Send Referral link via Post-purchase emails

As a store owner, your work isn’t done after a customer purchases product. You have to keep engaging if you want to drive repeat purchases.

This is why it is crucial to send post-purchase emails. You can ask for reviews, upsell & recommend products, etc. This is something that most tools are capable of doing.

But with Retainful, you can add a Referral link in your post-purchase emails & send it to customers.

Referral link

This is a great opportunity to increase engagement. If customers loved the experience at your store, they’ll refer their friends too.

As you are offering a reward for every referral, customers will be encouraged to return to your store again & enroll themselves in your Referral program.

So, adding a Referral link in your post-purchase emails serves two purposes,

1. Motivates customers to return to your store.
2. Turn customers into brand advocates & increase WOM sales

All you have to do is add a simple referral shortcode to your email.

Retainful copuon

And Customers will an email along with the Referral link which will take them directly to your Referral program.

Increase customer engagement & WOM in one simple move.