New trigger rules for better targeting

New automation trigger rules for improved personalization

Retainful always cares about deeper customization and personalization. That’s why we are adding more trigger rules in the automation workflow builder to allow you to target your customers precisely and send personalized emails.

We have introduced four new trigger rules in the automation workflow builder (aka) customer journey builder to help you send the right message to the right customers. Our new trigger rules—include triggers based on User Roles, Order Dates, Category IDs, and Category Names.

  • Category ID, Name – Trigger automation workflows based on product category names and IDs
  • Order Date – Trigger email automation based on the order date or a range
  • User Role – Create email automation based on the user role. Example: Wholesale customers

You can access and use these trigger rules on your automation workflow builder.

NOTE: The ‘Order Date’ trigger rule is only available for post-purchase automation workflows.

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‘Personalization’ is the most important factor determining your email automation’s success. The trigger rules can be beneficial in creating email automation based on various customer properties and their shopping behavior. And you can send tailored email content and discounts to customers based on the trigger rules.

Here are some of the best use cases for the new trigger rules,

  • Order Date: Send next order coupon emails or order follow-up emails for orders placed within certain dates. For example, orders placed on the Black Friday weekend. [Order Date from 25/11/2022 and Order Date before 28/11/2022]
  • User Roles: Exclude wholesale customers from an abandoned cart recovery or post-purchase workflow. [Trigger rules -> Does not contain -> Wholesale customer]
  • Category IDs and Names: Send a specific sequence of next-order coupon emails when customers purchase products from a particular category. [Trigger rules -> Category IDs or Category Names -> Contains -> 1234 or Category A]

Visit your Retainful dashboard and set up email automation with these new trigger rules.

Access sending domain feature in the Starter plan

We’re entering a new era of growth: Businesses must focus on the thing that truly counts to develop better- trust. And, Retainful is here to help.

You can now send emails with your domain signature in the Starter plan.

Previously, the ‘Sending Domain’ feature was available only on the Growth and Professional plans. But now, all the premium plans allow you to use this feature and send emails with your domain signature.

sending domain

When sending emails, domains are crucial to how people recognize and experience your brand, and customers anticipate that your business has a domain name and a website.

Sending emails from your store domain signature helps to increase email deliverability. When you set up your store domain, emails sent to customers will look to come from your store domain signature rather than the Retainful domain. Also, sending emails from your shop’s domain helps to make it professional and helps build trust.

Go to your Retainful dashboard and set up the sending domain now. You can find the guide here.

Do you have any questions about the new trigger rules and the sending domain feature?

Just send us a message on our live chat or send an email to [email protected].

We are happy to help you.