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10 Best Referral Apps for Shopify in 2022

Posted by Joel Platini on  February 29, 2020  in Shopify

Shopify is one of the most popular and powerful platforms among eCommerce store owners. A distinctive aspect that sets Shopify way ahead of its competitors is that it has a pool of dynamic apps used to build Shopify stores irrespective of their size.

Store owners can run referral programs with Shopify referral apps to take their stores to a newer and wider audience. Word-of-mouth marketing can be effectively achieved using the best Shopify apps as people always rely on entities vouched by other people.

Shopify referral apps have many dynamic features that can boost your sales. We fished around Shopify and have bought you the 10 best Shopify apps to run a referral program on your online store.

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Referral Candy

ReferralCandy is one of the powerful shopify referral apps that solely concentrates on referral programs and not loyalty features. ReferralCandy can pull you from the cluster, you’ll have more time to run your business as the rewards will be paid automatically with zero manual effort.

Referral candy
Best Referral Apps for Shopify 1

You can offer any form of rewards like cash rewards, gift cards, or coupon codes, all you have to do is select your preferred choice and let the magic happen. As stated before, Referral candy is automated so the rewards will be sent directly to the customers without the fuss of loyalty points.

Referral candy has an insightful dashboard where you can track your sales which came through new referrals, insights on traffic sources, etc. You can also view your top referrers and what they comment about your store on social media. With referral candy, you can analyze your referral program against industry standards and see how it performs.

A distinct aspect of referral candy is you can control and customize every special feature varying from landing pages to emails to pop-ups as per the flavor of your brand.


  • Integration can be done in a few clicks.
  • It is more flexible as it has options like JS integration and API integration.
  • Third-party apps like ReCharge, ChargeBee, PayWhirl can be connected
  • Connect with your marketing apps effortlessly.
  • You can automate your referral program.
  • You can automatically invite back customers even after checkout.
  • Automatically detect successful referrals.
  • Fraudulent activities will be automatically banned.

Premium Pricing

  • Free – 30-day trial
  • Premium – $49/month
  • Enterprise – $3999/month


Did you know that your customers can be your marketing advocates? Retainful is one of the best Shopify referral apps which can make your customers your brand advocate and achieve WOM marketing at zero expense. Offer exclusive rewards for every successful referral and keep your customers satisfied.

Best Referral Apps for Shopify 2

Customers always listen to what other customers say about your store so run an effective referral program and exploit WOM marketing successfully. When your store is being referred to others on social media it will expose your store to new leads which increases your sales and fetches you more profits, eventually.

Let’s see how Retainful’s referrals works,

  • Each customer will be given a unique link with a referral code.
  • New customers will flock to your store using the unique referral link given to them by your existing customer and successfully complete a purchase using the referral link.
  • Your existing customer who referred your store will be rewarded.

Acknowledging your customers with rewards will motivate them to continue referring your store thus creating a chain reaction of referrals. Run a dynamic referral program in your store WOM marketing effortlessly.


  • Go live with your Referral program in no-time.
  • Rewards can be Percentage discount, free shipping or flat amount
  • Each customer gets a unique referral link.
  • Referrals can be easily managed with a Retainful dashboard.
  • Customers can share through Social media.
  • Referral revenue can be tracked and managed in the dashboard.
  • You can offer dynamic rewards for referrals.
  • Capture their email as soon as they mention it.
  • You can view items left by shoppers in the cart.
  • A pool of customizable email templates.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Emails are loaded with customizable options.
  • Unique Next Order coupons.
  • Send the next order coupons in the order confirmation email.
  • Flat amount, percentage coupons are available.
  • Drive repeated purchases with next order coupons.

Premium Pricing

  • Free – Lite Version
  • Starter – $15/month
  • Growth – $39/month
  • Professional – $159/month

Acquiring new customers is hard and it costs a fortune but with shopify referral apps you can both acquire and retain customers effortlessly by running a referral program. With Smile io, you can mobilize your existing customers to refer your store to people with similar interests as them and expand your community without spending a dime.

Smile io banner
Best Referral Apps for Shopify 3

You can always request your loyal customers to help you to grow your business. Encourage your best customers to promote social sharing by offering points for each successful referral. This will develop better engagement with your customers and they will be willing to get involved in any of your store’s activities in the future.

Now, with newly referred customers flocking to your store you can motivate them with discounts and rewards and make them develop trust towards your store. Reward your existing customer for every successful referral with a percentage discount, dollar discount, free shipping, or free product.

Smile io is one of the best shopify apps which will provide you complete control on how your existing customers wish to share their referral link. You can also create a message focused on your brand value, customize it with an image and give it to your customers so they can share it with others.


  • Achieve WOM marketing effortlessly.
  • Urgencies for bonus points can be created.
  • Expiry dates for bonus points can be set.
  • Each customer gets a personalized referral link.
  • Send links through emails and pop-ups.
  • Referral traffic can be easily monitored.
  • An engaging popup to gain new members easily.
  • Easy customization and no coding are required.
  • 24/7 customer support for paid users.

Premium Pricing

  • Starter – $49/month
  • Growth – $199/month
  • Pro – $599/month

Talkable Referrals

Build a customer referral program with the best Shopify referral apps on the market. With Talkable referrals, you can increase revenue, grow revenue and acquire high-value customers at zero expense. Nurture your existing customers that you’ve already entrusted in and create a passage to increase the return in those engagements while bringing in new customers.

Talkable Referral
Best Referral Apps for Shopify 4

Talkable is created with dynamic customer insights that let you track, target and reward your valuable customers with exclusive rewards. You can monitor customer performance, email stats, and fraudulent activities through a dynamic dashboard with which you can achieve an end to end control.

A distinct feature of talkable is the advanced built-in prevention system to avoid people from offering self-referrals and ensuring only new customers. Talkable is one of the best apps to build your shopify store which can be easily optimized and has no coding or any complicated integration.


  • Optimization is easy, no coding is required.
  • Unique in-built protection system.
  • In-built editor for quick copy and easy customization.
  • No additional charges for Email service providers.
  • You can preview all screens, even mobile layouts.
  • Complete control of the referral program.
  • Prohibits self-referrals.
  • Referrals with the same emails can be blocked.
  • Blocks when friend and advocates refer each other.

Premium Pricing

  • Self- serviced plan – Book a demo
  • Managed plan – Book a demo
  • Enterprise plan – Schedule a call


Finding new leads for your business from scratch can be costly and time-consuming. Advertising to acquire new customers costs a fortune and you’ll end up with no expense to retain them and that’s why you need a referral program. Bamboo lets your customers elevate your business by referring your store to their friends thus turning your customers into advocates for your brand while attracting new leads.

Best Referral Apps for Shopify 5

How does it work?

  • Announce rewards for customers when they successfully refer their friend.
  • Customers will be given a unique referral link to share it with their friends.
  • As soon as their friends complete a purchase the referrers get their reward.
  • Rewards to be offered will be your choice which you can select in the rules. You can,
  • Incentivize with coupons
  • Incentivize with points.
  • Incentivize with free products.

You can view the performance of your referral program through a comprehensive analysis. You’ll be provided with detailed reports on who your referrers are and where the referrals are sourcing from. You can set a benchmark by comparing your results with industry standards.

Bamboo can design a custom referral program as per your requirement. You can customize your emails so that it matches your brand image. With Bamboo, you can effortlessly integrate your referral programs with other software.


  • You can incentivize coupons, points, or free products.
  • View the performance of your referral program comprehensively.
  • Track referrers and referrals effectively.
  • You can compare your performance with industry standards.
  • We can design a visual based on your brand image.
  • Easy customization of the referral page.
  • Emails can be customized easily.
  • You can easily integrate your referral program with other software.
  • The referral page is created automatically and is dedicated to the referral program.

Premium Pricing

  • Free – $0/month – Basic
  • Pro – $29/month

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Conjurred Referrals

Why don’t you let your customers do the marketing for you? A recent study suggests that people are more likely to purchase a product that was referred to by their friends. With conjured referrals, you can launch a ‘refer a friend program in a matter of seconds.

Conjured referral
Best Referral Apps for Shopify 6

Conjurred referral is similar to the Shopify referrals apps discussed above, encourage your loyal customers to refer their friends with the referral code given to them. When their friend completes a purchase the referrer will be rewarded. With conjured referrals, you can reach new customers thus boosting your sales and increasing your revenue.

With conjurred referrals, you can manage your referral campaign from the dashboard without ever leaving Shopify. Review your performance statistics and view your referral program’s success right from the dashboard. The conjured referral is completely automated so you can send coupon code or gift cards without any manual effort.

A vital aspect of conjured referral is the fraud management, if you find out that the referral link given to your customers is being abused, you can manually disable it. The conjured referral is built-in with a special feature that forbids shoppers from referring themselves. You can also ban specific users by their IP and email address.


  • You can prevent self-referrals and frauds.
  • Easily integrate with Recharge and Bold subscription.
  • You can send any number of reminder emails
  • Options for blocking referrals sent to existing customers.
  • Every customer gets a unique referral link.
  • You can limit referrals to one time redeemable.
  • Integrates with any currency.
  • Say no to transaction fees.
  • Say no to ‘Powered by’ branding.

Premium Pricing

  • 14-Day Free trial
  • Pro – $29/month


Unlike the Shopify referral apps we discussed above, Gratisfaction is an all-in-one loyalty, referral, instant win, birthdays, anniversaries, promotions sweepstakes and giveaways platform. With Gratisfaction, you can incentivize your customers for referring your store to their friends.

Best Referral Apps for Shopify 7

With gratisfaction, you can make your sweepstakes and contests go viral by making your customers invite their friends through social media to earn additional entries and unlock exclusive rewards. Customers can also collect these points as loyalty points for reward redemption.

Users can share their referral links along with a customized text and image in social media to invite new leads. You can view all details about the referrals, name of the referral, who were they referred by, etc in a dashboard. Gratisfaction is one of the best apps to build your shopify store as it has all the features in-built to suit your purposes.


  • You can activate a double or single-sided referral program.
  • You can run multiple sweepstakes and giveaways.
  • You can reward customers instantly when they make a specific reaction.
  • Reward customers on their special occasions.
  • Run exciting quizzes and surveys for customers to earn points.
  • Reward customers for subscribing to your newsletter.
  • Rewards customers when they share socially.

Premium Pricing

  • Free


Customers always listen to other customer’s words rather than ads, so it is unnecessary in spending your expenses on ads. Gather is capable of running an automated referral program for you and rewards your existing customers or advocates when their friends purchase from you while increasing your sales.

Gather is capable of offering you 2 types of referral campaigns,

  • The referral program solely focussed on sales growth.
  • Referral program focussed on expanding your subscriber base.

It is one of the Shopify referral apps that has more targeting options for customers to invite their friends to your store. With Gather, you can easily track your customer’s referral data and the app will seamlessly sync it with other marketing apps and grow your newsletter base.

Gather is simple to integrate and can be easily set up under a minute and no coding is required.


  • Each customer gets a unique discount code.
  • Provide newsletter referral campaigns.
  • Referrals through Facebook messenger are supported.
  • Easy sync with marketing apps.
  • Provide exit intent, site session timer, page timer.
  • You can send referral emails on behalf of customers.
  • You can manage your referral easily.
  • Prevent fraudulent activities like self-referrals.
  • Effortlessly track customer data.

Premium Pricing

  • 14-Day free trial
  • Pro – $29/month

Social Boost

Social Boost is one of the Shopify referral apps that allows you to run social media-based viral offers, giveaways, contests, referral marketing & sweepstakes on your website, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. It is a dynamic incentivization platform that enables you to grow email lists, referrals, followers, etc. With social boost, you can enrich your customer engagement and boost your sales exponentially.

Soical boost
Best Referral Apps for Shopify 9

With social boost, you can easily convert your store visitors into customers by rewarding them for sharing your customized messages on Social media. This will expose your brand to new customers thus increasing your followers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter.

It is one of the best shopify apps to increase your traffic on social media platforms and you by showing gratitude for every referral will boost your sales. It is easy to integrate and the set up is very simple, once you are done with it you can start creating various referrals campaigns effortlessly.


  • Create unlimited campaigns
  • Single Social media sign-in
  • Coupons will be automatically created for winners.
  • You can set multiple restrictions like age, country, and zip.
  • It has an in-built anti-cheat algorithm.
  • You can embed it anywhere.
  • Email deliverability is high.
  • Campaign templates are built-in.
  • You can launch a campaign within minutes.
  • You can translate it into any language.

Premium Pricing



Coopt is a Shopify referral app used to build your Shopify store and elevate your sales by turning your loyal customers as your social advertisers. You can reach new customers without spending much expense by using this marketing strategy. Customers will promote your store organically without any efforts from you.

Best Referral Apps for Shopify 10

Nowadays, paid advertisements have very little impact on customers as they prefer social proof before making a purchase decision. Coopt benefits both customers and store owners, as they reach a larger mass of audience through social media promotions.


  • Set up is very easy.
  • Referral offers will be presented automatically.
  • Partial refund for every successful referral.
  • Integrates with Facebook.
  • Rewards will be offered instantly.
  • Quick check out time.

Premium Pricing

  • Pro – $19/month

A good referral program will satisfy existing customers and helps acquire new leads thus leading to increased sales and revenue. In this article, we’ve discussed the best Shopify referral apps and apps used to build your Shopify store. Select the best Shopify referral apps that suit your style and brace yourself for the traffic you’re about to get.

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