Must for Your Store in 2020


Abandoned carts will bother your business by causing a dip in your sales. With Retainful , you can recover abandoned carts and convert them into revenue. Send a series of emails using this abandon cart recovery plugin to remind your customers to recover their cart and complete their purchase.

About 70% of shoppers abandon their cart without completing the purchase. When customers abandon their carts Retainful will automatically trigger a series of reminder emails to the customers thus minimizing manual efforts.

With Retainful, offer next order coupons to your customers during checkout and encourage them to continue shopping at your store thus driving repeated purchases.

Referrals is the newest feature of Retainful with which you can run a Referral program in your store. You can turn your customers into brand advocates and acquire new customers through WOM marketing. Referrals will also help you increase the customer retention rate in you store.


  • Recover abandon carts including guest carts.
  • You can capture the email as soon as shoppers mentions it at checkout.
  • View items left by customers in the cart.
  • Single-click cart recovery.
  • Recovery emails will stop automatically when the purchase is made.
  • Built-in email templates.
  • User-friendly, responsive emails.
  • Emails have many customizable options.
  • Launch Referral program within minutes.
  • Referral link for each customers.
  • Referral emails for post-purchase engagement.
  • Track Referral performance on a insightful dashboard.
  • Drag & Drop email editor.
  • Unique single order coupons for Next order.
  • Includes the next order in the order confirmation email.
  • Flat percentage coupons are available.
  • You can drive repeated purchase with next order coupons.

Premium Pricing

  • Free - Lite Version
  • Starter - $15/month
  • Growth - $39/month
  • Professional - $159/month

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Smart Coupon for WooCommerce

Smart Coupon for WooCommerce by WebToffee is a WooCommerce coupon plugin to enhance the functionalities and extend the features of WooCommerce coupons. This provides a lot of possibilities for you to create different kinds of offers that can make your customers happy and keep coming back.
Coupons and offers are certainly a great way to make more sales and more importantly create a customer base that will be happy with your service. For your WooCommerce store, Smart Coupons for WooCommerce makes creating and managing coupons easier and convenient.


  • Create gift coupons and store credits that can be purchased or gifted
  • Create coupons with restrictions based on the shipping method, payment method, user role, and on the location of the shipping/billing address.
  • Add multiple giveaway products in a single coupon for the customers to select from
  • Create gift coupons for the customers completing a purchase.
  • Gift the store credit or gift coupons to friends/relatives via email.
  • Create coupons that can be applied automatically
  • Allow the customers to select a combination of coupons that can be applied in a purchase.
  • Bulk generate coupons and add them directly in the store
  • Export coupons to a CSV file in bulk, or mail it to the customers.
  • Import the coupons from a CSV file to the store
  • Duplicate coupons
  • Multiple customizable coupon templates.
  • Categorized view for users of active and used/expired coupons on their account page


  • Single site license: $69
  • 5 site license: &99
  • 25 site license: $199

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WooCommerce Multilingual

With WooCommerce multilingual, you can translate your products and store pages into any language that your customers prefer. Send transactional or business emails to your customers and clients in their language.

This plugin uses the preferred language throughout the checkout process without breaking the monotony. A vital aspect of this plugin is that it allows your WooCommerce store to function with multiple currencies. WooCommerce multilingual is compatible with various WooCommerce extensions.


  • All WooCommerce products can be translated.
  • Effortless translation management.
  • Same language throughout the entire process.
  • Send emails to clients in the language they prefer.
  • Run a single WooCommerce store with multiple currencies.

Premium Pricing

  • Multilingual Blog - $29
  • Multilingual CMS - $79
  • Multilingual Agency - $159

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MonsterInsights is the most dynamic Google Analytics plugin for your WooCommerce store. It is easy to boost your store's traffic and sales when you figure out how people access your site. Well, MonsterInsights will provide you those data and help grow your business.

Google Analytics reports can be harder to interpret for some, but MonsterInsights can make it easier by displaying the necessary info you need in your WordPress dashboard. So you can grow your business by making data-driven decisions.

With over millions of installs, MonsterInsights is the most popular analytics plugin for your WooCommerce store. This plugin can connect your WordPress site with Google Analytics effortlessly and shows an actionable analytics report in your dashboard.

An important aspect of MonsterInsights is that you can enable all advanced features of Google Analytics in a few clicks. Also, it eliminates the fuss and only displays the data that is essential for your store.


  • Simple and effortless setup(no coding required)
  • View real-time stats in your dashboard.
  • Universal tracking for dynamic insights.
  • Built-in with eCommerce tracking.
  • Track your ads effectively.
  • You can track your affiliate links.
  • Track the files downloaded.
  • Track your outbound links.
  • Optimized link attribution.
  • Track and control your performance.
  • Track who is referring your websites to their friends.
  • Track which blog post is popular.
  • Track author statistics and see who is popular in your site.

Premium Pricing

  • Agency - $399.50/year
  • Pro - $199.50/year
  • Plus - $99.50/year

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YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

YITH WooCommere Wishlist is the most popular and powerful tool in WooCommerce. With this top WooCommerce plugin, shoppers can buy the product later by saving them in their wishlist. They can also share their wishlist with their family and friends during special occasions so they can buy the products from the list.

With YITH WooCommerce Wishlist you can increase the loyalty of customers and when they share their wishlist it will attract new customers to your store. You can indirectly market your wishlist by sharing them on Social media.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist is one of the most popular wishlist plugins in WooCommercce with more than 700,00 active installations. This plugin comes in handy during festive seasons where customers might use Wishlist as a shopping list.


  • You can select a page for your Wishlist
  • You can customize the position of the shortcode 'Add to Wishlist'
  • Wishlists created by logged in customers can be viewed.
  • Popular products that were added to the wishlist can be viewed.
  • Wishlist features for unlogged users can be enabled/disabled.
  • Notify unlogged users to log in and benefit from Wishlist functionality.
  • Permit users to create any number of Wishlists.
  • Permit users to manage their wishlist, add or remove items, rename their wishlists.
  • Visibility options for each wishlist can be set.
  • Users can move items between Wishlists.
  • Wishlist pages can be customized with modern layouts.

Premium Pricing

  • Single Site - $99.99
  • 6 Sites - $199.99
  • 30 Sites - $399.99

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Discount Rules for WooCommerce

Discount Rules for WooCommerce
plugins allows the store owner to offer simple discounts, product-based discounts, category-based discounts, BOGO discounts in your WooCommerce store. This WooCommerce discount plugin will help owners to increase the brand value of their store.

This WooCommerce discount plugin can help you clear out your inventory by offering discounts on products that have been taking up your space for months. Offering exciting discounts in your store will attract more traffic to your store thus elevating the sales of your store and fetching more revenue, eventually.

Discount Rules for WooCommerce allows you to offer discounts based on categories , attributes, customers, user roles, etc. You can also create customized coupons using this WooCommerce coupon plugin and give it to your customers and gain their trust over your online store.


  • Create Percentage based discounts.
  • Create Price and Cart based Coupons.
  • You can set BOGO discounts.
  • Offer specific product based discounts.
  • Options to set user-Role based discounts.
  • You can set a discount for each product variant.
  • Options available to set discounts for all products.
  • You can offer purchase history based discounts.
  • You can exclude products that are on sale.

Premium Pricing

  • Free - Lite Version
  • Single Site - $49.00
  • 5 Site - $69.00
  • 25 Site - $99.00

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TrustPulse is the best Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) plugin that helps you to boost your conversions and sales. You can use TrustPulse to boost your sales, to elevate signups and get more subscribers for your WooCommerce store.

When it comes to purchasing customers always rely on other people before making the decision of their own. If their peer purchase product chances are your customers are going to purchase the same product too. 60% of customers have agreed that they purchased the product after experiencing FOMO.

TrustPulse helps you to add social proof to your website. This plugin displays real-time activity done on your website.

You can install TrustPulse on any websites effortlessly without any coding and you can customize badges to suit the color of your store. Actions taken by users can be streamed live with detailed reports that can help you to enhance your campaigns.


  • Track events effectively in real-time.
  • On-Fire notifications when actions are taken on your website.
  • Displays your social proof notification to the right target at the right time.
  • Customize your website's color, messages and more with flexible design options.
  • Get dynamic analytics reports to boost your store's conversions.
  • Setup is easy, no coding required.
  • Compatible with multiple websites.

Premium Pricing

  • Basic - $39/year
  • Plus - 99/year
  • Pro - 199/year
  • Growth - 349/year

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Swiftly and effortlessly add live chat support to your website using the LiveChat plugin. 67% of customers abandon their cart because they are unable to clarify their queries with store owners. With this plugin, establish instant communication with your site visitors and customers to resolve their queries in no-time.

LiveChat is a dynamic WordPress chat plugin that can elevate your sales by minimizing cart abandonment and you can build a healthier relationship with your customers using this plugin.

This plugin can integrate with many popular third apps and services including Salesforce, customer relationship management apps (CRM) HubSpot CRM, Freshdesk, email marketing services Constant Contact, Zendesk.


  • It comes with proactive chat invitations.
  • It allows multiple live chat sessions at the same time.
  • You can send canned responses to frequently asked questions.
  • You can add chat tags and review chat transcripts.
  • You can send files to customers through live chats.
  • LiveChat has a built-in ticketing system to provide 24/7 service to customers.
  • Easy to customize.
  • It can integrate with a variety of popular third-party apps.
  • It is designed to work with any WordPress site builder.

Premium Pricing

  • Starter - $16/month
  • Team - $30/month
  • Business - $50/month

Download Plugin

Loyalty Points, Rewards and Referral Plugin for WooCommerce

Customers form the base of an online store. It is vital to keep them satisfied if you want to grow your business. Offering customer loyalty rewards for their loyalty will boost their confidence and drive repeated purchases to your store. Download the WooCommerce Loyalty Rewards plugin and run the best WooCommerce loyalty program in your store.

With WooCommerce rewards plugin, offer your customers with exciting rewards when they perform specific actions signing up, writing a review or purchasing a product. Greeting your customers with points and rewards using WordPress loyalty program will increase the reputation of your store and push you ahead of your competitors.

Install this plugin and run a Referral program in your store which is a vital aspect of this plugin. With the Referral program, you can reward your customers with points when they refer your store or products to their friends and families. This WooCommerce ultimate points and rewards plugin will attract more traffic to your store which increases your sales exponentially and fetching your more revenue.

The newest feature of this plugin is the Launcher Widget. Grab your customer's attention instantly by promoting the discounts you offer in your store in a chat popup like widget. Let your store visitors know about the points they can earn when they sign up to your store by showcasing the points using the Launcher Widget.


  • Display the user's recent activities in your dashboard.
  • Each customer will get a Customized referral URL.
  • Rename Points with Custom names.
  • Award points inclusive/exclusive of taxes.
  • Get notified when products are added to the cart.
  • Get notified message when shoppers check out.
  • Check the details of every customer.
  • You can set expiry dates for points.
  • You can round off points to the nearest integer value.
  • Set minimum and maximum order values to avail points
  • A dashboard that displays total points awarded and total points redeemed.

Premium Pricing

  • Single Site - $99/year
  • 5 Sites - $129/year
  • 25 Sies - $199/year

Download Plugin

Email Customizer for WooCommerce

Emails are integral as they are the medium of communication with your customers so customize your transactional emails with illustrious designs using Email Customizer for WooCommerce. Download this plugin and create professional and beautiful transactional emails for your eCommerce store.

Template-based plugins are obsolete as they don't offer much customization options, you can modify only header and footer. It is high time you switch to WooCommerce Email Customizer plugin which holds a plethora of customization options to suit your requirements.

This plugin comes with a drag and drop email builder to edit WooCommerce email templates effortlessly, You can customize every aspect of an email using Email Customizer for WooCommerce plugin.

Emails are not just a mere communication medium it can make your customers remember your brand and increase your reputation. Transactional emails are like a Thank you message so it is vital that you make it memorable by customizing it with Email Customizer.


  • You can add a logo, header, footer and more with a simple drag and drop interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • Built-in with a plethora of WooCommerce email templates.
  • No coding required to build.
  • It is compatible with multiple themes and plugins.

Premium Pricing

  • Single Site - $49.00
  • 5 Site - $69.00
  • 25 Site - $99.00

Download Plugin


Optinmonster is a dynamic conversion software for your WooCommerce store. With this plugin, you can convert your store's visitors into customers effectively.

Minimize cart abandonment by using this plugin and it can also grow your email list and elevate sales conversions and more. If you want to increase your email list and boost your sales it is essential to install this plugin.


  • High-converting mobile-friendly template library.
  • Customize any pop up with drag and drop builder.
  • 6 types of popup forms.
  • Mobile-specific popups that targets only mobile users.
  • Scroll triggered popups to enhance conversion rates.
  • Exit intent popup to convert visitors into customers.

Premium Pricing

  • Basic - $9/month
  • Plus - $19/month
  • Pro - $29/month
  • Growth - $49/month

Download Plugin

Booster for WooCommerce

Booster for WooCommerce is loaded with powerful features that can optimize your site efficiently. This plugin contains more than a hundred modules. If you are using an excellent WooCommerce platform then you must have this plugin to boost your site.


  • It has a bulk price converter to multiply all product prices by a value.
  • Add all world currencies to your store.
  • Automated currency exchange rates.
  • You can add global discounts.
  • You can set different price formats.
  • Display prices based on user roles.
  • Display currency and prices based on countries.
  • Allows customers to decide the price of the product.
  • You can set the Wholesale price.
  • Create a custom price label.
  • You can create free price labels.
  • Set product availability based on date and time.
  • Add various custom shipping methods.
  • Coupon Code Generator.

Download Plugin

In this article, we have taken you through 11 best WooCommerce plugins that your WooCommerce store must have in 2020. Create your store and add these plugins to gain more traffic, convert more leads to elevate your sales and fetch more revenue.

Author Bio

Joel Platini is a Content Writer and Graphic Designer with an immaculate experience in writing keyword enriched content for eCommerce websites. Familiar with WooCommerce plugins he has written how-to guides with elegance and finesse.